File slurm.changes of Package slurm.13628

Thu Jan  2 10:36:33 UTC 2020 - Egbert Eich <>

- Backport: srun - do not continue with job launch if --uid fails
  * Simplify-logic-in-_become_user.patch
  * Do-not-ignore-errors-from-initgroups.patch
  * Do-not-continue-with-launch-if-_become_user-fails.patch

Mon Dec  9 11:41:33 UTC 2019 - Egbert Eich <>

- Add libjson-c-devel as buildrequires.

Sun Dec  8 11:33:42 UTC 2019 - Egbert Eich <>

- Use --with-shared-libslurm to build slurm binaries using libslurm.
- Make libslurm depend on slurm-config.

Fri Dec  6 17:06:32 UTC 2019 - Egbert Eich <>

- Fix ownership of /var/spool/slurm on new installations
  and upgrade (boo@1158696).

Thu Oct 31 10:18:21 UTC 2019 - Egbert Eich <>

- Fix permissions of slurmdbd.conf (bsc#1155784).
- Fix %posttrans macro _res_update to cope with added newline

Mon Oct  7 15:23:02 UTC 2019 - Egbert Eich <>

- Add X11-forwarding by adding missing BuildRequires: libssh2-devel
- Move srun from 'slurm' to 'slurm-node': srun is required on the
  nodes as well so sbatch will work. 'slurm-node' is a requirement
  when 'slurm' is installed (bsc#1153095). 
- added file Fix-CVE-2019-12838.patch
  which is the backported fix for CVE-2019-12838 (bsc#1140709)

Thu Jan 31 09:34:55 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 17.11.13:
  * 17.11.13:
    + Add mitigation for a potential heap overflow on 32-bit systems in
      xmalloc. (CVE-2019-6438, bsc#1123304).
  * 17.11.12:
    + Fix regression in 17.11.10 that caused dbd messages to not be queued up
      when the dbd was down.
  * 17.11.11:
    + Correctly initialize variable in env_array_user_default().
    + Correctly handle scenarios where a partitions MaxMemPerCPU is less than
      a jobs --mem-per-cpu and also -c is greater than 1.
  * 17.11.10
    + Move priority_sort_part_tier from slurmctld to libslurm to make it
      possible to run the regression tests 24.* without changing that code
      since it links directly to the priority plugin where that function
      isn't defined.
    + Fix issue where job time limits can increase to max walltime when
      updating a job with scontrol.
    + Fix invalid protocol_version manipulation on big endian platforms causing
      srun and sattach to fail.
    + Fix for QOS, Reservation and Alias env variables in srun.
    + mpi/pmi2 - Backport 6a702158b49c4 from 18.08 to avoid dangerous detached
    + When allowing heterogeneous steps make sure we copy all the options to
      avoid copying strings that may be overwritten.
    + Print correctly when sh5util finds and empty file.
    + Fix sh5util to not seg fault on exit.
    + Fix sh5util to check correctly for H5free_memory.
    + Adjust OOM monitoring function in task/cgroup to prevent problems in
      regression suite from leaked file descriptors.
    + Fix issue with gres when defined with a type and no count
      (i.e. gres=gpu/tesla) it would get a count of 0.
    + Allow sstat to talk to slurmd's that are new in protocol version.
    + Permit database names over 33 characters in accounting_storage/mysql.
    + Fix negative values when profiling.
    + Fix srun segfault caused by invalid memory reads on the env.
    + Fix segfault on job arrays when starting controller without dbd up.
    + Fix pmi2 to build with gcc 8.0+.
    + Fix proper alignment of clauses when determining if more nodes are needed
      for an allocation.
    + Fix race condition when canceling a federation job that just started
    + Prevent extra resources from being allocated when combining certain
    + Fix problem in task/affinity plugin that can lead to slurmd fatal()'ing
      when using --hint=nomultithread.
    + Fix left over socket file when step is ending and using pmi2 with
      %n or %h in the spool dir.
    + Fix incorrect spacing for PartitionName lines in 'scontrol write config'.
    + Fix sacct to not print huge reserve times when the job was never
    + burst_buffer/cray - Add missing locks around assoc_mgr when timing out a
      burst buffer.
    + burst_buffer/cray - Update burst buffers when an association or qos
      is removed from the system.
    + If failed over to a backup controller, ensure the agent thread is
      launched to handle deferred tasks.
    + Fix correct job CPU count allocated.
    + Protect against sending to the slurmdbd if the connection has gone away.
    + Fix checking missing return codes when unpacking structures.
    + Fix slurm.spec-legacy including slurmsmwd
    + More explicit error message when cgroup oom-kill events detected.
    + When updating an association and are unable to find parent association
      initialize old fairshare association pointer correctly.
    + Wrap slurm_cond_signal() calls with mutexes where needed.
    + Fix correct timeout with resends in slurm_send_only_node_msg.
    + Fix pam_slurm_adopt to honor action_adopt_failure.
    + job_submit/lua - expose argc/argv options through lua interface.
  * Disable
    Believed to be fixed by commit 0c3133a29287e9c
  * Add
    Fix fallout from 750cc23ed for CVE-2019-6438.
Mon Sep 24 09:25:57 UTC 2018 -

- added correct link flags for perl bindings (bsc#1108671)
  * added correct linker search path in slurm-2.4.4-rpath.patch
  * perl:Switch is required by slurm torque wrappers

Sat Sep 22 06:09:18 UTC 2018 -

- Fix Requires(pre) and Requires(post) for slurm-config and slurm-node.
  This fixes issues with failing slurm user creation when installed
  during initial system installation (bsc#1109373).

Tue Aug 14 10:26:43 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 17.11.9
  * Fix segfault in slurmctld when a job's node bitmap is NULL during a
    scheduling cycle.  Primarily caused by EnforcePartLimits=ALL.
  * Remove erroneous unlock in acct_gather_energy/ipmi.
  * Enable support for hwloc version 2.0.1.
  * Fix 'srun -q' (--qos) option handling.
  * Fix socket communication issue that can lead to lost task completition
    messages, which will cause a permanently stuck srun process.
  * Handle creation of TMPDIR if environment variable is set or changed in
    a task prolog script.
  * Avoid node layout fragmentation if running with a fixed CPU count but
    without Sockets and CoresPerSocket defined.
  * burst_buffer/cray - Fix datawarp swap default pool overriding jobdw.
  * Fix incorrect job priority assignment for multi-partition job with
    different PriorityTier settings on the partitions.
  * Fix sinfo to print correct node state.

Thu Aug  2 11:35:55 UTC 2018 -

- When using a remote shared StateSaveLocation, slurmctld needs to
  be started after remote filesystems have become available.
  Add '' to the 'After=' directive in slurmctld.service

Tue Jul 31 18:29:40 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 17.11.8
  * Fix incomplete RESPONSE_[RESOURCE|JOB_PACK]_ALLOCATION building path.
  * Do not allocate nodes that were marked down due to the node not responding
    by ResumeTimeout.
  * task/cray plugin - search for "mems" cgroup information in the file
    "cpuset.mems" then fall back to the file "mems".
  * Fix ipmi profile debug uninitialized variable.
  * PMIx: fixed the direct connect inline msg sending.
  * MYSQL: Fix issue not handling all fields when loading an archive dump.
  * Allow a job_submit plugin to change the admin_comment field during
  * job_submit/lua - fix access into reservation table.
  * MySQL - Prevent deadlock caused by archive logic locking reads.
  * Don't enforce MaxQueryTimeRange when requesting specific jobs.
  * Modify --test-only logic to properly support jobs submitted to more than
    one partition.
  * Prevent slurmctld from abort when attempting to set non-existing
    qos as def_qos_id.
  * Add new job dependency type of "afterburstbuffer". The pending job will be
    delayed until the first job completes execution and it's burst buffer
    stage-out is completed.
  * Reorder proctrack/task plugin load in the slurmstepd to match that of
    and avoid race condition calling task before proctrack can introduce.
  * Prevent reboot of a busy KNL node when requesting inactive features.
  * Revert to previous behavior when requesting memory per cpu/node introduced
    in 17.11.7.
  * Fix to reinitialize previously adjusted job members to their original
    when validating the job memory in multi-partition requests.
  * Fix _step_signal() from always returning SLURM_SUCCESS.
  * Combine active and available node feature change logs on one line rather
    than one line per node for performance reasons.
  * Prevent occasionally leaking freezer cgroups.
  * Fix potential segfault when closing the mpi/pmi2 plugin.
  * Fix issues with  --exclusive=[user|mcs] to work correctly
    with preemption or when job requests a specific list of hosts.
  * Make code compile with hdf5 1.10.2+
  * mpi/pmix: Fixed the collectives canceling.
  * SlurmDBD: improve error message handling on archive load failure.
  * Fix incorrect locking when deleting reservations.
  * Fix incorrect locking when setting up the power save module.
  * Fix setting format output length for squeue when showing array jobs.
  * Add xstrstr function.
  * Fix printing out of --hint options in sbatch, salloc --help.
  * Prevent possible divide by zero in _validate_time_limit().
  * Add Delegate=yes to the slurmd.service file to prevent systemd from
    interfering with the jobs' cgroup hierarchies.
  * Change the backlog argument to the listen() syscall within srun to 4096
    to match elsewhere in the code, and avoid communication problems at scale.

Tue Jul 31 17:30:08 UTC 2018 -

- slurmctld-rerun-agent_init-when-backup-controller-takes-over.patch:
  Fix race in the slurmctld backup controller which prevents it
  to clean up allocations on nodes properly after failing over
- Handled %license in a backward compatible manner.

Sat Jul 28 15:30:58 UTC 2018 -

- Add a 'Recommends: slurm-munge' to slurm-slurmdbd.

Wed Jul 11 12:04:55 UTC 2018 -

- Shield comments between script snippets with a %{!?nil:...} to
  avoid them being interpreted as scripts - in which case the update
  level is passed as argument (see chapter 'Shared libraries' in:

Tue Jun  5 13:24:43 UTC 2018 -

- Update from 17.11.5 to 17.11.7
- Fix security issue in handling of username and gid fields
  CVE-2018-10995 and bsc#1095508 what implied an 
  update from 17.11.5 to 17.11.7
  Highlights of 17.11.6:
  * CRAY - Add slurmsmwd to the contribs/cray dir
  * PMIX - Added the direct connect authentication.
  * Prevent the backup slurmctld from losing the active/available node
    features list on takeover.
  * Be able to force power_down of cloud node even if in power_save state.
  * Allow cloud nodes to be recognized in Slurm when booted out of band.
  * Numerous fixes - check 'NEWS' file.
  Highlights of 17.11.7:
  * Notify srun and ctld when unkillable stepd exits.
  * Numerous fixes - check 'NEWS' file.
- Add: slurmsmwd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * Fixes daemoniziation in newly introduced slurmsmwd daemon.
- Rename:
  to split-xdaemon-in-xdaemon_init-and-xdaemon_finish-for.patch
  * remain in sync with commit messages which introduced that file

Thu Apr 19 21:05:04 UTC 2018 -

- Avoid running pretrans scripts when running in an instsys:
  there may be not much installed, yet. pretrans code should
  be done in lua, this way, it will be executed by the rpm-internal
  lua interpreter and not be passed to a shell which may not be
  around at the time this scriptlet is run (bsc#1090292).

Fri Apr 13 10:03:05 UTC 2018 -

- Add requires for slurm-sql to the slurmdbd package.

Thu Apr 12 17:20:03 UTC 2018 -

- Package READMEs for pam and pam_slurm_adopt.
- Use the new %%license directive for COPYING file.

Thu Apr 12 16:40:44 UTC 2018 -

- Add:
  * split-xdaemon-in-xdaemon_init-and-xdaemon_finish-for-systemd-compatibilty.patch
  * slurmctld-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * slurmd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * slurmdbd-uses-xdaemon_-for-systemd.patch
  * removed-deprecated-xdaemon.patch
  Fix interaction with systemd: systemd expects that a 
  daemonizing process doesn't go away until the PID file
  with it PID of the daemon has bee written (bsc#1084125).

Wed Apr 11 11:27:31 UTC 2018 -

- Make sure systemd services get restarted only when all
  packages are in a consistent state, not in the middle
  of an 'update' transaction (bsc#1088693).
  Since the %postun scripts that run on update are from
  the old package they cannot be changed - thus we work
  around the restart breakage.

Fri Mar 23 13:50:14 UTC 2018 -

- fixed wrong log file location in slurmdbd.conf and 
  fixed pid location for slurmdbd and made slurm-slurmdbd
  depend on slurm config which provides the dir /var/run/slurm

Fri Mar 16 08:57:20 UTC 2018 -

- added comment for (bsc#1085606) 

Wed Mar 14 19:34:58 UTC 2018 -

- Fix security issue in accounting_storage/mysql plugin by always escaping
  strings within the slurmdbd. CVE-2018-7033
- Update slurm to v17.11.5 (FATE#325451)
  Highlights of 17.11:
  * Support for federated clusters to manage a single work-flow 
    across a set of clusters.
  * Support for heterogeneous job allocations (various processor types,
    memory sizes, etc. by job component). Support for heterogeneous job
    steps within a single MPI_COMM_WORLD is not yet supported for most
  * X11 support is now fully integrated with the main Slurm code. Remove
    any X11 plugin configured in your plugstack.conf file to avoid errors
    being logged about conflicting options.
  * Added new advanced reservation flag of "flex", which permits jobs
    requesting the reservation to begin prior to the reservation's 
    start time and use resources inside or outside of the reservation.
    A typical use case is to prevent jobs not explicitly requesting the
    reservation from using those reserved resources rather than forcing
    jobs requesting the reservation to use those resources in the time
    frame reserved.
  * The sprio command has been modified to report a job's priority
    information for every partition the job has been submitted to.
  * Group ID lookup performed at job submit time to avoid lookup on
    all compute nodes. Enable with PrologFlags=SendGIDs configuration
  * Slurm commands and daemons dynamically link to
    instead of statically linking. This dramatically reduces the
    footprint of Slurm.
  * In switch plugin, added plugin_id symbol to plugins and wrapped
    switch_jobinfo_t with dynamic_plugin_data_t in interface calls
    in order to pass switch information between clusters with different
    switch types.
  * Changed default ProctrackType to cgroup.
  * Changed default sched_min_interval from 0 to 2 microseconds.
  * Added new 'scontrol write batch_script ' command to fetch a job's
    batch script. Removed the ability to see the script as part of the 
    'scontrol -dd   show job' command.
  * Add new "billing" TRES which allows jobs to be limited based on the
    job's billable TRES calculated by the job's partition's
  * Regular user use of "scontrol top" command is now disabled. Use the
    configuration parameter "SchedulerParameters=enable_user_top" to
    enable that functionality. The configuration parameter
    "SchedulerParameters=disable_user_top" will be silently ignored.
  * Change default to let pending jobs run outside of reservation after
    reservation is gone to put jobs in held state. Added 
    NO_HOLD_JOBS_AFTER_END reservation flag to use old default.
    Support for PMIx v2.0 as well as UCX support.
  * Remove plugins for obsolete MPI stacks:
    - lam
    - mpich1_p4
    - mpich1_shmem
    - mvapich
  * Numerous fixes - check 'NEWS' file.
- slurmd-Fix-slurmd-for-new-API-in-hwloc-2.0.patch
  Removed. Code upstream.
- slurmctld-service-var-run-path.patch:
  Replaced by sed script.
- Fix some rpmlint warnings.

Mon Jan 29 13:43:57 UTC 2018 -

- moved config files to slurm-config package (FATE#324574).

Mon Jan 29 04:01:28 UTC 2018 -

- Moved slurmstepd and man page into slurm-node due to slurmd dependency
- Moved config files into slurm-node
- Moved slurmd rc scripts into slurm-node
- Made slurm-munge require slurm-plugins instead of slurm itself
  - slurm-node suggested slurm-munge, causing the whole slurm to be
    installed. The slurm-plugins seems to be a more base class

Wed Jan 17 14:21:49 UTC 2018 -

- split up light wight slurm-node package for deployment on nodes

Fri Dec  1 16:04:55 UTC 2017 -

- added /var/spool/ directory and removed duplicated entries from slurm.conf 

Fri Nov 10 13:52:30 UTC 2017 -

- Package so-versioned libs separately. libslurm is expected
  to change more frequently and thus is packaged separately
  from libpmi.

Wed Nov  1 16:15:04 UTC 2017 -

- Updated to 17.02.9 to fix CVE-2017-15566 (bsc#1065697).
   Changes in 17.0.9
   * When resuming powered down nodes, mark DOWN nodes right after
    has been reached (previous logic would wait about one minute longer).
   * Fix sreport not showing full column name for TRES Count.
   * Fix slurmdb_reservations_get() giving wrong usage data when job's spanned
     reservation that was modified.
   * Fix sreport reservation utilization report showing bad data.
   * Show all TRES' on a reservation in sreport reservation utilization report
     by default.
   * Fix sacctmgr show reservation handling "end" parameter.
   * Work around issue with sysmacros.h and gcc7 / glibc 2.25.
   * Fix layouts code to only allow setting a boolean.
   * Fix sbatch --wait to keep waiting even if a message timeout occurs.
   * CRAY - If configured with NodeFeatures=knl_cray and there are non-KNL
     nodes which include no features the slurmctld will abort without
     this patch when attemping strtok_r(NULL).
   * Fix regression in 17.02.7 which would run the spank_task_privileged as
     part of the slurmstepd instead of it's child process.
   * Fix security issue in Prolog and Epilog by always prepending SPANK_ to
     all user-set environment variables. CVE-2017-15566.
   Changes in 17.0.8:
   * Add 'slurmdbd:' to the accounting plugin to notify message is from dbd
    instead of local.
   * mpi/mvapich - Buffer being only partially cleared. No failures observed.
   * Fix for job  --switch option on dragonfly network.
   * In salloc with  --uid option, drop supplementary groups before changing UID.
   * jobcomp/elasticsearch - strip any trailing slashes from JobCompLoc.
   * jobcomp/elasticsearch - fix memory leak when transferring generated buffer.
   * Prevent slurmstepd ABRT when parsing gres.conf CPUs.
   * Fix sbatch --signal to signal all MPI ranks in a step instead of just those
     on node 0.
   * Check multiple partition limits when scheduling a job that were previously
     only checked on submit.
   * Cray: Avoid running application/step Node Health Check on the external
     job step.
   * Optimization enhancements for partition based job preemption.
   * Address some build warnings from GCC 7.1, and one possible memory leak if
     /proc is inaccessible.
   * If creating/altering a core based reservation with scontrol/sview on a
     remote cluster correctly determine the select type.
   * Fix autoconf test for libcurl when clang is used.
   * Fix default location for cgroup_allowed_devices_file.conf to use correct
     default path.
   * Document NewName option to sacctmgr.
   * Reject a second PMI2_Init call within a single step to prevent slurmstepd
     from hanging.
   * Handle old 32bit values stored in the database for requested memory
     correctly in sacct.
   * Fix memory leaks in the task/cgroup plugin when constraining devices.
   * Make extremely verbose info messages debug2 messages in the task/cgroup
     plugin when constraining devices.
   * Fix issue that would deny the stepd access to /dev/null where GRES has a
    'type' but no file defined.
   * Fix issue where the slurmstepd would fatal on job launch if you have no
     gres listed in your slurm.conf but some in gres.conf.
   * Fix validating time spec to correctly validate various time formats.
   * Make scontrol work correctly with job update timelimit [+|-]=.
   * Reduce the visibily of a number of warnings in _part_access_check.
   * Prevent segfault in sacctmgr if no association name is specified for
     an update command.
   * burst_buffer/cray plugin modified to work with changes in Cray UP05
     software release.
   * Fix job reasons for jobs that are violating assoc MaxTRESPerNode limits.
   * Fix segfault when unpacking a 16.05 slurm_cred in a 17.02 daemon.
   * Fix setting TRES limits with case insensitive TRES names.
   * Add alias for xstrncmp() -- slurm_xstrncmp().
   * Fix sorting of case insensitive strings when using xstrcasecmp().
   * Gracefully handle race condition when reading /proc as process exits.
   * Avoid error on Cray duplicate setup of core specialization.
   * Skip over undefined (hidden in Slurm) nodes in pbsnodes.
   * Add empty hashes in perl api's slurm_load_node() for hidden nodes.
   * CRAY - Add rpath logic to work for the alpscomm libs.
   * Fixes for administrator extended TimeLimit (job reason & time limit reset).
   * Fix gres selection on systems running select/linear.
   * sview: Added window decorator for maximize,minimize,close buttons for all
   * squeue: interpret negative length format specifiers as a request to
     delimit values with spaces.
   * Fix the torque pbsnodes wrapper script to parse a gres field with a type
     set correctly.
- Fixed ABI version of libslurm.

Fri Oct  6 13:53:08 UTC 2017 -

- Trim redundant wording in descriptions.

Wed Sep 27 11:08:29 UTC 2017 -

- Updated to slurm 17-02-7-1
  * Added python as BuildRequires
  * Removed sched-wiki package
  * Removed slurmdb-direct package
  * Obsoleted sched-wiki and slurmdb-direct packages
  * Removing Cray-specific files
  * Added /etc/slurm/layout.d files (new for this version)
  * Remove /etc/slurm/cgroup files from package
  * Added lib/slurm/
  * Removed lib/slurm/
  * Removed lib/slurm/
- Created slurm-sql package
- Moved files from slurm-plugins to slurm-torque package
- Moved creation of /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/slurm.conf into slurm.spec
  * Removed tmpfiles.d-slurm.conf
- Changed /var/run path for slurm daemons to /var/run/slurm
  * Added slurmctld-service-var-run-path.patch

Tue Sep 12 16:00:11 UTC 2017 -

- Made tmpfiles_create post-install macro SLE12 SP2 or greater
- Directly calling systemd-tmpfiles --create for before SLE12 SP2

Mon Jul 10 03:35:41 UTC 2017 -

- Allows OpenSUSE Factory build as well
- Removes unused .service files from project
- Adds /var/run/slurm to /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d for boottime creation
  * Patches upstream .service files to allow for /var/run/slurm path
  * Modifies slurm.conf to allow for /var/run/slurm path

Tue May 30 10:24:09 UTC 2017 -

- Move wrapper script mpiexec provided by slrum-torque to
  mpiexec.slurm to avoid conflicts. This file is normally
  provided by the MPI implementation (boo#1041706). 

Mon May  8 10:10:04 UTC 2017 -

- Replace remaining ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}s.
- Improve description.
- Fix up changelog.

Fri Mar 31 12:43:25 UTC 2017 -
- Spec file: Replace "Requires : slurm-perlapi" by
  "Requires: perl-slurm = %{version}" (boo#1031872).

Thu Feb 16 12:12:45 UTC 2017 -

- Trim redundant parts of description. Fixup RPM groups.
- Replace unnecessary %__ macro indirections;
  replace historic $RPM_* variables by macros.

Wed Feb 15 18:55:28 UTC 2017 -

- slurmd-Fix-for-newer-API-versions.patch:
  Stale patch removed.

Tue Feb  7 16:47:17 UTC 2017 -

- Use %slurm_u and %slurm_g macros defined at the beginning of the spec
  file when adding the slurm user/group for consistency.
- Define these macros to daemon,root for non-systemd.
- For anything newer than Leap 42.1 or SLE-12-SP1 build OpenHPC compatible.

Wed Feb  1 20:17:47 UTC 2017 -

- Updated to
 * Remove StoragePass from being printed out in the slurmdbd log at debug2
 * Defer PATH search for task program until launch in slurmstepd.
 * Modify regression test1.89 to avoid leaving vestigial job. Also reduce
    logging to reduce likelyhood of Expect buffer overflow.
 * Do not PATH search for mult-prog launches if LaunchParamters=test_exec is
 * Fix for possible infinite loop in select/cons_res plugin when trying to
    satisfy a job's ntasks_per_core or socket specification.
 * If job is held for bad constraints make it so once updated the job doesn't
    go into JobAdminHeld.
 * sched/backfill - Fix logic to reserve resources for jobs that require a
    node reboot (i.e. to change KNL mode) in order to start.
 * When unpacking a node or front_end record from state and the protocol
    version is lower than the min version, set it to the min.
 * Remove redundant lookup for part_ptr when updating a reservation's nodes.
 * Fix memory and file descriptor leaks in slurmd daemon's sbcast logic.
 * Do not allocate specialized cores to jobs using the --exclusive option.
 * Cancel interactive job if Prolog failure with "PrologFlags=contain" or
   "PrologFlags=alloc" configured. Send new error prolog failure message to
   the salloc or srun command as needed.
 * Prevent possible out-of-bounds read in slurmstepd on an invalid #! line.
 * Fix check for PluginDir within slurmctld to work with multiple directories.
 * Cancel interactive jobs automatically on communication error to launching
   srun/salloc process.
 * Fix security issue caused by insecure file path handling triggered by the
   failure of a Prolog script. To exploit this a user needs to anticipate or
   cause the Prolog to fail for their job. CVE-2016-10030 (bsc#1018371).
- Replace group/user add macros with function calls.
- Fix array initialzation and ensure strings are always NULL terminated in
-  pam_slurm.c (bsc#1007053).
- Disable building with netloc support: the netloc API is part of the devel
  branch of hwloc. Since this devel branch was included accidentally and has
  been reversed since, we need to disable this for the time being.
- Conditionalized architecture specific pieces to support non-x86 architectures

Tue Jan  3 17:21:58 UTC 2017 -

- Remove: unneeded 'BuildRequires:  python'
- Add:
  BuildRequires:  freeipmi-devel
  BuildRequires:  libibmad-devel
  BuildRequires:  libibumad-devel
  so they are picked up by the slurm build.
- Enable modifications from openHPC Project.
- Enable lua API package build.
- Add a recommends for slurm-munge to the slurm package:
  This is way, the munge auth method is available and slurm
  works out of the box.
- Create /var/lib/slurm as StateSaveLocation directory.
  /tmp is dangerous. 

Fri Dec  2 19:39:56 UTC 2016 -

- Create slurm user/group in preinstall script.

Wed Nov 30 15:16:05 UTC 2016 -

- Keep %{_libdir}/libpmi* and %{_libdir}/mpi_pmi2* on SUSE.

Tue Nov 22 21:42:04 UTC 2016 -

- Fix build with and without OHCP_BUILD define.
- Fix build for systemd and non-systemd.

Fri Nov  4 20:15:47 UTC 2016 -

- Updated to 16-05-5 - equvalent to OpenHPC 1.2.
  * Fix issue with resizing jobs and limits not be kept track of correctly.
  * BGQ - Remove redeclaration of job_read_lock.
  * BGQ - Tighter locks around structures when nodes/cables change state.
  * Make it possible to change CPUsPerTask with scontrol.
  * Make it so scontrol update part qos= will take away a partition QOS from
    a partition.
  * Backfill scheduling properly synchronized with Cray Node Health Check.
    Prior logic could result in highest priority job getting improperly
  * Make it so daemons also support TopologyParam=NoInAddrAny.
  * If scancel is operating on large number of jobs and RPC responses from
    slurmctld daemon are slow then introduce a delay in sending the cancel job
    requests from scancel in order to reduce load on slurmctld.
  * Remove redundant logic when updating a job's task count.
  * MySQL - Fix querying jobs with reservations when the id's have rolled.
  * Perl - Fix use of uninitialized variable in slurm_job_step_get_pids.
  * Launch batch job requsting --reboot after the boot completes.
  * Do not attempt to power down a node which has never responded if the
    slurmctld daemon restarts without state.
  * Fix for possible slurmstepd segfault on invalid user ID.
  * MySQL - Fix for possible race condition when archiving multiple clusters
    at the same time.
  * Add logic so that slurmstepd can be launched under valgrind.
  * Increase buffer size to read /proc/*/stat files.
  * Remove the SchedulerParameters option of "assoc_limit_continue", making it
    the default value. Add option of "assoc_limit_stop". If "assoc_limit_stop"
    is set and a job cannot start due to association limits, then do not attempt
    to initiate any lower priority jobs in that partition. Setting this can
    decrease system throughput and utlization, but avoid potentially starving
    larger jobs by preventing them from launching indefinitely.
  * Update a node's socket and cores per socket counts as needed after a node
    boot to reflect configuration changes which can occur on KNL processors.
    Note that the node's total core count must not change, only the distribution
    of cores across varying socket counts (KNL NUMA nodes treated as sockets by
  * Rename partition configuration from "Shared" to "OverSubscribe". Rename
    salloc, sbatch, srun option from "--shared" to "--oversubscribe". The old
    options will continue to function. Output field names also changed in
    scontrol, sinfo, squeue and sview.
  * Add SLURM_UMASK environment variable to user job.
  * knl_conf: Added new configuration parameter of CapmcPollFreq.
  * Cleanup two minor Coverity warnings.
  * Make it so the tres units in a job's formatted string are converted like
    they are in a step.
  * Correct partition's MaxCPUsPerNode enforcement when nodes are shared by
    multiple partitions.
  * node_feature/knl_cray - Prevent slurmctld GRES errors for "hbm" references.
  * Display thread name instead of thread id and remove process name in stderr
    logging for "thread_id" LogTimeFormat.
  * Log IP address of bad incomming message to slurmctld.
  * If a user requests tasks, nodes and ntasks-per-node and
    tasks-per-node/nodes != tasks print warning and ignore ntasks-per-node.
  * Release CPU "owner" file locks.
  * Update seff to fix warnings with ncpus, and list slurm-perlapi dependency
    in spec file.
  * Allow QOS timelimit to override partition timelimit when EnforcePartLimits
    is set to all/any.
  * Make it so qsub will do a "basename" on a wrapped command for the output
    and error files.
  * Add logic so that slurmstepd can be launched under valgrind.
  * Increase buffer size to read /proc/*/stat files.
  * Prevent job stuck in configuring state if slurmctld daemon restarted while
    PrologSlurmctld is running. Also re-issue burst_buffer/pre-load operation
    as needed.
  * Move test for job wait reason value of BurstBufferResources and
    BurstBufferStageIn later in the scheduling logic.
  * Document which srun options apply to only job, only step, or job and step
  * Use more compatible function to get thread name (>= 2.6.11).
  * Make it so the extern step uses a reverse tree when cleaning up.
  * If extern step doesn't get added into the proctrack plugin make sure the
    sleep is killed.
  * Add web links to Slurm Diamond Collectors (from Harvard University) and
    collectd (from EDF).
  * Add job_submit plugin for the "reboot" field.
  * Make some more Slurm constants (INFINITE, NO_VAL64, etc.) available to
    job_submit/lua plugins.
  * Send in a -1 for a taskid into spank_task_post_fork for the extern_step.
  * MYSQL - Sightly better logic if a job completion comes in with an end time
    of 0.
  * task/cgroup plugin is configured with ConstrainRAMSpace=yes, then set soft
    memory limit to allocated memory limit (previously no soft limit was set).
  * Streamline when schedule() is called when running with message aggregation
    on batch script completes.
  * Fix incorrect casting when [un]packing derived_ec on slurmdb_job_rec_t.
  * Document that persistent burst buffers can not be created or destroyed using
    the salloc or srun --bb options.
  * Add support for setting the SLURM_JOB_ACCOUNT, SLURM_JOB_QOS and
    SLURM_JOB_RESERVAION environment variables are set for the salloc command.
    Document the same environment variables for the salloc, sbatch and srun
    commands in their man pages.
  * Fix issue where sacctmgr load cluster.cfg wouldn't load associations
    that had a partition in them.
  * Don't return the extern step from sstat by default.
  * In sstat print 'extern' instead of 4294967295 for the extern step.
  * Make advanced reservations work properly with core specialization.
  * slurmstepd modified to pre-load all relevant plugins at startup to avoid
    the possibility of modified plugins later resulting in inconsistent API
    or data structures and a failure of slurmstepd.
  * Export functions from parse_time.c in
  * Export unit convert functions from slurm_protocol_api.c in
  * Fix scancel to allow multiple steps from a job to be cancelled at once.
  * Update and expand upgrade guide (in Quick Start Administrator web page).
  * burst_buffer/cray: Requeue, but do not hold a job which fails the pre_run
  * Insure reported expected job start time is not in the past for pending jobs.
  * Add support for PMIx v2.

  Required for FATE#316379.

Mon Oct 17 13:25:52 UTC 2016 -

- Setting 'download_files' service to mode='localonly'
  and adding source tarball. (Required for Factory).

Sat Oct 15 18:11:39 UTC 2016 -

- version
  * Remove the 1024-character limit on lines in batch scripts.
    task/affinity: Disable core-level task binding if more CPUs required than
    available cores.
  * Preemption/gang scheduling: If a job is suspended at slurmctld restart or
    reconfiguration time, then leave it suspended rather than resume+suspend.
  * Don't use lower weight nodes for job allocation when topology/tree used.
  * Don't allow user specified reservation names to disrupt the normal
    reservation sequeuece numbering scheme.
  * Avoid hard-link/copy of script/environment files for job arrays. Use the
    master job record file for all tasks of the job array.
    NOTE: Job arrays submitted to Slurm version 15.08.6 or later will fail if
    the slurmctld daemon is downgraded to an earlier version of Slurm.
  * In slurmctld log file, log duplicate job ID found by slurmd. Previously was
    being logged as prolog/epilog failure.
  * If a job is requeued while in the process of being launch, remove it's
    job ID from slurmd's record of active jobs in order to avoid generating a
    duplicate job ID error when launched for the second time (which would
    drain the node).
  * Cleanup messages when handling job script and environment variables in
    older directory structure formats.
  * Prevent triggering gang scheduling within a partition if configured with
    PreemptType=partition_prio and PreemptMode=suspend,gang.
  * Decrease parallelism in job cancel request to prevent denial of service
    when cancelling huge numbers of jobs.
  * If all ephemeral ports are in use, try using other port numbers.
  * Prevent "scontrol update job" from updating jobs that have already finished.
  * Show requested TRES in "squeue -O tres" when job is pending.
  * Backfill scheduler: Test association and QOS node limits before reserving
    resources for pending job.
  * Many bug fixes.
- Use source services to download package.
- Fix code for new API of hwloc-2.0.
- package netloc_to_topology where avialable.
- Package documentation.

Sun Nov  1 13:45:52 UTC 2015 -

- version 15.08.3
  * Many new features and bug fixes. See NEWS file 
- update files list accordingly
- fix wrong end of line in some files

Thu Aug  6 19:06:18 UTC 2015 -

- version 14.11.8
  * Many bug fixes. See NEWS file 
- update files list accordingly

Sun Nov  2 22:12:34 UTC 2014 -

- add missing systemd requirements 
- add missing rclink

Sun Nov  2 15:04:42 UTC 2014 -

- version 14.03.9
  * Many bug fixes. See NEWS file
- add systemd support 

Sat Jul 26 10:22:32 UTC 2014 -

- version 14.03.6
  * Added support for native Slurm operation on Cray systems
    (without ALPS).
  * Added partition configuration parameters AllowAccounts,
    AllowQOS, DenyAccounts and DenyQOS to provide greater control
    over use.
  * Added the ability to perform load based scheduling. Allocating
    resources to jobs on the nodes with the largest number if idle
  * Added support for reserving cores on a compute node for system
    services (core specialization)
  * Add mechanism for job_submit plugin to generate error message
    for srun, salloc or sbatch to stderr.
  * Support for Postgres database has long since been out of date
    and problematic, so it has been removed entirely.  If you
    would like to use it the code still exists in <= 2.6, but will
    not be included in this and future versions of the code.
  * Added new structures and support for both server and cluster
  * Significant performance improvements, especially with respect
    to job array support. 
- update files list

Sun Mar 16 15:59:01 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 2.6.7
  * Support for job arrays, which increases performance and ease of
    use for sets of similar jobs.
  * Job profiling capability added to record a wide variety of job
    characteristics for each task on a user configurable periodic
    basis. Data currently available includes CPU use, memory use,
    energy use, Infiniband network use, Lustre file system use, etc.
  * Support for MPICH2 using PMI2 communications interface with much
    greater scalability.
  * Prolog and epilog support for advanced reservations.
  * Much faster throughput for job step execution with --exclusive
    option. The srun process is notified when resources become
    available rather than periodic polling.
  * Support improved for Intel MIC (Many Integrated Core) processor.
  * Advanced reservations with hostname and core counts now supports
    asymmetric reservations (e.g. specific different core count for
    each node).
  * External sensor plugin infrastructure added to record power
    consumption, temperature, etc.
  * Improved performance for high-throughput computing.
  * MapReduce+ support (launches ~1000x faster, runs ~10x faster).
  * Added "MaxCPUsPerNode" partition configuration parameter. This
    can be especially useful to schedule GPUs. For example a node
    can be associated with two Slurm partitions (e.g. "cpu" and
    "gpu") and the partition/queue "cpu" could be limited to only a
    subset of the node's CPUs, insuring that one or more CPUs would
    be available to jobs in the "gpu" partition/queue.

Thu Jun  6 20:31:49 UTC 2013 -

- version 2.5.7
  * Fix for linking to the select/cray plugin to not give warning
    about undefined variable.
  * Add missing symbols to the xlator.h
  * Avoid placing pending jobs in AdminHold state due to backfill
    scheduler interactions with advanced reservation.
  * Accounting - make average by task not cpu.
  * POE - Correct logic to support poe option "-euidevice sn_all"
    and "-euidevice sn_single".
  * Accounting - Fix minor initialization error.
  * POE - Correct logic to support srun network instances count
    with POE.
  * POE - With the srun --launch-cmd option, report proper task
    count when the --cpus-per-task option is used without the
    --ntasks option.
  * POE - Fix logic binding tasks to CPUs.
  * sview - Fix race condition where new information could of
    slipped past the node tab and we didn't notice.
  * Accounting - Fix an invalid memory read when slurmctld sends
    data about start job to slurmdbd.
  * If a prolog or epilog failure occurs, drain the node rather
    than setting it down and killing all of its jobs.
  * Priority/multifactor - Avoid underflow in half-life calculation.
  * POE - pack missing variable to allow fanout (more than 32
  * Prevent clearing reason field for pending jobs. This bug was
    introduced in v2.5.5 (see "Reject job at submit time ...").
  * BGQ - Fix issue with preemption on sub-block jobs where a job
    would kill all preemptable jobs on the midplane instead of just
    the ones it needed to. 
  * switch/nrt - Validate dynamic window allocation size.
  * BGQ - When --geo is requested do not impose the default
  * RebootNode logic - Defers (rather than forgets) reboot request
    with job running on the node within a reservation.
  * switch/nrt - Correct network_id use logic. Correct support for
    user sn_all and sn_single options.
  * sched/backfill - Modify logic to reduce overhead under heavy
  * Fix job step allocation with --exclusive and --hostlist option.
  * Select/cons_res - Fix bug resulting in error of "cons_res: sync
    loop not progressing, holding job #"
  * checkpoint/blcr - Reset max_nodes from zero to NO_VAL on job
  * launch/poe - Fix for hostlist file support with repeated host
  * priority/multifactor2 - Prevent possible divide by zero.
    -- srun - Don't check for executable if --test-only flag is
  * energy - On a single node only use the last task for gathering
    energy. Since we don't currently track energy usage per task 
    (only per step). Otherwise we get double the energy.

Sat Apr  6 11:13:17 UTC 2013 -

- version 2.5.4
  * Support for IntelĀ® Many Integrated Core (MIC) processors.
  * User control over CPU frequency of each job step.
  * Recording power usage information for each job.
  * Advanced reservation of cores rather than whole nodes.
  * Integration with IBM's Parallel Environment including POE (Parallel
    Operating Environment) and NRT (Network Resource Table) API.
  * Highly optimized throughput for serial jobs in a new
    "select/serial" plugin.
  * CPU load is information available
  * Configurable number of CPUs available to jobs in each SLURM
    partition, which provides a mechanism to reserve CPUs for use
    with GPUs.

Sat Nov 17 18:02:16 UTC 2012 -

- remore runlevel 4 from init script thanks to patch1 
- fix self obsoletion of slurm-munge package
- use fdupes to remove duplicates 
- spec file reformaing

Sat Nov 17 17:30:11 UTC 2012 -

- put perl macro in a better within install section 

Sat Nov 17 17:01:20 UTC 2012 -

- enable numa on x86_64 arch only 

Sat Nov 17 16:54:18 UTC 2012 -

- add numa and hwloc support
- fix rpath with patch0 

Fri Nov 16 21:46:49 UTC 2012 -

- fix perl module files list 

Mon Nov  5 21:48:52 UTC 2012 -

- use perl_process_packlist macro for the perl files cleanup
- fix some summaries length
- add cgoups directory and example the cgroup.release_common file

Sat Nov  3 18:19:59 UTC 2012 -

- spec file cleanup 

Sat Nov  3 15:57:47 UTC 2012 -

- first package