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Tue Jul 15 16:24:17 UTC 2014 -

- regenerate with new template

Thu Jun 26 10:19:57 UTC 2014 -

- move to SLE 12 packaging schema

Fri Nov 22 08:40:35 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 2.14.4
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 Bug fixes
 * Make the `match` matcher produce a diff output. (Jon Rowe, Ben Moss)
 * Choose encoding for diff's more intelligently, and when all else fails fall
   back to default internal encoding with replacing characters. (Jon Rowe)

Fri Oct  4 07:17:57 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 2.14.3
 Bug fixes
 * Fix operator matchers (`should` syntax) when `method` is redefined on target.
   (Brandon Turner)
 * Fix diffing of hashes with object based keys. (Jon Rowe)
 * Fix operator matchers (`should` syntax) when operator is defined via
   `method_missing` (Jon Rowe)

Mon Aug 26 05:05:51 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 2.14.2
 Bug fixes
 * Fix `be_<predicate>` matcher to not support operator chaining like the
   `be` matcher does (e.g. `be == 5`). This led to some odd behaviors
   since `be_<predicate> == anything` returned a `BeComparedTo` matcher
   and was thus always truthy. This was a consequence of the implementation
   (e.g. subclassing the basic `Be` matcher) and was not intended behavior.
   (Myron Marston).
 * Fix `change` matcher to compare using `==` in addition to `===`. This
   is important for an expression like:
   `expect {}.to change { a.class }.from(ClassA).to(ClassB)` because
   `SomeClass === SomeClass` returns false. (Myron Marston)
 ### 2.14.1 / 2013-08-08
 [full changelog](
 Bug fixes
 * Ensure diff output uses the same encoding as the encoding of
   the string being diff'd to prevent `Encoding::UndefinedConversionError`

Wed Jul 31 05:45:54 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 2.14.0
 Bug fixes
 * Values that are not matchers use `#inspect`, rather than `#description` for
   documentation output (Andy Lindeman, Sam Phippen).
 * Make `expect(a).to be_within(x).percent_of(y)` work with negative y
   (Katsuhiko Nishimra).
 * Make the `be_predicate` matcher work as expected used with `expect{...}.to
   change...`  (Sam Phippen).
 ### 2.14.0.rc1 / 2013-05-27
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 * Enhance `yield_control` so that you can specify an exact or relative
   number of times: `expect { }.to yield_control.exactly(3).times`,
   `expect { }.to yield_control.at_least(2).times`, etc (Bartek
 * Make the differ that is used when an expectation fails better handle arrays
   by splitting each element of the array onto its own line. (Sam Phippen)
 * Accept duck-typed strings that respond to `:to_str` as expectation messages.
   (Toby Ovod-Everett)
 Bug fixes
 * Fix differ to not raise errors when dealing with differently-encoded
   strings (Jon Rowe).
 * Fix `expect(something).to be_within(x).percent_of(y)` where x and y are both
   integers (Sam Phippen).
 * Fix `have` matcher to handle the fact that on ruby 2.0,
   `Enumerator#size` may return nil (Kenta Murata).
 * Fix `expect { raise s }.to raise_error(s)` where s is an error instance
   on ruby 2.0 (Sam Phippen).
 * Fix `expect(object).to raise_error` passing. This now warns the user and
   fails the spec (tomykaira).
 * Deprecate `expect { }.not_to raise_error(SpecificErrorClass)` or
   `expect { }.not_to raise_error("some specific message")`. Using
   these was prone to hiding failures as they would allow _any other
   error_ to pass. (Sam Phippen and David Chelimsky)

Sun Mar  3 19:44:25 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 2.13.0
 * Add support for percent deltas to `be_within` matcher:
   `expect(value).to be_within(10).percent_of(expected)`
   (Myron Marston).
 * Add support to `include` matcher to allow it to be given a list
   of matchers as the expecteds to match against (Luke Redpath).
 Bug fixes
 * Fix `change` matcher so that it dups strings in order to handle
   mutated strings (Myron Marston).
 * Fix `should be =~ /some regex/` / `expect(...).to be =~ /some regex/`.
   Previously, these either failed with a confusing `undefined method
   matches?' for false:FalseClass` error or were no-ops that didn't
   actually verify anything (Myron Marston).
 * Add compatibility for diff-lcs 1.2 and relax the version
   constraint (Peter Goldstein).
 * Fix DSL-generated matchers to allow multiple instances of the
   same matcher in the same example to have different description
   and failure messages based on the expected value (Myron Marston).
 * Prevent `undefined method #split for Array` error when dumping
   the diff of an array of multiline strings (Myron Marston).
 * Don't blow up when comparing strings that are in an encoding
   that is not ASCII compatible (Myron Marston).
 * Remove confusing "Check the implementation of #==" message
   printed for empty diffs (Myron Marston).

Tue Dec 18 14:52:48 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 2.12.1
 [full changelog](
 Bug fixes
 * Improve the failure message for an expression like
   `{}.should =~ {}`. (Myron Marston and Andy Lindeman)
 * Provide a `match_regex` alias so that custom matchers
   built using the matcher DSL can use it (since `match`
   is a different method in that context).
   (Steven Harman)

Tue Nov 13 14:04:51 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 2.12.0
 * Colorize diffs if the `--color` option is configured. (Alex Coplan)
 * Include backtraces in unexpected errors handled by `raise_error`
   matcher (Myron Marston)
 * Print a warning when users accidentally pass a non-string argument
   as an expectation message (Sam Phippen)
 * `=~` and `match_array` matchers output a more useful error message when
   the actual value is not an array (or an object that responds to `#to_ary`)
   (Sam Phippen)
 Bug fixes
 * Fix `include` matcher so that `expect({}).to include(:a => nil)`
   fails as it should (Sam Phippen).
 * Fix `be_an_instance_of` matcher so that `Class#to_s` is used in the
   description rather than `Class#inspect`, since some classes (like
   `ActiveRecord::Base`) define a long, verbose `#inspect`.
   (Tom Stuart)

Mon Sep 10 13:05:01 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 2.11.3
  [full changelog](
  Bug fixes
  * Fix (and deprecate) `expect { }.should` syntax so that it works even
    though it was never a documented or intended syntax. It worked as a
    consequence of the implementation of `expect` in RSpec 2.10 and
    earlier. (Myron Marston)
  * Ensure #== is defined on build in matchers so that they can be composed.
    For example:
      expect {
      }.to change { user.last_emailed_at }.to be_within(1.second).of(

Sun Jul 29 11:26:08 UTC 2012 -

- initial package
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