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View File erlang.changes of Package erlang (Project devel:languages:erlang)

Sat Nov 17 13:36:31 UTC 2012 - matwey.kornilov@gmail.com

- fixed 'executable-docs' lint error

Fri Nov 16 22:51:00 MSK 2012 - matwey.kornilov@gmail.com

- directory /usr/share/man/man1 is handled by filesystem package,
  we don't have to package it twice

Fri Nov  9 11:54:55 UTC 2012 - saschpe@suse.de

- Symlink man-pages for binaries (1) into %_mandir (bnc#788027)

Tue Nov  6 14:00:09 UTC 2012 - saschpe@suse.de

- Use SPDX-style license (ErlPL-1.1)
- Merge changes from devel:languages:misc/erlang, which is still the 
  devel project for Factory.

Wed Oct 31 14:55:39 UTC 2012 - saschpe@suse.de

- Set same permissions for the following files (bnc#784670):

Mon Oct  8 09:40:46 UTC 2012 - saschpe@suse.de

- Avoid shipping libraries with licensing issues (see bnc#728667)
  + Neither ship 'diameter' source or binary and remove the corresponding
    but useless man pages
  + The xmerl binary (library) is safe to ship, but not it's sources
    (fixes bnc#776060)

Thu Sep 27 01:16:22 UTC 2012 - mrueckert@suse.de

- epmd should not run under the service that needs it first:
  - add init script to launch epmd under the newly added epmd
  - added /etc/sysconfig/erlang to configure the port and the
    listening IP

Mon Sep 10 09:26:31 UTC 2012 - kruber@zib.de

- require generic java-devel package for all distros (>= 1.5.0)
- fixed javac define for openjdk7
- enabled parallel build again

Thu Sep  6 09:00:14 UTC 2012 - kruber@zib.de

- update to R15B02 release:
 + Highlights:
  * Dialyzer: The type analysis tool Dialyzer is optimized to be
    generally faster. - It can now also run in parallel (default)
    on SMP systems and by this perform the analysis significantly
    faster (Thanks to Stavros Aronis and Kostis Sagonas)
  * The SSL application now has experimental support for the
    TLS 1.1 and 1.2 standards as well (Thanks to Andreas Schultz).
  * CommonTest: It is now possible to sort the generated html
    tables. A Netconf client (ct_netconf) which support basic
    netconf over ssh is added
  * Diameter: Statistics counters related to Diameter messages can
    now be retrieved by calling the diameter:service_info/2 function.
  * Various smaller optimizations in the Erlang VM
  * This release also contains 66 contributions from users outside
    the Ericsson team

Wed Jul 25 14:05:47 UTC 2012 - dvaleev@suse.com

- Add erlang-ppc.patch: Fix PPC architecture detection 

Tue Jun 26 13:46:36 UTC 2012 - mvyskocil@suse.cz

- Simply use java-devel >= 1.6.0 as it expands to correct jdk on every

Mon Apr 16 16:15:13 UTC 2012 - kruber@zib.de

- updated to R15B01 release:
 + Highlights from R15B01:
  * Added erlang:statistics(scheduler_wall_time) to ensure correct
    determination of scheduler utilization. Measuring scheduler
    utilization is strongly preferred over CPU utilization, since
    CPU utilization gives very poor indications of actual
    scheduler/vm usage.
  * Changed ssh implementation to use the public_key application
    for all public key handling. This is also a first step for
    enabling a callback API for supplying public keys and handling
    keys protected with password phrases. Additionally the test
    suites where improved so that they do not copy the users keys
    to test server directories as this is a security liability.
    Also ipv6 and file access issues found in the process has been
  * When an escript ends now all printout to standard output and
    standard error gets out on the terminal. This bug has been
    corrected by changing the behaviour of erlang:halt/0,1, which
    should fix the same problem for other escript-like applications,
    i.e. that data stored in the output port driver buffers got
    lost when printing on a TTY and exiting through erlang:halt/0,1.
    The BIF:s erlang:halt/0,1 has gotten improved semantics and
    there is a new BIF erlang:halt/2 to accomplish something like
    the old semantics. See the documentation.
  * The DTrace source patch from Scott Lystig Fritchie is
    integrated in the source tree. Using an emulator with dtrace
    probe is still not supported for production use, but may be a
    valuable debugging tool. Configure with
    --with-dynamic-trace=dtrace (or --with-dynamic-trace=systemtap)
    to create a build with dtrace probes enabled. See runtime_tools
    for documentation and examples
  * Added Torbjörn Törnkvists LDAP client as a new application
    called eldap.
  * Added options for the ssh client to support user keys files
    that are password protected.

Thu Dec 14 22:07:03 UTC 2011 - alex@simonov.me

- updated to R15B release

Thu Nov 10 12:28:20 UTC 2011 - saschpe@suse.de

- Drop files with propriatery license (diameter and xmerl) (bnc#728667)

Mon Oct 10 20:20:58 UTC 2011 - kruber@zib.de

- updated to R14B04 release
  + mainly a stabilization of the R14B03 release
    (but as usual there is some new functionality as well)

Thu Sep 29 23:47:56 UTC 2011 - saschpe@suse.de

- BuildRequire java-1_6_0-openjdk-devel on 12.1 or newer,
  java-1_6_0-sun was dropped
- Added a spec file license header (needed for Factory)
- No need to require %{version}-%{release}, %{version} is enough
- Remove outdated sections (%clean), use %make_install macro
- Don't package INSTALL file

Wed May 25 23:45:33 UTC 2011 - kruber@zib.de

- updated to R14B03 release
 + Highlights from R14B03:
  * Diameter is a brand new application in this release.
    The application support the diameter protocol specified in
    RFC 3588 and is intended to provide an Authentication,
    Authorization and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications.
  * The documentation for stdlib and kernel now uses type
    specifications from the source modules which should guarantee
    that the documentation and code are consistent with regard to
    the type information.
 + Higlights from R14B02:
  * OTP-8525 It is now possible to use Erlang specifications and
             types in EDoc documentation.
  * OTP-8768 All tests in Erlang/OTP have been converted to be run
             with Common Test as the backend instead of Test Server
  * OTP-8941 The previously experimental halfword emulator is now
             official (it is not supported by HiPE though).
  * OTP-9065 Dependency generation for Makefiles has been added
             to the erts compiler and erlc
 + Higlights from R14B01:
  * OTP-8922 new ETS option compressed
  * OTP-8926 new function inet:getifaddrs/0 modeled after C library
             function getifaddrs() on BSD and Linux
             (replaces inet:getiflist/0 and inet:ifget/2)

Mon Feb 14 10:52:49 UTC 2011 - mrueckert@suse.de

- fix operator in some recommends

Mon Sep 27 12:26:56 UTC 2010 - kruber@zib.de

- updated to R14B release
 + Higlights:
  * OTP-8544: re-writted large parts of the ethread library
  * OTP-8763: auto-imported the following BIFs:
    monitor/2, monitor/3, demonitor/2, demonitor/3, error/1,
    error/2, integer_to_list/2, list_to_integer/2

Fri Jun  4 10:10:52 UTC 2010 - kruber@zib.de

- fixed parsing of the TOOLS_VERSION (fixes wrong erlang.el file
  for emacs)
- also made sure that this could not happen with the other version

Mon May  3 12:35:11 UTC 2010 - kruber@zib.de

- instead of removing all sources, create a sub-package with them
- include java_src and c_src as well
- fixed tv being packaged twice

Mon May  3 08:06:35 UTC 2010 - kruber@zib.de

- added a fix from Arch Linux for their bug 17001 (wx not working)
- install common_test helper script per default

Tue Mar 23 08:30:46 UTC 2010 - aj@suse.de

- Split up packages so that tcl/tk and wxGTK requirements are in sub
- Do not package erlang sources.
- Link against shared zlib.

Mon Mar  1 2010 kruber@zib.de

- fixed emacs support

Thu Feb 25 2010 kruber@zib.de

- update to R13B04, highlights:
 * documentation can now be built from the source
 * enhanced Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) (but still beta)
 * enhanced garbage collection of binaries
 * support for user defined prompt in the shell
 * enhanced cross compilation support
- clean repo from old versions
- added emacs erlang support
- reduced package size (hardlink duplicates)

Thu Nov 26 2009 kruber@zib.de

- update to R13B03, highlights:
 * Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) still experimental but very useful.
 * The documentation is built in a new way using xsltproc and Apache FOP.
   The layout is changed both in HTML and PDF versions. This is the first step,
   more changes and improvements will come in the following releases. 

Mon Oct 12 2009 nico.laus.2001@gmx.de

- update to R13B02, highlights:
 * Dialyzer can now refer to types defined in another module, using the syntax
 * There is a new function file:read_line/1 to facilitate reading entire lines
   in raw mode.
 * There is new section in the Efficiency Guide about drivers.
* Thu Aug 20 2009 nico.laus.2001@gmx.de

- use RPM_OPT_FLAGS for distributions other than openSUSE 11.0 or Fedora 9
 (adding this for those was not possible due to a bug in GCC)

* Sat Aug  1 2009 alex@simonov.in.ua

- update to R13B01
- clean repo from old versions
- integrated compiler patch that fixes an "Internal consistency check failed" error
  see http://www.erlang.org/cgi-bin/ezmlm-cgi?2:mss:1335:200906:hbcibacodggnfnj
- version of java must be equal or great then 1.5.0

Tue Feb 10 2009 alex@simonov.in.ua

- add OTP-7738 patch  
A process being garbage collected via the garbage_collect/1
BIF or the check_process_code/2 BIF didn't handle message
receive and resume correctly during the garbage collect.
When this occurred, the process returned to the state it had
before the garbage collect instead of entering the new state.

* Wed Dec 25 2008 <alex@simonov.in.ua>

- fix build on SLE-10

* Wed Dec 24 2008 <alex@simonov.in.ua>

- fix build jinterface, set javac target to 1.5
- remove depend on gcc 4.3.3
- add smp support
- add hipe support
- add kernel poll support
- add rpmlint file
- split java interface into separate package

Tue Dec  2 2008 <alex@simonov.in.ua>

- update to R12B-5
- use GCC >= 4.3.3 for openSUSE 11

Tue Oct 30 2007 mrueckert@suse.de
- fix ssl build

Tue Sep 25 2007 mrueckert@suse.de
- update to R11B-5