File glade.changes of Package glade

Thu Mar 27 22:12:24 UTC 2014 -

- Add glade-bgo702314.patch: properly fix cancelling an Add Parent
- Add glade-bgo721098-anjuta-hang.patch: Fix Anjuta hang when
  opening a project. 

Sun Dec 22 12:28:24 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.16.1:
  + Fixed bgo#702314 "Cancelling an Add Parent action is
  + pango attribute editor: don't write on cancel for color/font.
  + Fixed _glade_dnd_dest_set() crash (bgo#711568).
  + Report parsing error when loading a project (bgo#712289).
  + Sort object dependancy before saving using a topological
    sorting algorithm (bgo#709609 and bgo#711858).
  + Fixed bug in GtkScrolledWindow editor, vertical adjustmet was
    refering to the wrong property.
  + Fixed bgo#711863 'Remove "Generated with glade" XML comment'.
  + Fixed <requires> tag output.
  + Fixed regresion infering GtkBox virtual size property at load.
  + Fixed cellrenderer model column combobox chooser.
  + Fix input issues with numeric property editors.
  + Fixed Glade shortcuts like Delete by disabling keybindings used
    by shortcuts in every widget in the workspace. Now it is
    possible to delete a selected GtkEntry. 
  + Fixed bugs in the inspector exposed by D&D by implementing
    GladeProject GtkTreeModelIface with a GtkTreeStore proxy
  + Fix order of customized property output (bgo#720585).
  + Updated translations.

Wed Sep 25 07:19:36 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.16.0:
  + Added AppData for gnome-software to pick up glade (bgo#708641).

Sat Sep 21 14:46:38 UTC 2013 -

- Change RPM Group of shared library package to System/Libraries.

Mon Sep 16 20:57:23 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.15.4:
  + Fixed bug when copying a button with custom content.
  + Added workaround for bgo#625867 "RadioButton information lost
    on cut+paste, add/remove parent, etc".
  + Fixes bug that prevented the runtime object to show the right
    pixbuf when copying a GtkImage.
  + bgo#679079: "Glade changes the "homogenous" packing property of
    toolbar buttons to "yes".
  + Improved pango text integer attributes editors. This should be
    enough to fix bgo#679006.
  + bgo#643923: "Should not use markup for GtkFrame's label".
  + bgo#584381: "Saving as an existing file name except the
    extension overwrites without confirmation.".
  + bgo#652655: "Setting entry on combobox moves the widget".
  + bgo#706304: "Python plugin broken by over-zealous version
    check" Bumped pygobject version to 3.8.0.
  + Fixed regresion that prevented loading extra catalog path at
    init time.

Tue Sep  3 08:31:37 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.15.3:
  + Add man pages (bgo#703013).
  + Double click on a toplevel border select the widget even if
    there is a child selected.
  + Support document level comments present before the root
  + Save glade version used to create the file in a comment.
  + Add GtkRevealer to the Gtk+ catalog.
  + Add GtkListBox support.
  + Added GtkOverlay support.
  + Improved Drag&Drop support, made inspector a drag source.
  + Added GtkApplicationWindow basic support.
  + Added GtkSearchEntry icons.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#700730, bgo#706832, bgo#707173, bgo#703621.
- Add docbook-xsl-stylesheets BuildRequries: dependency to build
  the man pages.
- Rename libgladeui-2-4 subpackage to libgladeui-2-6, following
  upstreams soname change.

Fri Jun 21 20:58:34 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.15.2:
  + Add GtkPlacesSidebar to GTK+ catalog.
  + New icon for GtkMenuButton.
  + GTK+ catalog version now bumped to 3.10, include new
    translatable enumeration values and updated new versions and
  + Added --enable-debug option and some debug flags to be set with
    GLADE_DEBUG environment variable.
  + Enable word wrapping in combo boxes (used to edit enumeration
  + Split up the GTK+ plugin into mini source files, each one
    implementing it's own widget adaptor code (instead of one huge
    glade-gtk.c file).
  + Fix GtkIconFactory sources editor.
  + Allow setting the "id" attributes of items set in a
  + Avoid calling gtk_stock_list_ids() when
    gdk_display_get_default() is NULL, allows GIRs to build on
    some build machines.
  + Avoid updating the inspector treeview if the same project is
    set twice.
  + Escape key cancels a query dialog instead of approves creation
    of the new widget.
  + Many minor bugs and random crasher bugs also fixed.
  + Alsmost all widget types have their own custom editors now.
- Changes from version 3.15.1:
  + Much UI fixing and refactoring.
  + Added new --css and --screenshot options to glade-preview.
  + Fix main window shortcuts (bgo#695866).
  + Implemented Project Properties dialog with Glade as a composite
  + Support editing the GtkWidget:name property (useful for CSS
  + Improved project inter-widget dependancy calculation and
    project serialization ordering, object output ordering (and
    signal ordering) is now consistent and sorted.
  + GtkButton: response-id for dialogs is now optional (allowing
    adding dialog buttons that have no dialog response).
  + GtkImage: Support the new "resource" property.
  + GTK+ catalog updated to cover widgets in GTK+ 3.8.
  + Now show warnings in the UI for deprecated properties and
  + Now show warnings in the Inspector view if any deprecated
    widgets, signals or properties are used (or if anything is used
    which is not available in the project's target version).
  + Optional properties are now always saved if they are enabled,
    allowing to explicitly set them to the default value (eg.
  + Inspector search entry: Restore completions to work nicely
    again and filter the treeview with a search-in-text algorithm.
  + Inspector: Add a feature to expand-all.
  + Property editor title-bar is now optional in the View menu.
  + Fixed many deprecation warnings in Glade's compile.
  + Added Glade's first 2 ever unit tests.
  + Fixed Devhelp doc search for properties.
  + Make Drag'n'Drop work on regular clicks without entering Drag
    Mode and restored old Drag/Resize functionality when SHIFT is
  + Improved Drag/Resize which has been rather broken for a while.
  + Added Autosave and Automatic backup of previous file features,
    configurable in Glade's preferences Dialog.
  + Support Composite GtkBuilder template editing (mark a toplevel
    GtkWidget as the "composite template" widget in the Project
    Properties dialog or property editor).
  + Support editing of the project domain in the project properties
  + Properties in the Project Properties dialog are now undoable.
  + GladeSignalEditor: Automatically expand rows which have signal
    callbacks assigned when loading a widget.
  + Add options to decide what types of warnings should be
    presented at project save time, configurable in Glade's
    preferences dialog.
  + Added new property editor components GladePropertyLabel,
    GladePropertyShell and GladeEditorSkeleton, allowing us to
    create custom property editors using Glade.
  + Add "Grid" option to "Add parent" menu.
  + Added Gladeui catalog for IDE's and embedders to design Glade
    frontends with Glade.
  + Added private catalog to allow the GTK+ plugin to embed editors
    that it provides.
  + Added new GladeEpropCheck boolean property editor, to be used
    in some cases for boolean properties.
  + Added new adaptor methods
    GladeWidgetAdaptor->write_widget_after() and
  + Automatically generate gladeui's enum types with glib-mkenums.
  + Modified properties now show up in italic letering instead of
    bold, bold lettering is reserved for title labels in custom
    property editors.
  + New components that now use GtkBuilder Composite Templates (and
    have had a basic review and rework of their UIs):
    GladePreferences (Glade's preferences dialog), GladeEditor
    (the property editor), GladeProjectProperties (the project
    properties dialog) and custom property editors:
    GladeActivatableEditor, GladeButtonEditor, GladeEntryEditor,
    GladeImageEditor, GladeLabelEditor, GladeWidgetEditor.
  + And many various bugfixes and UI fixes.

Thu Mar  7 10:13:01 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 3.15.0:
  + Added Drag&Drop support from the palette and within the
  + Added GtkLevelBar support.
  + Property editor UI cleanup.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#685265, bgo#688326.

Tue Feb 26 17:04:29 UTC 2013 -

- Add pkgconfig(gmodule-2.0) BuildRequires: configure checks for it
- Stop passing obsolete --disable-scrollkeeper to configure.

Tue Nov 27 09:11:47 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.14.2:
  + Fixed bgo#685816 "Widget attributes editing broken" by
    reverting old fix and setting use-action-appearance default
    back to false so the old sensitivity code can work as ussual.
  + Fixed bgo#678922 "When editing a label, the cursor is moved to
    the end after every change."
  + Fixed a few leak since glade_property_make_string() returns a
    newlly allocated string.

Mon Oct 15 15:21:24 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.14.1:
  + Fixed bug in GtkButton custom editor properties sensitivity
  + Render bg in GladeDesignLayout and GladeDesignView.
  + Removed use of custon style providers. Fixes color problems in
    adwaita themes.

Wed Sep 19 19:56:31 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.14.0:
  + Updated GtkAssistant support (bgo#664276)
  + Set new property accel-group on action groups to make menu item
    accel work properly (bgo#684041)
  + Do not abort if a project has a uninstantiable or abstract
    class object instead load it as an object stub and let the user
    decide what to do (bgo#646259)
  + Fixed runtime warning on GladeBaseEditor and GladeSignalEditor
    dispose methods
  + Do not explicit set window bg as it should be handled by gtk.
  + Sync close-button with the original gedit widget.
  + Use new documentation infrastructure
  + Added load/save/edit support for <style> <class name="foo"/>
    </style>, (bgo#658035)
  + "Use Action Appearance not supported for GTK 2.12 but added to
    widgets in Glade 3.8.2" (bgo#679589)
  + Added glade_displayable_value_set_disabled() functions to
    disable GdkModifierType reserved values
  + Added build/mingw-w64 directory with script to cross compile
    and create windows installer using nsis
  + Fixes bug #675977 "Don't hard-code library search paths"
  + And many others cleanups and fixes
  + Bugs fixed: #679487, bgo#679721
- Replace gnome-doc-utils-devel BuildRequires with yelp-tools,
  following upstreams port to the new documentation infrastructure.
- Rename libgladeui-2-0 to libgladeui-2-4, following upstreams
  soname bump.

Sat May 12 20:44:59 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.13.0:
  + Implemented Glade UI in glade.
  + Implemented GladePreferences dialog (bgo#588981).
  + Replaced deprecated font and color selection dialogs with font
    and color chooser dialogs.
  + Added GladeSignalEditor::detail-suggestions signal
  + Updated translations.

Mon May  7 07:00:33 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.12.1:
  + Use glade_util_get_placeholder_from_pointer() in paste action
  + Added custom style provider to setup GladeDesignView and
    GladeDesignLayout background color to @base_color.
  + Fixed memory leak on GladeSignalEditor::callback-suggestions
  + bgo#675395: Using right click to add a widget over a
    placeholder do not work as expected every time.
  + bgo#675042: plugins/ always store GtkButton
    [x|y]align properties.
  + Removed use of lots of deprecated functions.

Tue Mar 27 07:19:27 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.12.0:
  + New features:
    - Implement callback name suggestion on glade-signal-editor
    - Emit a signal to notify signal activation (bgo#669272)
  + Other bugs fixed: bgo#645340, bgo#646366, bgo#664912.
- Drop glade-sig-activation.patch: fixed upstream.

Tue Mar  6 17:41:13 UTC 2012 -

- Add glade-sig-activation.patch: Emit a signal to notify signal
  activation. Anjuta 3.3.91 makes use of this signal.

Wed Feb 15 21:03:33 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.11.0:
  + Features:
    - Added GtkSwitch, GtkInfoBar and GtkEntryCompletion support.
    - Implemented inline margins and alignment edit mode.
  + Major changes:
    - Ignore GtkWindow:icon property (bgo#654121)
    - Port to pygobject 3 (bgo#658667)
    - Make GladeProject change gtk target to 3.0 and warn the user
      if there are any unknown (deprecated) objects (bgo#652673,
  + Other changes:
    - Optimized loading time.
    - Update placeholders when a grid child's width or height child
      properties change.
    - Bug fixes, including: bgo#646997, bgo#647984, bgo#648487,
      bgo#650899, bgo#651673, bgo#654609, bgo#657164, bgo#660607,
      bgo#660872, bgo#660874.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop glade-pygobject-3.0.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop glade-explicit-gmodule.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove gnome-common BuildRequires and call to,
  as we no longer carry any patches.

Wed Dec 21 08:19:18 UTC 2011 -

- Add glade-explicit-gmodule.patch: explicitly link to
  gmodule-2.0, to fix build with latest glib.
- Split typelib files into typelib-1_0-Gladeui-2_0 subpackage.
- Add typelib-1_0-Gladeui-2_0 Requires to devel subpackage.

Wed Oct 12 12:34:56 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 3.10.2:
  + Optimized loading time by not updating progressbar on every
    loaded object.
  + Update placeholders when a grid child's width or height child
    properties change.
  + Ensure 'related-action' and 'use-action-appearance' are
    serialized in the right order.
  + Correctly detect the required devhelp version.
  + Make documentation parallel installable (bgo#646997).
  + Renamed catalog and module environment variables.
  + Properly escape special characters while serializing property
    values (bgo#654609).
  + Fixed size groups widget selection (bgo#647984).
  + Avoid crashing if glade-previewer is not installed
  + Fixed loading correct application icon (bgo#648487).
  + Fixed "variable set but not used" warnings.
  + Other bugs fixed: bgo#651673, bgo#657164, bgo#660607,
    bgo#660872, bgo#660874.
  + Updated translations.

Fri Sep 30 08:48:00 UTC 2011 -

- Port to pygobject 3.0:
  + Add glade-pygobject-3.0.patch: taken from git.
  + Change pkgconfig(pygobject-2.0) BuildRequires to
  + Add gnome-common BuildRequires and call to,
    needed for the patch.

Tue May  3 14:14:10 CEST 2011 -

- New package, based on the glade3 package: the GTK+ 3 version of
  glade has been renamed back to glade (without glade3, yes, it's
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