File python3-louis.changes of Package liblouis

Thu Mar 27 03:51:37 UTC 2014 -

Update to version 2.5.4:
  + New features
    - Added function lou_registerTableResolver for plugging in a
      table resolver callback from your host language.
  + Bug Fixes
    - Fixed ENDSEGMENT indicator in computer Braille.
    - Emphasized words should now be contracted consistently.
    - Fixed several problems with back-translation. A slash within
      a number and strings such as 5-inch-diameter and
      25-year-old-man should now back-translate correctly.
    - Fixed a problem with syllable opcode.
    - Fix warnings with gcc 4.8.2.
    - When a table is specified with an absolute or relative path,
      the "includes" in that table will now work as expected,
      meaning files in the same directory will be found.
  + Braille Table Improvements to fr-bfu-comp8, en-us-g2,
    en-ueb-g2, BUlgarian, en-gb-g1, Nemeth, Slovenian, Norwegian,
    Nepali, Danish.
  + Backwards incompatible changes
    - Delete the table chardefs-ueb.cti as these rules are now
      provided by en-ueb-chardefs.uti
- Update source URL.
- COPYING.LIB has been renamed to COPYING.LESSER
- Use fdupes for base package.

Sat Jun 22 09:44:44 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 2.5.3:
  + New features:
    - New Braille tables.
      . Korean grade 1 and grade 2.
      . U.K. English 8 dot computer braille table.
      . New Russian literary and computer braille tables. These
        replace the older Russian tables which are left for
        backwards compatibility.
      . New hyphenation dictionary for Russian.
      . Updated hyphenation tables for the Norwegian language
        (nynorsk and bokmål).
      . New hyphenation dictionary for Esperanto.
      . New Esperanto grade 1 table, using the x system for
        accented letters.
      . Accept filename globs on the commandline to run specific
        harness files. In tests/harness, one can do make <filename>
        or make runall Removed from make check because these checks
        are checking the validity of our tables, rather than
        validity of the code.
  + Braille Table Improvements:
    - da-dk-g2.ctb, mostly rewritten to use nocross and hyphenation
    - Most tables: removed the default collapse whitespace
      statements, if you need to compress whitespace, consider
      adding compress.ctb to the list of tables when processing.
    - Corrections to Unified English Braille Code (Grade 1 and 2).
    - Corrections to apostrophes in the Computer Spanish 8 dots
      Braille table (Es-Es-G0.utb).
    - Corrections for double angle quotation marks and emphasis
      marks in the Norwegian Grade 0 Braille Table.
    - Fixes for a minor problem regarding the noletsign in
      Norwegian contracted braille.
    - Corrections to the Italian table.
    - Corrections to the Hungarian grade 1 table.
    - Corrections to English, U.S. Grade 2 (ABAE) table.
    - Further reorganization of the tables to remove duplication.
      Move litdigit opcode common parts and include where needed.
    - Removed obsolete en-us-g1.utb, which has been replaced by
    - Added dictionary harness tests for: en-ueb-g2.ctb,
    - Corrections to Nemeth character definitions.
    - Corrections to the Esperanto table.
  + Bug Fixes:
    - Cursor position calculation is now based on the same code
      that calculates inpos and outpos. This probably solves a
      number of bugs.
    - Fix nocross opcode processing.
    - Fix several buffer over/under runs in
    - Fix the '=' problem, i.e. fix inputPositions calculation for
      the case where the equals sign is used as the dots operand.
    - Fix a bug when resizing a table. Previously not all
      references to this table were updated.
  + Backwards incompatible changes:
    - The feature that allowed a mapping between language code and
      Braille table was removed as it contained a out-of-bounds
      access bug, was never documented and probably never used.

Sat Jan 12 14:22:44 UTC 2013 -

- Add python3-louis target.

Sun Dec 23 09:27:13 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.5.2:
  + New features:
    - New tool to trace rule application (lou_trace).
    - New Braille tables
      . Inuktitut grade 1.
      . UEB grade 1 and 2.
      . Korean table.
    - Braille Table Improvements
    - da-gk-g2.ctb, fixes for transposed â, å, æ, ä, ø  and ö,
      corrected/improved harness tests.
    - Corrections for en-GB-g2.ctb.
    - Corrections to the Hungarian grade 1 table.
  + Bug Fixes:
    - Update gnulib.
    - Fix a bug in the correct opcode which causes sometimes random
      results when translating.
    - Fixes for compiler warnings.
    - Fix some Valgrind warnings about invalid reads.

Tue Sep 25 06:46:24 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.5.1:
  + Braille Table Improvements
    - Fix encoding problem in italian table and added more
      character definitions.
    - Rename it-it-g1.utb to it-it-comp6.utb and it-it-g1.utb2 to
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fix outputPos and inlen where an input character generates
      multiple output characters.

Mon Sep 17 09:40:42 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.5.0:
  + New features:
    - New Braille tables
      . Estonian grade 0
      . Portuguese 8 dot Computer braille
    - UTF-8 support in tables
    - Improvements to the python bindings
    - Add a doctest infrastructure
    - Support for Python 3 in the Python bindings
  + Improved C-based test framework
  + Improved documentation
  + Braille table improvements
  + Bug fixes
- Remove checks for outdated openSUSE versions (<= 11.2).

Mon Sep 10 15:49:14 UTC 2012 -

- Create a tools and a doc subpackages to contain the tools and
  documentation shipped by liblouis, instead of having a liblouis
  subpackage, since that's confusing (because what people are
  usually interested is the liblouis2 subpackage).
- Ship COPYING.LIB in liblouis2 subpackage and COPYING in the tools
  subpackage since everything is LGPL-3.0+, except the tools that
  are GPL-3.0+. That fixes bnc#779253.
- Since we don't have a liblouis subpackage anymore, add Provides
  and Obsoletes for it to liblouis2 for smooth upgrades.

Fri Feb 24 07:49:42 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.4.1:
  + New features:
    - Czech hyphenation table
    - Spanish grade 1 table
    - New tamil table
  + Braille Table Improvements: Icelandic 8-dot, Norwegian,
    Portuguese grade1, uncontracted Spanish.
- Changes from version 2.4.0:
  + New features:
    - New Generic Farsi Grade 1 table
    - Emacs mode for editing Braille tables
  + Braille Table Improvements: Czech, French comp6 and comp8,
    Generic Arabic Grade 1, Romanian.

Sun May 22 21:22:40 CEST 2011 -

- Update to version 2.3.0:
  + New features:
    - Multiple table search path (with LOUIS_TABLEPATH environment
    - New --quiet option for lou_checktable
    - New functions to make libraries relocatable
    - New Braille tables: Swedish, Sorani (Kurdish), Ethiopic,
      Serbian, many Indian languages , Icelandic 6- and 8-dot,
      Catalan, Dutch Braille (for Belgium and the Netherlands),
      Flemish Braille Math Code (a.k.a. Woluwe code).
  + Braille Table Improvements: Chinse, Spanish Braille, French 6
    and 8 dot, Italian 8 dot, Generic Arabic Grade 1, Spanish,
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fixed a long standing bug with an infinite loop in the table
  + Improved documentation
- Add pkg-config BuildRequires to get proper pkgconfig() provides.

Sat Aug 28 09:39:35 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 2.1.1:
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fixed problems with the Danish grade 2 table
    - Fixed problems with the Marburg maths table for mathematics
      and the UK maths table for mathematics
- Changes from version 2.1.0:
  + New features:
    - New tables:
      . Added tables for Portuguese grade 1 and 2
      . Added unicode.dis for Unicode braille
    - Modified tables: Updated Danish tables
    - Implemented language to table mapping
    - New format of error messages: the error messages are now
      reported in a format similar to the one used in gcc.
    - New opcode: added undefined opcode
    - Python bindings:
      . Allow the user to configure the maximum output length by
        specifying a number by which the input length is multiplied
        using the outlenMultiplier module variable.
      . Add compbrlLeftCursor mode constant.
      . Add compileString function which wraps lou_compileString.
      . Corrections/clarifications to docstrings.
      . Add python binding for the lou_hyphenate function.
      . Added python wrapper for lou_backTranslateString and
    - Add liblouisxslt as an example to python/examples.
    - Add compbrlLeftCursor.
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fix the output cursorPos when the compbrlAtCursor mode is
      enabled and the characters around the cursor translate to
      multiple braille cells, such as in the Chinese braille
    - Fix outpos when doing back translation
    - Fix the input/output position arrays for characters in the
      input which are undefined in the translation table.
    - Table fixes:
      . Fixed a bug with back translation of '*n'.
      . Fixes to the en-us-g2.ctb table
    - Python bindings:
      . Remove unnecessary imports, allowing the bindings to run in
        Python 2.7.
      . lou_translate* writes output information in typeform, so
        allocate enough bytes for it. Fixes possible buffer
        overruns and resultant crashes.
    - Miscellaneous:
      . Fixes to the man page generation to fix issues
      . Do not invoke help2man when cross-compiling
      . Documentation updates (issue 10)
      . Removing noletsign defaults
      . Many small fixes
- Changes from version 2.0.0:
  + New function: Adding lou_charSize function
- Changes from version 1.9.0:
  + New functions:
    - lou_dotsToChar and lou_charToDots function
    - Added lou_compileString for adding entries to tables at

Thu Dec  3 00:23:05 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 1.8.0:
  + This release contains a number of improvements notably the
    integrationof gnulib, the automatic generation of man pages and
    the addition of tables for German grade 2.
  + New features
    - New tables
      . Tables German Grade 2
      . Swiss German
    - Modified tables
      . Updated Norwegian tables
    - man pages
      . All tools accept the --version and --help options and are
        documented in man pages
    - Corpus based test cases for tables
  + Bug fixes
    - Many small fixes
- Rename liblouis0 subpackage to liblouis2, because of soname bump.

Fri Aug 28 16:42:51 CEST 2009 -

- Fix python-louis build: with the new upstream release, we now
  need to build the library before building the python bindings.

Sat Aug 22 01:21:21 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 1.7.0:
  + The main new feature of this release is the support for UK and
    Marburg math. Other changes include a new tool to check
    hyphenation and the usual improvement and addition of tables.
    Also The test suite has been enhanced and finally passes
  + Fix for library name and Python bindings
  + Documentation fixes
  + Many small fixes
- Remove liblouis-build-fix.patch. Fixed upstream
- Remove liblouis-dlopen-versioned.patch. Code changed

Fri Aug 21 20:01:04 CEST 2009 -

- Add liblouis-dlopen-versioned.patch to have the python bindings
  open the versioned .so library, so that they don't require the
  devel package.
- Make python-louis require liblouis0.

Thu Aug 13 11:42:08 CEST 2009 -

- Use python_sitelib instead of py_sitedir.

Thu Jul 30 14:08:23 CEST 2009 -

- Initial package.
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