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Thu Nov  9 14:49:52 UTC 2017 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- Update to version 1.4.1
  * optimization: faster foreign callbacks.
  * enhancement: complex arrays can be stack allocated.
  * enhancement: PROCESS-KILL now exists on win32 and PROCESS-PID
    actually returns the PID.
  * optimization: the register allocation method used by the
    compiler when optimizing for speed is now faster for functions
    with large bodies.
    big-endian CPUs (fixes #490490 for real rather than by
    disabling a test)
  * bug fix: code objects and bignums of large enough size to be
    placed on GC pages without any other object no longer cause
    accidental copying during garbage collection. (gencgc only)
  * bug fix: sb-fasteval failure with 0-argument lambdas (#1722715)
  * bug fix: RUN-PROGRAM doesn't leak handles on win32 and
    PROCESS-CLOSE doesn't crash. (#1724472) 

- Changes in version 1.4.0
  * minor incompatible change: DESTRUCTURING-BIND treats non-toplevel
    () as nested empty pattern. This seems to be what the standard
    mandates, so conforming code should not be affected.
  * ehancement: (GC :GEN 7) with gencgc will zero-fill dead
    pseudo-static objects so that they do not spuriously cause
    reachability of objects that would have been otherwise dead.
  * enhancement: PROCESS-STATUS now tracks stopped and continued
    processes properly (also fixes #1624941, based on patch by Elias
  * bug fix: INSPECT handles errors signaled while printing slot
    values. (#454682)
  * bug fix: DESCRIBE works on classes like it used to.
  * bug fix: *LOAD-PATHNAME* and *LOAD-TRUENAME* are bound to
    pathnames when processing a sysinit or userinit file
  * bug fix: save-lisp-and-die is able to collect more garbage on
    non-x86oid gencgc targets.
  * bug fix: fixed out-of-bounds array read in optimized POSITION
    on bit-vectors
  * bug fix: signal emulation respects the 128-byte stack red zone
    on x86-64 macOS. 

Fri Aug 11 10:21:35 UTC 2017 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- Update to version 1.3.20
  * minor incompatible change: DEF{GENERIC,METHOD} no longer accept
    some illegal lambda lists such as (defgeneric bar (foo &key
    foo)) or (defgeneric baz (t)) that were accepted before.
  * optimization: a valueless &AUX binding in a BOA constructor
    does not force all slots reads in safe code to perform a full
    type check.
  * optimization: ATOMIC-PUSH and ATOMIC-POP generate better code
  * bug fix: the low-level debugger would erroneously print - or
    not print as the case may be - "(bad-address)" for some objects
    depending whether the --dynamic-space-size argument was used at
    Lisp startup
  * bug fix: a DEFCONSTANT with a non non-eql-comparable object as
    the value could cause miscompilation if that constant appeared
    as the default expression for an &OPTIONAL binding
  * bug fix: generic function lambda lists are now checked for
    repeated and otherwise illegal entries. (#1704114)
  * bug fix: setting gencgc_verbose = 1 could cause deadlock in
    fprintf() depending on the platform's stdio implementation. The
    relevant code has been changed to use snprintf() and write()

Tue Jul 11 15:28:55 UTC 2017 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- Update to version 1.3.19
  * enhancement: specialized arrays can be printed readably without using
  * enhancement: SB-DEBUG:PRINT-BACKTRACE truncates huge string arguments.
    The full string remains available for inspection via (SB-DEBUG:ARG).
  * bug fix: backtracing from several threads at once could fail
  * bug fix: floating-point infinities could not be used as keys
    in EQUALP hash tables. (lp#1696274)
  * bug fix: random sb-fasteval failures. (lp#1642708)
  * bug fix: align the stack in callback wrappers to defend against C
    compiler over-aggressive use of SIMD.  (lp#1697528)
  * bug fix: don't try to find the class when reporting that a class does
    not exist for a primitive type.  (lp#1697226)

- Changes in version 1.3.18
  * minor incompatible change: existing values of CFLAGS, ASFLAGS,
    CPPFLAGS, and LINKFLAGS will be incorporated into C compiler
    invocations when building from source.
  * minor incompatible change: the result of WRITE-TO-STRING may be
    a BASE-STRING if all characters written are of type BASE-CHAR.
  * minor incompatible change: the broadcast stream with no output
    streams is a singleton object. That object satisfies OPEN-STREAM-P
    regardless of how many times CLOSE is invoked on it.
  * enhancement: x86[-64] backends contain an experimental feature
    which aids in demonstrating reachability of any object starting
    from a tenured object or a thread stack by producing a proof
    as a sequence of pointers to follow.
    The file "tests/traceroot.test.sh" contains an example usage.
  * enhancement: if the alien symbol "gc_coalesce_string_literals" is
    set to 1 prior to SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE, then similar string constants
    loaded from different fasl files may be collapsed to one object.
    If the variable is set to 2, then additionally strings which are
    STRING= in code resulting from COMPILE can be coalesced.
    For instance, two functions returning the literal string "HI"
    might return EQ strings after collapsing, which may be undesired
    in a particular use. The flag pertains to gencgc only.
  * enhancement: SXHASH values on pathnames are better distributed
  * bug fix: MAKE-PATHNAME removes empty strings as components of a
    directory, as is permitted: "Whenever a pathname is constructed
    the components may be canonicalized if appropriate."
  * optimization: various printer and FORMAT performance enhancements.
  * bug fix: GET-FOREGROUND no longer fails in case all other interactive
    threads exit (lp#1682671, reported by Syll)
  * bug fix: RELEASE-FOREGROUND always removes the current thread from the
    list of interactive threads. (lp#1682867, reported by Syll)

- Changes in version 1.3.17
  * enhancement: memory overhead from the garbage collector's metadata
    is reduced on 64-bit architectures; no change for 32-bit.
  * enhancement: further garbage collector speedups affecting
    pinned objects on conservative backends, and simple-vectors.
  * enhancement: on Linux a custom handler for SIGSEGV can be called
    for page faults outside of dynamic space by changing the C symbol
  * bug fix: sb-cover does not lose source positions for AND/OR/COND.
  * bug fix: random disassembler failures. (lp#1527931)
  * The bundled sb-md5 contrib has been updated to release 2.0.4
    which is licensed under Creative Commons CC0 per author's statement
    (Refer to NEWS and COPYING in the contrib/sb-md5 subdirectory)

- add fix-tests.patch, bnc#1041271
- rebase 0003-Add-RPM_OPT_FLAGS-to-CFLAGS-for-Linux-builds.patch 

Sun May  7 10:40:52 UTC 2017 - meissner@suse.com

- Added #!BuildIgnore gcc-PIE to make it build in the Global PIE
  support project.
- move info deinstall from %postun to %preun

Tue Mar 28 11:37:29 UTC 2017 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- Update to version 1.3.16
  * optimization: various small tweaks give around 5% faster garbage
  * bug fix: better detection of when an impossible code path does
    not need a warning.  (lp#1668619)
  * bug fix: stronger attempts to disable position-independent
    executable building.  (lp#1668986, patch from Mark Wright)
  * bug fix: OPEN :IF-EXISTS NIL signalled a condition on Windows.
    (lp#1674437, reported by Jan Idzikowski)

- Changes in version 1.3.15
  * minor incompatible change: the reader will when feasible create
    new symbols using a BASE-STRING for the print name.  Additionally,
    string literals can favor the base-string type if desired, though
    the default is to always return UTF-32 strings for compatibility.
    A preference for base-string does not disable reading Unicode.
    The choice is controlled via (SETF READTABLE-BASE-CHAR-PREFERENCE).
    If Unicode was disabled at build time, this setting does nothing.
  * enhancement: SBCL generates more debug information by default.
  * enhancement: type errors provide context information, such as which
    variable is being bound, which slot of which structure is being set.
  * enhancement: if #+immobile-symbols is in build-time *FEATURES* (not
    enabled by default), then symbols will never be moved in memory
    except by SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE. Immobility has helpful implications for
    code generation as well as interaction with foreign routines.
    This feature can only be enabled if #+immobile-space is enabled.
  * enhancement: undefined function errors can be restarted on x86-64, to
    either retry calling the function again or call a user supplied function.
  * enhancement: sb-ext:restrict-compiler-policy accepts an upper bound in
    addition to a lower bound.
  * enhancement: #+immobile-code improves the speed of function calling.
    Some delay may be noticed when redefining an existing function
    from a saved core file however.
  * defaults change: sb-ext:*disassemble-annotate* default to NIL, due to its
    poor reliability.
  * new feature: SB-LINKABLE-RUNTIME, allowing linking with extra object
    files to help with delivery of executables.  (Thanks to François-René
  * bug fix: data race in GENTEMP fixed - it can no longer return the
    same interned symbol to multiple threads if called concurrently
  * bug fix: interrupting LOADing of FASLs does not leave functions without
    source locations. (lp#540276)
  * bug fix: DYNAMIC-EXTENT-declared results of NOTINLINE local functions were
    treated as if they were actually stack allocated (lp#1659964)
  * bug fix: correctly handle the case of a non-local exit within a function
    terminating the extent of dynamic-extent, dynamic-bound variables in the
    presence of multiple-values (lp#1655011)
  * bug fix: handling of SB-SYS:WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS in the interpreters (both
    sb-eval and sb-fasteval) now actually pins objects on gencgc.
  * bug fix: AVX registers are preserved during exceptions on x86-64 macOS.
  * bug fix: (directory "SOMETHING/*/**/MORE") is no longer equivalent to
    (directory "SOMETHING/**/MORE")
  * bug fix: better console IO on Windows (lp#1660906)
- rebase 0003-Add-RPM_OPT_FLAGS-to-CFLAGS-for-Linux-builds.patch
- rebase sbcl-1.1.2-install.patch
- remove sbcl-disable-frlock-test.patch

Wed Feb 22 10:56:25 UTC 2017 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- Update to version 1.3.14
  * minor incompatible change: the SB-PCL walker no longer recognizes
    macros expanding into a DECLARE expression. This is not a language change,
    since ANSI forbids such usage (X3J13 issue DECLARE-MACROS:FLUSH).
  * enhancement: for several macros such as MULTIPLE-VALUE-{BIND,SETQ}, COND,
    DO{,*,LIST}, {RESTART,HANDLER}-{BIND,CASE}, *CASE, conditions signaled
    during macroexpansion point to the form that caused the problem more
  * enhancement: the "--noinform" command-line option inhibits output from
    save-lisp-and-die in addition to removing the startup banner.
  * bug fix: PROCESS-KILL failed to return errno if the system call failed
  * optimization: slightly more comprehensive treatment of the keyword
    arguments to MAKE-ARRAY in compiler transformations.

- Changes in version 1.3.13
  * enhancement: SET triggers package locks on undefined variables.
  * enhancement: new Windows specific option to run-program, :escape-arguments
  * enhancement: recompiling a MAKE-INSTANCE form with an initarg :INITARG
    CONSTANT where CONSTANT names a constant variable picks up the new value
    of CONSTANT in case it has been redefined. (lp#1644944)
  * optimization: faster TYPEP on undefined at compile-time types and upcoming
    class definitions. (lp#1082967)
  * optimization: memory consumption of each STANDARD-OBJECT instance is
    reduced by 2 words if the compact-instance-header feature is enabled.
  * optimization: CONDITION instances are quicker to allocate.
  * optimization: unoptimized calls to FILL on specialized vectors are now
    just as fast as T vectors.
  * bug fix: get-timezone returns corret DST on 64-bit Windows. (lp#1641058)
  * bug fix: cross reference information in fasls is no longer incompatible
    between different cores (lp#1648186)

- Changes in version 1.3.13
  * enhancement: on x86-64, compiled functions loaded from fasl files
    can not be moved, but can be freed, by GC. Additionally, COMPILE will
    produce immobile code if SB-C::*COMPILE-TO-MEMORY-SPACE* is set to
    :IMMOBILE. (Caution: the flag is experimental and subject to change.)
    The benefits are better physical separation of code from data,
    and potentially easier examination of live images by external tools.
  * enhancement: the docstring for SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE has been amended to
    say that the :ROOT-STRUCTURES parameter is not meaningless on gencgc,
    depending on the platform.
  * bug fix: calling a named function (e.g. a DEFUN) concurrently with
    redefining that same function could lead to execution of random bytes.
  * bug fix: yes-or-no-p accepts formatter functions (lp#1639490)
  * bug fix: better handling of exceptions on macOS.

- rebase 0003-Add-RPM_OPT_FLAGS-to-CFLAGS-for-Linux-builds.patch
- remove sbcl-cast.patch (it's upstream now)

Thu Nov  3 11:56:02 UTC 2016 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- Update to version 1.3.11
  * minor incompatible change: SB-EXT:*INTEXP-MAXIMUM-EXPONENT* is
  * enhancement: TRACE ... :REPORT {TRACE,NIL} now work as
    advertised in the documentation string (based on patch by
    Patrick Stein)
  * enhancement: support unboxed signed-word structure slots on
    x86, x86-64 and ARM64. (lp#377616)
  * optimization: faster logical bit-array operations on
    multidimensional arrays.
  * optimization: better GC performance in the presence of many
    threads. (patch by Ilya Perminov, lp#1339924)
  * optimization: multiple-value-call is optimized with multiple
    argument forms, not just one. (lp#753803)
  * bug fix: MAKE-ALIEN-STRING returns the number of allocated
    bytes as a second value as advertised (reported by Johann
   'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson)
  * bug fix: when TO-READTABLE is supplied to COPY-READTABLE, it
    will contain only the macros in FROM-READTABLE and no others.
  * enhancement: gencgc has been modified for x86-64 on Linux and
    macOS to a support mark-and-sweep as well as the traditional
    copying strategy. It is conceivable that some applications
    might be adversely affected. Please see ':immobile-space' in
    'base-target-features.lisp-expr' for further details, and
    possible reasons to disable this feature.
  * enhancement: x86-64 supports shrinking the fixed overhead in a
    structure from 2 words to 1 word, reducing memory consumption
    in applications which create many small structures.

- Changes in version 1.3.10
  * enhancement: more compact low-level error signaling code
  * enhancement: more compact encoding of cross-reference
  * optimization: faster out of line fixnum-float comparisons.
  * optimization: filling a known simple-vector with a constant
    value is about as fast in unoptimized code as in code compiled
    with (SPEED 3), and the x86-64 implementation is able to use
    SSE instructions.
  * bug fix: correctly handle the case of a non-local exit within a
    function terminating the extent of dynamic-extent functions and
    variables in the presence of multiple-values (lp#1563127)
  * bug fix: restore builds on the latest OSX with the latest
    Xcode (lp#1470996)

- Changes in version 1.3.9
  * minor incompatible change: NAMESTRING prefers to return a
    BASE-STRING instead of (ARRAY CHARACTER (*)) when possible.
  * enhancement: cached make-instance/allocate-instance
    constructors can now get garbage collected.
  * optimization: better performance for some unoptimized
    operations on complex numbers.
  * bug fix: using the options :LOCAL-NICKNAMES and :LOCK in the
    same DEFPACKAGE form no longer signals a bogus error

- Changes in version 1.3.8
  * minor incompatible change: the system now understands that the
    CONDITION type is disjoint with many other system types.
  * minor incompatible change: argument types in condition report
    functions are now declared (in combination with the above
    change, this can result in early detection of erroneous code).
  * enhancement: simple arrays of any rank can be stack-allocated
    on platforms supporting stack allocation of vectors.
  * optimization: improved type derivation for FIND, POSITION,
    COUNT, SEARCH, MISMATCH and other array and sequence functions.
  * optimization: ALLOCATE-INSTANCE is now as fast as
  * optimization: more efficient CHANGE-CLASS.
  * bug fix: versions of getresuid() and getresgid() in SB-POSIX no
    longer cause memory faults, and should work properly
    (lp#1603806, reported by Kieran Grant)
  * bug fix: handle ENOENT from getprotobyname() (lp#1596043,
    reported by Stephen Hassard)

- remove upstream patches:
  * 0001-Handle-ENOENT-from-getprotobyname.patch
  * 0002-sb-posix-Fix-getresuid-and-getresgid.patch
- rebase 0003-Add-RPM_OPT_FLAGS-to-CFLAGS-for-Linux-builds.patch

Wed Oct 19 14:17:21 UTC 2016 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- always build with clisp, no bootstrapping required

Sun Jul 24 15:57:01 UTC 2016 - kgronlund@suse.com

- Update to version 1.3.7
  + enhancement: ported to ARM64 Linux.
  + enhancement: a new interpreter is included which has many
    benefits over sb-eval. It is disabled by default. See
    src/interpreter/README for instructions to enable it, and
    further details.
  + enhancement: SB-THREAD support for ARM64.
  + enhancement: the platform's strtod() is exposed as
  + enhancement: speed up debug info creation for highly nested
    functions. (#1563355)
  + enhancement: the interleaved structure slot optimization from
    release 1.2.6 has been ported to all architectures.

- Add $(RPM_OPT_FLAGS) to CFLAGS for Linux builds
- Handle ENOENT from getprotobyname()
- sb-posix: Fix getresuid() and getresgid()

- Remove sbcl-1.1.17-optflags.patch
- Add 0001-Handle-ENOENT-from-getprotobyname.patch
- Add 0002-sb-posix-Fix-getresuid-and-getresgid.patch
- Add 0003-Add-RPM_OPT_FLAGS-to-CFLAGS-for-Linux-builds.patch

Mon Mar 28 22:58:01 UTC 2016 - dvaleev@suse.com

- ExcludeArch POWER64 architecture, no POWER64 port available 

Wed Sep 30 10:32:41 UTC 2015 - kgronlund@suse.com

- Update to version 1.2.15
  + new feature: DEPRECATION declaration for functions, variables
    and types causes {EARLY,LATE,FINAL}-DEPRECATION-WARNING to be
    signaled when subject of the declaration is used. Integrated
    "Deprecation" section of the manual.
  + enhancement: ASDF updated to 3.1.5. (#1476867)
  + enhancement: definitions within PROGN get proper source
    locations when compiled (needs latest Slime to take advantage
    of this). (#1473147)
  + enhancement: source locations for DEFCLASS slots now point
    directly to the slot definitions, not the whole DEFCLASS form.
  + bug fix: better source location in the presence of quoted
    forms. (#1370561)
  + bug fix: better source locations inside backqoute. (#1361502)
  + bug fix: HANDLER-BIND requires that the handler-function be a
    function designator at the time of binding establishment.
  + bug fix: inlined functions surrounded by nested macrolets are
    properly inlined. (#309123) 

- Changes in version 1.2.14
  + minor incompatible change: The name of a compiled anonymous
    lambda as returned by the third value of
    FUNCTION-LAMBDA-EXPRESSION can have a lambda-list-like list
    following the introductory LAMBDA that is not in general a
    syntactically valid lambda list. Specifically, it won't retain
    default values, supplied-p variables, or &KEY or &AUX bindings.
  + enhancement: DESTRUCTURING-BIND has been totally reimplemented
    from scratch to address a handful of performance and correctness
    issues. Some minor behavioral differences exist regarding order of
    evaluation of default forms for unsupplied &OPTIONAL and &KEY
    arguments when nested destructuring patterns are involved.
    (#707556, #707573, #707578, #708051)
  + enhancement: DEFCONSTANT and DEFSTRUCT respect package locks.
    (#1186238, #1036716)
  + enhancement: sb-unicode:normalize-string has a new optional
    argument, FILTER, a callback which controls which decomposed
    characters are collected. Useful for stripping away diacritics
    more efficiently.
  + bug fix: (TYPE-OF ARRAY) for a non-simple array is subject to
    change after a call of ADJUST-ARRAY. (#1333731)
  + bug fix: Dynamic-extent allocation with a loop between
    allocating a value and the start of its environment no longer
    discards the allocated data when the loop is taken. (#1472785)
  + bug fix: Variable-reference elimination no longer generates
    incorrect code under certain circumstances. (#1446891)
  + bug fix: variables with EQL types are no longer treated as
    constants by VOPs, which caused problems with closures being
    allocated for such variables, but they remained unused. (#1390149)
  + bug fix: Windows installer generates registry key name
    correctly. (#1476447)

Tue Jul 14 09:58:58 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.13

  * Incompatible change:
    + on success, TRY-SEMAPHORE and WAIT-ON-SEMAPHORE return the new
  * Enhancement:
    + WAIT-ON-SEMAPHORE accepts a decrement parameter
    + JOIN-THREAD allows distinguishing timeout vs.
      abort in all situations
    + On Windows DBG_PRINTEXCEPTION_C is handled and its
      message is printed. (#1437947)
  * Bug-fix:
    + TRUENAME works properly on broken symlinks presented
      as directories. (#1458164)
    + Inlined DPB and DEPOSIT-FIELD don't interfere with
      left-to-right order of argument evaluation. (#1458190)
    + (SETF (LDB (BYTE 1 2 JUNK) X) 0) is rightly rejected.
    + DEFSETF lambda lists should not permit argument
    + calls to (SETF SLOT-VALUE) on a missing slot would in
      certain situations incorrectly return the result of a
      SLOT-MISSING method instead of always returning the new
      value. (#1460381)
    + a DEFMACRO occurring not at toplevel and capturing
      parts of its lexical environment (thus being a closure)
      caused expressions involving the macro name to cause corruption
      in the pretty-printer due to faulty introspection of the lambda
      list of a closure.
    + out of line MAP/MAP-INTO check that the results produced by the
      function are of the matching sequence type. (#1459581)
    + pretty-printing of '(LET `((,X ,Y)) :B) is handled correctly. 

Wed Jun 17 06:58:19 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.12

  * Minor incompatible change:
   + the SB-C::*POLICY* variable is no longer a list. Code which
     manipulated it as such (including but not limited to non-bundled
     releases of ASDF) will need to be revised.
  * Enhancement:
    + The input stream for COMPILE-FILE implements STREAM-LINE-COLUMN.
    + EVAL errors that occur by way of LOAD report the starting line
      and column number of the erring toplevel form. (#565247)
  * Optimization:
    + Better MAP and MAP-INTO on known vector result types.
  * Bug fix:
    + Read/modify/write macros accessing a place which is a composition
      of CAR+CDR operations, such as (SHIFTF (CADR X) (ELT V 0)), do
      not access subforms more than once. (#1450968)
    + Short form of DEFSETF no longer allows trailing junk.
    + DEFINE-MODIFY-MACRO respects the provisions of CLHS 5.1.3
      regarding argument evaluation order. (#1452539)
    + POP works as specified in CLHS if the setter for its argument has
      a side-effect on the existing CAR value. (#1454021)
    + Reading "#()" with a positive numeric argument signals a reader
      error. As specified, reading "#1()" has undefined consequences,
      so correct portable code should be indifferent to this.
    + Malformed reader conditionals such as "(#-no-such-feature)"
      and "(#+sbcl)" no longer parse as NIL. (#1454400) 

Sat May  2 22:36:33 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.11

  * Enhancement:
    + SET-PPRINT-DISPATCH will warn when given an expression in
      which any part is unrecognizable as a legal type-specifier.
      The dispatch table will be altered, but the new entry is 
      disabled. Subsequent type-defining forms will cause
      pprint-dispatch tables to  re-examine whether any disabled
       entries should be enabled. (lp#1429520)
    + Loading code containing calls to a deprecated  function will,
      under most circumstances, signal warnings similar to compiling
      such code.  The usual caveat holds about not detecting calls
      through a computed name, as in (funcall
      (intern "DEPRECATED-FUN" "SB-EXT")).
    + (SB-EXT:COMPILE-FILE-LINE) is a new macro that expands to a
      constant (VALUES integer integer) indicating the source 
      line/column from which it was read, intended for logging Lisp
      runtime errors in a style similar to that afforded by the C
      preprocessor __LINE__ macro. Similarly
      (SB-EXT:COMPILE-FILE-POSITION) returns a position in characters.
    + improved source locations for VOPs, alien types and declarations.
  * Bug fix:
    + Functions in :FINAL deprecation have the correct docstring.
      No visible change, as no such functions presently exist.
    + (SETF (FDEFINITION this) (FDEFINITION OTHER)) signals an error
      if OTHER names either a macro or special-operator. (lp#1439921) 

- Rebase all patches.
Wed Apr  1 10:24:36 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.10

*  One thing that is not mentioned in the release notes, but which
   has been exercising developers recently, is a warning for the near
   future: some interfaces which are currently in "early" deprecation
   status (and so are emitting style-warnings at compilation-time) 
   will in the next release cycle or two start emitting full warnings,
   either at compilation time or at load time.  Particular interfaces
   signalling warnings causing problems to some users include:
   SB-EXT:QUIT, and the SB-THREAD:SPINLOCK API.  If anyone is using
   those, now is the time to update to SB-EXT:EXIT and
   SB-THREAD:MUTEX respectively.  (See also the "Deprecated Interfaces"
   chapter in the manual).

  * minor incompatible change:
    + all SOCKINT::WIN32-* functions have been deprecated with
      EARLY deprecation state
    + performing introspection via the system-internal SB-INT:INFO
      function could expose that :TYPE :TRANSLATOR is not
      necessarily a function, as it always was before. (Affects
  * enhancement:
    + The value of SXHASH on bit-vectors of length equal to the
      word size now depends on the vector's contents instead of
      being constant; its value on bit-vectors of length divisible
      by the word size now depends also on the contents of the
      vector's last word.
  * bug-fix:
    + sb-bsd-sockets on win32 uses proper C function declarations.
    + A new dead code elimination phase removes dead code loops
      that confuse stack analysis. (lp#1255782, lp#308914)
    + A toplevel form which was simple enough to bypass the main
      compiler in COMPILE-FILE, and which contained an empty SETQ or
      PROGN  would produce an invalid fasl file. (lp#1427050)
    + The compiler no longer signals an internal error when
      encountering invalid FUNCTION forms like (function 1)
    + express proper dependencies in the ASDF contrib, to support
      systems where make runs in parallel.  (lp#1434768; thanks to
      Nikhil Benesch)  

- Apply disable-localport-bsd-sockets-test.patch for all since
  without it random build failures are happening in OBS even though
  local builds are just fine without disabling the bsd-socket-tests

Sat Feb 28 23:05:42 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.9

  * Bug Fix:
    + minor incompatible change and bug fix: unboxed numeric
      constants on x86oids are arranged in memory differently, and
      the disassembler  does not show them separately in DISASSEMBLE,
      but does if DISASSEMBLE-CODE-COMPONENT is used. (lp#1421987)
    + DEFCLASS handles cyclic {super,meta}class relations better
    + compiler no longer signals an error when compiling certain
      function calls. (lp#1416704, lp#404441, lp#1417822, lp#1234919)
    + compiler doesn't stumble on a LOGIOR transform.
    + more robust debugger and backtraces. (lp#1413850,
      lp#1099500,  lp#1412881, lp#945261, lp#1419205, lp#1409402)
    + files larger than 4GB can now be compiled.
    + x86 truncated results from 64-bit foreign functions to
      32 bits.
    + file-position didn't work on large files on win32.
    + callbacks from foreign threads can work without enabling
    + sb-introspect:function-lambda-list works properly on
      interpeted macros. (lp#1387404)
    + ADJUST-ARRAY properly handles non-adjustable arrays.
    + compiler no longer fails to dump a multidimensional
      array constant involving a circular reference to itself
    + conditional and nested DX allocation no longer confuse
      the compiler in STACK analysis. (lp#1044465)
    + sb-rotate-byte constant folding bug fixed. (lp#1423682) 

  * Optimization:
    + The compiler's treatment of type specifiers makes
      it slightly faster and more memory-efficient. Portable code
      should be indifferent to this change, however, users of
      and (MEMBER NIL T) are both internally collapsed to the former,
      so that the latter can never be obtained as part of an FTYPE.
    + a TYPEP call in which the second argument is not
      a QUOTE form but nevertheless recognized as a compile-time
      constant might open-code the test. One scenario for this involves
      backquote,  such as (TYPEP x `(my-type ,some-arg)). Code which relied upon
      deferring until runtime should declare (NOTINLINE TYPEP).
      [Due to the sematic constraints of DEFTYPE etc in in CLHS, code requiring delayed evaluation could be unportable though.]
  * Enhancement:
    + unused variables at the top-level are now reported.

Mon Feb  2 08:28:20 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- The release (source) tarball of sbcl-1.2.8 contained an error in
  the build script, which in some circumstances (chiefly when /bin/sh is
  bash) would lead to the sbcl built from that tarball to have a
  lisp-implementation-version of "-dirty". 

Sat Jan 31 20:05:23 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.8

  * Enhancement:
    +better error and warning messages. (lp#1314767,
    + backtrace for invalid argument count produces the
      exact supplied arguments including the extra ones, on x86,
      x86-64 and ARM.
    + STYLE-WARNING is signaled for DEFSTRUCT accessors which
      are used before the structure is defined; similarly for the
  * Optimization
    + FORMAT NIL with only ~a and string arguments is transformed
      into CONCATENATE.
    + POSITION and FIND when inlined into code that is compiled
      with qualities of safety < 2 and speed > space will no longer
      signal an error on circular lists, but will potentially loop
      forever if given no :END constraint. As was always the case,
      calls that are not inlined are safe regardless of lexical
  * Bug Fix:
    + CLOS methods compiled with (OPTIMIZE (DEBUG 0))no longer
      cause debugger failure when printing a backtrace
    + more resilience to deleted code. (lp#1308328, lp#1390544)
    + the CLHS example of MAKE-LOAD-FORM involving TREE-WITH-PARENT
      did not work, and now it does. 

Thu Jan  8 11:59:20 UTC 2015 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.7

  * Optimization:
    + returning constant values refers to preboxed
      constants more reliably. (lp#1398785)
  * Enhancement:
    + STYLE-WARNING is produced if a compiler-macro is
      defined for a function after at least one ordinary (not inlined)
      call to that function was compiled, indicating a likely
      compilation order problem. Likewise a warning ensues if a call
      is compiled to a function that is subsequently proclaimed INLINE.
    + always lose() when something goes wrong while saving a core
      (instead of just printing an error on stderr in some situations).
    + frames in the debugger are now restartable by default.
  * Bug Fix:
    + restore error handling on Windows x86.
    + MAKE-SEQUENCE detects type errors in its :INITIAL-ELEMENT
      at compile-time when possible. (lp#330299)
    + parsing of malformed type specifiers no longer results in a
    + LOOP properly destructures nested lists in WITH.
    + MACROEXPANDing the redefinition of an alien structure type no
      longer signals the wrong error.
    + PROGV doesn't get confused by forced DEBUG 3 (lp#1405456). 

Tue Dec  2 11:48:51 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.6

  * enhancement:
    + SERVE-EVENTS uses the poll() system call in lieu
      of select() if the OS has the former. Previously poll() was
      used only if waiting on exactly one file descriptor.
    + efficiency of access to untagged structure slots
      is improved on x86-64, and the order of slots in memory is
      exactly as specified by defstruct, simplifying use of
      structures as arguments to foreign calls.
  * bug fix:
    + SB-DEBUG:ARG now works in all TRACE options which
      evaluate forms. (lp#1357826)
    + GC memory corruption during internal memory handling.
    + duplicate effective-slot-definition objects as compared
      by EQ on name could be present in CLASS-SLOTS of a class whose
      metaclass was structure-class or condition-class. (lp#1049423)
    + HANDLER-BIND with empty bindings works again; regression in
      1.2.5. (lp#1388707)
    + ATOMIC-INCF works on structure slots in interpreted code.
    + MAKE-ARRAY properly handles character types like (eql
      #\a) and (member #\a #\c). (lp#1392068)
    + bug fix: READ sometimes accidentally preserved a whitespace
      character after a token when it should not have. (lp#327790) 

Wed Nov  5 10:05:24 UTC 2014 - schwab@suse.de

- 0002-Fix-array-bound-checking-with-negative-indexes-on-AR.patch: remove
  obsolete patch

Wed Nov  5 08:17:38 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.5

  * Enhancement
   +  sb-bsd-sockets now has basic support for IPv6
   + An sb-unicode package has been added, containing
     many functions related to handling Unicode text
   + The reader now normalizes symbols to Normalization
     Form KC (NFKC). This behavior can be disabled with
   + enhancement: a style-warning is signaled if OPTIMIZE
     declarations multiply specify a quality with differing values.

  * Bug fix:
    + conservatively pointed to pages wipe out unused dwords
      so that they cannot act as false roots in turn.
    + the walker's handling of lexical variable and
      symbol-macro bindings is improved (lp#375326, lp#1368305)
    + HANDLER-{BIND,CASE} no longer drop into ldb when a
      clause contains an undefined condition type; regression
      in 1.1.19( lp#1378939)
    + in interpreted code, inequality predicates did not
      type-check arguments that weren't examined, and a 1-argument use
      of MIN or MAX accepted a complex number. (lp#1373702)
    + APROPOS and APROPOS-LIST handle inherited symbols correctly.
      (lp#1364413, thanks to Zach Beane)

Sun Aug 31 18:24:15 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.3

  * Enhancement:
    + ASSERT reports arguments of calls to lexical functions in
      additional to global functions.
    + ASDF updated to 3.1.3
    + UIOP can be loaded without ASDF.
  * Bug Fix:
    + Some methods on CHANGE-CLASS did not finalize the new class
      before accessing its class-precedence list.
    + CHANGE-CLASS no longer fails on unbound slots in the source
    + CHANGE-CLASS signals an appropriate error when the destination
    + CHANGE-CLASS no longer signals bogus TYPE-ERRORs for slots for
      which initargs have been supplied.
    + saving cores on ARM was broken since the introduction of GENCGC.
    + macroexpanding a backquoted expression involving ",." outside
      of the compiler failed. (lp#1354623)

- Backported from git for arm builds

Tue Aug 12 07:48:47 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

-  disable-localport-bsd-sockets-test.patch
   * disable localport bsd sockets tests broken in kvm builds for
     openSUSE releases > 13.1

Mon Jul 28 13:48:15 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.2

  * incompatible change: the #\` ("backquote") reader macro was
    reimplemented to support robust pretty-printing. Reading a form
    involving #\` produces  an invocation of the QUASIQUOTE ordinary
    macro which may contain subforms  that are not lists. Code that
    unportably attempts operations on  un-evaluated forms resulting
    therefrom, e.g.  (SUBST a b (read-from-string "`(x (,y))"))
    might generate incorrect results and/or errors.
  * Enhancement:
    + support for GNU/kFreeBSD x86.
    + ATOMIC-INCF and ATOMIC-DECF can operate on (CAR
      x), (CDR x) and DEFGLOBAL variables of type fixnum.
    + enhancement: arithmetic constant reduction is now performed on
       defconstant constants too. (lp#1337069).
  * Bug Fix:
    + certain ftype proclamations containing &optional t &rest t no
      longer cause subsequent definitions to signal bogus
    + #\Bell and #\Bel now read to different characters. (lp#1319452).
    + CAS SYMBOL-VALUE on locally special variables didn't work.

Mon Jun 30 18:49:09 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.1

  * Enhancement
    + GENCGC is enabled on ARM.
    + better error reporting for invalid calls to local
    + support for GNU/kFreeBSD distributions.
      (lp#1079954, thanks  to Christoph Egger)
    + experimental support for threads on NetBSD/x86-64.
      (thanks to Robert Swindells)
    + support for DragonFly BSD.  (lp#1292845, thanks to
      Vasily  Postnicov)
  * Bug Fix:
    + TYPE-OF must not return AND/OR/NOT expressions.  (lp#1317308)
    + accessing NIL arrays stopped producing errors. (lp#1311421)
    + DISASSEMBLE no longer prints unwanted stuff. (lp#1251861)
    + compiling SVREF on unknown types no longer produces scary
      errors.  (lp#1258716)
    + assorted LOOP fixes and enhancements. (lp#645534, lp#1322923,
      lp#700538, lp#613876, lp#695286, lp#798388)
    + silence compiler notes from the SEARCH transform.
    + array type intersection handles T and unknown element types
      correctly. (lp#1258716)
    + fix a corner case in array type unparsing that would result in
      misleading translations from our internal type representation.
    + array-rank now sees through union and intersection types.
    + when DECLARE expressions are in the wrong place, be careful not
      to attempt to evaluate the subforms. (lp#573747; thanks to Roman
    + misplaced and missing declarations in DEFTRANSFORM. (lp#1066451)
    + FBOUNDP returned NIL for a class of incorrect function names
      instead of signaling an error. (lp#1095483)
    + fix a compile-time AVER in regalloc: lifetime analysis used to
      (rarely) introduce duplicate conflict markers in a single
       TN/block pair. (lp#1327008) 

Tue Jun 10 09:35:13 UTC 2014 - schwab@suse.de

- Add --with-bootstrap to enable bootstrapping with clisp
- sbcl-cast.patch: avoid warning about implicit conversion

Thu May 29 08:42:11 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.2.0

  * Bug Fix
    + read-time-eval backquote context mixup. (lp#1321047)
    +  MAKE-SEQUENCE works with sequence types defined via
       DEFTYPE  (lp#1315846, thanks to Mark Cox)
    + SET-[DISPATCH-]MACRO-CHARACTER should coerce a
      symbolic function-designator to a function only as needed.
    + remove references to asdf-install from the manual.
     (lp#1207544, thanks to Thomas Hlavaty)
    + handle --without-xxx options to make.sh more carefully.
     (lp#1246665, thanks to Richard M Kreuter)
    + prevent maybe-delete-exit from doing semantically broken things
      with local exits. (lp#309099, lp#518099, lp#533930)
    + attempts to subclass BUILT-IN-CLASSes signal errors,
      as required by AMOP.  (lp#861004) 
  * Enhancement
    + when SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE fails due multiple threads,
      the report of the signaled conditions lists currently running
    + ported to ARM linux.
    + sb-gmp contrib has been updated. (lp#1305266)
    + new contrib sb-mpfr by Stephan Frank.

Tue Apr 29 10:57:23 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.18

  * Optimization
    + COERCE is now more effecient for more cases when
      the type is known at compile-time.  (lp#1309815)
  * Bug fix
    + correctly inherit condition initforms. (lp#1300904)
    + properly pprint literal functions inside nested lists.
    + more-correctly handle array-type unity (broken for
      ages, causing compilation problems since 1.1.13.x due to
      smarter TYPEP type propagation reported by jasom in #lisp). 

Fri Apr 11 11:41:11 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Use clisp for those distros and archs where sbcl is not available 

Fri Apr  4 09:36:24 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.17

  * Enhancement
    + printing backtraces respects
      SB-DEBUG:*DEBUG-PRINT-VARIABLE-ALIST* when printing call
      arguments  (lp#1261646)
  * Optimization
    +  defstruct out-of-line accessor are now as fast as
       inlined. (lp#1264924)
  * Bug fix
    + INVOKE-RESTART-INTERACTIVELY no longer refuses to
      invoke RESTART instances with a test-function 
    + STREAM-ERROR-POSITION-INFO fails in fewer situations
    + Change COND error message (lp#1254511)
    + LOAD is no longer confused when called on a directory.
    + MAKE-CONDITION reports names of missing condition
      classes properly (lp#1199223)
    + restore building with clang. (lp#1293643) 
    + restore building on SPARC (broken since 1.1.15).
    + improved FreeBSD support.
    + PPC floating point conversion corrupted stack. 

- Patches
  + Remove sbcl-1.0.54-optflags.patch
  + Add sbcl-1.1.17-optflags.patch based on the removed

Sat Mar  1 18:14:29 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.16

  * Enhancement
    +  SB-EXT:DEFINE-LOAD-TIME-GLOBAL. (lp#1253688)
    +  Loading fasls with symbols from an undefined package includes
      the name of the symbol in the error message.
  * Bug fix
    + problems when redefining classes and doing TYPEP on classes
      concurrently. (lp#1272742)
    + fixes to the x86-64 XCHG instruction:
      - it was misencoded when used with RAX, R8-R15 registers.
       (reported by  Eric Marsden)
      - it was misencoded when used to exchange EAX with itself.
      - the disassembler wrongly printed XCHG RAX, R8 and the
        corresponding 32- and 16-bit variations as NOP.
    + the disassembler outputs source annotations in the right place
      and no longer randomly drops some of them. (lp#1249205)
    + fix commutative-arg-swap from introducing undumpable structures
      into code, prevent code with errors from being compiled.
    + pathnames with :back in their directory component are
      succeffully resolved.
    + the deterministic profiler now uses ENCAPSULATE functionality
      to wrap functions around. (lp#309086) 

Fri Jan 31 07:53:27 UTC 2014 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.15

  * New feature:
    the iterative spilling/coloring register allocator developed
    by Alexandra Barchunova during Google Summer of Code 2013 is
    now merged in. By default, it only activates for functions that
    optimize with (speed 3) and (> speed compilation-speed), but
    setting sb-regalloc:*register-allocation-method* to :iterative
    forces its execution. The previous behaviour can be obtained by
    instead setting that variable to :greedy.
  * Optimization:
    + make-array with known element-type and unknown dimensions is
      much faster.
    + make-array with unknown element-type is faster as well.
  * Enhancement:
    + reduced conservativism on GENCGC platforms: conservative roots
       must be valid-looking tagged pointers or point within a code
       object, not merely point to within the allocated part of a
       page, in order to pin a page.
    + support for "Mac Roman" external format.
    + encapsulation of named generic functions now happens without
      altering the identity of the function bound to the name.
  * Bug fix:
    + modular arithmetic optimizations do not stumble on dead branches
      with bad constants. (reported by Douglas Katzman)
    + CLISP can be used again as a cross-compilation host.
      (Thanks to Vasily Postnicov, lp#1261451)
    + run-program crashed with :directory nil. (lp#1265077) 

Sat Nov 30 17:44:30 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.14

  * Optimization:
    + complicated TYPEP tests are less opaque to the
      type propagation pass. (lp#1229340)
    + [N]BUTLAST perform a single pass over the list.
    + EQUALP on structures with raw slots (double-float/complex)
      no longer conses and is faster.
    + RESTART-CASE expands to more compact code.
      Thanks to Jan Moringen. (lp#1249055)
  * Enhancement:
    + Top-level defmethod without defgeneric no longer
      causes  undefined-function warnings in subsequent forms.
    + run-sbcl.sh is usefully handled by rlwrap.  Thanks
      to William Cushing. (lp#1249183)
    + new function SB-EXT:ASSERT-VERSION->= accepts a version
      specification (multiple integer arguments) and signals a
      continuable error if the current SBCL version is lower (older)
      than the specification. (lp#674372)
    + better ARRAY-RANK result derivation. (lp#1252108)
  * Bug fix:
    + EQUALP now compares correctly structures with raw slots larger
      than a single word.
    + OPEN reports a more meaningful error when an existing file is
      opened for output with :if-exists :new-version.Thanks to
      Philip Munksgaard. (lp#455381)
    + DEFSTRUCTs with NIL as a slot name no longer cause strange
      CLOS-related errors.  (lp#633911) 

Thu Oct 31 13:50:22 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.13

  * Optimization:
    + better distribution of SXHASH over small conses of related
      values.  (lp#309443)
    + other improvements to SXHASH:
      - use the whole of the positive-fixnum range for SXHASH of
  * Enhancement:
    + The error message when calling an undefined alien function
      includes the name of the function on x86-64.
    + sb-ext:run-program now supports :environment on Windows.
    + ASDF is no longer required to load contribs at runtime.
    + when called with a symbol, FIND-RESTART no longer calls
      COMPUTE-RESTARTS, making it faster and cons less (lp#769615)
    + FIND-RESTART and COMPUTE-RESTARTS handle huge restart
      clusters better in some cases
    + SOME/ANY/other quantification higher-order functions no
      longer cons. (lp#1070635)
  * Bug fix:
    + forward references to classes in fasls can now be loaded.
    + don't warn on a interpreted->compiled function redefinition
      from the same location.  (patch by Douglas Katzman, lp#1042405)
    + Create vectors of proper internal length when reading literal
      vectors from FASLs. (Reported by Jan Moringen)
    + COMPILE can now succefully compile setf functions.
     (Reported by Douglas Katzman)
    + run-program performs more correct escaping of arguments on
      Windows. (lp#1239242)
    + function-lambda-expression on generic functions returns the
      actual name.
    + (the [type] [constant]) now warns when [constant] matches
      [type] except for the number of values.  (Reported by Nathan
      Trapuzzano on sbcl-help)
    + signal errors in required cases of slot-definition
      initialization protocol.  (lp#309072)
    + run-sbcl.sh works better in the presence of symlinks on OS X.
      (thanks to Stelian Ionescu, lp#1242643)
    + when given a restart object, FIND-RESTART checks whether the
      restart is active and, when a condition is supplied, whether
      the restart  is associated to a different condition (lp#774410)

- drop sbcl-1.1.4-personality.patch and replace it with

Tue Oct  1 09:27:53 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.12

  * Enhancement:
    + Add sb-bsd-sockets:socket-shutdown, for calling
      shutdown(3). lp#1207483
    + document extensible sequences.  lp#994528
  * Optimization:
    + EQUAL and EQUALP transforms are smarter.  lp#1220084
    + CHAR-EQUAL is faster for constant and base-char arguments.
  * Bug fix:
    + probe-file now can access symlinks to pipes and sockets in
     /proc/pid/fd on Linux. (reported by Eric Schulte)
    + SBCL can now be built on Solaris x86-64.
    + Floating point exceptions do not persist on Solaris anymore.
    + (setf . a) is pprinted correctly
    + handle compiler-error in LOAD when it's not run from inside EVAL.
    + SB-GMP:MPZ-POW no longer segfaults given a non-bignum base.
    + space allocation of result bignums in SB-GMP is more accurate.
    + sb-safepoint can now reliably handle signal interruptions of
      foreign code. lp#1133018
    + the compiler-macro for MAKE-INSTANCE when emitting "fallback"
      constructors no longer fails to merge actual and default
      initargs  lp#1179858
    + the compiler-macro for MAKE-INSTANCE when emitting "fallback"
      constructors handles non-KEYWORD initialization arguments more
    + loading the SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS contributed module no longer
      clobbers FILE-NAMESTRING.  lp#884603
    + class definitions with CPLs inconsistent with their  metaclasses 
      are less likely to destroy the object system's integrity.
    + restart clause parsing in RESTART-CASE is more in line
      with the standard.  lp#1203585
    + silence a note from RESTART-CASE under high-SPEED optimization
      settings. lp#1023721
    + getting the order of arguments to
      sensible error rather than a failed AVER.
    + Parsing of &optional/&key/&rest arguments now never overwrites
      arguments during copying on x86 and x86-64; it may still happen
      on other platforms when there are more fixed arguments than
      stack slots.

Wed Aug 28 15:04:18 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.11

  * Enhancement:
    + support building the manual under texinfo version 5 lp#1189146
  * Bug fix:
    + undefined function errors are now properly reported on
      PPC and MIPS.  (regression since 1.1.9)
    + (funcall (function X junk)) didn't causes an error
      when X had a  compiler macro.
    + signal a warning when defining a setf-function when a
       setf-expander is already present.
    + improved threading on PPC.  
    + Streams were flushed even when there was one byte
      still left in the buffer. (lp#910213)
    + OPEN handles correctly when :if-exists and
      :if-does-not-exist are  either NIL or :ERROR. 

Mon Jul 29 07:11:41 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.10

  * Enhancement:
    + ASDF has been updated to 3.0.2.
  * Optimization:
    + stack frames are packed more efficiently on
      x86oids, which  ought to reduce the frequency of Methuselahn
      conservative references (it certainly helps with gc.impure.lisp
      / BUG-936304 on x86).
    + on x86 and x86-64, integer negation forms like
     (- * x) are now recognized in modular arithmetic contexts, and
     compile to native negate, rather than going through bignums only
     to keep the low bits.
  * Bug fix
    + Compiling potential modularic arithmetic forms does
      not cause type errors when some integer types lack lower or upper
      bounds.  (lp#1199127)
    + Non-trivial modular arithmetic forms are always cut to
      the right  bitwidth before being used in a non-modular context.
    + Multiple catch/unwind blocks in a single function are now
      allocated in the right stack order on win32. (lp#1072739) 

Thu Jul  4 11:18:17 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.9

  * New feature:
    + the contrib SB-GMP links with libgmp at runtime to speed up
    arithmetic on bignums and ratios. (contributed by Stephan

  * Enhancement:
    + disassemble now annotates some previously
      missing static functions, like LENGTH.
    + SB-EXT:PRINT-SYMBOL-WITH-PREFIX can be used within ~// to
      print a symbol with a package prefix.
    + The debugger and backtracing are more robust against buggy
      PRINT-OBJECT methods.
  * Optimization:
    + calls to static functions on x86-64 use less instructions.
    + compute encode-universal-time at compile time when possible.
    + when referencing internal functions as #'x, don't go through
      an indirect fdefn structure.
    + SLEEP doesn't cons on non-immediate floats and on ratios.
    + (mod fixnum) type-checks are performed using one unsigned
      comparison, instead of two.
    + enable more modular arithmetic transforms in the presence of
    + bitwise OR forms can now trigger modular arithmetic as well,
      when the result is known to be negative.
    + recognize more cases of useless LOGAND/LOGIOR with constants.
    + comparisons between rationals and constant floats or between
      integers and constant ratios are now converted to rationals/integers
      at compile time.
    + Smaller and faster DOUBLE-FLOAT-LOW-BITS on x86-64.
  * Bug Fix:
    + problems with NCONC type derivation (reported by Jerry James).
    + EXPT type derivation no longer constructs bogus floating-point
      types.  (reported by Vsevolod Dyomkin)
    + sb-bsd-sockets has correct declaration of the canonname field of
      addrinfo. (lp#1187041, patch by Jerry James)
    + uninitialized type-error conditions can now be printed.
    + tests for sb-bsd-sockets no longer use a predefined port for
      listening, allowing several tests to run in parallel.
    + during disassembly to *COMPILER-TRACE-OUTPUT* instruction
      prefixes as used on x86 and x86-64 no longer sometimes print incorrectly.
    + Specialised SIMD-PACK types can be negated.
    + Modular arithmetic is more robust. (incidentally fixes another bug
      reported by Eric Marsden)
    + FP return values from foreign calls are always rounded to single
      or double float precision on x87.
    + Known-safe vector access on x86oids should not fail spuriously
      when the index is of the form (+ x constant-positive-integer).
    + backtrace printer no longer tries to create very large lists when
      the arg-count register is clobberred by other code. (lp#1192929)
    + x86 should never signal an FP exception while boxing an FP value,
      a situation that lands us into ldb.

Wed Jun  5 07:07:56 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.8
  * Notice:
    + The implementation of MAP-ALLOCATED-OBJECTS (the heart of
      ROOM, plus a few SB-INTROSPECT functions) has been completely
      rewritten; it may now exhibit different bugs than before.
  * New feature:
    + minimal runtime/compiler intrastructure support
      for SSE SIMD values, as SB-EXT:SIMD-PACK. Enabled on x86-64
      via the  build-time
     + sb-simd-pack. This should enable intrinsics extensions
       as libraries, without patching SBCL itself. 
  * Enhancement:
    + RUN-PROGRAM supports a :DIRECTORY argument to set
      the working directory of the spawned process.
      (lp#791800) (patch by Matthias Benkard)
    + boxed vectors (vectors of T or of FIXNUM) can now
      be stack-allocated on PPC.
    + "fixed objects" can now be stack-allocated on PPC.
    + WITH-PINNED-OBJECTS no longer conses on PPC/GENCGC.
    + (sb-introspect:find-definition-sources-by-name x :vop) now
      also returns VOPs which do not translate any functions, and
      finds  defoptimizer types ir2convert and stack-allocate-result.
    + better type derivation for APPEND, NCONC, LIST.  (lp#538957)
    + MAP-ALLOCATED-OBJECTS (the heart of ROOM) now walks the heap
      in a manner similar to the GC rather than its previous ad-hoc
      scheme, and is therefore no less and possibly more accurate.
    + fixes and enhancements related to Unicode:
      - the character database information has been updated to
        Unicode 6.2;
      - support for canonical and compatibility decomposition of
        characters has been added, along with support for primary
      - support for Unicode normalization forms of strings (NFC,
        NFKC, NFD and  NFKD) has been included;
      - querying the character database for code points not defined
        by Unicode gives less wrong answers (lp#1178038, reported by
        Ken Harris)
     + print intermediate evaluation results for some ASSERTed
       expressions. (lp#789497) (patch by Alexandra Barchunova)
     + x86-64 disassemblies are annotated with unboxed constant
      values when there are references to (RIP-relative) unboxed
  * Bug fix:
    + type derivation for LOG{AND,IOR,XOR} scales linearly instead 
      of quadratically with the size of the input in the worst case.
    + handle errors when initializing *default-pathname-defaults*,
      sb-ext:*runtime-pathname*, sb-ext:*posix-argv* on startup, like
      character decoding errors, or directories being deleted.
    + Loading a core with a discontiguous dynamic space now correctly
      computes the amount of dynamic space used.
    + disassembler missing ",8" on SHLD
    + backtracing through INTERNAL-ERROR signal handlers on systems
      that provide an "invalid" stack frame link for the signal handler
      itself now use the saved-fp-and-pc mechanism to pick up from
      the stack frame in the interrupt (signal) context.  This is
      known to affect threaded FreeBSD/x86-64.
    + some LOOP statements couldn't be compiled. (lp#1178989)
    + sb-sequence:dosequence works on literal vectors.
    + errors in generic arithmetic show the assembly routine's caller
      on x86 and x86-64. (lp#800343)
    + Compile-time type errors should never result in COMPILE-FILE
      failure. (lp#943953)
    + Known bad local calls do not cause strange failures when emitting
      or dumping code. (lp#504121)
    + Multiply-inlined structure constructor don't cause  IR2-time
      codegen errors: type checks are inserted as necessary.
    + Unsigned modular arithmetic is correctly converted  into signed
      modular arithemtic (mostly to exploit fixnum-width VOPs).
    + a combination of inlined local function with &optional and
      recursion no longer causes undescriptive compiler errors.
    + sub-word BOOLEAN alien types now disregard higher order bits
      when testing for non-zero-ness.
    + (CONCATENATE 'null ...) no longer fails for generic sequences.
    + Type mismatch for the value of conditional expressions are
      correctly reported when detected at compile-time, instead of
      complaining about a constant NIL (similar for non-EQ-comparable
      catch tags).
    + Referring to INLINE global functions as values should not result
      in a compilation failure. (lp#1035721)
  * Optimization:
    + faster ISQRT on fixnums and small bignums
    + faster and smaller INTEGER-LENGTH on fixnums on x86-64.
    + On x86-64, the number of multi-byte NOP instructions used
      for code alignment is now always minimal.
    + On 64-bit targets, the compiler generates much faster code
      for type checks for types known at compile time that are
      smaller  than (SIGNED-BYTE 64) or (UNSIGNED-BYTE 64) and larger
      than FIXNUM, and their COMPLEX variants.
    + On x86 targets, more uses of ALIEN-FUNCALL during cross
      compilation now inline the INVOKE-WITH-SAVED-FP-AND-PC dance.
    + ROOM no longer conses so egregiously on non-x86oid systems.
    + associative bitwise operations reassociate patterns like
      (f (f x k1) k2) to expose (f x (f k1 k2)).  Same for + and * of
      rational values.
    + quasiquote expressions now perform more constant folding,
      instead of consing equal lists at runtime. (lp#1026439)
    + local call analysis of inlined higher-order function should
      converge more quickly, resulting in better code for complex
    + On x86-64, medium (word-sized but wider than 32 bits) integer
      constants are handled more cleverly, especially when they can
      be represented as sign-extended (signed-byte 32). (Based on a
      patch by Douglas Katzman)
    + IF/IF conversion should reliably result in sane code when
      (some of) the results of the inner IF are always false or
      always true.
    + On x86oids, variable right shifts of machine  words are
      compiled into straight SAR/SHR, instead of going through the
      generic VOP. (lp#1066204)
- Remove the following patches which were backported from git

Tue Apr 30 12:54:21 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.7
  * Enhacements:
    + TRACE :PRINT-ALL handles multiple-valued forms. (#457053)
  * Bug Fix:
    + allocation slot option works for condition slots (#1049404)
      redefining conditions does not lead to multiple evaluations of
      hairy slot initfunctions anymore (#1164969)
    + CLASS-DIRECT-DEFAULT-INITARGS now works for condition classes
    + function constants now work as initforms and default initarg values
      of conditions (#539517)
      svref/(setf svref) on symbol macros don't crash the compiler
      anymore. (Minimal test case provided by James M. Lawrence on
    + no more bogus ## references when pretty printing backquoted forms
      with non-trivial structure sharing. (#1161218)
    + Don't signal an error on (setf (documentation nil 'function) "doc").
      Signal a style-warning instead when trying to set documentation
      of NIL for all other documentation types.)
    + modular arithmetic involving large constants and conditionals
      should no longer result in spurious dead code elimination.
    + our mach exception handler can seemingly called very early in
      the program execution process on OS X 10.8.0. Try and handle
      that case robustly, without potentially leaking mach ports
      too much.
  * Optimization:
    + LOGBITP and LOGTEST optimizations from x86 portedto x86_64. 

- Backport patches from git (these to be removed on next version

- Remove already included patches

Thu Apr  4 10:28:49 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.6
  * Enhancements:
    + the continuable error when defknown-ing over extant fndb
      entries can be ignored by passing :overwrite-fndb-silently
      t as a keyword argument to sb-c:defknown (after attributes).
      Useful to allow defknown to be re-loaded. Use with
      :allow-other-keys t for backward compatibility.
  * Optimization:
    + compiler is much faster in compiling SVREF and
      (SETF SVREF) forms.
  * Bug fix:
    + Prevent a make-array transform from modifying source
      forms causing problems for inlined code. Thanks to Bart Botta.
      (regression since
    + clear-output calls the correct gray stream routine,
      sb-gray:stream-clear-output. (lp#1153257)
    + an error is signalled for an invalid format modifier:
      ~<~@>. (lp#1153148)
    + Better error messages for package operations
    + delete-package on a nonexistent package should signal
      a cerror. (regression since
    + bug fix: accessing &MORE (stack allocated &REST) arguments
      checks bounds.  (lp#1154946, lp#1072112)
    + bug fix: compiling make-array no longer signals an error when
      the element-type is an uknown type, a warning is issued instead.
      Thanks to James Kalenius (lp#1156095)
    + SEARCH on generic (non-VECTOR non-LIST) sequence types
      no longer produces wrong results for some inputs.
      (Thanks to Jan  Moringen.) (lp#1153312) 

- Backported patches from git (these to be removed on next version


Wed Feb 27 09:24:08 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.5 
  * minor incompatible change: SB-SPROF:WITH-PROFILING no longer
    loops  by default.
  * New Features:
    + package local nicknames. See manual for details.
    + SB-EXT:MAP-DIRECTORY provides a powerful interface
      for  directory traversal: it is the backend used by SBCL for
  * Enhancements:
    + easier to use restarts for resolving name-conflicts resulting
    + variant DEFPACKAGE forms now signal a full error with restarts
      provided for resolving the situation. (lp#891351)
    + by setting SB-EXT:*ON-PACKAGE-VARIANCE*  appropriately variant
      DEFPACKAGE forms can now signal a full error with restarts
      provided for resolving the situation. (lp#891351)
    + make-random-state now uses CryptGenRandom as a seed on Windows.
      (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.) (lp#1102748)
    +  backtrace improvements
       ** secondary CLOS dispatch functions have better debug names
       ** easier to read method names in backtraces. See
          available as forwards-compatible replacements for
       ** SB-DEBUG:*SHOW-ENTRY-POINT-DETAILS** has been deprecated, as
          the same information is available in less intrusive form as
          frame annotations.
    + SB-POSIX now provides MAP-ANON.
    + test-suite results are colorized, failures in red,
      unexpected success in green. Works on Windows and on terminals with
      ANSI escape code support. Can be disabled with --no-color.
  * Optimizations:
    + SB-CONCURRENCY:QUEUE implementation is more efficient.
     (thanks to James M. Lawrence)
  * Bug Fixes:
    + no more unused variable style warnings from RESTART-CASE
      macroexpansion (lp#1113859)
    + no more unused variable style warnings when loading
      sb-bsd-sockets.asd (lp#1114681)
    + deleting a package removes it from implementation-package lists of
      other packages.
    + SB-SPROF:WITH-PROFILING is now usable in the Slime  REPL on Darwin.
      This does not fix the occasional "interrupt already pending"
      issue, though.
    + (setf (documentation 'x 'function)) and (setf (documentation #'x t))
      set documentation in different places. (regression since
    + build on newer glibc. (lp#1095036)

- Removed sbcl-glibc217.patch as it is fixed upstream

Fri Feb  1 16:37:13 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.1.4 version
  * Optimization
    + LOOP expressions using "of-type character" have
      slightly more efficient expansions.
  * Bug Fixes :
    + very long (or infinite) constant lists in DOLIST do
      not result in very long compile times or heap exhaustion
      anymore. (lp#1095488)
    + `#3(1) is read as #(1 1 1), not as #(1). (lp#1095918)
    + adjust-array ignored :initial-element for simple-vectors.
    + optimizations to MAKE-INSTANCE with literal list
      initargs no longer cause infinite loops (on circular data) or
      violate eqlity constraints. (lp#1099708)
    + FIRST was not being open coded. (regression from 1.1.0)  

- renamed and sbcl-0.9.5-personality.patch to
  sbcl-1.1.4-personality.patch and reworked it.

Tue Jan  8 14:25:42 UTC 2013 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to version 1.1.3
  * Enhancements:
    + warnings about bad locale settings, LANG, LC_CTYPE,
      etc. (#727625)
    + support for C-c to interrupt the foreground thread on
      Windows. (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
    + STDCALL alien callbacks. (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
    + Safepoint builds on POSIX platforms can now optionally be
      built without pseudo-atomic sequences and their run-time
    + Threads created outside of Lisp can enter Lisp through alien
      callbacks and appear as Lisp threads for the duration of that
      function invocation. On safepoint builds only.
    + Miscellaneous improvements to namestrings and underlying
      calls to OS functions for file system access on
      Windows. (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
    + The MSI installer support for Windows now uses Windows
      Installer XML at least version 3.5 and includes various
      usability improvements. (Thanks to Dmitry Kalyanov and Anton
    + The sb-bsd-sockets contrib now supports non-blocking-mode on
      Windows. (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
    + The Windows backend now supports the x86-64 platform. (Thanks
      to Anton Kovalenko.)
  * Bug fixes:
    + fasls are now once again directly executable (on platforms
      supporting shebang lines, with a suitably-installed sbcl).
    + make.sh --help no longer runs clean.sh. (#937001)
    + Fix CAS access to slots of direct instances of structure
      classes in the presence of subclasses sharing the same
    + Logical pathname namestrings on Windows have been changed to
      be lower-case, to minimize differences between POSIX and

Wed Dec  5 08:31:49 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.1.2 version
  * Enhancements:
    + frlocks have been added to SB-CONCURRENCY contrib
    + New feature sb-dynamic-core allows the runtime to
      be rebuilt or relocated without requiring changes to the core
      file on all linkage table platforms. Required on Windows.
      (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
    + Console I/O streams use UCS-2. (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
    + Support for the experimental safepoint-based stop-the-world
       protocol on the PowerPC platform.
  * Windows related bug fixes:
- Use sbcl in buildrequires instead of clisp since the package is
  now available in Factory as well
  * Added sbclrc.sample and README.openSUSE which explains the usage
    of the sample init file usage with sbcl 
  * Patched install.sh to install the above
  * use the customize-target-features.lisp to enable/disable
  * disable test-frfrlock sb-concurrency by allowing it to fail on
    linux see https://bugs.launchpad.net/sbcl/+bug/1087955

Sat Nov 17 08:02:01 UTC 2012 - aj@suse.de

- Fix build with glibc 2.17 (add patch sbcl-glibc217.patch)

Sat Nov  3 12:33:49 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.1.1 version
  * Enhancements and optimizations:
    + WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT no longer grabs the world-lock.
    (COMPILE and COMPILE-FILE still do.)
    + The SPARC backend now supports the precise generational
    (GENCGC) garbage collection. Enabled by default on
    Solaris/SPARC and Linux/SPARC. Thanks to Raymond Toy (via
    + add experimental support for the SB-THREAD feature and the
    timer facility on Windows. Thanks to Dmitry Kalyanov and Anton
    Kovalenko. Threads are enabled by default, and this version of
    SBCL is considered to be the last and final release to
    officially support building with threads disabled.
    + The compiler no longer rotates loops in some cases where this
    transformation actually lead to worse code being generated.
  * Bug Fixes:
    + SB-CLTL2:MACROEXPAND-ALL correctly handles shadowing of
    symbol-macros by lexical bindings.
    + stack allocation was prevented by high DEBUG declaration in
    several cases.
    + SB-EXT:GC-LOGFILE signaled an error when no logfile was set.
    (thanks to SANO Masatoshi)
    + PARSE-NATIVE-NAMESTRING performed non-native parsing when
    :JUNK-ALLOWED was true.
    + type derivation inferred overly conservative types for unions
    of array types. (#1050768)
- rebase sbcl-1.0.54-optflags.patch 
Tue Oct 16 08:14:35 UTC 2012 - coolo@suse.com

- explicit buildrequire netcfg for the test suite

Mon Oct  8 12:19:05 UTC 2012 - cfarrell@suse.com

- license update: SUSE-Public-Domain and BSD-3-Clause
  sbcl contains some BSD licensed cpomponents

Fri Oct  5 07:05:34 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Change licence SUSE-Public_Domain
- move example code to doc directory

Tue Oct  2 14:57:01 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.1.0
  * Enhancements:
    + New variable, sb-ext:*disassemble-annotate* for controlling source
      annotation of DISASSEMBLE output. Defaults to T.

    + TIMEOUT arguments added to WITH-MUTEX and WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK, and
      WAIT-P argument added to WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK.

    + SB-EXT:ATOMIC-PUSH and SB-EXT:ATOMIC-POP allow atomic operations on
      list heads.

    + Optional features (not enabled by default) allow the use of signals
      for inter-thread synchronization to be reduced on certain supported
      platforms (currently Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD on x86 and x86-64).
      Set (and :sb-thread :sb-safepoint :sb-thruption :sb-wtimer) to test
      these experimental features. Known remaining bugs include minor
      thread safety issues, less timely freeing of memory by GC, and certain
      (not yet optimally low) runtime overhead. Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.

  * optimization:

    + CL:SORT and CL:STABLE-SORT of lists are faster and use fewer
      comparisons, particularly on almost-sorted inputs.

  * Bug fixes

    + Reading floats with large exponents no longer takes too much time
      before reporting that the exponent is too large.

    + SB-BSD-SOCKETS:SOCKET-RECEIVE with a UDP socket now works correctly
      when the received datagram is larger than the provided buffer.
      (#1023438, thanks to Robert Uhl)

    + SB-EXT:GET-CAS-EXPANSION returned a bogus read-form when given a
      SYMBOL-VALUE form with a constant symbol argument.

    + SB-EXT:GET-CAS-EXPANSION signaled an error when a macro expanding
      into a DEFCAS defined place was used as the place.

    + FIND and POSITION signaled a type-error when non-bits where looked
      for from bit-vectors.

    + a race condition around thread creation could (in SBCL 1.0.57) lead
      to internal errors or crashes (#1058799).

   * documentation:
     + a section on random number generation has been added to the
       manual. (#656839)

- rebased sbcl-1.0.54-optflags.patch

Tue Aug  7 10:38:52 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.0.58

  * enhancement: implicit generic function warnings now specify the
     package in which the new generic function is being created.

  * enhancement: SB-EXT:ATOMIC-UPDATE makes it easy to perform
     non-destructive updates of CAS-able places (similar to
     Clojure's swap!).

  * enhancement: run-program no longer decodes and re-encodes
     environment when :environment argument is not
     provided. (#985904)

  * enhancement: errors during compiler-macro expansion no longer
     cause runtime errors, only a compile-time warning, otherwise
     behaving as if the compiler macro had declined to expand.

  * optimization: On x86-64, code alignment of block headers is done
     with multi-byte NOPs now instead of repetitions of the
     single-byte NOP.

  * optimization: MAP-INTO is substantially faster when the target
     sequence is of unknown type; mapping into lists is no longer
     O(N^2). (thanks to James M. Lawrence)

  * optimization: the compiler no longer heap-conses to check exits
     in cases where the exit function is dynamic extent, or when it
     can prove the exit function cannot escape.

  * optimization: SB-SEQUENCE:DOSEQUENCE is faster on vectors of
     unknown element type, and vectors that aren't SIMPLE-ARRAYs.

  * optimization: CL:SORT and CL:STABLE-SORT are more efficient in
     execution speed (around 1/3 the time in some cases), and a
     little better in terms of comparison calls. (Thanks to Takeru

  * bug fix: On SPARC, a limitation on the number of code constants
     emittable by the compiler has been lifted, allowing certain
     long functions to compiled and assembled which had previously
     been unsupported; fixes cl-bench on this ISA (#1008996).

  * bug fix: potential for infinite recursion during compilation of
     CLOS slot typechecks when dependency graph had
     loops. (#1001799)

  * bug fix: error forms reported with some program-errors were not
     escaped properly.

  * bug fix: functions from EVAL are now on more equal footing with
     functions from COMPILE. (#1000783, #851170, #922408)

  * bug fix: ENSURE-GENERIC-METHOD-COMBINATION accepts method
     combination objects as its :METHOD-COMBINATION argument, not
     just lists designating method combinations. (#936513)

  * bug fix: run-program no longer unconditionally uses /tmp/ for
     temporary files. (#968837).

  *  bug fix: restore build on solaris/sparc. (#1008506) bug fix: an
  *  issue with LDB in the PowerPC backend has been resolved; this
  *  fixes an issue found with cl-postgres (thanks to Tomas
  *  Hlavaty).

  * bug fix: compiler-macro lambda-lists specifying non-keyword
     symbols as keyword arguments no longer accidentally match
     unevaluated symbols against them.

  * bug fix: FORMAT used to loop infinitely in some cases when a
     COLINC parameter was zero, now it signals an error. (#905817,
     fixed since

  * bug fix: run-program with :pty t no longer makes the pty as the
     process's controling terminal.

Tue May 22 08:38:41 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.0.57  changes in sbcl-1.0.57 relative to sbcl-1.0.56:
  * RANDOM enhancements and bug fixes:
    ** bug fix: the range and distribution of random integers could be
       catastrophically wrong when the compiler derived the type of its
       argument as a disjoint set of small integers.
    ** bug fix: the distribution of random integers is now completely
       uniform even when the specified limit is not a power of two.
       (Previously some values could be about 0.1 % more probable than
       others in the worst case.)
    ** RANDOM on large integer arguments is generally faster and conses
       less than before; this is visible for fixnums above a length of
       about 24 bits, but extremely so for bignums: the old implementation
       used time and space quadratical in the size of the argument there,
       the new one is linear.
  * enhancement: redesigned protocol for quitting SBCL. SB-EXT:EXIT is the new
    main entry point, SB-EXT:QUIT is deprecated.
  * enhancement: additions to the SB-THREAD API: RETURN-FROM-THREAD,
  * enhancement: FASL loading no longer grabs the world-lock.
  * enhancement: GENCGC reclaims space more aggressively when objects being
    allocated are a large fraction of the total available heap space.
  * enhancement: backtraces show the correct number of arguments for frames
    called with too many arguments.
  * enhancement: support for abort(3), exit(3), and _exit(2) has been added to
  * enhancement: ASDF has been updated 2.21.
  * optimization: fewer uses of full calls to signed modular functions.
  * optimization: typechecking alien values is typically 5 x faster.
    are 20% faster.
  * bug fix: file compilation performance issues when dumping subtypes
    of CHARACTER (lp#994487)
  * bug fix: fixed disassembly of some SSE instructions on x86-64.
  * bug fix: SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS signals an error for bogus :CLASS arguments in
    OPEN. (lp#969352, thanks to Kambiz Darabi)
  * bug fix: CASE normal-clauses do not allow T and OTHERWISE as keys.
  * bug fix: (SETF (FIND-CLASS X) NIL) removed proper name of the underlying
    classoid even if X was not the proper name of the class. (lp#941102)
  * bug fix: declaration leakage between lexical environments due to careless
    use of NCONC in MAKE-LEXENV. (lp#924276)
  * bug fix: ENSURE-DIRECTORIES-EXIST now works when
    *default-pathname-defaults* contains NAME or TYPE components.
  * bug fix: PPRINT couldn't print improper lists with CARs being some symbols
    from CL package, e.g. (loop . 10).
  * bug fix: run-program with existent or non-existent files for :output or
    :input when :if-output-exists or :if-input-does-not-exist are NIL properly
    returns NIL instead of signalling an obscure error.
  * bug fix: fix miscompilation of some logand forms with large constant
    arguments.  (lp#974406)
  * bug fix: account for funcallable-instance objects properly in ROOM.
  * bug fix: incorrect octets reported for c-string decoding errors.
  * bug fix: miscompilation of LDB on the PowerPC platform.  (thanks to Bruce
  * bug fix: better input error reporting for COMPILE-FILE. (lp#493380)
  * bug fix: default size of non-nursery generations has been shrunk on GENCGC,
    allowing faster release of memory back to the OS. (lp#991293)
  * bug fix: WITH-DEADLINE (:SECONDS NIL :OVERRIDE T) now drops any
    existing deadline for the dynamic scope of its body.
  * bug fix: compiler-internal interval arithmetic needed to be more
    conservative about open intervals when operated on by monotonic but not
    strictly-monotonic functions.  (lp#975528)
  * bug fix: copy-tree caused stack exhaustion on long linear lists, and now
    it's also slightly faster. (lp#998926)
  * bug fix: better error messages for malformed declarations.
  * bug fix: define-condition didn't return the name of the defined condition.
  * documentation:
    ** improved docstrings: REPLACE (lp#965592)

Thu May  3 09:48:28 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.0.56:
  * bug fix: fix copy-structure. When copying from stack to heap,
    garbage could end up in the heap making GC unhappy. (Thanks to
    James Knight, #911027)
  * enhancements
        SBCL can now be built using Clang.
        ASDF has been updated 2.20.
  * bug fix: compiler errors when weakening hairy integer types.
  * bug fix: don't complain about a too-hairy lexical environment
    for inlining when the function has never been requested for
    inlining. (#963530)
- use optflags for the c code
- enable compression
- use suse in versioning as suggested by the upstream
Mon Jan 16 13:27:02 UTC 2012 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- bump version 1.0.55:
  * This release adds many bugfixes, a couple of enhancements, and
    a few optimizations.  There are no incompatible changes.

Fri Dec 16 23:55:32 UTC 2011 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- initial package sbcl 1.0.54