File ltrace-ppc64le_git18.patch of Package ltrace

dict.c part of

commit a2c270e86913ab93c41cdd61055d7c2b71b10fa1
Author: Petr Machata <>
Date:   Mon Mar 11 21:19:13 2013 -0400

    Fix compilation
    - GCC points out that the constant in dict.c that we use
      for computing string hashes is not implicitly unsigned.
    - When building without unwinding support, we can't access
      ifdef'd-out fields.  I remember having writted it this way
      to increase exposure of the error handling code for syntax
      checks, but it can't work.

diff --git a/dict.c b/dict.c
index c3a4e81..a06e570 100644
--- a/dict.c
+++ b/dict.c
@@ -464,7 +464,7 @@ dict_each(struct dict *dict, void *start_after,
 dict_hash_int(const int *key)
-	return (size_t)(*key * 2654435761);
+	return (size_t)(*key * 2654435761U);
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