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View File ruby20.changes of Package ruby20 (Project devel:languages:ruby)

Mon Oct 21 15:14:27 UTC 2013 - jmassaguerpla@suse.com

- fix CVE-2013-4287 CVE-2013-4363: ruby19: Algorithmic complexity vulnerability  (bnc#837457)
  The file CVE-2013-4287-4363.patch contains the patch

Thu Jul 18 08:43:59 UTC 2013 - coolo@suse.com

- adding vm_debug.h to the extra header list (needed for perftools.rb)

Sat Jun 29 04:26:18 UTC 2013 - coolo@suse.com

- update to p247
  * This release includes a security fix about bundled OpenSSL.
     Hostname check bypassing vulnerability in SSL client (CVE-2013-4073)

  * Updated to rubygems 2.0.3.  See
    for release notes.

  #8040 change priority between keyword arguments and mandatory arguments.
  #8416 super does not forward either named or anonymous **
  #8463 Proc auto-splat bug with named arguments
  #8424 fix infinite loop when stack overflow with TH_PUSH_TAG()
  #8436 __dir__ not working in eval with binding
  #8489 Tracepoint API: B_RETURN_EVENT not triggered when “next” used
  #8341 block_given? (and the actual block) persist between calls to a proc created from a method (using method().to_proc()).
  #8531 block_given? (and the actual block) persist between calls to a proc created by Symbol#to_proc.

Fri Jun 14 14:40:43 UTC 2013 - coolo@suse.com

- remove vim and ca-certificates from buildrequires again, were removed
  from ruby19 already before 12.3 and came back 

Tue Jun  4 05:51:46 UTC 2013 - coolo@suse.com

- update to p195
  Core - prepend

  #7841 Module#prepend now detect cyclic prepend.
  #7843 removing prepended methods causes exceptions.
  #8357 Module#prepend breaks Module's comparison operators.
  #7983 Module#prepend can't override Fixnum's operator methods.
  #8005 methods made private/protected after definition become uncallable on prepended class.
  #8025 Module#included_modules include classes when prepended.

  Core - keyword arguments

  #7922 unnamed keyword rest argument cause SyntaxError.
  #7942 support define method only receive keyword arguments without paren.
  #8008 fix a bug in super with keyword arguments.
  #8236 fix a treatment of rest arguments and keyword arguments through `super'.
  #8260 non-symbol key should not treated as keyword arguments.

  Core - refinements

  #7925 fix a bug of refinements with a method call super in a block.
  Core - GC

  #8092 improve accuracy of GC.stat[:heap_live_num]
  #8146 avoid unnecessary heap growth.
  #8145  fix unlimited memory growth with large values of RUBY_FREE_MIN.

  Core - Regexp

  #7972 Regexp POSIX space class is location sensitive.
  #7974 Regexp case-insensitive group doesn't work.
  #8023 Regexp lookbehind assertion fails with /m mode enabled
  #8001 Regexp \Z matches where it shouldn't
  Core - other

  #8063 fix a potential memory violation and avoid abort on the environment _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 (ex. Ubuntu).
  #8175 ARGF#skip doesn't work as documented.
  #8069 File.expand_path('something', '~') now support home path on Windows.
  #8220 fix a Segmentation fault when defined? ().
  #8367 fix a regression in defined?(super).
  #8283 Dir.glob doesn't recurse hidden directories.
  #8165 fix a bug of multiple require with non-ascii file path.
  #8290 fix an incompatible String#inspect behavior with NUL character.
  #8360 fix a Segmentation fault of Thread#join(Float::INFINITY) on some platforms.


  Bundled RubyGems version is updated to 2.0.2+
  #7698 fix an rubygems' incompatibility about installation of extension libraries.
  #8019 fix a bug of gem list --remote doesn't work.


  #7911 File.fnmatch with US-ASCII pattern and UTF-8 path raise an exception.
  #8240 fix a bug about OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket breaks other connections or files on GC.
  #8183 CGI.unescapeHTML can't decode Numeric Character References with uppercase (&#Xnnnn).

  Build/Platform specific

  #7830 fix build failure with compiler warning.
  #7950 fix a build failure on mswin/VC with --with-static-linked-ext.

Removed thread_pthread.c-ruby_init_stack-ignore-STACK_END_ADDRESS.patch, which is from upstream
Removed ruby-sort-rdoc-output.patch which was never useful

Sat Apr 27 17:02:22 UTC 2013 - coolo@suse.com

- refresh buildroot patch

Tue Mar  5 00:14:14 CET 2013 - mhrusecky@suse.cz

- new package forked from ruby19 - update to 2.0.0 p0
 - patches disabled for now