File python-pycryptodome.changes of Package python-pycryptodome

Tue Jul  3 10:17:10 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 3.6.3 (21 June 2018)
  - Resolved issues
    * GH#175: Fixed incorrect results for CTR encryption/decryption
      with more than 8 blocks.

- Update to 3.6.2 (19 June 2018)
  - New features
    * ChaCha20 accepts 96 bit nonces (in addition to 64 bit nonces)
      as defined in RFC7539.
    * Accelerate AES-GCM on x86 using PCLMULQDQ instruction.
    * Accelerate AES-ECB and AES-CTR on x86 by pipelining AESNI
    * As result of the two improvements above, on x86 (Broadwell):
      - AES-ECB and AES-CTR are 3x faster
      - AES-GCM is 9x faster

  - Resolved issues
    * On Windows, MPIR library was stilled pulled in if renamed to

  - Breaks in compatibility
    * In ``Crypto.Util.number``, functions ``floor_div`` and
      ``exact_div`` have been removed. Also, ``ceil_div`` is limited
      to non-negative terms only.

- suggesting libgmp10 and python-cffi
- add license file tag

Wed May 16 12:26:23 UTC 2018 -

- Provide/obsolete also python-crypto for py2 package

Mon May  7 20:17:35 UTC 2018 -

- fix condition to act as drop in replacement for python-pycrypto

Fri May  4 18:29:29 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 3.6.1 (15 April 2018)
  - New features
    * Added Google Wycheproof tests (
    * New parameter ``mac_len`` (length of MAC tag) for CMAC.
  - Resolved issues
    * In certain circumstances (at counter wrapping, which happens on average after
      32 GBi) AES GCM produced wrong ciphertexts.
    * Method ``encrypt()`` of AES SIV cipher could be still called,
      whereas only ``encrypt_and_digest()`` should be allowed.

- Update to 3.6.0 (8 April 2018)
  - New features
    * Introduced ``export_key`` and deprecated ``exportKey`` for DSA and RSA key
    * Ciphers and hash functions accept ``memoryview`` objects in input.
    * Added support for SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256.
  - Resolved issues
    * Reintroduced `Crypto.__version__` variable as in PyCrypto.
    * Fixed compilation problem with MinGW.

- Update to 3.5.1 (8 March 2018)
  - Resolved issues
    * GH#142. Fix mismatch with declaration and definition of addmul128.

- Update to 3.5.0 (7 March 2018)
  - New features
    * Import and export of ECC curves in compressed form.
    * The initial counter for a cipher in CTR mode can be a byte string
      (in addition to an integer).
    * Faster PBKDF2 for HMAC-based PRFs (at least 20x for short passwords,
      more for longer passwords). Thanks to Christian Heimes for pointing
      out the implementation was under-optimized.
    * The salt for PBKDF2 can be either a string or bytes (GH#67).
    * Ciphers and hash functions accept data as `bytearray`, not just
      binary strings.
    * The old SHA-1 and MD5 hash functions are available even when Python's
      own `hashlib` does not include them.
  - Resolved issues
    * Without libgmp, modular exponentiation (since v3.4.8) crashed
      on 32-bit big-endian systems.
  - Breaks in compatibility
    * Removed support for Python < 2.6.

- Update to 3.4.12 (5 February 2018)
  - Resolved issues
    * GH#129. pycryptodomex could only be installed via wheels.

- Update to 3.4.11 (5 February 2018)
  - Resolved issues
    * GH#121. the record list was still not correct due to PEP3147
      and __pycache__ directories. Thanks again to John O'Brien.

- Update to 3.4.10 (2 February 2018)
  - Resolved issues
    * When creating ElGamal keys, the generator wasn't a square residue:
      ElGamal encryption done with those keys cannot be secure under
      the DDH assumption. Thanks to Weikeng Chen.

- Update to 3.4.9 (1 February 2018)
  - New features
    * More meaningful error messages while importing an ECC key.
  - Resolved issues
    * GH#123 and #125. The SSE2 command line switch was not always passed on
      32-bit x86 platforms.
    * GH#121. The record list (--record) was not always correctly filled for
      the pycryptodomex package. Thanks to John W. O'Brien.

- Update to 3.4.8 (27 January 2018)
  - New features
    * Added a native extension in pure C for modular exponentiation, optimized
      for SSE2 on x86.
      In the process, we drop support for the arbitrary arithmetic library MPIR
      on Windows, which is painful to compile and deploy.
      The custom  modular exponentiation is 130% (160%) slower on an Intel CPU
      in 32-bit (64-bit) mode, compared to MPIR. Still, that is much faster
      that CPython's own `pow()` function which is 900% (855%) slower than MPIR.
      Support for the GMP library on Unix remains.
    * Added support for *manylinux* wheels.
    * Support for Python 3.7.
  - Resolved issues
    * The DSA parameter 'p' prime was created with 255 bits cleared
      (but still with the correct strength).
    * GH#106. Not all docs were included in the tar ball.
      Thanks to Christopher Hoskin.
    * GH#109. ECDSA verification failed for DER encoded signatures.
      Thanks to Alastair Houghton.
    * Human-friendly messages for padding errors with ECB and CBC.

Mon Sep 18 15:29:37 UTC 2017 -

- provide python-crypto 2.6.1

Wed Sep  6 15:22:27 UTC 2017 -

- Initial version