File texlive-specs-n.spec of Package texlive-specs-n

# spec file for package texlive-specs-n
# Copyright (c) 2014 SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany.
# All modifications and additions to the file contributed by third parties
# remain the property of their copyright owners, unless otherwise agreed
# upon. The license for this file, and modifications and additions to the
# file, is the same license as for the pristine package itself (unless the
# license for the pristine package is not an Open Source License, in which
# case the license is the MIT License). An "Open Source License" is a
# license that conforms to the Open Source Definition (Version 1.9)
# published by the Open Source Initiative.

# Please submit bugfixes or comments via

%define build_slice n
%define __perl_requires		%{nil}
%define __os_install_post       /usr/lib/rpm/brp-compress \\\
  %(ls /usr/lib/rpm/brp-suse.d/* 2> /dev/null | grep -vE 'check-la|boot-scripts|rpath|symlink|desktop|strip-debug|gcc-output|debuginfo|libtool|kernel-log') %{nil}
# skip-check-libtool-deps
%if 0%{?_with_debug:1}
%define __debug_install_post : > %{_builddir}/%{?buildsubdir}/debugfiles.list
%define debug_package %{nil}

# skip-check-libtool-deps
Name:           texlive-specs-n
Version:        2012
Release:        0
Summary:        One spec file for all TeX Live packages
License:        GPL-2.0+ and LPPL-1.0 and OFL-1.1 and SUSE-Public-Domain
Group:          Development/Tools/Building
Source0:        texlive-specs.tar.xz
Source1000:     nag.doc.tar.xz
Source1001:     nag.tar.xz
Source1002:     nameauth.doc.tar.xz
Source1003:     nameauth.tar.xz
Source1004:     namespc.doc.tar.xz
Source1005:     namespc.tar.xz
Source1006:     nanumtype1.doc.tar.xz
Source1007:     nanumtype1.tar.xz
Source1008:     natbib.doc.tar.xz
Source1009:     natbib.tar.xz
Source1010:     nath.doc.tar.xz
Source1011:     nath.tar.xz
Source1012:     nature.doc.tar.xz
Source1013:     nature.tar.xz
Source1014:     navigator.doc.tar.xz
Source1015:     navigator.tar.xz
Source1016:     ncclatex.doc.tar.xz
Source1017:     ncclatex.tar.xz
Source1018:     ncctools.doc.tar.xz
Source1019:     ncctools.tar.xz
Source1020:     ncntrsbk.tar.xz
Source1021:     nddiss.doc.tar.xz
Source1022:     nddiss.tar.xz
Source1023:     needspace.doc.tar.xz
Source1024:     needspace.tar.xz
Source1025:     nestquot.tar.xz
Source1026:     newcommand.doc.tar.xz
Source1027:     newcommand.tar.xz
Source1028:     newenviron.doc.tar.xz
Source1029:     newenviron.tar.xz
Source1030:     newfile.doc.tar.xz
Source1031:     newfile.tar.xz
Source1032:     newlfm.doc.tar.xz
Source1033:     newlfm.tar.xz
Source1034:     newpx.doc.tar.xz
Source1035:     newpx.tar.xz
Source1036:     newsletr.doc.tar.xz
Source1037:     newsletr.tar.xz
Source1038:     newspaper.doc.tar.xz
Source1039:     newspaper.tar.xz
Source1040:     newtx.doc.tar.xz
Source1041:     newtx.tar.xz
Source1042:     newunicodechar.doc.tar.xz
Source1043:     newunicodechar.tar.xz
Source1044:     newvbtm.doc.tar.xz
Source1045:     newvbtm.tar.xz
Source1046:     newverbs.doc.tar.xz
Source1047:     newverbs.tar.xz
Source1048:     nextpage.tar.xz
Source1049:     nfssext-cfr.doc.tar.xz
Source1050:     nfssext-cfr.tar.xz
Source1051:     nicefilelist.doc.tar.xz
Source1052:     nicefilelist.tar.xz
Source1053:     niceframe.doc.tar.xz
Source1054:     niceframe.tar.xz
Source1055:     nicetext.doc.tar.xz
Source1056:     nicetext.tar.xz
Source1057:     nih.doc.tar.xz
Source1058:     nih.tar.xz
Source1059:     nkarta.doc.tar.xz
Source1060:     nkarta.tar.xz
Source1061:     nlctdoc.doc.tar.xz
Source1062:     nlctdoc.tar.xz
Source1063:     noconflict.doc.tar.xz
Source1064:     noconflict.tar.xz
Source1065:     noitcrul.doc.tar.xz
Source1066:     noitcrul.tar.xz
Source1067:     nolbreaks.doc.tar.xz
Source1068:     nolbreaks.tar.xz
Source1069:     nomencl.doc.tar.xz
Source1070:     nomencl.tar.xz
Source1071:     nomentbl.doc.tar.xz
Source1072:     nomentbl.tar.xz
Source1073:     nonfloat.doc.tar.xz
Source1074:     nonfloat.tar.xz
Source1075:     nonumonpart.doc.tar.xz
Source1076:     nonumonpart.tar.xz
Source1077:     nopageno.doc.tar.xz
Source1078:     nopageno.tar.xz
Source1079:     norasi-c90.tar.xz
Source1080:     nostarch.doc.tar.xz
Source1081:     nostarch.tar.xz
Source1082:     notes.doc.tar.xz
Source1083:     notes.tar.xz
Source1084:     notes2bib.doc.tar.xz
Source1085:     notes2bib.tar.xz
Source1086:     notoccite.doc.tar.xz
Source1087:     notoccite.tar.xz
Source1088:     nowidow.doc.tar.xz
Source1089:     nowidow.tar.xz
Source1090:     nrc.doc.tar.xz
Source1091:     nrc.tar.xz
Source1092:     ntgclass.doc.tar.xz
Source1093:     ntgclass.tar.xz
Source1094:     ntheorem-vn.doc.tar.xz
Source1095:     ntheorem-vn.tar.xz
Source1096:     ntheorem.doc.tar.xz
Source1097:     ntheorem.tar.xz
Source1098:     nuc.doc.tar.xz
Source1099:     nuc.tar.xz
Source1100:     numberedblock.doc.tar.xz
Source1101:     numberedblock.tar.xz
Source1102:     numericplots.doc.tar.xz
Source1103:     numericplots.tar.xz
Source1104:     numname.doc.tar.xz
Source1105:     numname.tar.xz
Source1106:     numprint.doc.tar.xz
Source1107:     numprint.tar.xz
NoSource:       1000
NoSource:       1001
NoSource:       1002
NoSource:       1003
NoSource:       1004
NoSource:       1005
NoSource:       1006
NoSource:       1007
NoSource:       1008
NoSource:       1009
NoSource:       1010
NoSource:       1011
NoSource:       1012
NoSource:       1013
NoSource:       1014
NoSource:       1015
NoSource:       1016
NoSource:       1017
NoSource:       1018
NoSource:       1019
NoSource:       1020
NoSource:       1021
NoSource:       1022
NoSource:       1023
NoSource:       1024
NoSource:       1025
NoSource:       1026
NoSource:       1027
NoSource:       1028
NoSource:       1029
NoSource:       1030
NoSource:       1031
NoSource:       1032
NoSource:       1033
NoSource:       1034
NoSource:       1035
NoSource:       1036
NoSource:       1037
NoSource:       1038
NoSource:       1039
NoSource:       1040
NoSource:       1041
NoSource:       1042
NoSource:       1043
NoSource:       1044
NoSource:       1045
NoSource:       1046
NoSource:       1047
NoSource:       1048
NoSource:       1049
NoSource:       1050
NoSource:       1051
NoSource:       1052
NoSource:       1053
NoSource:       1054
NoSource:       1055
NoSource:       1056
NoSource:       1057
NoSource:       1058
NoSource:       1059
NoSource:       1060
NoSource:       1061
NoSource:       1062
NoSource:       1063
NoSource:       1064
NoSource:       1065
NoSource:       1066
NoSource:       1067
NoSource:       1068
NoSource:       1069
NoSource:       1070
NoSource:       1071
NoSource:       1072
NoSource:       1073
NoSource:       1074
NoSource:       1075
NoSource:       1076
NoSource:       1077
NoSource:       1078
NoSource:       1079
NoSource:       1080
NoSource:       1081
NoSource:       1082
NoSource:       1083
NoSource:       1084
NoSource:       1085
NoSource:       1086
NoSource:       1087
NoSource:       1088
NoSource:       1089
NoSource:       1090
NoSource:       1091
NoSource:       1092
NoSource:       1093
NoSource:       1094
NoSource:       1095
NoSource:       1096
NoSource:       1097
NoSource:       1098
NoSource:       1099
NoSource:       1100
NoSource:       1101
NoSource:       1102
NoSource:       1103
NoSource:       1104
NoSource:       1105
NoSource:       1106
NoSource:       1107
BuildRequires:  buffer
BuildRequires:  ed
BuildRequires:  file
BuildRequires:  fontconfig
BuildRequires:  ghostscript-fonts-std
BuildRequires:  mkfontdir
BuildRequires:  mkfontscale
BuildRequires:  texlive-filesystem
BuildConflicts: texinfo
BuildRequires:  xorg-x11-fonts-core
BuildRequires:  xz
BuildArch:      noarch

Use one rpm spec file for repackaging the texmf/texmf-dist
the several tar balls of TeX Live. 

pushd %_sourcedir
    chmod g-w *.tar.xz
%setup -n texlive-specs -q
(cat > Makefile)<<'EOF'
 topdir=$(abspath ../..)
 SHELL := /bin/bash

%%.rpm: root=$(rootdir)/$*.noarch
%%.rpm: %%.spec
	exec > >(exec buffer -s 256k -m 1m -u 10) 2>&1; \
	rpmbuild -ba --buildroot $(root) --define '_srcdefattr (-,root,root)' --define 'rlobs %release' %{?disturl:--define 'disturl %disturl'} $< && \
	rm -rf $(topdir)/BUILD/$*-[0-9]*

%if %{defined build_slice}
specs := $(foreach spec,%build_slice,$(wildcard texlive-$(spec)*.spec))
specs := $(sort $(filter-out texlive-specs.specs,$(wildcard *.spec)))
rpms := $(specs:.spec=.rpm)

all: $(rpms)
make topdir=%{_topdir} %{?_smp_mflags}



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