File f4332dd2-virsh-pod-sched-fix.patch of Package libvirt.8364

commit f4332dd2d8535b10eef8bce14bf7dc61200495f1
Author: Jim Fehlig <>
Date:   Tue Sep 27 22:43:51 2016 -0600

    doc: fix note about Xen credit scheduler
    Commit 6c504d6a added a note to the virsh man page about the
    deprecation of 'cap' and 'weight' settings for the credit
    scheduler. To this day, the default scheduler in Xen is credit
    and it supports setting 'cap' and 'weight'. Remove the deprecation
    notice from the note on the Xen credit scheduler.
    Reported-by: Volo M. <>

Index: libvirt-2.0.0/tools/virsh.pod
--- libvirt-2.0.0.orig/tools/virsh.pod
+++ libvirt-2.0.0/tools/virsh.pod
@@ -1922,7 +1922,7 @@ Therefore, -1 is a useful shorthand for
 values 0 and 1 are automatically converted to a minimal value of 2.
 B<Note>: The weight and cap parameters are defined only for the
-XEN_CREDIT scheduler and are now I<DEPRECATED>.
+XEN_CREDIT scheduler.
 B<Note>: The vcpu_period/emulator_period parameters have a valid value range
 of 1000-1000000 or 0, and the vcpu_quota/emulator_quota parameters have a
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