File gdb-rhbz881849-ipv6-2of3.patch of Package gdb.9459

From FEDORA_PATCHES Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018 15:23:27 -0400
Subject: gdb-rhbz881849-ipv6-2of3.patch

Match any kind of error after "cannot resolve name" on lib/gdbserver-support.exp:gdbserver_start

On commit:

commit 7f1f7e23939adc7d71036a17fc6081e3af7ca585
Author: Sergio Durigan Junior <>
Date:   Fri Jul 13 16:20:34 2018 -0400

    Expect for another variant of error message when gdbserver cannot resolve hostname

I extended the regular expression being used to identify whether
gdbserver could not resolve a (host)name.  This was needed because the
error message being printed had a different variation across some
systems.  However, as it turns out, I've just noticed that the message
has yet another variation:

  target remote tcp8:123:2353
  tcp8:123:2353: cannot resolve name: System error
  tcp8:123:2353: No such file or directory.
  (gdb) FAIL: gdb.server/server-connect.exp: tcp8: connect to gdbserver using tcp8:123

which is causing FAILs on some systems (namely, Fedora-i686 on

So instead of trying to predict everything that can be printed, I
decided to just match anything after the "cannot resolve name: " part.
This patch implements that.

Regression tested on the BuildBot.

2018-07-30  Sergio Durigan Junior  <>

	* lib/gdbserver-support.exp (gdbserver_start): Match any kind of
	error after "cannot resolve name" string.

diff --git a/gdb/testsuite/lib/gdbserver-support.exp b/gdb/testsuite/lib/gdbserver-support.exp
--- a/gdb/testsuite/lib/gdbserver-support.exp
+++ b/gdb/testsuite/lib/gdbserver-support.exp
@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ proc gdbserver_start { options arguments } {
-	    -re ".*: cannot resolve name: Name or service not known\r\n" {
+	    -re ".*: cannot resolve name: .*\r\n" {
 		error "gdbserver cannot resolve name."
 	    timeout {
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