File lix.changes of Package lix

Sun Aug  9 20:08:00 UTC 2020 - Martin Hauke <>

- Update to versino 0.9.33
  * With more than 18 assignments, the tweaker doesn't mispaint
    the line for current physics update over the tape recorder
    buttons anymore.
  * The tweaker erases the lines properly when two assignments
    change order from tweaking. This fixes a mispainting of
    assignment lines.
  * Before, with 18 or more assignments, the completely filled
    tweaker always hid the assignments that came last in the
    replay. Now, the tweaker hides assignments that are far away
    from the current physics update. Now, to view early
    assignments, rewind the game. To see late assignments, forward
    the game.

Sun Aug  2 06:57:45 UTC 2020 - Martin Hauke <>

- Update to version 0.9.32
  * Added Raymanni's crab trap at images/raymanni/crab.T.txt.
    There is an example level, Crab Nightmare, in
  * Added Thirteen Little Skills (version 2), a level contest
    entry by Proxima.
  * Every Lix for Herself (lemforum Lovely): Quicken the spawn
    interval, to make it nicer to assign floaters to lix from the
    leftmost hatch.
  * Multiplayer: Pressing twice the end-game key (Esc by default)
    doesn't exit the match, but rather opens and cancels the
    exit-match dialog.  This avoids accidental exiting. To exit
    the match via keyboard, press Esc, then the key to delete
    files/lose data.
  * Replay tweaker: Add an extra line for the currently-shown
    physics update.
  * Remove the unnecessary translatable string
    optionShowButtonHotkeys. Button hotkeys are always shown, there
    is no option to disable that; this option was removed in Lix
    0.9.30. This removes the leftover language field, so that
    data/language/*.txt doesn't warn on loading a language.
  * Code: Fix deprecations according to DMD 2.093: Annotate
    ref-returning functions with return

Tue Jun 30 18:53:41 UTC 2020 - Martin Hauke <>

- Complete specfile overhaul since the game was rewritten in dlang
- Add dlang dependencies
  * deps.tar.gz
- Add script for that creates the dlang dependencies
- Shortened Summary
- Use current URL
- Package manpage
- Update to version 0.9.31
  * Lots of changes since the last packaged version
    for the full changelog

Fri Mar 25 20:18:48 UTC 2016 -

- initial packaging of version 2016-01-09