File gnome-patch-translation.conf of Package gnome-patch-translation

# gnome-patch-translation.conf: Configuration for
# updating of gnome-patch-translation package.

# Your account at Empty means your local id.

# URI of LCN SVN repository.
# It should contain string "$BRANCH_PATH", which will be replaced by the
# BRANCH path (see below) and may contain NAME, which will be replaced by user name above.

# lcn branch on LCN SVN

# osc repositories with packages (space separated list in parentheses, first takes precedence)
OSC_REPOSITORIES=( home:sbrabec:branches:SUSE:SLE-12:GA:proposed-translation-fixes SUSE:SLE-12:GA )

# list of packages in gnome-patch-translation project
# can re-appear after rebase of patches: gnome-power-manager gnome-session nautilus
GPT_PACKAGES="evolution gconf-editor gnome-settings-daemon gnome-shell-extensions gnome-vfs2 gstreamer gstreamer-0_10 gtk2 mutter pan xchat"

# Version of gnome-patch-translation-package.

# osc server, empty for using of the osc default
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