File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.8819

<patchinfo incident="8819">
  <issue id="1108999" tracker="bnc">[transactional-server] zypper not able to perform configuration operation on a read-only filesystem</issue>
  <issue id="1100095" tracker="bnc">installling updates/zypper patch claims to remove firefox</issue>
  <issue id="1104415" tracker="bnc">zypper does not consider packages that are also applications as unneeded if they are automatically installed</issue>
  <description>This update for libzypp, zypper fixes the following issues:

- Drop type application due to poor metadata support (bsc#1100095, bsc#1104415)
- Allow repo commands on transactional-server (bsc#1108999)
  <summary>Recommended update for libzypp, zypper</summary>