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View File cinnamon-screensaver.changes of Package cinnamon-screensaver (Project X11:Cinnamon:Factory)

Wed Jun 21 16:11:48 UTC 2017 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.4.1:
  * stage.py: Kill any screensaver plugins when destroying all of
    the widgets - this will leave unfinished plugin processes.
  * framedImage: Render images at their native size using the theme
    value as the maximum size, rather than desired size.
    This ensures the image displays at its best possible size for
    quality, but still makes sure an oversize image doesn't break
  * stage.py: Don't re-allocate the floating widgets unless
    necessary to prevent obscuring of the unlock widget.
    This prevents the small jump of the clock when waking the
    computer, depending on settings.
  * framedImage: Remove some dead lines, use the correct css
    property, update commenting.
  * Fix a typo in the GTK+ 3.20 CSS file.
  * clock: Update to use new wall-clock api to set the correct
    update interval depending on the provided date/time format.
  * Don't lock the screen in live or guest sessions
  * framedImage.py: Stop using CSS for image size - since we now
    use the image's native size if it is reasonable to do so,
    there's no need for a theme to be involved.
    Just hardcode a sane maximum and keep images that size or less.
    It is not valid CSS (even though that's what we're using
    min-height for here).

Wed May  4 17:44:11 UTC 2017 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.4.0:
  * l10n: Update POT file.
  * Add --interactive-debug startup switch. This turns on
    GtkInspector, restricts the screensaver stage to a single
    monitor, and some other things to allow interaction with ui
    elements using the inspector tools.
  * mediaPlayerWatcher.py: Catch SyntaxError exception when
    evaluating PlaybackStatus property.
  * framedImage.py: Just silently fail if a downloaded image fails
    to be loaded into a pixbuf.
  * Some theme fixes for GTK+ 3.20+.
  * stage.py: Clear clipboards only once, when waking.
    raise_unlock_widget gets called repeatedly when there is input
    (to refresh other things) - having it repeatedly clear the
    clipboard was unnecessary, and prevented keyboard navigation
    actions that included selection of characters - such as
    ctrl-a, shift-home and -end.
  * uPowerClient.py: Aggregate the proxy's signal emissions into a
    single power-state-changed event for the power client.
    This prevents confusion at the stage level when updating for
    power events.
  * notifications: Add some debugging help.
  * notificationWidget.py: Ignore network notifications - these occur
    often around suspend/resume time, and we don't want them
    artificially padding the notification count.
  * xscreensaver plugin: Use GSubprocess instead of g_spawn_async
    for hacks.
  * stage.py: Add some error-handling for widget creation, with
    exit strategy, in case something goes wrong. We don't want to
    leave the user with an inaccessible desktop.
  * xscreensaver plugin: Provide a default .xscreensaver file if
    one doesn't already exist.
  * Add /usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/ to the xscreensaver search
  * stage.py: More error-handling fixes.
  * authClient.py: Add some debugging info.
  * Add a CsScreen object: GdkScreen is unreliable for figuring
    out monitor sizes and resolutions, particularly in non-default
  * Enable notification watcher's debug code upon startup, rather
    than during widget construction.
  * Respect the "spanned" setting for wallpapers.
    Note, this will currently also affect the plugins as well, but
    we didn't see this as a serious drawback.
  * cs-screen-x11.c: Account for monitor scale factor.
    GTK+ expects the values to be scaled already.
  * singletons.py: Add some debugging for login manager commands.
  * Remove x11.py, move code to CsScreen class, remove python3-xlib
  * service.py: Wait to respond to the Lock command until the
    screensaver has called back that it is now active.
  * manager/stage: Lock immediately, without fade-in. This and the
    previous change allow the screensaver to be activated
    synchronously from cinnamon-session in response to
    suspend/hibernate actions, and ensure it's fully active already
    when resuming.
  * cinnamon-screensaver-main.py: Don't import the
    ScreensaverService until we're sure we'll need it. This
    prevents singletons from getting initialised too early, and we
    lose the correct state of status.Debug
  * cs-notification-watcher.c: Transient hint should be a boolean
    type, not int.
  * service.py: Add the invocation to the queue prior to calling on
    the manager to lock. The active signal could be sent back
    before it gets added otherwise, causing us to leave the calling
    command hanging.
  * stage/fader: Realise the stage offscreen, then reposition it
    before starting our fade in. This prevents the initial flash
    sometimes seen when the idle fade kicks in.
  * cs-screen-x11.c: Use PointerRoot instead of None for
    XSetInputFocus. This does a better job of reacquiring keyboard
    control, and allows the screensaver to activate when a
    virtualbox guest window is focused.
  * stage/fader: Add the reposition call to the fader cycle, this
    ensures it gets reliably called in sync with redraws, otherwise
    we can still get a flash on realising the window.
  * cs-auth-pam.c: Only attempt to remove the io watch if
    thread_done is FALSE. It is set to TRUE in the GIOFunc
    cs_auth_loop_quit, which also returns FALSE, signalling to
    remove the source.  We can't zero out watch_id there, which was
    causing a warning when cs_auth_pam_verify_user exited.
  * volumeControl.py: Don't show if we can't get a valid
    CvcMixerControl, and only connect signals if we do.
  * mediaPlayerWatcher.py: Use the asynchronous versions of the
    play/pause, previous and next methods. This prevents a dbus
    synch deadlock from freezing the screensaver. Observed issue
    using Google Play Desktop Music Player.
  * passwordEntry.py: Initialise self.original_group, don't perform
    draw callback without a live controller (this disparity can
    occur after session interruptions - sleep, switch user, etc...,
    but not consistently).
  * passwordEntry.py: Reload the keyboard layout if the xkb
    configuration changes.
  * stage.py: Fix screen changed callback.
  * cs-screen.h: Remove XID typedef, include gdkx.h instead, which
    will include xlib.
  * Fix python shebang.
  * Fix csd-media-keys D-Bus name.
  * Add libexec path.
  * autogen.sh: Don't run aclocal.
- Rebase cinnamon-screensaver-xscreensaver-path.patch.

Fri Dec 30 10:36:39 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.13:
  * AuthClient: Check for pam helper in a subdirectory and in
  * cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper.c: Debug mode - don't print
    message strings, they may contain the password.
  * manager.py: Fix pam helper cancellation in Debian Jessie.
    There is an existing workaround for Debian Jessie that skips
    the fade-out when unlocking, due to another issue.
    This causes our despawn_stage callback to be called immediately,
    which sets self.stage to None, before cancel_unlocking can be
  * keybindings.py: Don't allow the keyboard popup menu key to slip
  * stage: Clear the clipboard if we're locked (should be
    inaccessible anyhow but…).
  * Add some tooltips to a few ui elements.
  * stage.py: Fix logic surrounding hiding/showing the floating
    widgets when power states change, or when a plugin is unable to
    run due to the power state.

Fri Dec 23 14:02:02 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.12 (changes since 3.2.9):
  * cinnamon-screensaver-pam-helper: Add a sleep() to the stdin
    wait loop, make sure the helper is killed whenever the
    screensaver is deactivated.
  * manager.py: Only try to cancel_unlocking if there is a stage.
  * Move the pam-helper binary to libexecdir.
- Remove cinnamon-screensaver-fix-pamhelper-path.patch: fixed

Thu Dec 15 19:24:15 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.9 (changes since 3.2.6):
  * stage.py: Keep floating widgets centered within their GtkAlign
    region instead of using the padding CSS property - this can
    only ever work by taking monitor size into account.
  * stage.py: The unlock dialogue can take up more than 1/3 the
    width of the screen, so account for its width when positioning
    floating widgets during Awake state.
  * Add missing -lXext
  * Volume control: Don't crash when PA returns no default sink.
  * stage.py: Regrab the stage if grab is broken (notably by
    fingerprint-helper's gui).
  * Fix pam authentication to work with multi-factor, fingerprint, etc.
  * floating.py: Increase positioning delay to 30 seconds.
  * audioPanel.py: Don't show panel at all if no players are active.
  * Couple fixes: Show floating widgets immediately upon sleep, add
    a description for AuthClient, send a failure notice when we
  * Update pam config for multi-distro compatibility.
  * Add preference to disable floating widgets.
  * clock.py: Make clock preference apply everywhere (like our
    other prefs).
  * cinnamon-screensaver-main.py: use setproctitle to set the
    process name as "cinnamon-screensaver"
  * Add a build option to enable/disable use of setresuid/setresgid
    in the setuid.c file for some distributions. The default
    behaviour remains to not use this.
  * Override the background colour to transparent for various
   'primary' widgets, this reduces (but does not eliminate) the
   tendency to get a 'flash' when the screensaver spawns its window.
  * mediaPlayerWatcher.py: Handle metadata more gracefully - some
    players can return arrays of artist info, some a string -
    handle either.
  * authClient.py: Use a constructor for GBytes creation, ignore a
    message sent prior to the auth client being initialised (user
    hit enter as a means of bringing up the unlock dialogue).
- Rebase cinnamon-screensaver-xscreensaver-path.patch.
- Add cinnamon-screensaver-suse-pam.patch: Use SUSE-specific PAM
- Add cinnamon-screensaver-fix-pamhelper-path.patch: Fix the path
  pamhelper is installed in.

Fri Nov 25 20:23:14 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.6 (changes since 3.2.4):
  * Remove the position bar and position labels in infobar.
  * Remove an import on BlinkLabel.

Thu Nov 24 10:25:32 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.4:
  * Replace cinnamon-screensaver bin script with
    cinnamon-screensaver.c, to perform setuid checks and fixes
    prior to python and gtk starting.
  * utils.py: Remove liveuser check, it doesn't work as expected.

Thu Nov 17 21:14:00 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.3:
  * Declare GdkX11.
  * events: For GTK+ < 3.18, skip the fade out animation, and
    immediately destroy the window. Move the deactivate command
    into an idle callback, so we're not attempting to destroy the
    window while in the middle of processing a motion event.
  * passwordEntry.py: Emulate Gtk.Entry.grab_focus_without_selecting().
    The real call was recently removed, as it doesn't exist in
    Gtk 3.14, however the behaviour is still necessary - tabbing
    between buttons and entry will cause the entire partial
    password to be selected, causing overwrite. This restores the
    original functionality without requiring Gtk 3.18+.
  * Add a Gtk 3.14 fallback stylesheet (it's almost exactly the
    same as Gtk 3.18 currently).
  * Handle clock/albumart padding in the GtkOverlay position code -
    it seems not to include this in its preferred-size calculations.
  * Invert the scroll direction for the volume slider.
  * panels: Remove separators. Tweak spacing for keyboard layout
    icon in the Gtk 3.18 CSS file.
  * utils.py: Clean up get_user_name() calls.
  * Disable locking if pam files aren't found or if we're running
    as root.
  * utils.py: Add 'liveuser' group check to user_can_lock()

Sun Nov 13 17:13:37 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.2 (changes since 3.2.0):
  * Layout/l10n: Fix minor visual issues.
  * unlock/accountsServiceClient: Don't cache the username and face
    path, instead fetch them from AccountsService when used.
    Also, allow for no face image by not using a fallback generic
    image, and hiding the image widget if there is no face for it.
  * Remove some Gtk 3.18+ api calls - with a small change to
    GdkScreen updating, the stacking order is correct at stage
    construction and never changes.
  * ConsoleKit: Add lock/unlock signal.

Tue Nov  8 13:01:41 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.2.0:
  * Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros.
  * Rewrite on Python.
  * Use XAppKbdLayoutController to interact with libgnomekbd for
    switching keyboard layouts and getting reliable flag icons.
- Rebase cinnamon-screensaver-xscreensaver-path.patch.
- Remove cinnamon-screensaver.pam: nothing needs it anymore.

Wed Jun  1 12:43:15 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.0.1:
  * gs-lock-plug: Remove the hardcoded text colours.
  * Fix unlock dialog display in hidpi.
  * gs-window-x11.c: Fix a couple of compiler warnings.
  * gs-lock-plug.c: Look at AccountsService for user pic if .face
    is not found. Simplify some of the code – pixbuf loaders have
    built-in file checking.

Mon Apr 25 05:00:35 UTC 2016 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to version 3.0.0:
  * configure.ac: Drop obsolete macro.
  * configure.ac: Use dots when printing dbus version.
  * Support new libsystemd (which replaces libsystemd-login).
  * Stop trying to make gnome-screensaver* a symlink to

Thu Dec 24 12:23:30 UTC 2015 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Add cinnamon-screensaver-xscreensaver-path.patch: fix
  xscreensaver hacks path (boo#960165).
- Recommend xscreensaver-data instead of depending.
- Suggest xscreensaver-data-extra.

Tue Oct 20 15:56:40 UTC 2015 - sor.alexei@meowr.ru

- Update to 2.8.0:
  * Replace deprecated gdk_cursor_unref() with g_object_unref().
  * Cleanup an unused variable.
  * gs-window-x11.c: Fix random crashing due to accessing invalid
    pointers when cleaning up the GSWindow instance.
  * gs-window-x11.c: Fix trying to control the screensaver socket
    after the plug has been removed (race condition) – by default
    the socket is destroyed when this happens.
  * gs-lock-plug.c: fix runtime warning.
- Correct licence to GPL-2.0+.

Mon Aug 10 08:49:38 UTC 2015 - i@marguerite.su

- update version 2.6.4
  * fix segfault due to wrong object being destroyed 

Tue Jun  2 23:04:00 UTC 2015 - stefan@fam-elser.de

- update to version 2.6.3

Thu Apr 23 18:06:05 UTC 2015 - stefan@fam-elser.de

- update to version 2.4.2

Wed Nov  5 13:17:41 UTC 2014 - i@marguerite.su

- update version 2.4.0

Mon Jul 14 17:33:26 UTC 2014 - i@marguerite.su

- update version 2.3.0
  * Fixed buttons overlapping each others in Russian and
    other languages
  * Wrap away message and don't let it touch the borders 
    of its parent box

Mon May 19 10:14:17 UTC 2014 - stefan@fam-elser.de

- update version 2.2.3

Thu May  1 15:47:54 UTC 2014 - i@marguerite.su

- update version 2.2.1

Thu Apr 17 08:35:32 UTC 2014 - i@marguerite.su

- update version 2.2.0

Sat Oct 26 18:45:45 UTC 2013 - i@marguerite.su

- copypac from home:cyberorg:cinnamon
- cleanup
- update version 2.0.3
  * Use 12H clock format

Wed Oct 23 08:41:06 UTC 2013 - stefan@fam-elser.de

- Updated to version 2.0.2

Mon Oct 21 14:20:13 UTC 2013 - stefan@fam-elser.de

- Updated to version 2.0.1

Fri Oct  4 18:24:54 UTC 2013 - stefan@fam-elser.de

- Updated to version 2.0.0