File d1x-rebirth.changes of Package d1x-rebirth

Tue Aug  4 16:28:55 UTC 2020 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- Update to version 0.61.git.1595387478.519c14a40:
  * Use timestamped savegame description if none is given
  * Fix off-by-one in save slot memory
  * Fix global array overflow in kbuild.cpp error message
  * Use enum class for marker index types
  * Use enum for net_udp_can_join_netgame result
  * Centralize computing height of some fullscreen gauges
  * Change `enum side_type` to `enum class side_type`
  * Replace enumerate helper function with class template argument
  * Replace zip helper function with class template argument
  * Use std::disjunction to simplify any_ephemeral_range

Wed Apr 29 13:35:08 UTC 2020 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- Update to version 0.61.git.1585416754.0fb82b47f:
  * SDL2: fix size of letterbox sequences
  * Prevent sound stacking when all primary weapons are exhausted
  * Defer digi_mixer_start_sound work until it is needed
  * Set digi_mixer channel callback once at startup
  * Prevent copying RAIIMix_Chunk
  * Remove references to DXX forum
  * Fix memory leak when deleting listbox items
  * Allocate morph_data vectors dynamically
  * Move morph_data::morph_deltas into a trailing allocation
  * Move morph_data::morph_vecs into a trailing allocation
- New in version 0.61:
  * Added experimental support for generating extra start positions
    in cooperative games. If the number of starts requested exceeds
    the number provided, the game will attempt to generate extra
    starts near the original ones. Users are strongly cautioned to 
    save before entering a new level, in case the start position
    synthesis causes problems. Additionally, users are cautioned
    that the engine has never before permitted more than 4 players
    in cooperative games, so any cooperative-specific code paths may
    not handle large games correctly.
    Reports, both of success and of failure, are welcome.
  * Raised limit on cooperative players from 4 to 8.  The limit 
    cannot be raised further without changes to the savegame format.
  * When more than 4 players are permitted, the per-player marker
    limit is reduced to 2, regardless of whether more than 4 players
    are actually in the game. Due to savegame limitations, at most
    16 markers can be in use. The 0.60.x limit of 4 per-player is
    retained when there are at most 4 players permitted in the game.
  * Partially fixed a bug relating to the orientation of 
    spreadfire/helix cannons. Weapon orientation was neither saved
    nor loaded, which caused illogical results when saving, firing,
    loading, and firing again. The orientation cannot be saved without
    altering the savegame format, but it is now reset when appropriate.
  * Fixed original game bug that meant to reset camera flag, but did not.
- Added _service file to download from github
- Spec file cleanup
  - build only d1x binary

Sun Mar  6 14:31:26 UTC 2016 -

- spec file cleanup
- correct license
- use source urls
- avoid redundant icon
- only compile with OpenGL support
- add language and high-res addons

Tue Aug 06 2013 Wolfgang Bauer <>

- update to 0.58.1

Tue May 15 2012 Wolfgang Bauer <>

- initial package of version 0.57.3
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