File GPL.acebot.txt of Package alienarena


This confirms that the Ace bot author gave permission for his code to be relicensed under the GNU GPL license.
No version was given, so we'll assume any version is acceptable, and select GPLv2+, to match the rest of alienarena.

Tom "spot" Callaway <>

A copy of the original transcript is below:


This the integral text of my discussion with Steve Yeager about the release of his ACE BOT code under the GNU GPL licence.

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�: <> 
Objet: About Ace bot
Date: vendredi 26 juillet 2002 01:08


        I've downloaded Ace Bot, trying it and look at the source code : really great job !
I would be happy if I could add Ace Bot in my mod.
Since december 2001 the Quake2 engine and the Dll were released under the term of the GPL licence
(thanks to John Carmack). My mod is also covered by the GPL licence.

Can your code be integrated in a GPL project ?
More info about the licence at

My main site :
The current MOD I work on :

    Best regard


De: "Steve Yeager" <>
�: <>
Objet: Re: About Ace bot
Date: vendredi 26 juillet 2002 21:14

Sure, use it as you see fit.  It is not encumbered by any license, but if
you do use it and want to go ahead and mention where it came from that would
be cool.  Otherwise, hope it works for you.

Steve Yeager

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�: "Steve Yeager" <>
Objet: Re: About Ace bot
Date: lundi 29 juillet 2002 15:51

I'm really happy by your answer. I worked during the last week-end on your code and I must tell you
it is really clear and well commented.

But could you really confirm you are OK about the GPL.  I'm not a lawyer but regarding to
this part of your headers file :

// This program MUST NOT be sold in ANY form. If you have paid for
// this product, you should contact Steve Yeager immediately, via
// the ACE Bot homepage.

I must inform you that the GPL authorize (with conditions) redistribution on commercial package,
like Redhat does with Linux. Of course it can't be integrated in proprietary software, all code will
always stay open source, all authors need to be mentioned, and source code need to be available for
every derived work ...

The GPL licence was the choice of John Carmack for Quake1 and Quake2 and many others big open-source
projects like Linux. I hope it will agree with you.

Distributing your work under the GPL doesn't remove your initial copyright and your right to make
absolutely what you want with your code.

If you want more info or discuss about that, feel free to email me or look at

De: "Steve Yeager" <>
�: <>
Objet: Re: About Ace bot
Date: mercredi 31 juillet 2002 00:34

Yeah, I have to code for a living, so it helps ME when I have to go back and
figure out what I did...

YES to the GPL.  I've dealt with it before.

The only reason I put that statement in was I was clueless about the GPL at
that time, otherwise it would have been released with either GPL or LGPL.

Good luck on your project.

Steve Yeager

De: <>
�: "Steve Yeager" <>
Objet: Re: About Ace bot : thank you
Date: mercredi 31 juillet 2002 08:54

> YES to the GPL.
Cool !

> Good luck on your project.
Thank you