File sentinel.diff of Package wvstreams

Index: utils/
--- utils/
+++ utils/
@@ -343,12 +343,12 @@ void wvcrash(int sig)
 	    dup2(fds[0], 0); // make stdin read from pipe
 	    fcntl(0, F_SETFD, 0);
-	    execlp("wvcrash", "wvcrash", NULL);
+	    execlp("wvcrash", "wvcrash", (char*) NULL);
 	    // if we get here, we couldn't exec wvcrash
 	    wr(2, "wvcrash: can't exec wvcrash binary "
 	       "- writing to wvcrash.txt!\n");
-	    execlp("dd", "dd", "of=wvcrash.txt", NULL);
+	    execlp("dd", "dd", "of=wvcrash.txt", (char*) NULL);
 	    wr(2, "wvcrash: can't exec dd to write to wvcrash.txt!\n");
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