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Sat Nov 17 08:02:01 UTC 2012 - aj@suse.de

- Fix build with glibc 2.17 (add patch sbcl-glibc217.patch)

Sat Nov  3 12:33:49 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.1.1 version
  * Enhancements and optimizations:
    + WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT no longer grabs the world-lock.
    (COMPILE and COMPILE-FILE still do.)
    + The SPARC backend now supports the precise generational
    (GENCGC) garbage collection. Enabled by default on
    Solaris/SPARC and Linux/SPARC. Thanks to Raymond Toy (via
    + add experimental support for the SB-THREAD feature and the
    timer facility on Windows. Thanks to Dmitry Kalyanov and Anton
    Kovalenko. Threads are enabled by default, and this version of
    SBCL is considered to be the last and final release to
    officially support building with threads disabled.
    + The compiler no longer rotates loops in some cases where this
    transformation actually lead to worse code being generated.
  * Bug Fixes:
    + SB-CLTL2:MACROEXPAND-ALL correctly handles shadowing of
    symbol-macros by lexical bindings.
    + stack allocation was prevented by high DEBUG declaration in
    several cases.
    + SB-EXT:GC-LOGFILE signaled an error when no logfile was set.
    (thanks to SANO Masatoshi)
    + PARSE-NATIVE-NAMESTRING performed non-native parsing when
    :JUNK-ALLOWED was true.
    + type derivation inferred overly conservative types for unions
    of array types. (#1050768)
- rebase sbcl-1.0.54-optflags.patch 
Tue Oct 16 08:14:35 UTC 2012 - coolo@suse.com

- explicit buildrequire netcfg for the test suite

Mon Oct  8 12:19:05 UTC 2012 - cfarrell@suse.com

- license update: SUSE-Public-Domain and BSD-3-Clause
  sbcl contains some BSD licensed cpomponents

Fri Oct  5 07:05:34 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Change licence SUSE-Public_Domain
- move example code to doc directory

Tue Oct  2 14:57:01 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.1.0
  * Enhancements:
    + New variable, sb-ext:*disassemble-annotate* for controlling source
      annotation of DISASSEMBLE output. Defaults to T.

    + TIMEOUT arguments added to WITH-MUTEX and WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK, and
      WAIT-P argument added to WITH-RECURSIVE-LOCK.

    + SB-EXT:ATOMIC-PUSH and SB-EXT:ATOMIC-POP allow atomic operations on
      list heads.

    + Optional features (not enabled by default) allow the use of signals
      for inter-thread synchronization to be reduced on certain supported
      platforms (currently Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD on x86 and x86-64).
      Set (and :sb-thread :sb-safepoint :sb-thruption :sb-wtimer) to test
      these experimental features. Known remaining bugs include minor
      thread safety issues, less timely freeing of memory by GC, and certain
      (not yet optimally low) runtime overhead. Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.

  * optimization:

    + CL:SORT and CL:STABLE-SORT of lists are faster and use fewer
      comparisons, particularly on almost-sorted inputs.

  * Bug fixes

    + Reading floats with large exponents no longer takes too much time
      before reporting that the exponent is too large.

    + SB-BSD-SOCKETS:SOCKET-RECEIVE with a UDP socket now works correctly
      when the received datagram is larger than the provided buffer.
      (#1023438, thanks to Robert Uhl)

    + SB-EXT:GET-CAS-EXPANSION returned a bogus read-form when given a
      SYMBOL-VALUE form with a constant symbol argument.

    + SB-EXT:GET-CAS-EXPANSION signaled an error when a macro expanding
      into a DEFCAS defined place was used as the place.

    + FIND and POSITION signaled a type-error when non-bits where looked
      for from bit-vectors.

    + a race condition around thread creation could (in SBCL 1.0.57) lead
      to internal errors or crashes (#1058799).

   * documentation:
     + a section on random number generation has been added to the
       manual. (#656839)

- rebased sbcl-1.0.54-optflags.patch

Tue Aug  7 10:38:52 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.0.58

  * enhancement: implicit generic function warnings now specify the
     package in which the new generic function is being created.

  * enhancement: SB-EXT:ATOMIC-UPDATE makes it easy to perform
     non-destructive updates of CAS-able places (similar to
     Clojure's swap!).

  * enhancement: run-program no longer decodes and re-encodes
     environment when :environment argument is not
     provided. (#985904)

  * enhancement: errors during compiler-macro expansion no longer
     cause runtime errors, only a compile-time warning, otherwise
     behaving as if the compiler macro had declined to expand.

  * optimization: On x86-64, code alignment of block headers is done
     with multi-byte NOPs now instead of repetitions of the
     single-byte NOP.

  * optimization: MAP-INTO is substantially faster when the target
     sequence is of unknown type; mapping into lists is no longer
     O(N^2). (thanks to James M. Lawrence)

  * optimization: the compiler no longer heap-conses to check exits
     in cases where the exit function is dynamic extent, or when it
     can prove the exit function cannot escape.

  * optimization: SB-SEQUENCE:DOSEQUENCE is faster on vectors of
     unknown element type, and vectors that aren't SIMPLE-ARRAYs.

  * optimization: CL:SORT and CL:STABLE-SORT are more efficient in
     execution speed (around 1/3 the time in some cases), and a
     little better in terms of comparison calls. (Thanks to Takeru

  * bug fix: On SPARC, a limitation on the number of code constants
     emittable by the compiler has been lifted, allowing certain
     long functions to compiled and assembled which had previously
     been unsupported; fixes cl-bench on this ISA (#1008996).

  * bug fix: potential for infinite recursion during compilation of
     CLOS slot typechecks when dependency graph had
     loops. (#1001799)

  * bug fix: error forms reported with some program-errors were not
     escaped properly.

  * bug fix: functions from EVAL are now on more equal footing with
     functions from COMPILE. (#1000783, #851170, #922408)

  * bug fix: ENSURE-GENERIC-METHOD-COMBINATION accepts method
     combination objects as its :METHOD-COMBINATION argument, not
     just lists designating method combinations. (#936513)

  * bug fix: run-program no longer unconditionally uses /tmp/ for
     temporary files. (#968837).

  *  bug fix: restore build on solaris/sparc. (#1008506) bug fix: an
  *  issue with LDB in the PowerPC backend has been resolved; this
  *  fixes an issue found with cl-postgres (thanks to Tomas
  *  Hlavaty).

  * bug fix: compiler-macro lambda-lists specifying non-keyword
     symbols as keyword arguments no longer accidentally match
     unevaluated symbols against them.

  * bug fix: FORMAT used to loop infinitely in some cases when a
     COLINC parameter was zero, now it signals an error. (#905817,
     fixed since

  * bug fix: run-program with :pty t no longer makes the pty as the
     process's controling terminal.

Tue May 22 08:38:41 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.0.57  changes in sbcl-1.0.57 relative to sbcl-1.0.56:
  * RANDOM enhancements and bug fixes:
    ** bug fix: the range and distribution of random integers could be
       catastrophically wrong when the compiler derived the type of its
       argument as a disjoint set of small integers.
    ** bug fix: the distribution of random integers is now completely
       uniform even when the specified limit is not a power of two.
       (Previously some values could be about 0.1 % more probable than
       others in the worst case.)
    ** RANDOM on large integer arguments is generally faster and conses
       less than before; this is visible for fixnums above a length of
       about 24 bits, but extremely so for bignums: the old implementation
       used time and space quadratical in the size of the argument there,
       the new one is linear.
  * enhancement: redesigned protocol for quitting SBCL. SB-EXT:EXIT is the new
    main entry point, SB-EXT:QUIT is deprecated.
  * enhancement: additions to the SB-THREAD API: RETURN-FROM-THREAD,
  * enhancement: FASL loading no longer grabs the world-lock.
  * enhancement: GENCGC reclaims space more aggressively when objects being
    allocated are a large fraction of the total available heap space.
  * enhancement: backtraces show the correct number of arguments for frames
    called with too many arguments.
  * enhancement: support for abort(3), exit(3), and _exit(2) has been added to
  * enhancement: ASDF has been updated 2.21.
  * optimization: fewer uses of full calls to signed modular functions.
  * optimization: typechecking alien values is typically 5 x faster.
    are 20% faster.
  * bug fix: file compilation performance issues when dumping subtypes
    of CHARACTER (lp#994487)
  * bug fix: fixed disassembly of some SSE instructions on x86-64.
  * bug fix: SB-SIMPLE-STREAMS signals an error for bogus :CLASS arguments in
    OPEN. (lp#969352, thanks to Kambiz Darabi)
  * bug fix: CASE normal-clauses do not allow T and OTHERWISE as keys.
  * bug fix: (SETF (FIND-CLASS X) NIL) removed proper name of the underlying
    classoid even if X was not the proper name of the class. (lp#941102)
  * bug fix: declaration leakage between lexical environments due to careless
    use of NCONC in MAKE-LEXENV. (lp#924276)
  * bug fix: ENSURE-DIRECTORIES-EXIST now works when
    *default-pathname-defaults* contains NAME or TYPE components.
  * bug fix: PPRINT couldn't print improper lists with CARs being some symbols
    from CL package, e.g. (loop . 10).
  * bug fix: run-program with existent or non-existent files for :output or
    :input when :if-output-exists or :if-input-does-not-exist are NIL properly
    returns NIL instead of signalling an obscure error.
  * bug fix: fix miscompilation of some logand forms with large constant
    arguments.  (lp#974406)
  * bug fix: account for funcallable-instance objects properly in ROOM.
  * bug fix: incorrect octets reported for c-string decoding errors.
  * bug fix: miscompilation of LDB on the PowerPC platform.  (thanks to Bruce
  * bug fix: better input error reporting for COMPILE-FILE. (lp#493380)
  * bug fix: default size of non-nursery generations has been shrunk on GENCGC,
    allowing faster release of memory back to the OS. (lp#991293)
  * bug fix: WITH-DEADLINE (:SECONDS NIL :OVERRIDE T) now drops any
    existing deadline for the dynamic scope of its body.
  * bug fix: compiler-internal interval arithmetic needed to be more
    conservative about open intervals when operated on by monotonic but not
    strictly-monotonic functions.  (lp#975528)
  * bug fix: copy-tree caused stack exhaustion on long linear lists, and now
    it's also slightly faster. (lp#998926)
  * bug fix: better error messages for malformed declarations.
  * bug fix: define-condition didn't return the name of the defined condition.
  * documentation:
    ** improved docstrings: REPLACE (lp#965592)

Thu May  3 09:48:28 UTC 2012 - toganm@opensuse.org

- Update to 1.0.56:
  * bug fix: fix copy-structure. When copying from stack to heap,
    garbage could end up in the heap making GC unhappy. (Thanks to
    James Knight, #911027)
  * enhancements
        SBCL can now be built using Clang.
        ASDF has been updated 2.20.
  * bug fix: compiler errors when weakening hairy integer types.
  * bug fix: don't complain about a too-hairy lexical environment
    for inlining when the function has never been requested for
    inlining. (#963530)
- use optflags for the c code
- enable compression
- use suse in versioning as suggested by the upstream
Mon Jan 16 13:27:02 UTC 2012 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- bump version 1.0.55:
  * This release adds many bugfixes, a couple of enhancements, and
    a few optimizations.  There are no incompatible changes.

Fri Dec 16 23:55:32 UTC 2011 - sweet_f_a@gmx.de

- initial package sbcl 1.0.54