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View File rkward.changes of Package rkward (Project devel:languages:R:supplement)

Mon Apr  8 13:30:01 UTC 2013 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- Update to R-3.0.0. Note: it works with R-3.0.0 only if compiled against.
  If compiled against an older version, i.e. against 2.15.2 as in 12.3 it
  won't work with a newer version and must be recompiled. 

- Update notes from upstream:
--- Version 0.6.1 - Apr-02-2013
- Add option to force-close a graphics window
- Add plugin for subsetting data.frames by rows or columns
- On the Windows platform, add an new (experimental) binary startup wrapper (rkward.exe)
- Revert to building R packages form source on Mac OS X by default (controllable via compile-time option)
- Fixed: lattice plots would not be added to the plot history, correctly, for some versions of lattice
- Fix crash when trying to print, and neither okular, nor kpdf are available
- Added support for loaded namespaces that are not attached to a loaded package
- Pluginmaps can specify their "priority". Pluginmaps with low priority will not be added automatically, when found.
- Pluginmaps can <require> other pluginmaps based on their id (for cross-package inclusion)
- Added new element <dependency_check> for dynamic version checks within a plugin (R and RKWard versions, only, so far)
- Add guard against accidental usage of the standard distributed pluginmaps in a later version of RKWard (installed in parallel)
- Easier (de-)activation of RKWard plugin maps using checkboxes (Settings->Configure RKWard->Plugins)
- Broken or quirky .pluginmap files are reported to the user, completely broken maps are disabled, automatically
- Implement basic dependency handling for plugins / pluginmaps
- Added support for the upcoming R 3.0.0                        TODO: Check for any more regressions, before release
- Added <switch> logic element to switch between several target properties (or fixed values) based on the value of a condition property
- Sort plugin gains option to sort data.frames by more than one column at a time, and options for type conversion
- Add in-application debug message viewer (targetted at (plugin) developers)
- Add setting to customize initial working directory
- Windows only: Add UI-checkbox for R's "internet2"-option
- New functions getString(), getList() and getBoolean() for fetching data in plugin scripts
- Boolean properties now return a numeric, not labelled representation of their value, by default. <checkbox>es should be unaffected.   TODO: when announcing release, link to explanation mail.
- Added <optionset> GUI element for entering a set of options for an arbitrary number of items
- Reduce CPU usage of pluings while idle
- Fix conversion from Numeric to Factor in the data editor
- In the data.frame editor, columns containing invalid values are now highlighted in red
- Fixed: If none of the previous plugin maps could be found on startup, re-add the default
- Added <matrix> GUI element for entering matrix or vector data in plugins
- Improve key handling while editing factor levels in a data.frame
- Added utiltity function rk.flush.output()
- RKWard is now categorized as Science/Math/Numerical Analysis in its .desktop file
- Fixed: Yet another fix for hard-to-read function argument hints
- Fixed: Device history was not working with more recent versions of ggplot2
- Fixed: Option to include suggested packages in install was mis-labelled "install dependencies"
- rk.set.output.html.file() gains argument to allow addition of custom content to the html header
Fri Nov  2 21:34:18 UTC 2012 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- aj asked for details why a user should update.
- Note: I'm only the packager, not even using this software
- myself. But if you ask: here is upstream's list of improvements:
  New features and improvements
        Preview device windows will display some status information (most importantly, warnings or errors)
        Most plot plugins gain options to control margins and tick label orientation
        Added option for installing packages from source (implicitly enabled on Unixoid platforms)
        Omit comments on missing function calls in dialog code windows (e.g., if prepare() is unused, there's no "## Prepare" in the output either)
        Output markup is now more XHTML compliant and easier to parse
        Also save cursor position, folding, etc. for scripts. Note: Implementation details may be subject to change.
        New function rk.list.labels() to retrieve column labels in a data.frame
        rk.get.label() will now return an empty string ("") instead of NULL, in case no label is assigned
        Do not offer to restore individual removed columns of a data.frame opened for editing
        combined all Wilcoxon/Mann-Whitney-tests in one plugin (from previously two separate plugins)
        Added polyserial/polychoric correlations to correlation matrix plugin
        Added more compression options to the "Save objects as R code" plugin
        Added MacPorts support, see README.MacPorts and bundle build script in the macports folder
        Added dynamically generated table-of-contents menu to output document
        Allow some markup inside <text> elements in plugins, and auto-add breaks only for duplicate newlines.
        Reorganized t-test plugin, and add support for single sample t-tests
        Box plot plugin gains more options for adding means
        Improve keypress handling issues in the R Console, when the cursor or a selection is outside the editable range
        Only install translations which are at least 80% complete (not counting strings in plugins, which are not yet translatable)
        When asking for workspace file to open, use appropriate file filter
        When configured to ask for workspace to open on startup, don't prompt to save, first
        Simplified the "Sort Data" plugin, and added a help page
        Added GUI support for inspecting the call stack during debugging
        The backend executable is no longer linked against KDE libraries
        Objects, which are not acceptable in a varslot, will still be shown, there, with a warning 
        Fixed: Entering "0" as propabilities (quantiles) vector in distribution plugins would cause error message
        Fixed: Wrong handling of carriage returns ('\r') in the console window
        Fixed: Spinboxes had wrong initial values
        Fixed: Changed configuration settings would not be saved for script editor
        Fixed: One character missing in R commands on lines longer than 4096 characters
        Fixed: "Next"-button in wizards would remain enabled while settings are missing on a page
        Fixed: Dynamic pages in a wizard would cause a layout bug on the first page
        Fixed: Plot history and graphical menus broken in some cases with R 2.15.0
        Fixed: If the rkward package was loaded in a plain R session, q() and quit() still work
        Fixed: Would not show output of system() commands to stderr on the console (on Unix-like systems)
        Fixed: Function argument hints for the second half of the parameter list would not be quoted, correctly
        Fixed: Failure to open workspaces with non-latin1 filenames from the command line
        Fixed: Saving / restoring workplace layout would fail when saving to directories with unusual characters
        Fixed: potential crash when clicking "Select all updates" in the package installation dialog
        Fixed: potential crash in object name completion under certain conditions
        Fixed: On Windows, detached windows would sometimes be positioned with the menubar outside the upper screen edge 

Wed Oct 31 09:43:35 UTC 2012 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- upstream release 0.6.0 
- from a packager view nothing changed besides version number
- details: 
- http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/rkward/index.php?title=News#RKWard_0.6.0_is_available_-_also_on_the_Mac 

Thu Jan 12 11:45:08 UTC 2012 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- directory ownership for rkwardplugins added 

Mon Dec 12 15:18:52 UTC 2011 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- Update to upstream version 0.5.7 
- Support for R-2.14.0
- Improvements for add-on handling
- many bug fixes

Mon Aug 29 09:04:21 UTC 2011 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- Fixed another directory ownership, now builds fine 

Sat Aug 27 11:38:01 UTC 2011 - aj@suse.de

- Fix spec list by owning a directory.

Thu Jun 30 13:10:15 UTC 2011 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- Update for upstream new version 0.5.6
  Submitrequest into Factory 

Mon May  9 07:09:30 UTC 2011 - detlef.steuer@gmx.de

- First submitrequest of rkward into Factory
  rkward  is a kde4 frontend for the statistical software R, which is part of
  11.4 and Factory.