File lv2.changes of Package lv2

Wed Mar 15 12:00:39 UTC 2017 -

- Trim irrelevant parts from description.

Sun Mar 12 10:05:27 UTC 2017 -

- Update 1.14.0 stable
- Added lv2pkgconfig.patch to fix .pc files.
- Upstream changes:
  * eg-sampler: Support thread-safe state restoration.
  * eg-sampler: Fix handling of state file paths.
  * eg-scope: Don't feed back UI state updates.
  * lv2core: Add lv2_util.h with lv2_features_data() and
  * lv2core: Add lv2:enabled designation.
  * buf-size: Add bufsz:nominalBlockLength option.
  * buf-size: Add bufsz:coarseBlockLength feature.
  * log: Add lv2_log_logger_set_map() for changing the URI map of
    an existing logger.
  * state: Add LV2_STATE_ERR_NO_SPACE status flag.
  * state: Add state:threadSafeRestore feature for dropout-free
    state restoration.
  * time: Define LV2_TIME_PREFIX.
  * worker: Improve documentation.
  * ui: Improve documentation.
  * ui: Add missing property labels.

Sun Dec 13 17:30:45 UTC 2015 -

- Update to lv2 (1.12.0) stable.
- Disable documentation build for less than Tumbleweed,
- Upstream changes:
  *Fix merging of version histories in specification documentation
  *eg-sampler: Support patch:Get, and request initial state from UI
  *Simplify property restrictions by removing redundancy.
  *eg-sampler: Add gain parameter.
  *Improve API documentation.
  *lv2core: Add extern C and visibility attribute to LV2_SYMBOL_EXPORT
  *lv2core: Add lv2:isSideChain port property.
  *lv2core: Relax domain of lv2:minimum lv2:maximum and lv2:default
    so they can be used to describe properties/parameters as well.
  *parameters: Add range to parameters so hosts know how to control them.
  *patch: Define patch:Get with no subject to implicitly apply to
    reciever. This can be used by UIs to get an initial description
    of a plugin.
  *patch: Add patch:Copy method.
  *units: Add lv2:Parameter to domain of units:unit.
  *units: Fix non-existent port type in examples.

Fri Jan  9 00:02:55 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 1.10.0
  * Upgrade to waf 1.7.16.
  * lv2specgen: Display deprecated warning on classes 
    marked owl:deprecated.
  * Fix -Wconversion warnings in headers.
  * lv2core: Clarify lv2_descriptor() and lv2_lib_descriptor() 
  * atom: Add lv2_atom_sequence_clear() and 
    lv2_atom_sequence_append_event() helper functions.
  * atom: Add lv2_atom_forge_is_object_type() and 
    lv2_atom_forge_is_blank() to ease backwards compatibility.
  * atom: Deprecate Blank and Resource in favour of just Object.
  * atom: Add lv2_atom_forge_key() for terser object writing.
  * event: Minor documentation improvements.
  * patch: Add patch:sequenceNumber for associating replies with 
  * ui: Fix identifier typos in documentation.
  * ui: Add show interface so UIs can gracefully degrade to 
    separate windows if hosts can not use their widget directly.
Tue Nov 11 11:51:45 UTC 2014 -

- Fix build in SLE_11
  cairo is too old for scope files
  doc macro behaves different

Fri Jul 11 16:53:57 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.8.0
  * Install lv2specgen for use by other projects.
  * lv2specgen: Fix links to externally defined terms.
  * Add scope example plugin from Robin Gareus.
  * lv2core: Add lv2:prototype for property inheritance.
  * atom: Make lv2_atom_*_is_end() arguments const.
  * log: Add missing include <string.h> to logger.h for memset.
  * ui: Fix LV2_UI_INVALID_PORT_INDEX identifier in documentation.

Sat Aug 17 12:29:54 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 1.6.0
  * Upgrade to waf 1.7.11.
  * Fix lv2specgen usage from command line.
  * atom: Fix crash in forge.h when pushing atoms to a full buffer.
  * ui: Add idle interface so native UIs and foreign toolkits can drive their event
  * ui: Add ui:updateRate property.
  * Add metronome example plugin to demonstrate sample accurate tempo sync.
  * Generate book-style HTML documentation from example plugins.
  * lv2core: Make lv2:Parameter rdfs:subClassOf rdf:Property.
  * lv2core: Set range of lv2:designation to lv2:Designation.
  * lv2core: Add lv2:control for designating primary event-based control ports.
  * lv2core: Add lv2:EnvelopePlugin class.
  * lv2core: Reserve minor version 0 for unstable development plugins.
  * atom: Fix lv2_atom_sequence_end().
  * atom: Remove atom:stringType in favour of owl:onDatatype so generic tools can
    understand and validate atom literals.
  * atom: Improve atom documentation.
  * buf-size: Fix typo in bufsz:sequenceSize label.
  * event: Fix incorrect return type in lv2_event_get().
  * log: Add logger convenience API.
  * options: Set the range of opts:requiredOption and opts:supportedOption to opts:Option.
  * patch: Add patch:readable and patch:writable for describing available properties.
  * patch: Make patch:Set a compact message for setting one property.
  * state: Add state:loadDefaultState feature so plugins can have their default state
    loaded without hard-coding default state as a special case.
  * ui: Fix incorrect linker flag in ui:makeSONameResident documentation.

Tue Oct 23 22:24:06 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.2.0
  * Use stricter datatype definitions conformant with the XSD and OWL
    specifications for better validation.
  * Move all project metadata for extensions (e.g. change log) to separate files to
    spare hosts from loading them during discovery.
  * lv2core: Use consistent label style.
  * atom: Fix lv2_atom_object_next() on 32-bit platforms.
  * atom: Fix outdated documentation in forge.h.
  * atom: Add lv2_atom_object_body_get().
  * atom: Fix implicit conversions in forge.h that are invalid in C++11.
  * atom: Use consistent label style.
  * buf-size: Initial release.
  * dynmanifest: Use consistent label style.
  * event: Use consistent label style.
  * event: Use more precise domain and range for EventPort properties.
  * event: Remove asserts from event-helper.h.
  * event: Make event iterator gracefully handle optional ports.
  * midi: Add C definitions for message types and standard controllers.
  * midi: Remove non-standard midi:Tick message type.
  * midi: Add midi:binding and midi:channel predicates.
  * midi: Use consistent label style.
  * midi: Add midi:HexByte datatype for status bytes and masks.
  * midi: Fix definition of SystemExclusive status byte.
  * morph: Initial release.
  * options: Initial release.
  * parameters: Add parameters.h of URI defines for convenience.
  * parameters: Use consistent label style.
  * parameters: Add param:sampleRate.
  * port-groups: Use consistent label style.
  * port-props: Use consistent label style.
  * presets: Use consistent label style.
  * resize-port: Initial release.
  * state: Use consistent label style.
  * time: Use consistent label style.
  * urid: Fix typo in urid:unmap documentation.
- Remove lv2-1.0.0-underlinking.patch and lv2-1.0.0-no_g++.patch. Applied upstream.

Wed Aug  1 22:55:27 UTC 2012 -

- The first unified LV2 release
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