File gptfdisk.changes of Package gptfdisk

Wed Nov 13 13:18:19 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.8.8
  * Fixed bug that could cause segfault when passing an invalid
    partition number to sgdisk's -i/--info command.
  * Added new partition type codes.
  * Added a pause (with a prompt to hit <Enter>) to display more
    items gdisk and cgdisk. There's no such pause/prompt in sgdisk,
  * Fine-tuned verification ('v') check for 0xEE partition that
    doesn't begin on sector 1.
  * Fixed hybrid MBR creation on disks larger than 2TiB
  * Added check for an active/bootable 0xEE protective partition to
    the verify ('v') function.

Mon Jul 29 22:18:09 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.8.7
  * Small improvements and bug fixes mark this revision.
  * Three new partition type codes have been added:'s proposed $BOOT partition (type code EA00),
    the Intel Rapid Start partition (code 8400),
    and for Haiku's BFS (code EB00).
  * Removed a stray debug message that appeared when reading MBR
  * The "converting MBR to GPT" message has been modified to
    clarify that changes are being held in memory.
  * The Mac version now works on /dev/rdisk* devices as well as
    /dev/disk* devices.
  * When used with /dev/rdisk* devices, the partition table can
    sometimes be re-read without rebooting or unplugging and
    re-inserting the disk.
  * Finally, cgdisk now supports a -a option, which works similarly
    to the -a option in cfdisk.
- remove gptfdisk-0.8.5-fix-test-suite-short-opt-usage.patch, is
  upstream merged

Wed Mar 27 12:48:24 UTC 2013 -

- Added url as source.
  Please see

Fri Jan 18 19:58:32 UTC 2013 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.8.6
  * add type codes for a Sony System Partition and for VMWare ESX
  * new check in the verification code
  * support for building under Solaris.
  * fix Mac OS X build
  * fix the hybrid MBR creation support that could cause it to omit
    the 0xEE partition under some circumstances
  * fix a bug that could cause a crash when passing a partition
    number of 0 via the -t option. 

Fri Jan 18 12:01:39 UTC 2013 -

- remove outdated (0.8.2) debian spec files from package sources
- fix build for old suse and other distros
- add gptfdisk-0.8.5-fix-test-suite-short-opt-usage.patch and
  enable test suite
- change package group to System/Base (rpmlint fix)

Fri Jun 22 21:29:05 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 0.8.5
  * sgdisk: fix bug that caused truncation of 2+ TiB partitions
    on 32-bit
  * added type codes for Midnight BSD
- Rip out unused gdisk subpackage

Sat Mar 17 15:12:31 UTC 2012 -

- Add gptfdisk-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.

Sun Jan 22 00:00:00 UTC 2012 -

- Created spec file for 0.8.2 release
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