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Release Notes SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12


1. Online documentation
2. Product News
3. Installation
4. Update
5. Registration
6. Maintenance Web

1. Online documentation

The "docu" directory on this medium contains online documentation that
you might want to read before starting the installation. It consists
of the deployment guide, admin guide, quick install guide and
storage guide in PDF format. Not all documents are translated into all
languages, see in docu/en for the english version if a guide is not
available for your language.

2. Product News

The file "NEWS" on this medium lists the new features, enhancements, and
driver updates of this product release.
Please visit for the latest product news
and release notes.

3. Installation

To start the standard installation from DVD please reboot your
computer with this media in your DVD drive. For other installation
methods please consult the online documentation as described above.

4. Updating

4.1 Updating from SLED11 SP3

Important Note:
After completing any form of update, look at the contents of the file
/var/adm/rpmconfigcheck. This file contains a list of configuration files
that could not be updated automatically. Usually this means the installed
version was modified. These files must be checked and the configurations
adjusted manually.

4.1.1 Standard update by booting from DVD

To start the standard update from DVD, reboot your computer with this medium in
your DVD drive. Select "System Update" instead of fresh installation.

4.1.2 Integrating the Service Pack into an Installation Server

The SUSE LINUX Enterprise Desktop 12 is a complete product. It will be added to
the Installation Server in the same way as every other SUSE LINUX Enterprise

4.1.3 Updating to a Service Pack using YaST Online Update or zypper

You need to make sure all patches for your system are applied.
Afterwards, please follow the steps from the deployment guide or
from TID 7010200.

5. Registration

Registration of machines with the SUSE Customer Center can now be done
during installation and update or in the installed system using YaST.
The URL of the SUSE Customer Center is

6. Maintenance Web

Once you have registered the machine, you can automatically get updates
using the updater tray icon or the Online Update module in YaST.
Alternatively, you can manually refer to

		Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Team
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