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%global packname  MIIPW 
%global rlibdir   %{_libdir}/R/library 
Name:           R-%{packname} 
Version:        0.1.0 
Release:        0 
Summary:        IPW and Mean Score Methods for Time-Course Missing Data 
Group:          Development/Libraries/Other 
License:        GPL-3 
URL:  {packname} 
Source:         MIIPW_0.1.0.tar.gz 
Requires:       R-base 
Requires:	R-R2jags
Requires:	R-matlib
Requires:	R-xtable
Requires:	R-rgl
Requires:	R-car
Requires:	R-rjags
Requires:	R-abind
Requires:	R-coda
Requires:	R-R2WinBUGS
Requires:	R-carData
Requires:	R-pbkrtest
Requires:	R-quantreg
Requires:	R-maptools
Requires:	R-rio
Requires:	R-lme4
Requires:	R-htmlwidgets
Requires:	R-htmltools
Requires:	R-knitr
Requires:	R-jsonlite
Requires:	R-magrittr
Requires:	R-crosstalk
Requires:	R-lazyeval
Requires:	R-R6
Requires:	R-digest
Requires:	R-base64enc
Requires:	R-rlang
Requires:	R-yaml
Requires:	R-evaluate
Requires:	R-highr
Requires:	R-markdown
Requires:	R-stringr
Requires:	R-xfun
Requires:	R-minqa
Requires:	R-nloptr
Requires:	R-Rcpp
Requires:	R-RcppEigen
Requires:	R-sp
Requires:	R-broom
Requires:	R-dplyr
Requires:	R-numDeriv
Requires:	R-SparseM
Requires:	R-MatrixModels
Requires:	R-conquer
Requires:	R-haven
Requires:	R-curl
Requires:	R-data.table
Requires:	R-readxl
Requires:	R-openxlsx
Requires:	R-tibble
Requires:	R-backports
Requires:	R-ellipsis
Requires:	R-generics
Requires:	R-glue
Requires:	R-purrr
Requires:	R-tidyr
Requires:	R-matrixStats
Requires:	R-RcppArmadillo
Requires:	R-lifecycle
Requires:	R-tidyselect
Requires:	R-vctrs
Requires:	R-pillar
Requires:	R-forcats
Requires:	R-hms
Requires:	R-readr
Requires:	R-cpp11
Requires:	R-mime
Requires:	R-zip
Requires:	R-stringi
Requires:	R-cellranger
Requires:	R-progress
Requires:	R-fansi
Requires:	R-pkgconfig
Requires:	R-rematch
Requires:	R-cli
Requires:	R-crayon
Requires:	R-utf8
Requires:	R-prettyunits
Requires:	R-clipr
Requires:	R-vroom
Requires:	R-tzdb
Requires:	R-bit64
Requires:	R-withr
Requires:	R-bit
# %%if 0%%{?sle_version} > 120400 || 0%%{?is_opensuse} 
# # Three others commonly needed 
# BuildRequires:  tex(ae.sty) 
# BuildRequires:  tex(fancyvrb.sty) 
# BuildRequires:  tex(inconsolata.sty) 
# BuildRequires:  tex(natbib.sty) 
# %else 
# BuildRequires:  texlive 
# %endif 
# BuildRequires:  texinfo 
BuildRequires:  fdupes 
BuildRequires:  R-base 
BuildRequires: 	R-R2jags
BuildRequires: 	R-matlib
BuildRequires: 	R-xtable
BuildRequires: 	R-rgl
BuildRequires: 	R-car
BuildRequires: 	R-rjags
BuildRequires: 	R-abind
BuildRequires: 	R-coda
BuildRequires: 	R-R2WinBUGS
BuildRequires: 	R-carData
BuildRequires: 	R-pbkrtest
BuildRequires: 	R-quantreg
BuildRequires: 	R-maptools
BuildRequires: 	R-rio
BuildRequires: 	R-lme4
BuildRequires: 	R-htmlwidgets
BuildRequires: 	R-htmltools
BuildRequires: 	R-knitr
BuildRequires: 	R-jsonlite
BuildRequires: 	R-magrittr
BuildRequires: 	R-crosstalk
BuildRequires: 	R-lazyeval
BuildRequires: 	R-R6
BuildRequires: 	R-digest
BuildRequires: 	R-base64enc
BuildRequires: 	R-rlang
BuildRequires: 	R-yaml
BuildRequires: 	R-evaluate
BuildRequires: 	R-highr
BuildRequires: 	R-markdown
BuildRequires: 	R-stringr
BuildRequires: 	R-xfun
BuildRequires: 	R-minqa
BuildRequires: 	R-nloptr
BuildRequires: 	R-Rcpp-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-RcppEigen-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-sp
BuildRequires: 	R-broom
BuildRequires: 	R-dplyr
BuildRequires: 	R-numDeriv
BuildRequires: 	R-SparseM
BuildRequires: 	R-MatrixModels
BuildRequires: 	R-conquer
BuildRequires: 	R-haven
BuildRequires: 	R-curl
BuildRequires: 	R-data.table
BuildRequires: 	R-readxl
BuildRequires: 	R-openxlsx
BuildRequires: 	R-tibble
BuildRequires: 	R-backports
BuildRequires: 	R-ellipsis
BuildRequires: 	R-generics
BuildRequires: 	R-glue
BuildRequires: 	R-purrr
BuildRequires: 	R-tidyr
BuildRequires: 	R-matrixStats
BuildRequires: 	R-RcppArmadillo-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-lifecycle
BuildRequires: 	R-tidyselect
BuildRequires: 	R-vctrs
BuildRequires: 	R-pillar
BuildRequires: 	R-forcats
BuildRequires: 	R-hms
BuildRequires: 	R-readr
BuildRequires: 	R-cpp11-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-mime
BuildRequires: 	R-zip
BuildRequires: 	R-stringi
BuildRequires: 	R-cellranger
BuildRequires: 	R-progress
BuildRequires: 	R-fansi
BuildRequires: 	R-pkgconfig
BuildRequires: 	R-rematch
BuildRequires: 	R-cli
BuildRequires: 	R-crayon
BuildRequires: 	R-utf8
BuildRequires: 	R-prettyunits
BuildRequires: 	R-clipr
BuildRequires: 	R-vroom
BuildRequires: 	R-tzdb
BuildRequires: 	R-bit64
BuildRequires: 	R-withr
BuildRequires: 	R-bit
Contains functions for data analysis of Repeated measurement 
continuous,categorical data using MCMC. Data may contain missing value 
in response and covariates. Mean Score Method and Inverse Probability 
Weighted method for parameter estimation when there is missing value in 
covariates are also included. Reference for mean score method, inverse 
probability weighted method is Wang et 
%setup -q -c -n %{packname} 
# the next line is needed, because we build without --clean in between two packages 
rm -rf ~/.R  
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} 
%{_bindir}/R CMD INSTALL -l %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} %{packname} 
test -d %{packname}/src && (cd %{packname}/src; rm -f *.o *.so) 
rm -f %{buildroot}%{rlibdir}/R.css 
%fdupes -s %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} 
#%%{_bindir}/R CMD check %%{packname} 
%dir %{rlibdir}/%{packname} 
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/DESCRIPTION
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/help
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/html
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