File python-urwid.changes of Package python-urwid

Sun Feb 25 16:52:59 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 2.0.1
  * #275: Late fix for proper exception reraising from within
    main loop (by Andrew Dunai & Adam Sampson)
  version 2.0.0
  * Full Python 2.x/3.x support (by Andrew Dunai)
  * Proper handling & customization of OS signals by GLib event
    loop (by Federico T)
  * vterm: Fix handling of NUL characters (by aszlig)
  * Add 256-color support for fbterm (by Benjamin Yates)
  * Italics support (by Ian D. Scott)
  * Store envron's TERM value as a Screen attribute (by Benjamin
  * Replaced hashbangs to use proper Python binary (by Douglas La
  * Post-change signal for Edit, CheckBox and RadioButton widgets
    (by Toshio Kuratomi)
  * ListBox.body update (by Random User)
  * SimpleListWalker is now default when setting ListBox.body (by
    Random User)
  * #246, #234: SelectEventLoop alarm improvements (by Dave Jones)
  * #211: Title align & borderless sides for LineBox (by Toshio
  * Support for 'home' and 'end' keys in ListBox (by Random User)
  * Various code cleanups (by Jordan Speicher, Marin Atanasov
  * CI fixes (by Marlox, Ian Ward, Anatoly Techtonik, Tony
    Cebzanov & Ondřej Súkup)
  * Example fixes (by Kenneth Nielsen)
  * Documentation fixes (by anatoly techtonik, Marcin Kurczewski,
    mobyte0, Christian Geier & xndcn)
  * Code cleanup & typo fixes (by Jakub Wilk & Boris Feld)
  * Integration of tox for easier Python cross-version testing (by
    Andrew Dunai)
  * Test fixes (by Michael Hudson-Doyle, Mike Gilbert & Andrew
  * Correct error messages in Decoration (by Marcin Kurczewski)
  * #141: Fix for StandardTextLayout.calculate_text_segments
    (by Grzegorz Aksamit)
  * #221: Fix for raw display should release file descriptors (by
    Alain Leufroy)
  * #261: Fix issues with unicode characters in ProgressBar (by
    Andrew Dunai)
  * Fix for 'page up' and 'page down' in ListBox when having
    focusable children (by Random User)
  * Fixes for examples compatibility with Python 3 (by Lars
  * Fix default screen size on raw display (by Andreas Klöckner)
  * Fix underlining for padded text (by Random User)
  * Fix for terminal widget crash with Python 3 (by Sjc1000)
  * Fix for string formatting error (by Jakub Wilk)
  * Fix for iterator in WidgetContainerListContentsMixin (by
  * Fix for missing `modified` signal in SimpleFocusListWalker
    (by Michael Hansen)
  * Dropped Python 3.2 support
  * Test coverage is now collected

- Dropped python-urwid-fix_py3_test.patch (merged upstream)

Tue May 23 07:37:03 UTC 2017 -

- Converted to single-spec
- Updated source and homepage URLs
- Added python-urwid-fix_py3_test.patch to address a failing
  test with python 3.6.

Tue Mar  8 20:13:34 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 1.3.1:
 * Fix for screen not getting reset on exception regression
   (by Rian Hunter)
 * AttrSpec objects are now comparable (by Random User)
 * MonitoredList now has a clear method if list has a clear method
   (by neumond)
 * Fix for BarGraph hlines sort order (by Heiko Noordhof)
 * Fix for final output not appearing on exit with some terminals
   now that extra newline was removed (by Jared Winborne)
 * Fix for a resizing bug in raw_display (by Esteban null) 

Thu May 14 13:09:33 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.3.0:
  * New AsyncioEventLoop for Python 3.4, Python 3.x with asyncio
    package or Python 2 with trollius package (by Alex Munroe,
    Jonas Wielicki, with earlier work by Kelketek Rritaa)
  * Screen classes now call back to MainLoop using event loop
    alarms instead of passing timeout values to MainLoop (by Alex
  * Add support for bright backgrounds on linux console (by Russell
  * Allow custom sorting of MonitoredList (by Tony Cebzanov)
  * Fix support for negative indexes with MonitoredFocusList (by
    Heiko Noordhof)
  * Documentation fixes (by Ismail, Matthew Mosesohn)
- additional change from version 1.2.2:
  * Fix for a serious raw_display performance regression (by Anton
  * Fix for high color palette detection (by extempo)
  * Small changes to enable windows support (by Jeanpierre Devin)
- remove %py_requires macro
- call python directly, not via %__python macro
- remove unwanted shebang during %prep, not after build
  to avoid mtime mismatch
- run the tests during build

Mon Jul 14 15:56:15 UTC 2014 -

- Switched source url to PyPi

Mon Jul 14 12:03:32 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.2.1
  * Fix false failures of event loop tests
  * Remove extra newline generated on exit of raw_display
  * Documentation fixes (by Paul Ivanov)
- Update to 1.2.0
  * Add support for PyPy, drop support for Python 2.4, 2.5
  * Signals now support using weakly referenced arguments to help
    avoid leaking objects when a signal consumer is no longer
    referenced (by Matthijs Kooijman)
  * Add TornadoEventLoop class (by Alexander Glyzov)
  * Update GlibEventLoop to use python-gi for Python3 compatibility
    (by Israel Garcia)
  * Automate testing with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and PyPy using
  * New container method get_focus_widgets() (by Matthijs Kooijman)
  * Add support for double and triple click mouse events
    (by Igor Kotrasiński)
  * Allow disabling and re-enabling of mouse tracking
    (by Jim Garrison)
  * Create section in docs for example program screenshots generated
    as images like the tutorial examples
  * Add suggested basic color combination images to manual
  * Fall back to 80x24 if screen size detection fails
  * Fix screen.stop(), screen.start() disabling mouse events
  * Fix to make GridFlow v_sep argument behave as documented
  * Fix for registering high palette entries in the form "hX" where
    X > 15 so that basic colors are applied in 88-color mode
  * Fix for raw_display clear-right escape not working with
    standout attribute on some terminals
  * Fix for Terminal widget select loop: retry when interrupted
- Update to 1.1.2
  * Move to and use sphinx docs for generating whole site,
    move changelog to docs/changelog.rst
  * Fix encoding exceptions when unicode used on non-UTF-8 terminal
  * Fix for suspend and resume applications with ^Z
  * Fix for tmux and screen missing colors on right bug
  * Fix Pile zero-weighted items and mouse_event when empty
  * Fix Terminal select() not retrying when interrupted by signal
  * Fix for Padding.align and width change not invalidating

Mon Jan 14 16:42:26 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 1.1.1 version:
  * Fix for Pile not changing focus on mouse events
  * Fix for Overlay.get_cursor_coords()
- Fix the non-executable-files rpm waraning and remove the rpmlint file

Wed Jan  2 19:44:41 UTC 2013 -

- Fix building on SLES

Thu Nov 15 17:54:54 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.1.0 release:
    * New common container API: focus, focus_position, contents,
      options(), get_focus_path(), set_focus_path(), __getitem__,
      __iter__(), __reversed__() implemented across all included
      container widgets
      A full description doesn't fit here, see the Container Widgets
      section in the manual for details
    * New Sphinx-based documentation now included in source:
      Tutorial rewritten, manual revised and new reference based
      on updated docstrings (by Marco Giusti, Patrick Totzke)
    * New list walker SimpleFocusListWalker like SimpleListWalker but
      updates focus position as items are inserted or removed
    * New decoration widget WidgetDisable to disable interaction
      with the widgets it wraps
    * SelectableIcon selectable text widget used by button widgets is
      now documented (available since 0.9.9)
    * Columns widget now tries to keep column in focus visible, hiding
      columns on the left when necessary
    * Padding widget now defaults to ('relative', 100) instead of
      'pack' so that left and right parameters are more useful and more
      child widgets are supported
    * New list walker "API Version 2" that is simpler for many list
      walker uses; "API Version 1" will still continue to be supported
    * List walkers may now allow iteration from the absolute top or
      bottom of the list if they provide a positions() method
    * raw_display now erases to the end of the line with EL escape
      sequence to improve copy+paste behavior for some terminals
    * Filler now has top and bottom parameters like Padding's left and
      right parameters and accepts 'pack' instead of None as a height
      value for widgets that calculate their own number of rows
    * Pile and Columns now accepts 'pack' instead of 'flow' for widgets
      that calculate their own number of rows or columns
    * Pile and Columns now accept 'given' instead of 'fixed' for
      cases where the number of rows or columns are specified by the
      container options
    * Pile and Columns widgets now accept any iterable to their
      __init__() methods
    * Widget now has a default focus_position property that raises
      an IndexError when read to be consistent with new common container
    * GridFlow now supports multiple cell widths within the same widget
    * BoxWidget, FlowWidget and FixedWidget are deprecated, instead
      use the sizing() function or _sizing attribute to specify the
      supported sizing modes for your custom widgets
    * Some new shift+arrow and numpad input sequences from RXVT and
      xterm are now recognized
    * Fix for alarms when used with a screen event loop (e.g.
    * Fix for raw_display when terminal width is 1 column
    * Fixes for a Columns.get_cursor_coords() regression and a
      SelectableIcon.get_cursor_coords() bug
    * Fixes for incorrect handling of box columns in a number of
      Columns methods when that column is selectable
    * Fix for Terminal widget input handling with Python 3

Sun Jul 29 15:04:44 UTC 2012 -

- license update: LGPL-2.1+
  LGPL without version is not acceptable

Fri Jul 20 23:32:04 UTC 2012 -

- Bump to 1.0.2 release:
  * Fix for bug when entering Unicode text into Edit widget with
     bytes caption
   * Fix a regression when not running in UTF-8 mode
   * Fix for a MainLoop.remove_watch_pipe() bug
   * Fix for a bug when packing empty Edit widgets
   * Fix for a ListBox "contents too long" error with very large
     Edit widgets
   * Prevent ListBoxes from selecting 0-height selectable widgets
     when moving up or down
   * Fix a number of bugs caused by 0-height widgets in a ListBox

Sat Jun  9 03:18:07 UTC 2012 -

- python3 package added
- spec file improved 

Thu Dec 08 22:31:27 UTC 2011 -

- update to 1.0.1:
  * fix for a Filler mouse_event() position bug
  * fix support for mouse positions up to x=255, y=255
  * fixes for a number of string encoding issues under Python 3
  * fix for a LineBox border __init__() parameters
  * fix input input of UTF-8 in example by converting captions to
  * prevent raw_display from calling tcseattr() or tcgetattr() on non-ttys
  * disable curses_display external event loop support: screen resizing and gpm
    events are not properly supported
  * mark PollingListWalker as deprecated

- changed arch to _not_ be noarch, contains a shlib file

Fri Sep 23 10:14:21 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 1.0.0:
  * New support for Python 3.2 from the same 2.x code base,
    requires distribute instead of setuptools (by Kirk McDonald,
    Wendell, Marien Zwart) everything except TwistedEventLoop and
    GLibEventLoop is supported
  * New experimental Terminal widget with xterm emulation and example program (by aszlig)
  * Edit widget now supports a mask (for passwords), has a
    insert_text_result() method for full-field validation and
    normalizes input text to Unicode or bytes based on the caption
    type used
  * New TreeWidget, TreeNode, ParentNode, TreeWalker
    and TreeListBox classes for lazy expanding/collapsing tree
    views factored out of example program, with new example program (by Rob Lanphier)
  * MainLoop now calls draw_screen() just before going idle, so extra
    calls to draw_screen() in user code may now be removed
  * New MainLoop.watch_pipe() method for subprocess or threaded
    communication with the process/thread updating the UI, and new example demonstrating its use
  * New PopUpLauncher and PopUpTarget widgets and MainLoop option
    for creating pop-ups and drop-downs, and new example
  * New example (by Ali Afshar) that serves
    multiple displays over ssh from the same application using
    Twisted and the TwistedEventLoop

Tue Jan 26 12:24:31 UTC 2010 -

- upgrade to

Wed Jun 10 00:29:36 CEST 2009 -

- update to
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