File read_values.8 of Package s390-tools.10760

.TH read_values "8" "March 2015" "s390-tools"
read_values \- Read information from the /sys and /proc filesystems for SUSE Customer Center (SCC) and the like.
.B read_values [-s] [-u] [-c] [-a Attribute] [-L Keyword] [-d debug] [-h]
.B read_values
is intended to make it easy to read values from the /sys and /proc filesystems. Those values may be at different places depending on the machine type and the kernel version.
.IP -s
Outputs the values needed by the SCC (SUSE Customer Center)
.IP -u
Creates a uuid for this system
.IP -c
Prints the CPU type of the current system
.IP -a Attribute
Prints the value of the
.B Attribute
.IP -L Keyword
.B Keyword
may be
.B Attribute
.B Recognised.
With this option you get a list of all
.B Attributes
the programm can accept (
.B Attribute
) or a list of attributes which in turn can be used for the option -L (
.B Recognised
.I /sys and /proc
The following messages may be issued on stderr:
.B Unable to open /proc/sysinfo
.B Unable to open sysinfo.zvm
The named file cannot be opened. This means the tool can't do anything useful.  Return code 99 is set.
.B Only one of the options a, c, L, s or u can be specified.
Only one of the options a, c, L, s or u can be specified at a time. Return code 1 is set.
Gotta be some, I'm sure. If you find one, please open a bug report.