File gem2rpm.yml of Package rubygem-rails-5_1

:version_suffix: '-5_1'

:preamble: |-
    %if 0%{?suse_version} && 0%{?suse_version} < 1330
    %define rb_build_versions ruby22 ruby23 ruby24
    %define rb_default_ruby_abi ruby:2.2.0 ruby:2.3.0 ruby:2.4.0

  # TODO: we would actually love to recommend the package matching the ruby interpreter of the current subpackage.
  # we could probably do that if we had a more structured tag for this.
  :preamble: |-
    Recommends:     rubygem(byebug)
    Recommends:     rubygem(web-console) >= 3.3.0
    Recommends:     rubygem(coffee-rails)
    Recommends:     rubygem(coffee-script-source)
    Recommends:     rubygem(jbuilder)
    Recommends:     rubygem(jquery-rails)
    Recommends:     rubygem(sass-rails)
    Recommends:     rubygem(sdoc)
    Recommends:     rubygem(sqlite3)
    Recommends:     rubygem(uglifier)
    Recommends:     rubygem(spring)
    Recommends:     rubygem(turbolinks)
    Recommends:     rubygem(bcrypt)
    Recommends:     rubygem(puma)
    Recommends:     rubygem(listen) < 3.1
    Recommends:     rubygem(spring)
    Recommends:     rubygem(spring-watcher-listen)
    Recommends:     nodejs
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