File katacontainers.changes of Package katacontainers

Fri Jan  8 12:49:37 UTC 2021 - Richard Brown <>

- Update to 1.11.5:
  runtime: Security fixes included:
    - Readonly bind-mounts are now mounted read-only on the host.
      With this fix, mounts are protected at VM boundary not just
      the guest kernel. If a container escape were to occur, one
      would be able to write to a directory or file that was
      mounted read-only.
    - Certain annotations in kata can be used to execute
      pre-exiting binaries. This could be used to execute arbitrary
      binaries with the onus of validating these paths left to the
      stack about Kata. In this release, we added appropriate
      validations so that an admin can configure a list of file
      system paths that can be used to filter annotations that
      represent valid file names.

Fri Jun 19 15:04:27 UTC 2020 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.11.1:
    - shm: handle shm mount backed by empty-dir memory volumes
    - virtcontainers: Fix structured logging in device/config package
    - vc: make host shared path readonly

Thu May 28 16:24:26 UTC 2020 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.11.0 (bsc#1172092, CVE-2020-2024)
    - qemu: Support PCIe device hotplug for q35
    - qemu: Add virtio-mem support (experimental)
    - Support pmem/nvdimm hotplug
    - ipv6: Add support for ipv6
    - persist: move "newstore" out of experimental:The "newstore"
      feature has had been a "experimental" feature for long time.
    - rootless: Fix rootless for case net=none
    - Support device cgroup in the host when sandbox_cgroup_only
      is true, the hypervisor has access only to the devices that
      the sandbox and its containers need
    - vendor: Update kata agent to 5bf8d4cc461
    - vendor: Update logrus to v1.4.2
    - make: Add support to strip the binary
    - Makefile: overwrite PREFIX from environment

Mon Jan 20 15:46:33 UTC 2020 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.10.0:
    - Initial support for Cloud Hypervisor
    - HybridVsock support for cloud hypervisor and firecracker
    - Updated Firecracker version to v0.19.1
    - Better rootless support for firecracker
    - This release deprecates bridged networking model

Fri Dec 13 14:08:44 UTC 2019 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.9.3:
    - versions: bump fc version to v0.18.1
    - backport 1.9: fix wrong number cpus after killing a container
    - virtcontainers/store: make VCStoreUUIDPath rootless
    - vc: Don't adjust block index on error
    - vc: Persist file handle may leak in FS#ToDisk

Wed Dec  4 16:56:28 UTC 2019 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.9.2:
    - rootless: Fix rangeUID parsing (Backport to 1.9)
    - rootless: Fix cgroup creation logic for rootless(Backport to 1.9)

Thu Nov 14 16:11:57 UTC 2019 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.9.1:
    - sandbox/cgroups: don't constrain if using SandboxCgroupsOnly
    - ci: Fix

Thu Oct 24 15:17:17 UTC 2019 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.9.0 tarballs, this is just a version bump without
  any code changes.

Mon Oct 21 14:15:11 UTC 2019 - Ralf Haferkamp <>

- Update to 1.9.0~rc0:
    - Fix cache factory UT
    - Virtio-fs v0.3 support
    - virtcontainers: set agent's logs vsock port
    - config: Fix `virtio-fs` typo in Makefile
    - Hypervisor: UUID fix for acrn hypevisor
    - virtcontainers: change firecracker socket permissions
    - Add annotations to provide custom configs
    - Fix CRIO + Firecracker
    - rootless: add rootless to kata
    - QEMU: do not require nvdimm machine option with initrd
    - s390x: Fix runtime build for s390x
    - versions: Update kernel to 4.19.75
    - Support Firecracker 0.18
    - virtcontainers: fix the issue of missing qemu error logs
    - config: Fix the qemu-virtiofs.toml
    - s390x: Share image between qemu instances
    - The unit of newMemory is MB
    - config: use 9p as default shared filesystem for nemu
    - Remove annotation config json key
    - shim/firecracker: Read agent's logs
    - vendor: update kata agent
- Fix config for set-version source-service to set version based
  on the runtime filename. The previously used "katacontainers"
  caused the service to fail.

Wed Sep 25 11:46:31 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Update katacontainers to version 1.9.0~alpha2: 
  runtime 1.9.0~alpha2:
   * virtcontainers: Set sandbox dns in sandbox request
   * vc: Remove bind destination when unmounting
   * virtio-fs: add virtio_fs_extra_args for virtiofsd
   * sandbox: combine sandbox cgroup functions
   * sandbox: Join cgroup sandbox on create.
   * cgroups: container: check cgroup path before use it
   * sandbox: cgroup: prefix cgroup related methods
   * sandbox: cgroups: move methods to sandbox file
   * hypervisor: Fix MacVTap internetworking support in ACRN
   * CompatOCISpec: limit usage of CompatOCISpec
   * s390x: add virtio-blk-ccw
   * virtcontainers: create generic function
   * vsock: set VHOST_VSOCK_SET_GUEST_CID based based on arch
   * vc: Delete store when new/create container is failed
   * virtcontainers: fix kernel modules annotations
   * kata-check: require kvm/vhost modules for amd64
   * kata-check: reduce default output verbosity
   * v2: Prevent killing all container processes when exec is failed
   * shim-v2: add network stat in metric
   * qemu: fix error message miss
   * monitor: enlarge watch buffer
   * hypervisor: allow to return a slice of pids
   * virtcontainers: Fix the issue of watching console for firecracker
   * qemu: add logfile when debug is on
   * qemu: fix memory prealloc option handling
   * qemu: check guest status with qmp query-status
   * shimv2: cancel monitor before stopping sandbox
   * qemu: do not try to stop qemu multiple times
   * network: always cold unplug network devices
   * Revert: "sandbox: remove network before stopping vm"
   * agent: add default timeout for grpc requests
   * container: do not pause a StateReady container
   * sandbox: remove network before stopping vm
   * virtcontainers: fix hotplug pci devices execeed max capacity bug
   * vsock: Propogate error for vsock ioctl
   * network: Ignore routes with proto as "kernel"
   * acrn: Change the default network model for ACRN to macvtap
   * network: Deprecate bridged networking mode.
   * network: fix failed to remove network
   * virtcontainers: add support for loading kernel modules
   * shim-v2: fix shim leak when hypervisor exit unexpectly
   * virtiofs: wait for virtiofsd process to release its resources
   * pkg/katautils: Do not set init in the kernel command line
   * virtiofs: fix virtiofs crash when cache=none
   * virtcontainers: support SMP die
   * qemu: support vfio pass x-pci-vendor-id and x-pci-device-id pass
   * ut: skip TestBindUnmountContainerRootfsENOENTNotError for non-root
   * ut: skip TestStartNetworkMonitor for non-root
   * vc: move container mount cleanup to container.go
   * shimv2: monitor sandbox liveness
   * monitor: watch hypervisor
   * agent: use hypervisor pid as backup proxy pid for non-kata proxy cases
   * sandbox: do not fail SIGKILL
   * sandbox: support force stop
   * agent: mark agent dead when failing to connect
   * container: allow to stop a paused container

Wed Sep  4 14:40:50 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Add config file in /etc/kata-containers
- Build with golang >= 1.12

Tue Aug 27 14:58:06 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Remove image entry from configuration files only where both image and 
  initrd are supported.

Thu Aug  8 14:41:31 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Move dependency on kernel-kvmsmall to the katacontainers-image package. 

Fri Aug  2 16:27:09 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Set the kernel version in the configuration files according to the one 
  specified in the initrd image name.

Wed Jul 31 08:46:47 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Use kernel-kvmsmall as guest VM kernel
- Use katacontainers-image-initrd as gues VM OS image
- Update katacontainers to version 1.9.0~alpha: 
  - Introduce ACRN hypervisor support
  - Upgrade the QEMU hypervisor from a QEMU-lite base to upstream QEMU 4.0.
  - Kata templating code to make use of the upstream x-ignored-shared. 
  - Firecracker hypervisor is updated to 0.17
  - Kata now has support for using Firecracker's jailer
  - Fixes and usability improvements for virtio-fs

Wed May 29 10:30:39 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Do not require or  recomment qemu-lite, upstream is switching to 
QEMU 4.0

Tue May 28 14:03:32 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Do not require qemu-lite, just recommend it

Tue May 28 13:18:21 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Update katacontainers to version 1.7.0:
  + early experimental preview of virtio-fs
    - virtio-fs is being developed as a replacement for 9pfs, providing better 
    performance and compatibility for workloads which require host to guest 
    filesystem sharing
  * improved the implementation of k8s empty-dir (ephemeral volumes) based 
  on host directories by creating these inside the VM itself.
  * support for firecracker version 0.16
  * a few optimization fixes, updated versions support

Wed Apr 24 15:46:10 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Update katacontainers to version 1.7.0~alpha1:
    * agent: pass correct mount type to agent for ephemeral volumes
    * network: Make tcfilter model as default
    * netmon: Fix bug in how routes are converted
    * storage: create k8s emptyDir inside VM
    * cli: fix kata-check test
    * shimv2: fix the issue of stop container failed
    * qemu: Remove the storage directories if qemu get from the factory
    * runtime: support memory hotplug via probe interface on aarch64
    - no changes

Mon Mar 25 11:02:53 UTC 2019 - Flavio Castelli <>

- Update katacontainers to version 1.6.0:
  -Add OpenTracing support: this release includes preview changes to support OpenTracing
  - As part of the changes to enabled virtio-fs, now the agent can mount virtio-fs shared directories
  - The agent allows cpuset request that not match with vcpus in the guest
  - Kata Containers project updated to the Linux Kernel 4.19.x as preferred kernel version
  - Now Kata supports NVDIMM on arm64
  - Now cpu cgroups in sandbox are honored: This includes user defined paths and limit hypervisor vCPU threads
- runtime:
  -  Kata now uses kernel: update to 4.19.x as preferred kernel version.
  -  Now Kata support snvdimm on arm64
  -  Reimplement sandbox cgroup
  -  Now cpu related cgroups in sandbox are honored including use user defined paths and limit hypervisor vcpu threads

Fri Mar 22 21:23:29 UTC 2019 - Flavio Castelli <>

- Add runtime helpers to start either the qemu or the firecracker

Wed Jan 30 16:42:44 UTC 2019 - Marco Vedovati <>

- Update to Kata Containers version 1.5.0
  + add firecracker support
  + containerd shim v2 support
  * kata-check: do not require nested virtualization
  + kata-env: Show runtime trace setting
  + factory: set guest time after resuming
  + sandbox: cleanup sandbox if creation failed
  + block: Add new block storage driver "nvdimm"
  + s390x: add support for s390x
  + tracing: Add opentracing support

Mon Dec 17 10:52:13 UTC 2018 - Marco Vedovati <>

- katacontainers package creation version 1.5.0~rc1
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