File 0005-libparted-Remove-fdasd-geometry-code-from-alloc_meta.patch of Package parted.15765

From: "Brian C. Lane" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 15:10:51 -0700
Subject: libparted: Remove fdasd geometry code from alloc_metadata
References: fate#320525 / bsc#935127
Patch-mainline: v3.3
Git-commit: c58f816ffbc0bc4eacfb57d492cbe3b7497ede9f

commit db20944f changed how the trailing_metadata_end is calculated in
dasd_alloc_metadata, removing the need for setting up the anchor struct.
But dasd_alloc_metadata can be called in various contexts, and the
arch_specific->fd may or may not be valid during these calls. This can
result in unpredictable crashes when it uses a stale fd and tries to run
the file image code in fdasd_get_geometry instead of the device code.

The solution is to just drop the unneeded code, and to remember that
arch_specific->fd should only be used when ped_device_open has first
been called.

Resolves: rhbz#1244833
Acked-by: Sebastian Parschauer <>
 libparted/labels/dasd.c |    4 ----
 1 file changed, 4 deletions(-)

--- a/libparted/labels/dasd.c
+++ b/libparted/labels/dasd.c
@@ -998,7 +998,6 @@ dasd_alloc_metadata (PedDisk* disk)
 	PedPartition* part = NULL; /* initialize solely to placate gcc */
 	PedPartition* new_part2;
 	PedSector trailing_meta_start, trailing_meta_end;
-	struct fdasd_anchor anchor;
 	PED_ASSERT (disk != NULL);
 	PED_ASSERT (disk->dev != NULL);
@@ -1048,10 +1047,7 @@ dasd_alloc_metadata (PedDisk* disk)
 	      backed up, then restored to a larger size disk, etc.
 	   trailing_meta_start = part->geom.end + 1;
-	   fdasd_initialize_anchor(&anchor);
-	   fdasd_get_geometry(disk->dev, &anchor, arch_specific->fd);
 	   trailing_meta_end = (long long) disk->dev->length - 1;
-	   fdasd_cleanup(&anchor);
 	   if (trailing_meta_end >= trailing_meta_start) {
 		new_part2 = ped_partition_new (disk,PED_PARTITION_METADATA,
 		   NULL, trailing_meta_start, trailing_meta_end);
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