File kitty.changes of Package kitty

Mon Jul 26 15:33:56 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.22.0:
  * Add a new toggle_layout action to easily zoom/unzoom a window
  * When right clicking to extend a selection, move the nearest
    selection boundary rather than the end of the selection. To restore
    previous behavior use mouse_map right press ungrabbed
    mouse_selection move-end.
  * When opening hyperlinks, allow defining open actions for directories (#3836)
  * When using the OSC 52 escape code to copy to clipboard allow large
    copies (up to 8MB) without needing a kitty specific chunking protocol.
    Note that if you used the chunking protocol in the past, it will no
    longer work and you should switch to using the unmodified protocol
    which has the advantage of working with all terminal emulators.
  * Fix a bug in the implementation of the synchronized updates escape code
    that could cause incorrect parsing if either the pending buffer
    capacity or the pending timeout were exceeded (#3779)
  * A new remote control command to resize the OS Window <kitty @ resize-os-window>
  * Graphics protocol: Add support for composing rectangles from one
    animation frame onto another (#3809)
  * diff kitten: Remove limit on max line length of 4096 characters (#3806)
  * Fix turning off cursor blink via escape codes not working (#3808)
  * Allow using neighboring window operations in the stack layout. The previous
    window is considered the left and top neighbor and the next window is
    considered the bottom and right neighbor (#3778)
  * Add a new variable {num_window_groups} for the tab_title_template (#3837)
  * Wayland: Fix initial_window_width/height specified in cells not working on
    High DPI screens (#3834)
  * A new theme for the kitty website with support for dark mode.
  * Render ┄ ┅ ┆ ┇ ┈ ┉ ┊ ┋ with spaces at the edges. Matches rendering in
    most other programs and allows long chains of them to look better (#3844)
  * hints kitten: Detect paths and hashes that appear over multiple lines. Note
    that this means that all line breaks in the text are no longer n soft breaks
    are instead r. If you use a custom regular expression that is meant to match
    over line breaks, you will need to match over both. (#3845)
  * Allow leading or trailing spaces in tab_activity_symbol
  * Fix mouse actions not working when caps lock or num lock are engaged (#3859)
  * clipboard kitten: fix copies to clipboard not working without the kitty +kitten
    clipboard --wait-for-completion option

Mon Jun 28 06:56:04 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.21.2:
  * A new adjust_baseline option to adjust the vertical alignment
    of text inside a line (#3734)
  * A new url_excluded_characters option to exclude additional
    characters when detecting URLs under the mouse (#3738)
  * Fix a regression in 0.21.0 that broke rendering of private use
    Unicode symbols followed by spaces, when they also exist not
    followed by spaces (#3729)
  * ssh kitten: Support systems where the login shell is a
    non-POSIX shell (#3405)
  * ssh kitten: Add completion (#3760)
  * ssh kitten: Fix "Connection closed" message being printed by
    ssh when running remote commands
  * Add support for the XTVERSION escape code
  * When displaying scrollback ensure that the window does not quit
    if the amount of scrollback is less than a screen and the user
    has the --quit-if-one-screen option enabled for less (#3740)
  * Linux: Fix Emoji/bitmapped fonts not use able in symbol_map
  * query terminal kitten: Allow querying font face and size
    information (#3756)
  * hyperlinked grep kitten: Fix context options not generating
    contextual output (#3759)
  * Allow using superscripts in tab titles (#3763)
  * Unicode input kitten: Fix searching when a word has more than
    1024 matches (#3773)

Mon Jun 28 06:56:04 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.21.2:
  * A new adjust_baseline option to adjust the vertical alignment
    of text inside a line (#3734)
  * A new url_excluded_characters option to exclude additional
    characters when detecting URLs under the mouse (#3738)
  * Fix a regression in 0.21.0 that broke rendering of private use
    Unicode symbols followed by spaces, when they also exist not
    followed by spaces (#3729)
  * ssh kitten: Support systems where the login shell is a
    non-POSIX shell (#3405)
  * ssh kitten: Add completion (#3760)
  * ssh kitten: Fix "Connection closed" message being printed by
    ssh when running remote commands
  * Add support for the XTVERSION escape code
  * When displaying scrollback ensure that the window does not quit
    if the amount of scrollback is less than a screen and the user
    has the --quit-if-one-screen option enabled for less (#3740)
  * Linux: Fix Emoji/bitmapped fonts not use able in symbol_map
  * query terminal kitten: Allow querying font face and size
    information (#3756)
  * hyperlinked grep kitten: Fix context options not generating
    contextual output (#3759)
  * Allow using superscripts in tab titles (#3763)
  * Unicode input kitten: Fix searching when a word has more than
    1024 matches (#3773)

Mon Jun 14 07:31:28 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.21.1:
  * Fix a regression in the previous release that could cause a
    crash when changing layouts and mousing (#3713)

Mon Jun 14 07:28:29 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.21.0:
  * Allow reloading the kitty.conf config file by pressing
    ctrl+shift+f5. (#1292)
  * Allow clicking URLs to open them without needing to also hold
  * Allow remapping all mouse button press/release events to
    perform arbitrary actions. See details.
  * Support infinite length ligatures (#3504)
  * Backward incompatibility: The options to control which
    modifiers keys to press for various mouse actions have been
    removed, if you used these options, you will need to replace
    them with configuration using the new mouse actions framework
    as they will be ignored. The options were: terminal_select_modifiers,
    rectangle_select_modifiers and open_url_modifiers.
  * Add a configurable mouse action (ctrl+alt+triplepress to select
    from the clicked point to the end of the line. (#3585)
  * Add the ability to un-scroll the screen to the kitty @
    scroll-window remote control command (#3604)
  * A new option, tab_bar_margin_height to add margins around
    the top and bottom edges of the tab bar (#3247)
  * Unicode input kitten: Fix a regression in 0.20.0 that broke
    keyboard handling when the NumLock or CapsLock modifiers were engaged. (#3587)
  * Fix a regression in 0.20.0 that sent incorrect bytes for the
    F1-F4 keys in rmkx mode (#3586)
  * Add a few more special commandline arguments for the launch command.
    Now all KITTY_PIPE_DATA is also available via command line argument
    substitution (#3593)
  * Fix dynamically changing the background color in a window causing
    rendering artifacts in the tab bar (#3595)
  * Fix passing STDIN to launched background processes causing them to
    not inherit environment variables (#3603)
  * Fix deleting windows that are not the last window via remote control
    leaving no window focused (#3619)
  * Add an option kitty @ get-text --add-cursor to also get the current
    cursor position and state as ANSI escape codes (#3625)
  * Add an option kitty @ get-text --add-wrap-markers to add line wrap
    markers to the output (#3633)
  * Improve rendering of curly underlines on HiDPI screens (#3637)
  * ssh kitten: Mimic behavior of ssh command line client more closely
    by executing any command specified on the command line via the users'
    shell just as ssh does (#3638)
  * Fix trailing parentheses in URLs not being detected (#3688)
  * Tab bar: Use a lower contrast color for tab separators (#3666)
  * Fix a regression that caused using the title command in session
    files to stop working (#3676)
  * Fix ligatures not working with the Iosevka font
    (requires Iosevka >= 7.0.4) (#297)
  * Remote control: Allow matching tabs by index number in currently
    active OS Window (#3708)
  * ssh kitten: Fix non-standard properties in terminfo such as the
    ones used for true color not being copied (#312)

Thu May  6 07:44:39 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.20.3:
  * A new show_key kitten to easily see the bytes generated by the
    terminal for key presses in the various keyboard modes (#3556)
  * Linux: Fix keyboard layout change keys defined via compose
    rules not being ignored
  * Fix tab activity symbol not appearing if no other changes happen
    in tab bar even when there is activity in a tab (#3571)
  * Fix focus changes not being sent to windows when focused window
    changes because of the previously focused window being
    closed (#3571)

Wed Apr 28 13:29:58 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.20.2:
  * A new protocol extension to unscroll text from the scrollback
    buffer onto the screen. Useful, for example, to restore the
    screen after showing completions below the shell prompt.
  * A new remote control command kitty @ env to change the default
    environment passed to newly created windows (#3529)
  * Linux: Fix binary kitty builds not able to load fonts in WOFF2
    format (#3506)
  * Fix kitty @ close-tab not working with pipe based remote
    control (#3510)
  * Fix removal of inactive tab that is before the currently
    active tab causing the highlighted tab to be incorrect (#3516)
  * icat kitten: Respect EXIF orientation when displaying
    JPEG images (#3518)
  * GNOME: Fix maximize state not being remembered when focus
    changes and window decorations are hidden (#3507)
  * GNOME: Add a new wayland_titlebar_color option to control
    the color of the kitty window title bar
  * Fix reading kitty --session from STDIN not working when the
    kitty --detach option is used (#3523)
  * Special case rendering of the few remaining Powerline box
    drawing chars (#3535)
  * Fix kitty @ set-colors not working for the active_tab_foreground.

Mon Apr 19 18:22:06 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.20.1:
  * icat: Fix some broken GIF images with no frame delays not
    being animated (#3498)
  * hints kitten: Fix sending hyperlinks to their default
    handler not working (#3500)
  * Wayland: Fix regression in previous release causing window
    decorations to be drawn even when compositor supports server
	side decorations (#3501)

Mon Apr 19 11:48:05 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.20.0:
  * Support display of animated images kitty +kitten icat animation.gif.
    See Animation for details on animation support in the kitty graphics protocol.
  * A new keyboard reporting protocol with various advanced features
    that can be used by full screen terminal programs and even games,
    see A protocol for comprehensive keyboard handling in terminals (#3248)
  * Backward incompatibility: Session files now use the full launch command
    with all its capabilities. However, the syntax of the command is slightly
    different from before. In particular watchers are now specified directly
    on launch and environment variables are set using --env.
  * Allow setting colors when creating windows using the launch command.
  * A new option tab_powerline_style to control the appearance of the tab
    bar when using the powerline tab bar style.
  * A new option scrollback_fill_enlarged_window to fill extra lines in the
    window when the window is expanded with lines from the scrollback (#3371)
  * diff kitten: Implement recursive diff over SSH (#3268)
  * ssh kitten: Allow using python instead of the shell on the server,
    useful if the shell used is a non-POSIX compliant one, such as fish (#3277)
  * Add support for the color settings stack that XTerm copied from us
    without acknowledgement and decided to use incompatible escape codes for.
  * Add entries to the terminfo file for some user capabilities that are
    shared with XTerm (#3193)
  * The launch command now does more sophisticated resolving of executables to run.
    The system-wide PATH is used first, then system specific default paths,
    and finally the PATH inside the shell.
  * Double clicking on empty tab bar area now opens a new tab (#3201)
  * kitty @ ls: Show only environment variables that are different for each window, by default.
  * When passing a directory or a non-executable file as the program to run to kitty
    opens it with the shell or by parsing the shebang, instead of just failing.
  * Linux: Fix rendering of emoji followed by the graphics variation selector
    not being colored with some fonts (#3211)
  * Unicode input: Fix using index in select by name mode not working for indices
    larger than 16. Also using an index does not filter the list of matches. (#3219)
  * Wayland: Add support for the text input protocol (#3410)
  * Wayland: Fix mouse handling when using client side decorations
  * Wayland: Fix un-maximizing a window not restoring its size to what it was
    beforebeing maximized
  * GNOME/Wayland: Improve window decorations the titlebar now shows the window title.
    Allow running under Wayland on GNOME by default. (#3284)
  * Panel kitten: Allow setting WM_CLASS (#3233)
  * Also detect gemini:// URLs when hovering with the mouse (#3370)
  * When using a non-US keyboard layout and pressing ctrl+key when the key
    matches an English key, send that to the program running in the terminal
    automatically (#2000)
  * When matching shortcuts, also match on shifted keys, so a shortcut defined as
    ctrl+plus will match a keyboard where you have to press shift+equal to get
    the plus key (#2000)
  * Fix extra space at bottom of OS window when using the fat layout with the tab
    bar at the top (#3258)
  * Fix window icon not working on X11 with 64bits (#3260)
  * Fix OS window sizes under 100px resulting in scaled display (#3307)
  * Fix rendering of ligatures in the latest release of Cascadia code, which for
    some reason puts empty glyphs after the ligature glyph rather than before it (#3313)
  * Improve handling of infinite length ligatures in newer versions of FiraCode
    and CascadiaCode. Now such ligatures are detected based on glyph naming convention.
    This removes the gap in the ligatures at cell boundaries (#2695)
  * hints kitten: When using the linenumber action with a background action,
    preserve the working directory (#3352)
  * Graphics protocol: Fix suppression of responses not working for chunked transmission (#3375)
  * Fix inactive tab closing causing active tab to change (#3398)
  * Fix a crash on systems using musl as libc (#3395)
  * Improve rendering of rounded corners by using a rectircle equation rather than a cubic bezier (#3409)
  * Graphics protocol: Add a control to allow clients to specify that the cursor should
    not move when displaying an image (#3411)
  * Fix marking of text not working on lines that contain zero cells (#3403)
  * Fix the selection getting changed if the screen contents scroll while the selection is in progress (#3431)
  * X11: Fix resize_in_steps being applied even when window is maximized (#3473)

Fri Apr 16 12:04:31 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Fix build on Factory:
  kitty does not properly separate build and install. We used to
  do both in the %build section. Since rpm 4.16 cleans the buildroot
  is cleaned before %install. So now we run build/install in the
  %install section

Mon Dec 28 12:21:25 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.19.3:
  * A new broadcast kitten to type in all kitty windows
    simultaneously (#1569)
  * Add a new mappable select_tab action to choose a tab to switch
    to even when the tab bar is hidden (#3115)
  * Allow specifying text formatting in tab_title_template (#3146)
  * Linux: Read font_features from the FontConfig database as well,
    so that they can be configured in a single, central location (#3174)
  * Graphics protocol: Add support for giving individual image
    placements their own ids and for asking the terminal emulator to
    assign ids for images. Also allow suppressing responses from the
    terminal to commands. These are backwards compatible protocol
    extensions. (#3133, #3163)
  * Distribute extra pixels among all eight-blocks rather than adding
    them all to the last block (#3097)
  * Fix drawing of a few sextant characters incorrect (#3105)
  * Preserve lines in the scrollback if a scrolling region is defined
    that is contiguous with the top of the screen (#3113)
  * Wayland: Fix key repeat being stopped by the release of an
    unrelated key (#2191)
  * Add an option, detect_urls to control whether kitty will detect
    URLs when the mouse moves over them (#3118)
  * Graphics protocol: Dont return filename in the error message when
    opening file fails, since filenames can contain control characters (#3128)
  * Fix one ANSI formatting escape code not being removed from the
    pager history buffer when piping it as plain text (#3132)
  * Match the save/restore cursor behavior of other terminals, for the
    sake of interoperability. This means that doing a DECRC without a
    prior DECSC is now undefined (#1264)
  * Fix mapping remote_control send-text not working (#3147)
  * Add a right option for tab_switch_strategy (#3155)
  * Fix a regression in 0.19.0 that caused a rare crash when using the
    optional scrollback_pager_history_size (#3049)
  * Full screen kittens: Fix incorrect cursor position after
    kitten quits (#3176)
- Fix bsc#1180298 CVE-2020-35605

Mon Nov 16 02:06:18 UTC 2020 - Avindra Goolcharan <>

- Update to 0.19.2:
  * A new Query terminal kitten to easily query the running kitty
    via escape codes to detect its version, and the values of
    configuration options that enable or disable terminal features.
  * Options to control mouse pointer shape, default_pointer_shape,
    and pointer_shape_when_dragging
  * Font independent rendering for braille characters, which
    ensures they are properly aligned at all font sizes.
  * Fix a regression in 0.19.0 that caused borders not to be drawn
    when setting window_margin_width and keeping
    draw_minimal_borders on
  * Fix a regression in 0.19.0 that broke rendering of one-eight
    bar unicode characters at very small font sizes
  * Wayland: Fix a crash under GNOME when using multiple OS windows
  * Fix selections created by dragging upwards not being
    auto-cleared when screen contents change
  * Allow adding MIME definitions to kitty by placing a mime.types
    file in the kitty config directory
  * Dont ignore --title when using a session file that defines
    no windows
  * Fix the send_text action not working in URL handlers
  * Fix last character of URL not being detected if it is the only
    character on a new line
  * Don't restrict the ICH,DCH,REP control codes to only the
    current scroll region
- use generic name in rpm files section

Tue Oct  6 08:49:21 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.19.1:
  * hints kitten: Add an ip type for easy selection of IP addresses (#3009)
  * Fix a regression that caused a segfault when using
    scrollback_pager_history_size and it needs to be expanded (#3011)
  * Fix update available notifications repeating (#3006)

Mon Oct  5 07:32:29 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.19.0:
  * Add support for hyperlinks from terminal programs. Controlled
    via allow_hyperlinks (#68)
  * Add support for easily editing or downloading files over SSH
    sessions without the need for any special software
  * A new Hyperlinked grep kitten to easily search files and open
    the results at the matched line by clicking on them.
  * Allow customizing the actions kitty takes when clicking on URLs
  * Improve rendering of borders when using minimal borders.
    Use less space and do not display a box around active windows
  * Add a new extensible escape code to allow terminal programs to
    trigger desktop notifications. See Desktop notifications (#1474)
  * Implement special rendering for various characters from the set
    of "Symbols for Legacy Computing" from the Unicode 13 standard
  * Unicode input kitten: Allow choosing symbols from the NERD font
    as well. These are mostly Private Use symbols not in any standard,
    however are common. (#2972)
  * Allow specifying border sizes in either pts or pixels. Change the
    default to 0.5pt borders as this works best with the new minimal border style
  * Add support for displaying correct colors with non-sRGB PNG
    files (Adds a dependency on liblcms2)
  * hints kitten: Add a new kitty +kitten hints --type of hyperlink useful
    for activating hyperlinks using just the keyboard
  * Allow tracking focus change events in watchers (#2918)
  * Allow specifying watchers in session files and via a
    command line argument (#2933)
  * Add a setting tab_activity_symbol to show a symbol in the tab title if
    one of the windows has some activity after it was last focused (#2515)
  * When in the main screen and a program grabs the mouse, do not use the
    scroll wheel events to scroll the scrollback buffer, instead send
    them to the program (#2939)
  * Fix unfocused windows in which a bell occurs not changing their border color
    to red until a relayout
  * Linux: Fix automatic detection of bold/italic faces for fonts such as IBM
    Plex Mono that have the regular face with a full name that is the same as
    the family name (#2951)
  * Fix a regression that broke kitten_alias (#2952)
  * Fix a regression that broke the move_window_to_top action (#2953)
  * Fix a memory leak when changing font sizes
  * Fix some lines in the scrollback buffer not being properly rendered after a
    window resize/font size change (#2619)

Wed Sep 23 14:43:57 UTC 2020 - Ondřej Súkup <>

- kitty doesn't use libexecdir 

Wed Aug 12 06:50:42 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.18.3:
  * hints kitten: Allow customizing hint colors (#2894)
  * Wayland: Fix a typo in the previous release that broke reading
    mouse cursor size (#2895)
  * Fix a regression in the previous release that could cause an
    exception during startup in rare circumstances (#2896)
  * Fix image leaving behind a black rectangle when switch away and
    back to alternate screen (#2901)
  * Fix one pixel mis-alignment of rounded corners when either the
    cell dimensions or the thickness of the line is an odd number
    of pixels (#2907)
  * Fix a regression that broke specifying OS window size in the
    session file (#2908)

Wed Jul 29 05:49:12 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.18.2:
  * X11: Improve handling of multiple keyboards. Now pressing a
    modifier key in one keyboard and a normal key in another works (#2362).
    Don't rebuild keymaps on new keyboard events that only change
    geometry (#2787). Better handling of multiple keyboards with
    incompatible layouts (#2726)
  * Improve anti-aliasing of triangular box drawing characters,
    noticeable on low-resolution screens (#2844)
  * Fix kitty @ send-text not working reliably when using a socket
    for remote control (#2852)
  * Implement support for box drawing rounded-corners characters (#2240)
  * Allow setting the class for new OS windows in a session file
  * When a character from the Unicode Dingbat block is followed by a
    space, use the extra space to render a larger version of the character (#2850)
  * Make neighboring window selection in grid and splits layouts
    more intelligent (#2840)
  * Allow passing the current selection to kittens (#2796)
  * Fix pre-edit text not always being cleared with ibus input (#2862)
  * Allow setting the background_opacity of new OS windows created via
    kitty --single-instance using the kitty --override command line argument (#2806)
  * Fix the CSI J (Erase in display ED) escape code not removing line
    continued markers (#2809)
  * hints kitten: In linenumber mode expand paths that starts with ~ (#2822)
  * Fix launch --location=last not working (#2841)
  * Fix incorrect centering when a PUA or symbol glyph is followed by
    more than one space
  * Have the confirm_os_window_close option also apply when closing tabs
    with multiple windows (#2857)
  * Add support for legacy DECSET codes 47, 1047 and 1048 (#2871)
  * Wayland: Fix a regression in 0.18.0 that could cause crashes related
    to mouse cursors in some rare circumstances (#2810)
  * Fix change in window size that does not change number of cells not being
    reported to the kernel (#2880)

Fri Jun 26 21:43:23 UTC 2020 - Philipp Seiler <>

- ported no-docs patch to 0.18.1
- improved the sed line and added another one for python2

Wed Jun 24 07:47:56 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.18.1:
  * macOS: Fix for diff kitten not working with python 3.8 (#2780)

Mon Jun 22 08:12:17 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.18.0:
  * Allow multiple overlay windows per normal window
  * Add an option confirm_os_window_close to ask for confirmation when
    closing an OS window with multiple kitty windows.
  * Tall and Fat layouts: Add a mirrored option to put the full size
    window on the opposite edge of the screen (#2654)
  * Tall and Fat layouts: Add mappable actions to increase or
    decrease the number of full size windows (#2688)
  * Allow sending arbitrary signals to the current foreground process
    in a window using either a mapping in kitty.conf or via remote
    control (#2778)
  * Allow sending the back and forward mouse buttons to terminal
    applications (#2742)
  * Backwards incompatibility: The numbers used to encode mouse
    buttons for the send_mouse_event function that can be used in
    kittens have been changed (see Sending mouse events).
  * Add a new mappable quit action to quit kitty completely.
  * Fix marks using different colors with regexes using only
    a single color (#2663)
  * Linux: Workaround for broken Nvidia drivers for old cards (#456)
  * Wayland: Fix kitty being killed on some Wayland compositors
    if a hidden window has a lot of output (#2329)
  * Add support for the CSI REP escape code (#2702)
  * Wayland: Fix mouse cursor rendering on HiDPI screens (#2709)
  * X11: Recompile keymaps on XkbNewKeyboardNotify events (#2726)
  * X11: Reduce startup time by ~25% by only querying GLX for
    framebuffer configurations once (#2754)
  * Fix the kitty shell launched via a mapping needlessly requiring
    allow_remote_control to be turned on.

Mon May 11 06:51:36 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.17.4:
  * Allow showing the name of the current layout and the number of
    windows in tab titles (#2634)
  * By default, double clicking no longer considers the : as part
    of words, see select_by_word_characters (#2602)
  * Fix a regression that caused clicking in the padding/margins
    of windows in the stack layout to switch the window to the
    first window (#2604)
  * Report modifier key state when sending wheel events to the
    terminal program
  * Fix kitty @ send-text not working with text larger than 1024
    bytes when using kitty --listen-on (#2607)
  * Wayland: Fix OS window title not updating for hidden
    windows (#2629)
  * Fix background_tint making the window semi-transparent (#2618)

Thu Apr 23 09:02:15 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.17.3:
  * Allow individually setting margins and padding for each edge
    (left, right, top, bottom). Margins can also be controlled per
    window via remote control (#2546)
  * Fix reverse video not being rendered correctly when using
    transparency or a background image (#2419)
  * Allow mapping arbitrary remote control commands to key
    presses in kitty.conf
  * X11: Fix crash when doing drag and drop from some
    applications (#2505)
  * Fix launch --stdin-add-formatting not working (#2512)
  * Update to Unicode 13.0 (#2513)
  * Render country flags designated by a pair of unicode
    codepoints in two cells instead of four.
  * diff kitten: New option to control the background color for
    filler lines in the margin (#2518)
  * Fix specifying options for layouts in the startup session
    file not working (#2520)
  * Linux: Ignore keys if they are designated as
    layout/group/mode switch keys (#2519)
  * Marks: Fix marks not handling wide characters and tab
    characters correctly (#2534)
  * Add a new listen_on option in kitty.conf to set kitty
    --listen-on globally. Also allow using environment
    variables in this option (#2569).
  * Allow sending mouse events in kittens (#2538)
  * icat kitten: Fix display of 16-bit depth images (#2542)
  * Add ncurses specific terminfo definitions for
    strikethrough (#2567)
  * Fix a regression in 0.17 that broke displaying graphics
    over SSH (#2568)
  * Fix --title not being applied at window creation time (#2570)

Sun Mar 29 11:26:43 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.17.2:
  * Add a launch --watcher option that allows defining callbacks
    that are called for various events in the window's life-cycle
  * Fix a regression in 0.17 that broke drawing of borders with
    non-minimal borders (#2474)
  * Hints kitten: Allow copying to primary selection as well
    as clipboard (#2487)
  * Add a new mappable action close_other_windows_in_tab to close
    all but the active window (#2484)
  * Hints kitten: Adjust the default regex used to detect line
    numbers to handle line+column numbers (#2268)
  * Fix blank space at the start of tab bar in the powerline
    style when first tab is inactive (#2478)
  * Fix regression causing incorrect rendering of separators in
    tab bar when defining a tab bar background color (#2480)
  * Fix a regression in 0.17 that broke the kitty @ launch remote
    command and also broke the --tab-title option when
    creating a new tab. (#2488)
  * Linux: Fix selection of fonts with multiple width variants
    not preferring the normal width faces (#2491)

Thu Mar 26 07:12:57 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.17.1:
  * Fix cursor_underline_thickness not working (#2465)
  * Fix a regression in 0.17 that caused tab bar background to be
    rendered after the last tab as well (#2464)
  * Fix a regression in 0.17 that caused kitty @ set-colors to
    require setting cursor_text_color (#2470)

Tue Mar 24 08:22:44 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.17.0:
  * A new The Splits Layout to arrange windows in arbitrary splits (#2308)
  * Add support for specifying a background image, see background_image
    (#163 and #2326; thanks to Fredrick Brennan.)
  * A new background_tint option to darken the background under the
    text area when using background images and/or transparent windows.
  * Allow selection of single cells with the mouse. Also improve mouse
    selection to follow semantics common to most programs (#945)
  * New options cursor_beam_thickness and cursor_underline_thickness
    to control the thickness of the beam and underline cursors (#2337 and #2342)
  * When the application running in the terminal grabs the mouse, pass
    middle clicks to the application unless terminal_select_modifiers
    are pressed (#2368)
  * A new copy_and_clear_or_interrupt function (#2403)
  * X11: Fix arrow mouse cursor using right pointing instead of the
    default left pointing arrow (#2341)
  * Allow passing the currently active kitty window id in the launch command (#2391)
  * unicode input kitten: Allow pressing ctrl+tab to change the input mode (#2343)
  * Fix a bug that prevented using custom functions with the new marks feature (#2344)
  * Make the set of URL prefixes that are recognized while hovering with the
    mouse configurable (#2416)
  * Fix border/margin/padding sizes not being recalculated on DPI change (#2346)
  * diff kitten: Fix directory diffing with removed binary files failing (#2378)
  * Fix rendering of combining characters with fonts that have glyphs for
    precomposed characters but not decomposed versions (#2365)
  * Fix incorrect rendering of selection when using rectangular select and
    scrolling (#2351)
  * Allow setting WM_CLASS and WM_NAME when creating new OS windows
    with the launch command (launch --os-window-class)
  * Fix a regression in the previous release that broke switching to
    neighboring windows in the Grid layout when there are less
    than four windows (#2377)
  * Fix colors in scrollback pager off if the window has redefined
    terminal colors using escape codes (#2381)
  * Fix selection not updating properly while scrolling (#2442)
  * Allow extending selections by dragging with right button pressed (#2445)
  * Workaround for bug in less that causes colors to reset at wrapped lines (#2381)
  * X11/Wayland: Allow drag and drop of text/plain in addition to text/uri-list (#2441)
  * Dont strip & and - from the end of URLs (#2436)
  * Fix @selection placeholder not working with launch command (#2417)
  * Drop support for python 3.5
  * Wayland: Fix a crash when drag and dropping into kitty (#2432)
  * diff kitten: Fix images lingering as blank rectangles after the kitten quits (#2449)
  * diff kitten: Fix images losing position when scrolling using mouse wheel/touchpad

Tue Jan 28 03:50:08 UTC 2020 - Martin Rey <>

- Update to 0.16.0:
  * A new Marks feature that allows highlighting and scrolling to
    arbitrary text in the terminal window.
  * hints kitten: Allow pressing ctrl+shift+p>n to quickly open the
    selected file at the selected line in vim or a configurable
    editor (#2268)
  * Allow having more than one full height window in the tall
    layout (#2276)
  * Allow choosing OpenType features for individual fonts via the
    font_features option. (#2248)
  * Wayland: Fix a freeze in rare circumstances when having
    multiple OS Windows (#2307 and #1722)
  * Wayland: Fix window titles being set to very long strings on
    the order of 8KB causing a crash (#1526)
  * Add an option force_ltr to turn off the display of text in RTL
    scripts in right-to-left order (#2293)
  * Allow opening new tabs/windows before the current tab/window as
    well as after it with the launch --location option.
  * Add a resize_in_steps option that can be used to resize the OS
    window in steps as large as character cells (#2131)
  * When triple-click+dragging to select multiple lines, extend the
    selection of the first line to match the rest on the left
  * Fix a segfault when using kitty --debug-config with maps
  * goto_tab now maps numbers larger than the last tab to the last
    tab (#2291)
  * Fix URL detection not working for urls of the form
    scheme:///url (#2292)
  * When windows are semi-transparent and all contain graphics,
    correctly render them. (#2310)

Fri Dec 27 11:14:53 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.15.1:
  * Fix a crash/incorrect rendering when detaching a window in
    some circumstances (#2173)
  * hints kitten: Add an option kitty +kitten hints --ascending
    to control if the hints numbers increase or decrease from
    top to bottom
  * Fix background_opacity incorrectly applying to selected
    text and reverse video text (#2177)
  * Add a new option tab_bar_background to specify a different
    color for the tab bar (#2198)
  * Add a new option active_tab_title_template to specify a
    different template for active tab titles (#2198)
  * Fix lines at the edge of the window at certain windows sizes
    when drawing images on a transparent window (#2079)
  * Fix window not being rendered for the first time until some
    input has been received from child process (#2216)

Wed Nov 27 07:36:34 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.15.0:
  * Add a new action detach_window that can be used to move the current window
    into a different tab (#1310)
  * Add a new action launch that unifies launching of processes in new kitty
  * Add a new style powerline for tab bar rendering, see tab_bar_style (#2021)
  * Allow changing colors by mapping a keyboard shortcut to read a kitty config
    file with color definitions. See the FAQ for details (#2083)
  * hints kitten: Allow completely customizing the matching and actions
    performed by the kitten using your own script (#2124)
  * Wayland: Fix key repeat not being stopped when focus leaves window. This is
    expected behavior on Wayland, apparently (#2014)
  * When drawing unicode symbols that are followed by spaces, use multiple
    cells to avoid resized or cut-off glyphs (#1452)
  * diff kitten: Allow diffing remote files easily via ssh (#727)
  * unicode input kitten: Add an option kitty +kitten unicode_input
    --emoji-variation to control the presentation variant of selected emojis
  * Add specialised rendering for a few more box powerline and unicode symbols
    (#2074 and #2021)
  * Add a new socket only mode for allow_remote_control. This makes it possible
    for programs running on the local machine to control kitty but not programs
    running over ssh.
  * hints kitten: Allow using named groups in the regular expression. The named
    groups are passed to the invoked program for further processing.
  * Fix a regression in 0.14.5 that caused rendering of private use glyphs with
    and without spaces to be identical (#2117)
  * Wayland: Fix incorrect scale used when first creating an OS window (#2133)

Mon Sep 30 08:43:41 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.14.6:
  * Fix a regression in the previous release that caused kitty to
    not always respond to DPI changes (#1999)
- Changes from 0.14.5:
  * Implement a hack to (mostly) preserve tabs when cat-ting a
    file with them and then copying the text or passing screen
    contents to another program (#1829)
  * When all visible windows have the same background color, use
    that as the color for the global padding, instead of the
    configured background color (#1957)
  * When resetting the terminal, also reset parser state, this
    allows easy recovery from incomplete escape codes (#1961)
  * Allow mapping keys commonly found on European keyboards (#1928)
  * Fix incorrect rendering of some symbols when followed by a
    space while using the PowerLine font which does not have a
    space glyph (#1225)
  * Linux: Allow using fonts with spacing=90 in addition to
    fonts with spacing=100 (#1968)
  * Use selection foreground color for underlines as well (#1982)

Mon Sep  2 09:42:28 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.14.4:
  * hints kitten: Add a kitty +kitten hints --alphabet option to
    control what alphabets are used for hints (#1879)
  * hints kitten: Allow specifying kitty +kitten hints --program
    multiple times to run multiple programs (#1879)
  * Add a kitten_alias option that can be used to alias kitten
    invocation for brevity and to change kitten option defaults globally (#1879)
  * When running kittens, use the colorscheme of the current window
    rather than the configured colorscheme (#1906)
  * Don't fail to start if running the shell to read the EDITOR
    env var fails (#1869)
  * Disable the liga and dlig OpenType features for broken
    fonts such as Nimbus Mono.
  * Fix a regression that broke setting background_opacity
    via remote control (#1895)
  * Fix piping PNG images into the icat kitten not working (#1920)
  * When the OS returns a fallback font that does not actually
    contain glyphs for the text, do not exhaust the list of fallback fonts (#1918)
  * Fix formatting attributes not reset across line boundaries
    when passing buffer as ANSI (#1924)

Mon Jul 29 05:59:15 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.14.3:
  * Remote control: Add a command kitty @ scroll-window to scroll windows
  * Allow passing a !neighbor argument to the new_window mapping to open
    a new window next to the active window (#1746)
  * Document the kitty remote control protocol (#1646)
  * Add a new option pointer_shape_when_grabbed that allows you to control
    the mouse pointer shape when the terminal programs grabs the pointer (#1808)
  * Add an option terminal_select_modifiers to control which modifiers are
    used to override mouse selection even when a terminal application has
    grabbed the mouse (#1774)
  * When piping data to a child in the pipe command do it in a thread so as
    not to block the UI (#1708)
  * unicode_input kitten: Fix a regression that broke using indices to select
    recently used symbols.
  * Fix a regression that caused closing an overlay window to focus the previously
    focused window rather than the underlying window (#1720)
  * Linux: Fix incorrect scaling for fallback fonts when the font has an underscore
    that renders out of bounds (#1713)
  * Fix an out of bounds read causing a crash when selecting text with the mouse
    in the alternate screen mode (#1578)
  * Linux: Use the system "bell" sound for the terminal bell. Adds libcanberra as a
    new dependency to play the system sound.
  * Linux: Fix a regression in 0.14.0 that caused the event loop to tick continuously,
    wasting CPU even when idle (#1782)
  * ssh kitten: Make argument parsing more like ssh (#1787)
  * When using strip_trailing_spaces do not remove empty lines (#1802)
  * Fix a crash when displaying very large number of images (#1825)

Wed Jun 26 18:24:44 UTC 2019 - Ondřej Súkup <>

- enable build of doc for Leap 15.1+ 

Tue Jun 11 03:23:45 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.14.2:
  * Add an option placement_strategy to control how the cell area is aligned inside the window when the window size is not an exact multiple of the cell size (#1670)
  * hints kitten: Add a kitty +kitten hints --multiple-joiner option to control how multiple selections are serialized when copying to clipboard or inserting into the terminal. You can have them on separate lines, separated by arbitrary characters, or even serialized as JSON (#1665)
  * panel kitten: Fix the contents of the panel kitten not being positioned correctly on the vertical axis
  * icat kitten: Fix a regression that broke passing directories to icat (#1683)
  * clipboard kitten: Add a kitty +kitten clipboard --wait-for-completion option to have the kitten wait till copying to clipboard is complete (#1693)
  * Allow using the pipe command to send screen and scrollback contents directly to the clipboard (#1693)
  * Linux: Disable the Wayland backend on GNOME by default as GNOME has no support for server side decorations. Can be controlled by linux_display_server.
  * Add an option to control the default update_check_interval when building kitty packages
  * Wayland: Fix resizing the window on a compositor that does not provide server side window decorations, such a GNOME or Weston not working correctly (#1659)
  * Wayland: Fix crash when enabling disabling monitors on sway (#1696)

Thu May 30 07:14:43 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.14.1:
  * Add an option command_on_bell to run an arbitrary command when a bell occurs (#1660)
  * Add a shortcut to toggle maximized window state ctrl+shift+f10
  * Add support for the underscore key found in some keyboard layouts (#1639)
  * Fix a missing newline when using the pipe command between the scrollback and screen contents (#1642)
  * Fix colors not being preserved when using the pipe command with the pager history buffer (#1657)
  * When resizing and only a single window is present in the current layout, use that window's background color to fill in the blank areas.
  * Linux: Automatically increase cell height if the font being used is broken and draws the underscore outside the bounding box (#690)
  * Wayland: Fix maximizing the window on a compositor that does not provide server side window decorations, such a GNOME or Weston not working (#1662)
- Update kitty-no-docs.patch

Fri May 24 12:30:14 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.14.0:
  * Support for an arbitrary number of internal clipboard buffers to copy/paste from, see (Multiple copy/paste buffers)
  * Allow using the new private internal clipboard buffers with the copy_on_select option (#1390)
  * Add an option disable_ligatures to disable multi-character ligatures under the cursor to make editing easier or disable them completely (#461)
  * Allow creating new OS windows in session files (#1514)
  * Allow setting OS window size in session files
  * Add an option tab_switch_strategy to control which tab becomes active when the current tab is closed (#1524)
  * Allow specifying a value of none for the selection_foreground which will cause kitty to not change text color in selections (#1358)
  * Make live resizing of OS windows smoother and add an option resize_draw_strategy to control what is drawn while a resize is in progress.
  * When a window is closed, switch focus to the previously active window (if any) instead of picking the previous window in the layout (#1450)
  * icat kitten: Add support for displaying images at http(s) URLs (#1340)
  * A new option strip_trailing_spaces to optionally remove trailing spaces from lines when copying to clipboard.
  * A new option tab_bar_min_tabs to control how many tabs must be present before the tab-bar is shown (#1382)
  * Automatically check for new releases and notify when an update is available, via the system notification facilities. Can be controlled by update_check_interval (#1342)
  * Fix using remote control to set cursor text color causing errors when creating new windows (#1326)
  * Fix window title for minimized windows not being updated (#1332)
  * Fix scrollback pager history not being cleared when clearing the main scrollback buffer (#1387)
  * Wayland: Use the kitty Wayland backend by default. Can be switched back to using XWayland by setting the environment variable: KITTY_DISABLE_WAYLAND=1
  * Add a no-append setting to clipboard_control to disable the kitty copy concatenation protocol extension for OSC 52.
  * Update to using the Unicode 12 standard
  * Unicode input kitten: Allow using the arrow keys in code mode to go to next and previous unicode symbol.
  * Fix a regression in version 0.13.0 that caused background colors of space characters after private use unicode characters to not be respected (#1455)
  * Only update the selected text to clipboard when the selection is finished, not continuously as it is updated. (#1460)
  * Allow setting active_border_color to none to not draw a border around the active window (#805)
  * Use negative values for mouse_hide_wait to hide the mouse cursor immediately when pressing a key (#1534)
  * When encountering errors in kitty.conf report them to the user instead of failing to start.
  * Allow the user to control the resize debounce time via resize_debounce_time.
  * Remote control: Make the kitty @ set-font-size command more capable. It can now increment font size and reset it. It also only acts on the active top-level window, by default (#1581)
  * When launching child processes set the PWD environment variable (#1595)
  * X11: use the window manager's native full-screen implementation when making windows full-screen (#1605)
  * Mouse selection: When extending by word, fix extending selection to non-word characters not working well (#1616)

Sat Apr 20 20:05:26 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Trim metadata redundancies and bias from descriptions.

Tue Jan 22 10:03:06 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.13.3:
  * icat kitten: Add a --stdin option to control if image data is read from STDIN (#1308)
  * hints kitten: Start hints numbering at one instead of zero by default. Added an option --hints-offset to control it. (#1289)
  * Fix a regression in the previous release that broke using background for cursor_text_color (#1288)
  * Add a list of user-created kittens to the docs
  * Fix a regression that broke changing mouse wheel scroll direction with negative wheel_scroll_multiplier values in full-screen applications like vim (#1299)
  * Fix background_opacity not working with pure white backgrounds (#1285)

Tue Jan  8 08:20:43 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 0.13.2:
  * Add a new option tab_title_template to control how tab titles are formatted. In particular the template can be used to display the tab number next to the title (#1223)
  * Report the current foreground processes as well as the original child process, when using kitty @ ls
  * Use the current working directory of the foreground process for the *_with_cwd actions that open a new window with the current working directory.
  * Add a new copy_or_interrupt action that can be mapped to kbd:ctrl+c. It will copy if there is a selection and interrupt otherwise (#1286)
  * Fix setting background_opacity causing window margins/padding to be slightly different shade from background (#1221)
  * Handle keyboards with a "+" key (#1224)
  * Fix Private use Unicode area characters followed by spaces at the end of text not being rendered correctly (#1210)
  * Fix changing cursor_text_color via remote control not working (#1229)
  * Add an action to resize windows that can be mapped to shortcuts in kitty.conf (#1245)
  * Fix using the new_tab !neighbor action changing the order of the non-neighboring tabs (#1256)

Sat Dec 15 07:46:46 UTC 2018 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 0.13.1:
  * Fix passing input via the pipe action to a program without a window not working.
  * Linux: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused automatic selection of bold/italic fonts when using aliases such as "monospace" to not work (#1209)
  * Fix resizing window smaller and then restoring causing some wrapped lines to not be properly unwrapped (#1206)
  Changelog from 0.13.0:
  * Add an option scrollback_pager_history_size to tell kitty to store extended scrollback to use when viewing the scrollback buffer in a pager (#970)
  * Modify the kittens sub-system to allow creating custom kittens without any user interface. This is useful for creating more complex actions that can be bound to key presses in kitty.conf. See doc:kittens/custom. (#870)
  * Add a new nth_window action that can be used to go to the nth window and also previously active windows, using negative numbers. Similarly, goto_tab now accepts negative numbers to go to previously active tabs (#1040)
  * Allow hiding the tab bar completely, by setting tab_bar_style to hidden. (#1014)
  * Allow private use unicode characters to stretch over more than a single neighboring space (#1036)
  * Add a new touch_scroll_multiplier option to modify the amount scrolled by high precision scrolling devices such as touchpads (#1129)
  * icat kitten: Implement reading image data from STDIN, if STDIN is not connected to a terminal (#1130)
  * hints kitten: Insert trailing spaces after matches when using the --multiple option. Also add a separate --add-trailing-space option to control this behavior (#1132)
  * Fix the *_with_cwd actions using the cwd of the overlay window rather than the underlying window's cwd (#1045)
  * Fix incorrect key repeat rate on wayland (#1055)
  * Linux: Fix incorrect rendering of some fonts when hinting is disabled at small sizes (#1173)
  * Linux: Fix match rules used as aliases in Fontconfig configuration not being respected (#1085)
  * Linux: Fix a crash when using the GNU Unifont as a fallback font (#1087)
  * Wayland: Fix copying from hidden kitty windows hanging (#1051)
  * Wayland: Add support for the primary selection protocol implemented by some compositors (#1095)
  * Fix expansion of env vars not working in the env directive (#1075)
  * Fix mouse_hide_wait only taking effect after an event such as cursor blink or key press (#1073)
  * Fix the set_background_opacity action not working correctly (#1147)
  * Fix second cell of emoji created using variation selectors not having the same attributes as the first cell (#1109)
  * Fix focusing neighboring windows in the grid layout with less than 4 windows not working (#1115)
  * Fix ctrl+shift+special key not working in normal and application keyboard modes (#1114)
  * Add a terminfo entry for full keyboard mode.
  * Fix incorrect text-antialiasing when using very low background opacity (#1005)
  * When double or triple clicking ignore clicks if they are "far" from each other (#1093)
  * Follow xterm's behavior for the menu key (#597)
  * Fix hover detection of URLs not working when hovering over the first colon and slash characters in short URLs (#1201)

Tue Nov 27 08:59:28 UTC 2018 -

- Add: kitty-no-docs.patch: Fix build for Leap 15.0
  There is no python-sphincs >= 1.7 for Leap 15.0.
  After receiving many requests for a package for this version,
  I decided to ship one without docs for it.

Tue Oct 23 13:48:08 UTC 2018 -

- Add sphinx version requirements

Tue Oct  2 11:03:57 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.12.3:
  * Unicode input: Fix an error when searching for the string 'fir' (#1035)

Mon Sep 24 08:56:24 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.12.2:
  * A new last_used_layout function that can be mapped to a shortcut to switch to the previously used window layout (#870)
  * New neighboring_window and move_window functions to switch to neighboring windows in the current layout, and move them around, similar to window movement in vim (#916)
  * A new pipe function that can be used to pipe the contents of the screen and scrollback buffer to any desired program running in a new window, tab or overlay window. (#933)
  * Add a new kitty --start-as command line flag to start kitty full-screen/maximized/minimized. This replaces the --start-in-fullscreen flag introduced in the previous release (#935)
  * When mapping the new_tab action allow specifying that the tab should open next to the current tab instead of at the end of the tabs list (#979)
  * Fix a bug causing incorrect line ordering when viewing the scrollback buffer if the scrollback buffer is full (#960)
  * Fix drag-scrolling not working when the mouse leaves the window confines (#917)
  * Workaround for broken editors like nano that cannot handle newlines in pasted text (#994)
  * Linux: Ensure that the python embedded in the kitty binary build uses UTF-8 mode to process command-line arguments (#924)
  * Linux: Handle fonts that contain monochrome bitmaps (such as the Terminus TTF font) (#934)
  * Have the kitty --title flag apply to all windows created using kitty --session (#921)
  * Revert change for backspacing of wide characters in the previous release, as it breaks backspacing in some wide character aware programs (#875)
  * Fix kitty @set-colors not working for tab backgrounds when using the fade tabbar style (#937)
  * Linux: Fix window icon not set on X11 for the first OS window (#961)
  * Remote control: Fix the focus_window command not focusing the top-level OS window of the specified kitty window (#1003)
  * Fix using focus_follows_mouse causing text selection with the mouse to malfunction when using multiple kitty windows (#1002)

Mon Sep 10 12:06:28 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.12.1:
  * Add a new kitty --start-in-fullscreen command line flag to start kitty in full screen mode (#856)
  * Linux: Do not enable IME input via ibus unless the GLFW_IM_MODULE=ibus environment variable is set. IME causes key processing latency and even missed keystrokes for many people, so it is now off by default.
  * Fix backspacing of wide characters in wide-character unaware programs not working (#875)
  * Linux: Fix number pad arrow keys not working when Numlock is off (#857)
  * Wayland: Implement support for clipboard copy/paste (#855)
  * Allow mapping shortcuts using the raw key code from the OS (#848)
  * Allow mapping of individual key-presses without modifiers as shortcuts
  * Fix legacy invocation of icat as kitty icat not working (#850)
  * Improve rendering of wavy underline at small font sizes (#853)
  * Fix a regression in 0.12.0 that broke dynamic resizing of layouts (#860)
  * Wayland: Allow using the kitty --class command line flag to set the app id (#862)
  * Add completion of the kitty command for the fish shell (#829)
  * Linux: Fix XCompose rules with no defined symbol not working (#880)
  * Linux: Fix crash with some Nvidia drivers when creating tabs in the first top level-window after creating a second top-level window. (#873)

Tue Sep  4 06:27:08 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.12.0:
  * Preserve the mouse selection even when the contents of the screen are scrolled or overwritten provided the new text does not intersect the selected lines.
  * Linux: Implement support for Input Method Extensions (multilingual input using standard keyboards) via IBus (#469)
  * Implement completion for the kitty command in bash and zsh. See Completion for kitty.
  * Render the text under the cursor in a fixed color, configurable via the option cursor_text_color (#126)
  * Add an option env to set environment variables in child processes from kitty.conf
  * Implement high precision scrolling with the trackpad on platforms such as macOS and Wayland that implement it. (#819)
  * Remote control: Allow changing the current window layout with a new kitty @ goto-layout command (#845)
  * Remote control: Allow matching windows by the environment variables of their child process as well
  * Allow running kittens via the remote control system (#738)
  * Allow enabling remote control in only some kitty windows
  * Add a keyboard shortcut to reset the terminal (ctrl+shift+delete). It takes parameters so you can define your own shortcuts to clear the screen/scrollback also (#747)
  * Fix one-pixel line appearing at window edges at some window sizes when displaying images with background opacity enabled (#741)
  * diff kitten: Fix error when right hand side file is binary and left hand side file is text (#752)
  * kitty @ new-window: Add a new option kitty @ new-window --window-type to create top-level OS windows (#770)
  * Fix detection of URLs in HTML source code (URLs inside quotes) (#785)
  * Implement support for emoji skin tone modifiers (#787)
  * Round-trip the zwj unicode character. Rendering of sequences containing zwj is still not implemented, since it can cause the collapse of an unbounded number of characters into a single cell. However, kitty at least preserves the zwj by storing it as a combining character.
  * Linux: Fix slow startup on some systems caused by GLFW searching for joysticks. Since kitty does not use joysticks, disable joystick support. (#830)

Mon Jul 16 08:53:36 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.11.3:
  * Draw only the minimum borders needed for inactive windows. That is only the borders that separate the inactive window from a neighbor. Note that setting a non-zero window margin overrides this and causes all borders to be drawn. The old behavior of drawing all borders can be restored via the draw_minimal_borders setting in kitty.conf.
  * Fix triple-click to select line not working when the entire line is filled (#703)
  * When dragging to select with the mouse "grab" the mouse so that if it strays into neighboring windows, the selection is still updated (#624)
  * When clicking in the margin/border area of a window, map the click to the nearest cell in the window. Avoids selection with the mouse failing when starting the selection just outside the window.
  * When drag-scrolling stop the scroll when the mouse button is released.
  * Fix a regression in the previous release that caused pasting large amounts of text to be duplicated (#709)

Mon Jul  2 09:44:23 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.11.2:
  * Linux: Allow using XKB key names to bind shortcuts to keys not supported by GLFW (#665)
  * kitty shell: Ignore failure to read readline history file. Happens if the user migrates their kitty cache directory between systems with incompatible readline implementations.
  * hints kitten: Add a kitty +kitten hints --multiple option to select multiple items (#687)
  * Fix pasting large amounts of text very slow (#682)
  * Add an option single_window_margin_width to allow different margins when only a single window is visible in the layout (#688)
  * Add a kitty --hold command line option to stay open after the child process exits (#667)
  * diff kitten: When triggering a search scroll to the first match automatically
  * kitty --debug-font-fallback also prints out what basic fonts were matched
  * When closing a kitty window reset the mouse cursor to its default shape and ensure it is visible (#655).
  * Remote control: Speed-up reading of command responses
  * Linux installer: Fix installer failing on systems with python < 3.5
  * Support “-T” as an alias for “–title” (#659)

Mon Jun 18 07:20:17 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.11.1:
  * diff kitten: Implement searching for text in the diff (#574)
  * Add an option startup_session to kitty.conf to specify a default startup session (#641)
  * Add a command line option kitty --wait-for-single-instance-window-close to make kitty --single-instance wait for the closing of the newly opened window before quitting (#630)
  * diff kitten: Allow theming the selection background/foreground as well
  * diff kitten: Display CRLF line endings using the unicode return symbol instead of <d> as it is less intrusive (#638)
  * diff kitten: Fix default foreground/background colors not being restored when kitten quits (#637)
  * Fix kitty @ set-colors --all not working when more than one window present (#632)
  * Fix a regression that broke the legacy increase/decrease_font_size actions
  * Clear scrollback on reset (#631)

Tue Jun 12 07:43:11 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.11.0:
  * A new tab bar style "fade" in which each tab's edges fade into the background.
  * A new kitten to create dock panels on X11 desktops showing the output from arbitrary terminal programs.
  * Reduce data sent to the GPU per render by 30% (commit: 8dea5b3e)
  * Implement changing the font size for individual top level (OS) windows (#408)
  * When viewing the scrollback in less using ctrl+shift+h and kitty is currently scrolled, position the scrollback in less to match kitty's scroll position. (#148)
  * ssh kitten: Support all SSH options. It can now be aliased directly to ssh for convenience. (#591)
  * icat kitten: Add kitty +kitten icat --print-window-size to easily detect the window size in pixels from scripting languages (#581)
  * hints kitten: Allow selecting hashes from the terminal with ctrl+shift+p>h useful for git commits. (#604)
  * Allow specifying initial window size in number of cells in addition to pixels (#436)
  * Add a setting to control the margins to the left and right of the tab-bar (#584)
  * When closing a tab switch to the last active tab instead of the right-most tab (#585)
  * Wayland: Fix kitty not starting when using wl_roots based compositors (#157)
  * Wayland: Fix mouse wheel/touchpad scrolling in opposite direction to other apps (#594)
  * Add a config option (editor) to set the EDITOR kitty uses (#580)
  * Add a config option (x11_hide_window_decorations) to hide window decorations under X11/Wayland (#607)
  * Add an option to @set-window-title to make the title change non-permanent (#592)
  * Add support for the CSI t escape code to query window and cell sizes (#581)
  * Linux: Fix fonts not being correctly read from TrueType Collection (.ttc) files (#577)
  * Fix inactive_text_alpha also applying to the tab bar (#612)
  * hints kitten: Fix a regression that caused some blank lines to be not be displayed.
  * Linux: Include a man page and the HTML docs when building the linux-package
  * Remote control: Fix kitty @ sometimes failing to read the response from kitty. (#614)
  * Fix kitty @ set-colors not working with the window border colors. (#623)
- Add BuildRequires: python3-Sphinx for docu building
- Add documentation and man pages to files section

Thu May 24 15:17:48 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.10.1:
  * Add a kitten to easily ssh into servers that automatically copies the terminfo files over. kitty +kitten ssh myserver.
  * diff kitten: Make the keyboard shortcuts configurable (#563)
  * Allow controlling background_opacity via either keyboard shortcuts or remote control. Note that you must set dynamic_background_opacity yes in kitty.conf first. (#569)
  * diff kitten: Add keybindings to scroll by page
  * diff kitten: Fix incorrect syntax highlighting for a few file formats such as yaml
  * Fix Ctrl+Alt+Space not working in normal and application keyboard modes (#562)

Tue May 22 08:13:06 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.10.0:
  * A diff kitten to show side-by-side diffs with syntax highlighting and support for images. See diff README.
  * Make windows in the various kitty layouts manually resizable. See the Layouts section of the README for details.
  * Implement support for the SGR faint escape code to make text blend into the background (#446).
  * Make the hints kitten a little smarter, so that URLs that stretch over multiple lines are detected.
    Also improve detection of surrounding brackets/quotes.
  * Make the kitty window id available as the environment variable KITTY_WINDOW_ID (#532).
  * Add a "fat" layout that is similar to the "tall" layout but vertically oriented.
  * Expand environment variables in config file include directives
  * Allow programs running in kitty to read/write from the clipboard. By default only writing is allowed.
  * Fix moving cursor outside a defined page area incorrectly causing the cursor to be placed inside the page area.
    Caused incorrect rendering in neovim, in some situations (#542).
  * Render a couple more powerline symbols directly, bypassing the font (#550).
  * Fix ctrl+alt+<special> not working in normal and application keyboard (#548).
  * Partial fix for rendering Right-to-left languages like Arabic.
  * Fix Ctrl+backspace acting as plain backspace in normal and application keyboard modes (#538).
  * Have the paste_from_selection action paste from the clipboard on platforms
    that do not have a primary selection such as Wayland and macOS (#529)
  * Fix cursor_stop_blinking_after=0 not working (#530)

Sun May  6 08:18:05 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.9.1:
  * Show a bell symbol on the tab if a bell occurs in one of the windows in the
    tab and the window is not the currently focused window
  * Change the window border color if a bell occurs in an unfocused window. Can
    be disabled by setting the bell_border_color to be the same as the
  * Unicode input: When searching by name search for prefix matches as well as whole word matches
  * Dynamically allocate the memory used for the scrollback history buffer.
  * Reduces startup memory consumption when using very large scrollback buffer sizes.
  * Add an option to not request window attention on bell.
  * Remote control: Allow matching windows by number (visible position).
  * When triple-clicking select all wrapped lines belonging to a single logical line.
  * hints kitten: Detect bracketed URLs and dont include the closing bracket in the URL.
  * When calling pass_selection_to_program use the current directory of the child process as the cwd of the program.
  * Add a setting to clear all shortcuts defined up to that point in the config file(s)
  * Add a setting (kitty_mod) to change the modifier used by all the default kitty shortcuts, globally
  * Fix Shift+function key not working
  * Support the F13 to F25 function keys
  * Don't fail to start if the user deletes the hintstyle key from their fontconfig configuration.
  * When rendering a private use unicode codepoint and a space as a two cell
    ligature, set the foreground colors of the space cell to match the colors of
    the first cell. Works around applications like powerline that use different
    colors for the two cells.
  * Fix passing @text to other programs such as when viewing the scrollback
    buffer not working correctly if kitty is itself scrolled up.
  * Fix window focus gained/lost events not being reported to child programs
    when switching windows/tabs using the various keyboard shortcuts.
  * Fix tab title not changing to reflect the window title when switching between different windows in a tab
  * Ignore -e if it is specified on the command line. This is for compatibility
    with broken software that assumes terminals should run with an -e option to
    execute commands instead of just passing the commands as arguments.

Sun Apr 15 17:17:24 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.9.0
  * A new kitty command shell to allow controlling kitty via
    commands. Press ctrl+shift+escape to run the shell.
  * The hints kitten has become much more powerful. Now in addition
    to URLs you can use it to select word, paths, filenames, lines,
    etc. from the screen. These can be inserted into the terminal,
    copied to clipboard or sent to external programs.
  * Switch to libxkbcommon for keyboard handling. It allows kitty to
    support XCompose and dead keys and also react to keyboard
    remapping/layout change without needing a restart.
  * Add support for multiple-key-sequence shortcuts
  * A new remote control command set-colors to change the current
    and/or configured colors.
  * When double-clicking to select a word, select words that continue
    onto the next/prev line as well.
  * Add an include directive for the config files to read multiple
    config files
  * Improve mouse selection for windows with padding. Moving the
    mouse into the padding area now acts as if the mouse is over
    the nearest cell.
  * Allow setting all 256 terminal colors in the config file
  * Fix using kitty --single-instance to open a new window in a
    running kitty instance, not respecting the --directory flag
  * URL hints: Exclude trailing punctuation from URLs
  * URL hints: Launch the browser from the kitty parent process
    rather than the hints kitten. Fixes launching on some systems
    where xdg-open doesn't like being run from a kitten.
  * Allow using rectangle select mode by pressing shift in addition
    to the rectangle select modifiers even when the terminal program
    has grabbed the mouse.

Mon Apr  2 06:55:11 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 0.8.4
- Drop upstreamed patch: kitty-0.8.2-desktopfile-category.patch

Tue Mar 20 16:07:57 UTC 2018 -

- Initial package for openSUSE in version 0.8.2
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