File README.packaging of Package gcc

Packaging GCC

Shared libraries used by programs that are linked _with_ gcc need
to go into separate packages.  Shared library package names should
contain the libraries major .so version to allow parallel installation
of both programs using and gccs linking against those libraries.
An example is the libgfortran and libgfortran2 packages.

The development part of language runtime libraries go into
libFOOver-devel packages and depend on the proper libFOOsover package.

Build variants supported

The gcc packages can build different flavors of compiler packages.

 - The standard compiler packages are installed beyond /usr.

 - Sets of packages for installation beyond /opt/gcc are provided
   if enabled by %{gcc_for_opt} (related: @PREFIX_FOR_OPT@, @LIBDIR_FOR_OPT@,

 - is used for auto-generation of
   cross-*-gcc-icecream-backend.spec by the change_spec script using
   parts of the configuration from the main compiler.  These packages
   provide tarballs with just cc1 and cc1plus serving as icecream environments.

 - is a script that is called from change_spec and
   outputs cross-*-gcc.spec files.  These packages provide cross compiler
   environments beyond /opt/cross for C and C++ as a single package.