File ctemplate.changes of Package ctemplate

Thu May 23 10:40:03 UTC 2013 -

- Updated to version 2.2 from openSUSE 12.3

Thu Nov  4 2010                                                                

- version update (version 0.98)                                                                     
  * ctemplate: version 0.98 release                                                                 
  * Add new image URL modifier: :I=html, :I=css, etc (jshneier, dougy)                              
  * Allow lowercase words in pragma contexts (csilvers)                                             
  * Enable full-word matching for tpl filenames (aneeshnaman)                                       
  * Performance improvements for small_map (wonchun)                                                
  * Avoid some compiler warnings (mac)                                                              
  * Fix a c++ conformance bug involving const (chandlerc)                                           
  * BUGFIX: never reload string templates (panicker)                                                
  * BUGFIX: Fix refcounting to avoid accessing freed memory (panicker)                              
  * PORTING: Avoid SIBGUS on sparc by aligning memory more (csilvers)                               
  * PORTING: Use isascii_is*() to avoid langtype issues (csilvers)                                  
  * PORTING: Fix 'class not properly dll-epxorted' warnings (csilvers)                              
  * PORTING: Rename to README_windows.txt (csilvers)                                 
  * Made NEWS file non-empty.                                                                       
  * Added ctemplate.pc + ctemplate_nothreads.pc for pkg-config (csilvers)                           
  version 0.97 release                                                                              
  * Major API revamp: +TemplateCache, -Template (panicker, csilvers)                                
  * Major documentation revamp: howto -> guide + reference (csilvers)                               
  * Protect auto-generated #include files with header guard (dnovillo)                              
  * Allow ftp:// in ValidateUrl modifier (martone)                                                  
  * Speed up template modifiers (turnidge)                                                          
  * BUGFIX: Fix a dnagling pointer in template-modifiers (csilvers)                                 
  * PORTING: cygwin/mingw now compile (due to autoconf macros) (csilvers)                           
  * PORTING: improve generate_fs_test on windows (csilvers)                                         
  version 0.96 release                                                                              
  * Support multiple template root directories (williasr)                                           
  * Remove TemplateContext from TemplateToString (jad)                                              
  * Remove programmatic auto-escape code (jad)                                                      
  * Speedup: use linker to detect immutable TemplateStrings (csilvers)                              
  * Implement ShowTemplateGlobalSection (williasr)                                                  
  * Change SetIntValue to accept longs (omoikane)                                                   
  * Allow TemplateDictionary c'tor to take a TemplateString (csilvers)                              
  * Make Mutex safer to run during global destructors (csilvers)                                    
  * BUILD: don't set TMPDIR when building; ar reads it (csilvers)                                   
  * BUILD: fix compiling of C (as opposed to C++) test file (csilvers)                              
  * BUILD: remove bash-specific 'test x == y' from (csilvers)
  * BUGFIX: use AllocAligned when allocating non-char objects (csilvers)
  * PORTING: remove obsolete MSVC Detect64BitPortabilityProblems (csilvers)
  * Updated from autoconf 2.61 to 2.62

Tue Jul 28 2009

- version update (version 0.95)
  * Change default namespace from google to ctemplate
  * Rename include directory from google to ctemplate
  * Remove deprecated code: template_from_string.{h,cc}
  * Remove deprecated code: modifiers in TemplateDictionary class
  * Remove last arg from StringToTemplate; use autoescape pragma instead
  * Remove template_modifiers namespace
  * Provide a script to help convert namespaces and #includes
  * TemplateDictionary constructor takes TemplateString, not string

Thu May  7 2009

- version update (version 0.94)
  * Use arena for all memory allocations: 3-4%% speedup (csilvers)
  * Add the ability to hook the annotation system (ryoji)
  * Expose Expand(ExpandEmitter*,...) to allow custom emitters (csilvers)
  * Add RemoveStringFromTemplateCache (csilvers)
  * Add new :url_escape_with_arg=css modifier for urls in CSS (jad)
  * Support tr1's unordered_map in preference to hash_map (csilvers)
  * Use Murmurhash for all string hashing, rather than hash<> (csilvers)
  * Better parsing of meta tags and dangling < for auto-escape (falmeida)
  * Add AddXssSafeModifier (jad)
  * Allow disabling auto-escape for 'trusted' vars (jad)
  * BUGFIX: resolve possible memory-leaks in CopyDictionary (csilvers)
  * BUGFIX: fix bug when reloading with AUTOESCAPE pragma (jad)
  * Updated autoconf version to 2.61 and libtool version to 1.5.26
- ctemplate-0.93-bswap.patch was merged upstream

Fri Feb 20 2009

- corrected bswap function name - fixed build on ppc & s390

Mon Feb 16 2009

- version update (version 0.93)
  * New AUTOESCAPE pragma: alternative to GetTemplateWithAutoescaping (jad)
  * Improve autoescape for CSS template and more (jad)
  * Replace RegisterStringAsTemplate with TemplateToString (csilvers)
  * Speed up template code by hashing and cacheing template strings (jcrim)
  * Add StaticTemplateString to make hashing/cacheing even faster
  * Autogenerate parser files from .config files (falmeida)
  * TESTING: new compile_test to test end-to-end compilation (csilvers)
  * Fix Mutex class to allow expanding template before main() (csilvers)

Mon Feb 16 2009

- fixed building with gcc 4.4

Wed Feb  4 2009

- expanded macros as they are currently not supported in package

Fri Dec 19 2008

- fixed package names

Fri Dec 12 2008

- new Package (Version 0.92)
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