File registries.conf of Package libcontainers-common.12794

# For more information on this configuration file, see containers-registries.conf(5).
# Registries to search for images that are not fully-qualified.
# i.e. vs my_image:latest
registries = [""]

# Registries that do not use TLS when pulling images or uses self-signed
# certificates.
registries = []

# Blocked Registries, blocks the `docker daemon` from pulling from the blocked registry.  If you specify
# "*", then the docker daemon will only be allowed to pull from registries listed above in the search
# registries.  Blocked Registries is deprecated because other container runtimes and tools will not use it.
# It is recommended that you use the trust policy file /etc/containers/policy.json to control which
# registries you want to allow users to pull and push from.  policy.json gives greater flexibility, and
# supports all container runtimes and tools including the docker daemon, cri-o, buildah ...
registries = []