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View File x2goclient.changes of Package x2goclient (Project X11:RemoteDesktop:x2go)

Mon Jun  4 12:20:49 UTC 2018 - psychonaut@nothingisreal.com

- Update to new upstream release
  * using non-deprecated libssh functions where available
  * new ~/.ssh/config file parsing support
  * failures to detect PulseAudio version or start the daemon are
  * new disk image used on OS X
  * add YubiKey challenge auth prompt
  * fix startup failures on OS X with MacPorts
  * correctly pass system CFLAGS on to build system (needed for
  * fix window positioning problem when client was last closed on
    separate, now-disconnected display
  * ignore unknown strings in OpenSSH prompt (supports pam_echo.so)
  * interaction support (account security management on login)
  * PulseAudio can now be completely disabled in general settings
  * fix fullscreen sessions positioning problem with some CentOS 6
  * PATH not overridden any longer in user sessions
  * --background option now supports directories and will randomly
    pick an SVG file in there
  * new --broker-use-creds-for-session option to pass login
    credentials for broker login to sessions server
  * --close-disconnect also supported for direct RDP sessions
  * updated translations
  * authentication bug fixes
  * only support single display settings if machine has more than
    one display
  * Xinerama support with X2Go Server
  * new --broker-logout-button functionality that can be used to
    switch to another broker after the initial authorization

Thu Aug 24 16:20:49 UTC 2017 - psychonaut@nothingisreal.com

- Update to new upstream release
  * new session drop down menu button
  * switch to using RSA keys wherever possible
  * SecurID prompt support
  * transparent cleanup of processes spawned by X2Go Client on UNIX-based
    platforms via the new UNIX cleanup helper feature
  * new option to disable sound input on OS X and Windows in X2Go Client's
    general settings (not per-session settings)
  * always spawn a private sshd process if necessary, avoid touching user's
    config files if possible
  * always generate new temporary server and client public and private keys
    used for one connection only
  * deprecate ARTS and ESounD support
- Remove obsolete sbin and key patches

Mon Dec  5 15:34:40 UTC 2016 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
  * Fixup QPlastiqueStyle usage on Qt5. This particular style has
    been removed/replaced by Fusion, which incorporates features
    of both Plastique and Clearlooks styles.
  * misc {src/,x2goclient.pro}: port to Qt5.
  * sshmasterconnection: add support for ANSI X9.9 OTP tokens.
  * sshmasterconnection: add support for Mobile OTP tokens and
    references for the other token types.
  * add "--no-autoresume" parameter.

Sun Sep 20 18:06:43 UTC 2015 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release

Sun Sep 15 18:03:55 UTC 2013 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Support for published applications in X2Go Plugin
* Support for "shadow" mode in X2Go Plugin
* If a priv SSH key has been specified, skip the autologin procedure.
* Properly set the remote server address received via
  selectUserSession method when in broker mode.
* Fix segmentation fault that started occurring since the custom
  trayIcon patch was applied. Segfault only occurred if the tray
  icon was not used.
    - Show session name in notification bubbles.
* Add cmdline option --broker-autologoff: Enforce re-authentication
  against X2Go Session Broker after a session has been suspended or
* Enable full access desktop sharing across user accounts.
* Make X2Go Client aware of the MATE desktop environment.
* Make X2Go Client work in SSH broker mode without the need of an
  auth-id file.

Sat Mar 23 01:38:25 UTC 2013 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Hide profilecard area on broker authentication.
* Fix ONMainWindow layout in broker mode.
* Set passphrase for key to reverse SSH connection.
  Fix closing client after getting passphrase
* Support for recent cygwin API on Windows.
* Add checkbox for -noclipboardprimary argument for internal vcxsrv.
* Fix position shifts of broker login widget on repetetive authentication

Wed Mar  6 20:31:14 UTC 2013 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Update man page: Add broker relevant cmdline options.

Wed Feb 13 06:28:26 UTC 2013 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Fix support for RSA Keys in X2Go Broker code.
* Set autologin as false by default. Quote session ID in SSH
  broker code.
* Support for session key "usebrokerpassforproxy" - use broker pass
  for authentication on proxy.
* Terminate nxproxy from X2Go Client if connection to server is lost.

Tue Jan  8 23:13:58 UTC 2013 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Add support for PGP cards in broker mode
* Fix displaying ssh proxy box in session settings if sessions type
* Make sure x2goclient closes if broker has no sessions. Fixes
  appearing session profile dialog if client is configured to
  minimize to systray.

Mon Nov 12 17:10:32 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Native / local RDP client support
* Encapsulate X2Go-proxied fullscreen RDP session in desktop X2Go
  sessions, not rootless anymore.
* Add SSH proxy and HTTP proxy support
* new desktop shell in session type configuration: XFCE

Sat Sep  1 22:58:59 UTC 2012 - jengelh@inai.de

- Update to new upstream release
* Allow x2goclient to connect to user accounts that have other
  shells than /bin/sh and alike configured as default shell. Also:
  removal bashisms in shell execution commands.
* X2Go resume session slot: double click on a selected session is
  supposed to resume that session. To make this feature functional
  for running sessions the session has to be suspended first.

Wed Jan 25 00:14:00 UTC 2012 - jengelh@medozas.de

- Initial package for build.opensuse.org