File README of Package mariadb-connector-odbc


Connection parameters

When configuring a DSN you can use the following keywords:
  * DSN: Name of the DSN
  * Driver: The name of the MariaDB ODBC Driver. Must always be {MariaDB ODBC 2.0 Driver}
  * Server: name or IP of the MariaDB database server. Aliases: Servername
  * User: user name for database authentication. Aliases: UID,
  * Password: password for database authentication. Aliases: PWD
  * Database: default database. Aliases: DB
  * Port: TCP/IP Port of the database server
  * Option: For MySQL Connector/ODBC compatibility. Aliases: Options

    "Driver={MariaDB ODBC 2.0 Driver};Server=localhost;UID=odbc_user;PWD=odbc_pw;DB=odbc_test;Port=3306";

Known bugs and limitations
  * multiple statement execution is not fully supported