File HOWTO of Package gnome-patch-translation

scripts for gnome-patch-translation maintainers


Scripts for gnome-patch-translation package maintainers are intended to
update package from LCN, then update translations from latest package
shapshots and then merge them back to LCN.

Note that in difference to all other packages, gnome-patch-translation
provides fuzzy strings from upstream translations not present in the po

These scripts are intended to be started from inside directory
containing unpacked sources of gnome-patch-translation. Please also see
HOWTO in gnome-patch-translation sources.

Run scripts in following order:

./update-step1-update-translations-from-lcn (calls gnome-patch-translation-from-lcn):

Collects translations from LCN and updates gnome-patch-translation.tar.bz2.

./update-step2-update-strings-from-packages (calls gnome-patch-translation-collect):

Collects strings in patches.

You need following special tools: osc svn

Note: These tools work on packages already submitted and accepted into
defined repository. If you want to use more fresh copy of your package,
you can use a simple trick: When package is checked out (during
update-step2-update-strings-from-packages) and before the source is
unpacked, pause tool running by Ctrl+S. Then replace the source
directory with a directory you want to use in an another terminal.
Return back, press Ctrl+Q and the tool will continue with sources you

./update-step3-upload-strings-to-lcn (calls gnome-patch-translation-to-lcn):

Picks updated translations and fuzzy files and puts them back to LCN.

After successful call please call


once again.

If gnome-patch-translation-to-lcn fails due to third party commits
during gnome-patch-translation-collect run, run script:


Then you can continue with



You can optionally repeat its run to merge new strings to the package.
If you will not do it, next changelog checker will consider files as
changes and you will have to check manually, which changes were provided
by translators.

After using tools, submit updated packages!


Tools perform following steps for you:

1) Collect all files created by COMPENDIUM_UPDATE_MODE=1
gnome-patch-translation-update in all included packages. They are picked
by calling %prep phase of rpmbuild.

2) Use upper mentioned files to update

3) Prepare this package (it is enough to unpack archives and call
"sh gnome-patch-translation-merge").

4a) If there is not yet any translation for particular language, pick
fuzzy po file from gnome-patch-translation-merged from build directory
and send it to translator for translation.

4b) If there is already a translation for particular language, pick
updated file from /usr/share/gnome-patch-translation (resp.
gnome-patch-translation-merged) and send it to translator for update.

5) Put your new translation into gnome-patch-translation.tar.bz2
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