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Sun Nov  3 22:10:48 UTC 2013 - asterios.dramis@gmail.com

- Update to 2.2.9:
  common changes:
  * Fixed build with GCC < 4.6 and Clang < 3.1. This is the last release with
    support of old compilers.
  * Fixed cmake rules for building with sr@latin localization.
  * Small code refactoring and optimisation.
  * Improvements in search widget: now progress bar works as expected.
  * Fixed segmentation fault on right click at some nicknames in public chats.
  * Fixed SIGABRT during closing Tic-Tac-Toe QML widget.
  * Fixed SIGABRT on program exit when QtScript "LogManager View" is active.
  * A number of improvements for Mac OS X:
    - disabled system tray functionality (it never worked there as expected)
    - added special program menu to the dock icon
    - now program is hided into dock instead of exiting by the click on window
      close button
    - added platform-specific code to handle left click on program icon in dock
      (now it works as in native Mac OS X programs)
    - added dock icon jumping when there are new unread personal messages
    - added support for Retina displays (fonts are rendered in high resolution
      when program built with Qt 4.8.x)
    [Thanks to Dmitry Arkhipov who showed developers how Mac OS X looks like]
  * Some platform-specific improvements in settings dialog: hided options which
    do not work in Mac OS X, MS Windows or Haiku.
  * Improvements in search widget: now progress bar works as expected.
  * Fixed SIGABRT when gdk_display_get_default() returns NULL.
  * Fixed check of log file existence in daemon mode (see --syslog and --log
    command-line options).
  * Fixed work with libjson-rpc-perl >= 1.00 (module JSON::RPC::Client was
    moved to JSON::RPC::Legacy::Client there). [Thanks to Damyan Ivanov]

Wed Jul 10 18:15:42 UTC 2013 - asterios.dramis@gmail.com

- Update to 2.2.8:
  common changes:
  * Fix build with Boost >= 1.50. Dropped support for Boost < 1.39.
  * Added support of Lua 5.1.x (used by default) and Lua 5.2.x.
  * The local copy of miniupnpc is updated to version 1.7. Build with old
    miniupnpc versions (1.5.x and 1.6.x) is still supported.
  * Fix connection problem when hub domain name has IPv6 address. While we do
    not have IPv6 support yet, hints.ai_family = AF_UNSPEC was causing the
    connection problem. [Thanks to Jan Vidar Krey]
  * Changed logic of search intervals: now minimum search interval can be equal
    to zero. [Thanks to Dmitry Arkhipov]
  * Fixed file names for cache of public hub lists: now these files are saved
    and loaded properly.
  * Now mutexes from C++11 standard are used in *nix systems. While MinGW does
    not support this feature, mutexes from Boost are used in MS Windows.
    Added cmake option DO_NOT_USE_MUTEX (default: OFF), which switches on the
    old algorithm: Haiku and WINE do not support mutexes yet, so this option
    is necessary for them. Also this option is used for build in Mac OS X.
  * Added option for keeping unfinished downloads of file-lists in queue
    between program restart. (Disabled by default, because it is not very
    useful: user may leave hub or change CID and such file-list will be in
    download queue until you manually delete it.)
  * Added option for choosing MIME handler (i.e. kfmclient, gnome-open). Use
    MimeHandler field in DCPlusPlus.xml to set it manually.
  * Fixed buffer overflow error on exit. Problem was caused by attempt to read
    data from closed UDP socket.
  * Thanks to Helder Cesar the Portuguese translation is now available.
  * Some improvements for build in Haiku.
  * Small code refactoring.
  * Fixed opening of public hub lists from cache.
  * Added progress bar into search widget.
  * Added menu item "Match all listings".
  * Added button "Match queue" into the share browser widget.
  * More consistent handling of magnet links from command line arguments.
    [Thanks to Dorian Scholz]
  * Small improvement in download queue widget: use current filename in save
  * Added new qtscript for tools panel: NowPlaying QMMP Script.
    [Thanks to Gustavo Alvarez]
  * Fixed context menu in transfer view widget. (Copying information for
    selected items worked wrong.)
  * Updated list of fake client versions in Favorite Hub settings.
  * Added menu for quick connection to favorites hubs. (See related action on
    the tools panel.)
  * Fixed emoticons processing in chats.
  * Fixed detection of users on hubs. (Sometimes program took user description
    from another hub.)
  * Lot of fixes for user commands.
  * Fixed opening of public hub lists from cache.
  * Added progress bar into search widget.
  * Added menu item "Match all listings".
  * Fixed a number of warnings about using deprecated functions in latest
    versions of Gtk+ and GLib libraries.
  * In the file list widget parsing of file lists was detached into separate
    thread, which solved the problem with a short GUI frieze during opening of
    large file lists.
  * Added menu items for opening partial file lists.
  * Added possibility of configuring the file exceptions in settings dialog.
    (In previous versions of program it was possible to configure this by
    manually editing of DCPlusPlus.xml.)
  * Improved look and fill of settings dialog.
  * Added option to show user list on the left side of hub widget.
  * Improved transfers widget: now all information is in separate columns, so
    some of them can be hided if necessary.
  * Added JSON-RPC methods: hub.getuserinfo, hub.getusers, hub.listfulldesc,
  * Updated JSON-RPC methods: hub.pm, show.ratio.
  * Synced available XML-RPC and JSON-RPC methods.
  * Fixed possible program crashes in magnet.add method.
  * Fixed program hang-up on exit when active hubs are not in connected state.
  * Added command line options: --syslog, --log=<file>.
  * Updated embedded mongoose library.
  * Updated embedded jsonrpc-cpp library.
  * Additional fix in jsonrpc-cpp:
    fixed segmentation fault during stopping of mongoose when it was not
  * Additional fixes in jsoncpp:
    - all source files were combined into three files (.cpp and .h)
    - added conversion from string to int/uint/int64/uint64/float/double
  * Now eiskaltdcpp-daemon is ready for daily use via JSON-RPC.
  * XML-RPC is not recommended, but it is still supported.
  * Added new JSON-RPC methods: hash.pause, hash.status, hub.getuserinfo,
    hub.getusers, hub.listfulldesc, methods.list, queue.getsources,
  * Now eiskaltdcpp-cli-jsonrpc is ready for daily use.
  * eiskaltdcpp-cli-xmlrpc is not supported.
- Enable DHT build option.

Mon Oct 29 20:27:49 UTC 2012 - asterios.dramis@gmail.com

- Added bzip2 as build requirement (needed for Factory).
- Added libattr-devel as build requirement.

Sat Jun 16 05:19:45 UTC 2012 - highwaystar.ru@gmail.com

- Update to 2.2.7:
 common changes ***
 * Updated embedded copy of jsonrpc-cpp library.
 * Added automatic pause for items from download queue when target directory or
   temporary target directory is not available in file system [unmounted for
   example]. (Option CheckTargetsPathsOnStart in config)
 * Added INSTALL_RUNTIME_PATH option for cmake.
   (Disabled by default, see file INSTALL)
 * Refactoring of source code.
 eiskaltdcpp-qt ***
 * Support of Qt < 4.6.0 was dropped.
 * Correctly save state of headers in tables.
 * Fixed blur of program's icon in D-Bus notifications in Ubuntu Unity.
 * Added some options in settings dialog:
 * Fixed problems which were added in version 2.2.5:
   - Fixed build with GCC >= 4.7.
   - Fixed program crash at launch time (problem was only in builds with
     GCC >= 4.7). [Thanks to Pino Toscano]
   - Fixed build with disabled aspell support.
   - Fixed actions for main menu items "Hide last status message" and
     "Hide users statistics".
   - Fixed system tray icon indication about new unread messages.
   - Fixed crash on exit.
 eiskaltdcpp-gtk ***
 * Always open search for alternates in new widget.
 * Added some options in settings dialog:
 * Added saving of last search type in search widget.
 * Added catching of signals SIGSEGV, SIGABRT, SIGBUS and SIGTERM.
 * Added chat command and toggle button for disabling chat in hub widget.
 * Added some options in favorite hub settings dialog: disable chat and
 external IP.
 * Changed algorithm of actions for left click on system tray icon. The same
   behavior as in Qt UI is used now.
 * In the file list widget parsing of file lists was detached into separate
   thread, which solved the problem with a short GUI frieze during opening of
   large file lists.
 eiskaltdcpp-daemon ***
 * Synced available XML-RPC and JSON-RPC methods.
 * Updated JSON-RPC methods: methods.list, show.ratio
 * Fixed command line options "-c" and "-l": they did not work when argument
   is not finished by path separator.
 * JSON-RPC now works using embedded mongoose library.
- removed  gcc-4.7,patch, now upstream

Tue Apr 24 18:15:18 UTC 2012 - asterios.dramis@gmail.com

- Update to 2.2.6:
  common changes:
  * Thanks to Konstantinos Georgokitsos the Greek translation is now available.
  * Thanks to Stefano Simoncelli the Italian translation is now available.
  * Fixed rewriting external IP when DHT is used.
  * Added support for reading and writing full TTH tree in the file attribute.
    The implementation is compatible with FlylinkDC++. Not all file systems
    allow to store data required size. If program can not record the
    attributes, it processes the files as before.
  * Refactoring of source code. Fixed regressions that have been added in
    version 2.2.5.
  * Fixed program crash on closing hub tabs when there are open tabs with
    private chat rooms. (Bug was added in version 2.1.0)
  * Show count of selected items in the file list widget.
  * Small improvements in the panel of active transfers.
  * Item for fast setting of rate limiting was added in the context menu on
    tray icon.
  * Used catching of signals SIGSEGV, SIGABRT, SIGBUS, SIGKILL and SIGTERM
    to release the shared memory before exiting the program.
    (Not actual in MS Windows)
  * Added possibility to open downloaded file on double clicking it in the
    widget of finished transfers. [Thanks to Viranch Mehta]
  * Fixed adding items to the list of search results when using the sort by the
    number of sources.
  * Added option to select the action when changes in active scripts
    (QtScript): do nothing, ask the user or restart scripts.
  * Fixed loading of large file lists when the restriction on the maximum file
    size is enabled: now such file lists are ignored.
  * Improved support of Gtk3.
  * Added language switcher in settings dialog.
  * Fixed bug with duplication of entries in GtkComboBoxText elements.
  * Added support of libcanberra for sound notification (option
    -DUSE_LIBCANBERRA for cmake).
  * Fixed program crash in "Indexing progress" dialog window.
  * Added command line option: --debug
  * Added new JSON-RPC methods: methods.list, hash.pause, hash.status,
  * Added new JSON-RPC methods: queue.list, queue.listtargets, search.clear
- Added a patch (gcc-4.7.patch) to fix compilation with gcc-4.7 (taken from
- Changes based on spec-cleaner run.
- Require lua51-devel instead of lua-devel (5.2) for openSUSE > 12.1 (package
  fails to compile with lua-5.2).
- Added openssl-devel build dependency.
- Enabled compilation with miniupnpc for openSUSE > 12.1.
- Removed libglade2-devel from build requirements (not needed).
- Require at least gtk2 version 2.24 (support for older versions was removed
  from the package).
- Enabled compilation with USE_QT_QML cmake variable for openSUSE > 11.4.

Fri Jan 20 13:49:50 UTC 2012 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Update to 2.2.5. Notable changes:
    + common changes
      * Reorganized the source tree.
      * Added ZLIF support into core.
      * Added core settings: UseADLOnlyOnOwnList, AllowUploadOverMultiHubs,
      * Added ability to build the program with miniupnpc version 1.6. Support
        for version 1.5 saved. The local copy of miniupnpc is updated to version 1.6.
      * Fixed program crash when using of changed value of IpTOSValue (default -1)
        without root privileges.
      * Added recognition of additional fields from file lists of FlylinkDC++:
        bitrate audio, video and resolution.
      * Cleanup of code, small optimizations.
      * Small improvements for Lua scripts support in MS Windows.
      * Fixed build with Boost >= 1.48.
      * Transifex web service is used for translators now:
    + eiskaltdcpp-qt
      * Refactoring of source code. Regressions are possible.
      * Now GCC >= 4.5.0 is required for build. (Features from C++11 are used)
      * Fixed build in Haiku OS. System algorithm to test run only one instance
        of the program is used now.
      * A lot of new methods are now available using QtScript. See:
        [Thanks to OmegaPhil for an updated documentation]
      * Hot reloading of scripts (QtScript) when they have been changed.
      * Dialog of scripting (QtScript) is appreciably improved.
      * Improved method of sorting in Search Spy widget.
        [Thanks to Mikhail Krasikau]
      * Added recognition of additional fields from file lists of FlylinkDC++:
        bitrate audio, video and resolution. The information is displayed in a tooltip
        for a file.
      * Added ability to clear search history and download directories history on exit
        or manualy.
      * Added some options in settings dialog: ALLOW_SIM_UPLOADS (allow simultaneous
        uploads by user from different hubs), search-history-items-number,
        download-directory-history-items-number, memorize-tth-search-phrases
      * Added buttons for navigation in the file list widget: back, forward, up.
      * Shared memory is freed when program in falling down by the signal SIGSEGV.
        Without this program is run only the second time. Actual for unix-like
        systems only, in MS Windows bug was absent.
      * Fixed a simultaneous operation of the program for multiple users.
        The environment variable LOGNAME is used to identify the current user
        in unix-like systems and GetUserNameA is used in MS Windows.
      * Fixed search of alternatives for uploads.
      * Fixed context menu in chats on ADC hubs.
    + eiskaltdcpp-gtk
      * Support of builds with Gtk < 2.24 was discontinued.
      * Added ability to build with Gtk3 (option -DUSE_GTK3 for cmake).
        This is an experimental mode. Various shortcomings are possible.
      * Added recognition of additional fields from file lists of FlylinkDC++:
        bitrate audio, video and resolution. The information is displayed
        in additional columns.
      * Fixed chat command /ws.
      * Search widget is appreciably redesigned.
      * Free space indicator was added into main window.
      * Added options: use-native-back-color-for-text, show-transfers.
    + eiskaltdcpp-daemon
      * Added command line options: --verbose, --ip, --port, --rpclog, --uripath
      * Added JSON-RPC interface. More detail:

Thu Dec  1 12:08:52 UTC 2011 - gankov@opensuse.org

- Add BuildRequires aspell - fix build for openSUSE 12.1
- Add eiskaltdcpp-fix-php5-issue.patch - fix resolving 
  /usr/bin/php5 dependence
- Using fdupes for removing duplicate file

Mon Oct 10 16:14:11 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Build cli frontent and daemon

Mon Oct  3 09:28:07 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Update to 2.2.4. Notable changes:
    + common changes 
        * Partial synchronization with DC++ kernel (0.785).
        * Now GCC >= 4.4.0 is required for build.
        * Added support for DHT (http://www.adcportal.com/wiki/StrongDC++_DHT). 
          This option is disabled in the settings by default. It is possible to 
          completely remove support for DHT during configuration (option 
          -DWITH_DHT for cmake). DHT requires white external IPv4 for a work. See 
          also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_hash_table
        * Fixed build in Mac OS X.
    + eiskaltdcpp-qt 
        * Added some options in settings dialog: DHT, DHT_PORT
        * Fixed wrong logging of private chats.
        * Added Stop button in the search widget, which only stops adding new 
          elements to the frame. Responses to the search query will still come 
          from other clients, but will be ignored. This is caused by 
          peculiarities of the protocol...
        * Improvement in the search widget: pressing Return key in size entry field starts searching.
        * Added possibility to connect to hubs on encoded URLs (for example: 
        * Implemented delayed filling model in the file list widget, which 
          significantly reduces memory consumption and does not create a short 
          GUI freeze. Especially noticeable when opening large file lists.
        * Fixed definition of user availability status in the favorite users widget.
        * Fixed display the progress of over 100% in downloads progress indicator in the active transfers widget.
        * Changed algorithm to test run only one instance of the program. Now QSharedMemory is used.
    + eiskaltdcpp-gtk 
        * Migrating from Libglade to GtkBuilder. Compatibility with the code base of LinuxDC++ and FreeDC++ was partially lost.
        * Transition to Gtk+ version 2.24 was made: there are no deprecated 
          elements in code now. Support of older versions (only Gtk >= 2.18) is 
          temporarily retained by using the insertions in code and additional 
        * Added some options in settings dialog: DHT, DHT_PORT, DYNDNS_ENABLE, DYNDNS_SERVER
        * Some improvements in settings dialog.
        * Improvement in the search widget: pressing Return key in size entry field starts searching.
    + eiskaltdcpp-daemon 
        * Added new XML-RPC methods: search.send, search.getresults, show.version, show.ratio (more detail: http://code.google.com/p/eiskaltdc/wiki/XMLRPC)
    + eiskaltdcpp-cli 
        * Added a simple console interface to control the daemon via XML-RPC.
Mon Jun 27 11:55:19 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Update to 2.2.3. Notable changes:
  + common changes
    * Different search intervals for favorite hubs (default value: 60 s).
    * Fixed bug with connecting to ADC hubs on armel architechture.
    * Thanks to Chris Leick the German translation is now available.
    * Common code for updating IP from DynDNS (moved from Qt GUI).
    * Summary statistics (downloaded/uploaded) moved into the core (current values ​​in the Qt GUI will be dropped).
    * Fixed problem with hashing files, which contain in their names characters missing in the standard 8-bytes locales, but present in Unicode locales. (Affects only MS Windows)
    * A lot of fixes and cleanup of code (fixed some compiler warnings and etc).
  + eiskaltdcpp-qt
    * Added new chat command: /dcpps (for changing settings of DC++ core)
    * Added some options in favorite hub settings dialog: MINIMUM_SEARCH_INTERVAL
    * Async loading of history from databases was implemented in widget of finished transfers.
    * Added temporary limitation to the number of items loaded from the databases on program startup (only 500 elements from the history of finished transfers). It will be simple history navigation in this widget later.
    * Added the possibility of searching using patterns in the file list widget.
    * Fixed chat context menu on ADC hubs.
    * Added new theme with monochrome app icons.
  + eiskaltdcpp-gtk
    * Added saving of information about the general traffic (downloaded/uploaded) between sessions.
    * Added new chat commands: /ip (IPFilter rules), /ratio, /version
    * Added some options in favorite hub settings dialog: Mode (connection type), MINIMUM_SEARCH_INTERVAL
  + eiskaltdcpp-daemon 
    * New XML-RPC methods.
    * Full list of currently available methods: magnet.add, daemon.stop, hub.del, hub.say, hub.pm, hub.list, hub.retchat, share.add, share.rename, share.del, share.list, share.refresh
    * There is no web-ui for daemon control yet.

Sun Apr 24 20:00:43 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Update to 2.2.2. Notable changes:
  + Partial synchronization with DC++ kernel (0.785).
  + Align ip-address in a chat (only for monospaced fonts).
  + Resolving Internationalized Domain Names (libidn is used) [rfc3490]. (Enabled by default, see file INSTALL)
  + Possible fix to fix migrating from older releases (<2.1.0) without rehashing.
  + Added option of hashing delay on programs startup (60 seconds by default).
  + Added separate file for logging completely finished downloads.
  + Ability to bind to a network interface.
  + Fixes to improve Lua-scripts.
  + Bugfixes.

Mon Apr 18 22:44:22 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Update to 2.2.1. Notable changes:
 + Partial synchronization with DC++ kernel (0.785).
 + Fixed support for Lua-scripts.
 + Fixed bug with "empty share" at startup. Now after updating the list of files will be done back up, 
   which is used when the program starts. Note: an empty list of files is not an empty share!
 + Fixed the answering function for search queries on the ADC-hubs.
 + Added ability to disable segmenting and to change segment size (in MiB)

Tue Jan 18 11:31:21 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Update to version 2.2.0 (final), many bugfixes

Tue Jan 11 16:07:46 UTC 2011 - tejas.guruswamy@opensuse.org

- Initial package, 2.2-beta2