File fotoxx.changes of Package fotoxx

Sat Mar 14 12:47:28 UTC 2020 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 20.11
- minor correction in user guide.
- Phone Home: user choice dialog is presented at first install.
- Bugfix: crash if more than 250K image files in image index. 
- Bugfix: Preferences / startup options failed to save new setting.

Fri Feb 21 09:21:35 UTC 2020 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 20.08
- appimage desktop file: enclose Exec= path in quotes to allow embedded blanks.
- improve popup tip for [+-] button, better clarity for new users.
- correct user guide zoom button references from 'ZOOM±' to '[+-]'.
- add 'Thumb View' to gallery menu - set gallery view mode to thumbnails.
- remember position and size of popup windows for user guide and most reports.
- appimage container: add later release of, remove libjasper.
- bugfix: crash in processing of compressed translation file.
- bugfix: exit unconditionally if exiftool not installed.
- minor change in image zoom from mouse wheel
- Trim/Rotate: better logic to decide if mouse drag trims or levels image.
- Raw Therapee: search for the .tif output file in all top image folders.
- changed contact address to
- Add libraries to appimage container possibly missing if KDE desktop.
- Add Portuguese translation

Tue Jan  7 16:21:05 UTC 2020 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 20.03
- When a new release is started for the first time:
* initialize 'metadata_short_list' and append user additions from old list
* copy the updated 'userguide' file unconditionally

Mon Jan  6 21:25:53 UTC 2020 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 20.02
- Image Index:
* First Startup: dialog for initial decision about image indexing.
* Cancel and restart will resume in place instead of starting over.
* Track progress for thumbnail updates along with metadata index updates.
* Files on removable media: index data and thumbnails are no longer lost 
  if Fotoxx is sometimes operated without the removable media mounted.
* Tools > Quick Index: quick incremental index with no user interaction
  (capture files created/changed by outside agent during Fotoxx session).
- Denoise: 
* median method: over 10x faster for large radius and large image.
* anneal and chroma: new methods, very effective with parameter fiddling.
* voodoo: new method, no fiddling, fast and usually good enough.
- RAW file editing, new options: 
* Use dcraw or RawTherapee, interactive or batch.
* Expand brightness distribution if an image is abnormally dark.
* Convert RAW color space using the camera embedded image as a guide.
* Save-as new version produces a 16-bits/color TIFF file by default.
- Batch RAW processing additions: 
* map and compensate dead pixels (constant dark or colored pixels).
* measure and compensate pixel RGB bias (camera sensor small variations). 
- File permissions:
* File > Permissions: view and set permissions for current file.
* File Save > new version: copy permissions from original/prior version.
* File Save > new file: dialog shows permissions and allows revision.
- Edit > Retouch: now includes color balance and saturation adjustments.
- Edit > Auto Upright: usually automatic, but also has [-90] [+90] buttons.
- Edit > Trim/Rotate: includes auto-upright and [-90] [+90] buttons.
- Edit > Trim/Rotate: faster/smoother response to leveling by mouse drag.
- Enhance > Chromatic: fix lateral and axial chromatic aberration.
- Edit > Undo Edits: locally/gradually undo prior edit via mouse painting.
- Combine > Stack/Slider: view two overlaid images with sliding separator.
- File > GIF Animation: play an animated GIF file in a popup window.
- Warp > Escher Spiral: Transform image into recursive inward spiral.
- Edit > Markup: includes draw text, line/arrow, box, oval/circle.
- Gallery > List View: a dense file name list, similar to Nautilus list view.
- Gallery > Meta View: list files with thumbnails and key metadata items. 
- Gallery > Select Files: select files for subsequent batch/script function.
- Edit > Resize: buttons were added for resize to 1.5x, 2x, and 3x.
- Tools > Preferences: choose program for playing videos: totem, vlc, others.
- Zonal Retinex memory reduced by 40% (30 megapixel image needs about 4 GB). 
- Symbolic links: these can now be used with Fotoxx if you know the rules.
- Apple .heic files and jpeg2000 .jp2 files can be viewed and edited. 
- Maximum gallery and album size was increased from 25K to 40K image files.
- Edit menus were reorganized and some names were shortened.
- Fotoxx startup: if previous file not found, fall back to previous gallery.
- Tools > Magnify: UI improvement, more responsive mouse tracking. 
- Manage Albums: user interface is simpler and faster for common tasks.
- Search Images: option to select only original + newest version.
- Shell script: saved Fotoxx Search criteria can be used to select files.
- Slide Show: display of image file name is optional, time is adjustable.
- Invalid UTF-8 text in image metadata is detected and suppressed. 
- Metadata text on image: show any combination of file name/caption/comment.
- Show RGB: keep pixel positions when a new image is opened (compare images).
- User Guide was simplified and updated. Web browser is no longer used.
- Warn immanent "out of memory" failure before vanishing without a trace.
- Mashup UI: more reliable capture and drag to resize overlay image or text.
- Reduced slide show jitter by using kernel function sched_setaffinity().
- Scripting enabled: Resize, Cartoon, Emboss, Pattern, Dither, Brite Ramp.
- Maps: show markers for images with geocoordinates but no location names.
- Tools > Missing Translations: export the translation .po file for edit. 
- Tools > Appimage Files: list files included in the Appimage container.
- Tools > Preferences: set compression methods/levels for TIFF/PNG files.
- Select Area by color: smoother mouse tracking and image update.
- Remove diagnostic log accidentally left in source code
- bugfix: crash if Find Gap is started again (new click) while still running.
- bugfix: wrong jpeg library in appimage build caused .heic file errors. 
- disallow adding custom indexed metadata which is indexed by default.

Sat Nov 23 20:58:12 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.20
- Index image files: process was reduced from 8 to 4 parallel threads. 
  This reduces memory requirement and the performance loss is minor.

Tue Nov 12 09:45:10 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.19
- Bugfix: Copy Pixels 2 (image to image) failure if current file changed.

Sat Oct 19 21:03:47 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.18
- Phone Home made optional, default enabled.

Wed Sep 11 20:58:56 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.17
- Bugfix: Resize using more than 4 CPU cores produced black stripes in image.

Thu Aug 29 13:12:53 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.16
- Bugfix: Copy Pixels 2: source image failure if scale is too large.
- PXM_rescale: limit to 4 threads because this is faster than more threads.
- Bugfix: compensate data format change from  $ exiftool -imagesize.
- Bugfix: compensate somtimes missing EXIF data "FocalLengthIn35mmFormat"

Wed Aug 21 19:06:00 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.14
- Source code changes for compatibility with Clang compiler. 
- User Guide updated.
- man page file updated.
- README file updated.
- New menu: Help > Privacy --> GitLab privacy policy.
- block edit of file lacking write permission for current user.
- Show RGB: code cleanup and removal of useless 'EV' report option.
- Make galleries work at a basic level even with no index ($ fotoxx -x 0).
- Gallery view: if image files are created/modified by other processes while 
  Fotoxx is running, these will be marked as "not indexed" in gallery view.
  Run the Index process manually to get them properly integrated.
- If the Index process is manually started and canceled, do not invalidate the
  current index.
- Bugfix: crash in Search Images if current set includes a deleted file. 
- Bugfix: crash in View 360° Pano if image has very high width/height ratio.
- Bugfix: fail gracefully if desktop and icon files cannot be updated.
- Bugfix: Possible crash if image edit started with Show RGB activated.
- Bugfix: Crash in Batch RAW if output file type not changed from default.
- Bugfix: Crash when selecting files for a batch operation. 
- Bugfix: Manage Tags: cannot add tag partly matching other tag within category.
- Bugfix: Fix re-entrancy bug in gallery() that can cause GUI lockup.
- Bugfix, Color Mode: inconsistent results, image flashing with slider motion.
- Bugfix, Denoise: the dark areas / all areas slider did not work correctly. 
- Bugfix, Upright: crash if thumbnail was clicked and current file is null. 
- Bugfix, Trim/Rotate: crash if 'undo' button is used after image is rotated.
- Bugfix: image file with future mod time caused thumbnail update every access.
- Bugfix: Show RGB failed if current image is changed while active.
- Update usage counter on web host [this is anonymous]
- Bugfix: Show RGB: Spurious lines if used in parallel with Map Dead Pixels.
- Bugfix: Color Mode: stop reversion of color changes when function exits.
- Bugfix: Do not fail if a file has gone missing during index process.
- Bugfix: replace buggy gtk_menu_popup_at_pointer() with deprecated gtk_menu_popup()
- Bugfix: found better workaround without using deprecated GTK function
- Bugfix: When assigning a location name to an image file, if there are multiple
  earth coordinates with the same name (e.g. multiple places in one city), a map 
  should appear for mouse selection. This was not always happening.
- Bugfix: incorrect use of strtol() with base 0 instead of 10. Numbers having
  leading zeros were converted as octal values instead of decimal. Implications
  are unknown. There are no known ramifications to date. 

Wed Jan  2 20:12:46 UTC 2019 - Marcin Bajor <>

- Update to 19.0
- Functional Changes:
* Menus were unified to be the same for all views: File, Gallery, Map.
  (Reduce confusion for new users and generally improve ease of use.)
* The top 3 menu buttons (File, Gallery, Map) can set the respective view mode
  with mouse right-click. Left-click opens the function menu [unchanged].
* Galleries can now be sorted by file size [bytes] or image size [pixels].
* Zoom behavior change: zoom size and position is now retained when stepping 
  through a series of images. Use the Z key to return to 'fit window' mode.
* Map View: zoom in/out with left/right click as alternative to mouse wheel.
* Manage Albums: removing or moving multiple images within or across albums
  was made easier. There are two new mass change utilities for updating album 
  files after multiple images have been edited and saved as new versions.
  Create Album has the option to immediately select initial files.
* New [arty] Warp functions: Inside-out, Tiny Planet, Stretch. 
* New [arty] Effects function: Dither: 4 ways to posterize/pixelize an image.
* New Combine function: Stack/Layer: stack multiple edits of the same image, 
  select which version is shown in each image area by mouse painting/blending.
* New Color Balance function: automatic white balance and black level.
  The white balance spot-click option also has an improved algorithm.
* Search Images: metadata search: new convenience pick-list of likely items.
* The escape key can now be used to terminate some long-running functions
  (focus must be on main window, not on a dialog window).
* Select Area Finish: (validate and check for outline gaps) areas selected by 
  mouse-painting or color-matching are now automatically finished. Areas
  outlined by hand can be finished individually (as before) or all at once.
* Copy/Move image file: now includes optional rename.
- Technical Changes:
* The index format was revised. Re-indexing of image collection is required.
  (will run faster than usual because new thumbnails are not needed). 
* Crash [zappcrash] file is now copied to the desktop. The previous 'pop-up' 
  approach was not reliable for all Linux window manager flavors.
* The fotoxx-appimage package no longer needs the Exiftool package. 
  This is now included within the appimage container.
* The term 'folder' has replaced 'directory' in dialogs and the User Guide.
* Many image edit dialogs were formatted smaller to cover less image area.
* Many dialog and report windows now remember their last user-adjusted size. 
  This compensates for size variability from font, language, and metadata.
* 'Sync Gallery' now has the more sensible name 'Source Folder'.
  (you will need to edit your shortcuts list to match the new name)
* Maximum image size was increased to 500 megapixels (8 GB unpacked)
  (at least 32 GB main memory is needed to edit images this large).
* The Fotoxx server process [exiftool] for handling metadata will no longer 
  persist as a zombie if the main process is killed or exits abnormally.
* Slide Show: image pan/zoom was made fast enough for use with a 4K monitor
  driven by a typical desktop computer (4 processor cores, 2+ GHz). 
* Thumbnail files corresponding to invalid top image folders are no longer
  deleted. This is to reduce indexing time for an external disks that is
  sometimes present [mounted] and sometimes not. 
- Bug Fixes:
* Replace Album File: failed to use the original [unedited] image file as 
  the prior version for the first edited version. 
* Magnify function: scrambled the image in areas having transparency. 
* Drag and drop album image - gallery could continue scrolling after drop.
* Race condition crash - gallery initialization and preload-thumbs thread.
* Script file containing multiple edit functions: it was possible for an 
  edit function to start before the prior edit function was completed.
* Retouch function used in a script: failed to process curve settings.
* Bad metadata (e.g. year 0000) could cause date-based reports to fail.
* Manage Albums: Remove cache files: crash if select albums and then cancel.
* Index function: nested [overlapping] folders were not being rejected.
* Rare failure in undo/redo was fixed: "resource temporarily unavailable". 
* Copy to Desktop omitted edits that had not yet been saved to a file.
* An incorrect resource locking method was causing [rare] UI lockups.
* All Fotoxx menu functions were exercised using GCC -fsanitize=address.
  Several bugs were fixed that were serious enough to cause a crash. 
* A blank line in the list of user-defined 'extra' metadata caused a crash.
* Area copy/paste had a misleading user interface, making it hard to use. 

Sun Jul 29 10:23:51 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 18.07.1
- Makefile and source code revisions to get past new GCC errors and warnings.
  There were no functional changes or bug fixes. 

Mon Jul  2 09:59:35 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 18.07
- Functional Changes
* Zonal Retinex is around 5x faster for large images and high zone count.
* A single Blur menu now consolidates all six blur functions: normal blur, 
  radial blur, directed blur, graduated blur, paint blur, background blur.
* Normal blur is around 3x faster and radius limit was raised from 200 to 999.
* Radial Blur - new function: Blur is directed outwards from a chosen center.
* Image Differences - new function: Subtract one image from another. These 
  can be variably offset, magnified, and edited for artistic effects. 
* Copy Pixels: Image areas can be copied directly from a source to a target
  image via mouse 'painting'. Copy process can be scaled to fit the target.
* Run Script: Apply a custom script to the current image file with one click.
  Works like an edit function - much faster than setting up a batch script.
* Keyboard shortcuts can be defined for the common dialog completion buttons.
* Trim/Rotate: If an image was leveled, a minor sharpen is done automatically.
* Find Duplicate Images: This runs much faster for a huge image collection.
  Input can be all images or the current gallery (e.g. Search Images output).
* Smart Erase: power lines or other long thin features can be more easily
  erased by clicking at intervals along the line. 
* Search Images: 
    Date "null" can be used to find images having no photo date.
    BUSY indicator was added for long searches (non-indexed metadata).
    New option: retrieve all versions for images meeting search criteria.
    Wildcards can be used when searching metadata for matching text.
* Slide Show: 
    The dialog for specifying image events was simplified.
    Duration for animated transitions and image zooms is specified directly 
    in seconds (instead of fiddling parameters by trial and error).
    New transition type: image 'disintegrates' to reveal new image.
* Gallery view: more/less metadata is shown with bigger/smaller thumbnail size.
* List view: now includes image pixel dimensions and file size in megabytes.
* Paint Edits can now be used with: Color Mode, Shift Colors, Adjust RGB.
* Batch Convert and Batch RAW: new options for output file type and bit depth.
* Batch Delete/Trash: Deleted files are automatically purged from all albums.
  (formerly this was not done until the next time an album was opened).
* Manage Albums: Rename option added (formerly you had to use a file manager).
* The restriction on sorting albums was removed, but the output is a new
  album instead of replacing the input album. New name is 'oldname-sorted'.
* New album function: Revert to current album or open last-used album.
* Change Language: this setting is now preserved across Fotoxx sessions
  (previously reverted to user locale at next Fotoxx startup).
- Technical Changes:
* Menu popup help text: better positioning to avoid covering nearby menu.
* Fotoxx home can more easily be moved to a new location. User settings and 
  customizations are preserved. Re-indexing of image files is not required.
* Custom script files were relocated to <fotoxx-home>/custom_scripts.
* Galleries are now limited to 25K images to avoid window manager lock-up.
  Image searches exceeding this limit are truncated with notification.
* File size in megabytes added to the image index (effective after re-index).
  This is also shown in gallery view if zoom size is large enough to fit.
* Many menu names were simplified and shortened for faster visual lookup.
  More commonly used menus were moved toward the top of the list. 
* Because of the menu renaming, Keyboard shortcuts are reset to the defaults.
  Any custom shortcuts you have made must be redefined.
* The [+] and [-] keys can no longer be used for rapid increment/decrement of
  a numeric widget setting. Use the up/down arrow keys instead.
- Bug Fixes:
* Show map locations for current gallery images: crashed if empty gallery.
* Cosmetic flaw in custom [small] spin buttons (e.g. 0.1 showed as 0.100003). 
* Restore lost keyboard shortcut for menu "File Save as New Version".
* Video files with embedded quotes (") in file names would not play.
* Index image files: rare failure to create a thumbnail (self-correcting).
* Slide Show animated image transitions are smoother (minimum jitter).
* Search Images: If search-to date is 'yyyy-mm', default correct 'dd' 28-31.
* Favorites: stop spurious false error message "xxx.png file not found".
* Batch Photo Date-Time: failed for image files having no EXIF date-time.
* Preserving the current file/gallery/album across sessions failed if the 
  file/gallery/album file name had embedded blanks. 
* Edit Metadata: if custom metadata items for image index were missing for
  a file being edited, useless error messages were added to the log file.
* Crash in preload_thumbs() if galleries are switched 10+ times per second
  (e.g. using the arrow keys to race through months in the timeline report).
* Crash if Measure Noise is used while the Denoise function is still working.
* Crash if certain functions are used after starting fotoxx with no index.
* Some scrollable reports did not scroll when using the KB up/down arrow keys
  to move the currently selected row beyond the top or bottom of the window.
* The image function "Copy to Desktop" did not work for non-English locales.
* The User Guide was audited and many errors and omissions were corrected.

Wed May  2 19:23:55 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 18.01.4
- The Italian translation was updated.
- Bugfix: Removed cosmetic defect in the custom [small] spin buttons. 
- Bugfix: Fast image rotate function was inadvertently called in the wrong place,
causing lower quality in user functionality. Revert to high quality function.
- The German translation was cleaned up by a real native German speaker.
- Bugfix: Help > Quick Start showed English version for non-English locales.

Sat Jan  6 10:40:19 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 18.01.1
- Bug Fix: Crash in metadata related functions if the default tag category
  'nocatg' has been deleted. This is now replaced automatically. 

Mon Jan  1 00:31:13 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 18.01
- Technical Changes:
* The image index format was revised, requiring a new index initialization.
  This runs fast (up to 7000/min.) since new thumbnails are not needed.
* Image Index initialization: work is now divided among 4 parallel threads. 
  On a computer with 4 processor cores and an SSD disk, indexing is about 
  3x faster (ca. 6000/min). There is no speedup for a rotating disk (1000/min). 
* The maximum thread count for some functions was increased from 4 to 8, 
  to better utilize the newest processors from Intel and AMD.
* Use of the shell 'find' command was mostly replaced with calls to glob().
  This is fail-safe against special characters in file names.
* There is now an option to place the Fotoxx home directory wherever wanted.
  The file "/home/<user>/.fotoxx-home" may be used to set a custom location.
* Font for gallery windows is 1 point less than the user setting for dialogs. 
* Retained geocoordinate precision was improved (now within 1 meter).
* Many GTK widgets were downsized by reducing unnecessary margin padding. 
  This can be revised or undone by editing the file "widgets.css".
* The custom [small] spin button widget now spins increasingly faster when 
  the +/- key or up/down arrow key is held down more than 1 second. 
- Functional Changes:
* The image index may now include up to 20 user-defined metadata items
  (search speed for indexed metadata is >1000x faster than non-indexed).
* The restriction on sorting a metadata report was removed.
* Effects > Pattern: GUI improvements and better responsiveness.
* Updating Albums: GUI improvements to make it easier to update affected 
  albums after an image file is updated or a new version is created.
* Play video: Keyboard commands revised: 'P' to play/stop/resume, 'Q' to quit.
* New slide show transition: the next image swells up from the middle and 
  compresses the previous image out to the sides. 
* Galleries retain both sort and scroll position within and across sessions.
  All galleries can be reset to 'file name ascending' order with one button.
* Retouch-Combo: GUI improved for setting white balance and black point.
* Retinex: new edit function to improve color and contrast for images with 
  extreme fog/haze or color cast (e.g. a scan of a 100 year-old photo).
  Retinex can also be used to add flair to most other images. 
* Batch Photo Date/Time: new function to fix missing or wrong photo date/time,
  or shift the date/time a given amount (e.g. camera in wrong time zone).
* Batch Geotags: Location and Country can be updated without changing existing 
  geocoordinates (e.g. rationalize chaotic names from the camera GPS).
* Keyboard navigation: some search and select functions that output a list now 
  allow navigation of the list using the arrow, page and home/end keys. You can 
  also enter text to make the list scroll to the next entry with matching text.
* KB shortcuts: most can be customized, most are now available in gallery view.
  The menu functions that can have shortcuts were expanded from 27 to 94.
* Menu font and background colors can be set to match a 'theme' or personal
  taste (these are generated graphics and do not follow themes automatically).
* Two batch RAW conversion functions were consolidated into one, with options.
* Search Images: search by file mod date added (in addition to photo date).
* View360 function: View a 360° panorama image (e.g. Google photosphere).
  Viewpoint can turn through 360° and wrap-around by dragging the mouse.
* Manage Tags: stop auto-delete of unused tags. User must delete if unwanted.
* Mosaic: made much faster by using parallel threads. Blend is now instant. 
* KB shortcuts: make '+' work as 'zoom-in' for any keyboard layout. 
* Zonal Flatten: allow zone count = 1 (i.e. use the entire image distribtion).
* Adjust HSL: use a sample spot of 3x3 pixels instead of one pixel.
* Gallery view: use arrow keys to index current file and jump across galleries.
* Revised menu names: Zonal Flatten > Flatten, Tone Mapping > Gradients,
  Flip Image > Mirror Image, Write Text > Add Text, Write Line > Add Line,
  Brightness Gradient > Brightness Ramp, Local Color > Zonal Colors
- Bug Fixes:
* Panorama: PNG images with alpha channels were sometimes made invisible.
* Possible lockup after a long image indexing process. Exiftool memory leak.
* Brightness Ramp: direction line sometimes persisted after function exit.
* Albums: stop removal of videos from album if 'ffmpeg' or 'totem' is missing.
* All directories tree: possible crash if navigating via keyboard arrow keys.
* Search Images metadata report: missing data for the first image in the list.
* Search Images with metadata selection criteria: minor memory leak plugged.
* Vertical Panorama: fine alignment via mouse caused image to partly disappear.
* Favorites menu: stop crash if assigned menu name is a 'top' menu.
* Favorites menu: stop movement of menu position if 'user settings' selected.
* The interface to Raw Thereapee was updated for changes in Raw Therapee. 
* Some keyboard shortcut keys were not working for non-English locales.
* Spurious "kill active dialog" message if image-index [x] button is used.
* Crash "max. dialogs exceeded" after 15 "Edit Brightness" done in a script.
* Stop spurious log file diagnostic from thumbnail clicks: "f_open re-entry".
* Batch Utilities: stop flashing of title bar with each file opened.
* Crash "no thumbnail directory" needed a better diagnostic.
* Image Index: RAW files were being omitted (auto updated when referenced).
* Make all date/time input formats the same.
- User Guide:
  The user guide was audited to fix many minor errors and omissions. 
  The images were all updated and some were enlarged for better visibility. 
  A clickable table of contents and a clickable topic index were added.
- Wayland Note:
  Fotoxx works OK with Wayland/Xwayland with one exception: when an image is
  zoomed-in by clicking on a spot, the pointer no longer follows the spot but
  stays fixed. This is a known bug or omission (only user can move pointer). 

Tue Aug  8 12:30:41 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.08.2
- Bugfix: crash if invalid thumbnail parameter is inherited from a prior release.

Fri Aug  4 07:37:19 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.08.1
- Bugfix: crash in new 'list view' function with never-indexed image directory.

Tue Aug  1 08:21:55 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.08
- Technical Changes
* Thumbnails were enlarged to 512 pixels for faster galleries when using large
  thumbnails. To implement, delete your thumbnails directory and re-index.
* Use of shell "cp filename" was replaced with a copyfile() function, which
  makes batch functions fail-safe against special characters in file names.
* New widget types were implemented to make some dialogs smaller, covering less
  of the image being viewed. Number values can be indexed up or down using the 
  mouse wheel, keyboard up/down arrow keys, or the [+] [-] keys. The shift key 
  can be held down to increase the step size and speed by 10x. 
- Functional Changes
* Video files display as both images (initial frame) and gallery thumbnails. 
  Click to play. Also editable metadata, albums, search, and slide show play.
* Maps: save and recall user-named map locations (map position and scale).
* Panorama: the flatten function was made variable and reversible.
* Retouch Combo: the curve edit user interface was improved.
* Galleries remember and restore their last scroll position with each view.
* Select Hairy: improved algorithm, faster and better user interface. 
* Select Area > Find Gap: fatter lines are drawn for better visibility.
* Custom Kernel: added functionality. Ten more pre-installed filters.
* Paint Image: added an HSL color chooser as an additional color method.
* Slide Show: 2 new transition types. 5 others made faster on slow computers.
* Color Profile: EXIF "ICCProfileName" is updated and embedded profile deleted.
* Export Image Files: added metadata relevant for photo web services.
* Search Images: match 'all' or 'any' logic was implemented for location.
* Gallery List View expanded: show small thumbnails + most relevant metadata.
- Bug Fixes
* Slide Show: workaround for GDK pixbuf scaling bug.
* Flickr Upload stopped working and was removed. Flickr and other photo web 
  services can do this directly. The User Guide describes a simple procedure.
* A startup album name (if any) was getting replaced with blanks.
* Retouch Combo: failed if directory for saved settings is missing (create it).
* Index Image Files: failed if recent files file is missing (create it).
* Possible crash if Trim/Rotate [level] button is used (EXIF tilt angle).

Sat Jul  1 21:45:29 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.04.3
- Bug Fixes
* Manage Albums, Choose Album: [cancel] left all album menus disabled.
* Slide Show, zoom image function: fix memory leak.
* Select Area, Find Gap: crash if gap search killed before complete.
* EXIF data update: poss. crash if input keyword data is null.
* Color Profile: liblcms2 can produce RGB values < 0. Replaced these with 0.
* File index process sometimes omitted a few files. This was self-repairing.
* Metadata Report: leafpad fails to display report file - replaced it.

Mon May  8 06:59:33 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.04.2
- Bug Fixes:
* Workaround for GTK draw event loop in Paint Image palette color selection.
* Retouch Combo: always update distribution graph for dialog widget changes.

Wed Apr 12 08:50:43 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.04.1
- Bug Fixes:
* Crash in thumbnail gallery of RAW files if thumbnail size is large.
* Sharpen Image: error message if [apply] and no method was chosen.
* Retouch Combo: [reset] omitted reset of "amplify" slider.
* Popup menus: offset from mouse position to make menu cancel easier.

Sat Apr  1 21:58:51 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.04
- Technical
* Source code revisions for GTK API changes (Ubuntu 17.04, Fedora 25).
* Implementation of AppImage, a distro-agnostic packaging format.
* Smoother gallery scrolling via thread to pre-fetch thumbnail images.
- Functionality
* Image Montage: join selected images together into a compact table format.
  Images included in the table can be clicked to show a full-size image.
* Paint Image: modified to make it easier to use with a Wacom tablet. 
* Paint Image: use any image as a custom color palette - click to select color.
* Edited images get an automatic tag, allowing "edited" as a search criteria.
* Alien Colors effect: repaint an image or area with random strange colors.
* Stack/Paint: Transient forground objects can be removed automatically, and a
  moving subject can be shown in multiple positions against the background.
* Twist effect: twist or swirl an image around a mouse-selected central point.
* Script Files: most of the special effects functions are now scriptable.
* Denoise - measure noise: the noise is more completely characterized.
* The desktop wallpaper functions were removed because they stopped working.
- User Interface
* Paint Image and Clone Image were split into separate functions.
* Trim/Rotate: margin sides can be dragged in addition to the corners.
* Rename, Copy/Move, Delete/Trash: options were added to keep these dialogs 
  open or not (keep open is easier/faster if processing multiple files).
* Albums can now be sorted like any other gallery, but cannot be edited when
  in an out-of-sequence condition. To edit, re-open the album. 
* User Settings: an album name can be specified as the startup gallery.
- Bug Fixes:
* Startup with file parameter: now works for absolute or relative file name.
* Correctly handle file and directory names containing '$' characters.
* Voodoo functions can now be assigned to shortcut keys like any other.
* Disallow re-sorting of a metadata report, which loses the link between 
  images and their metadata. Sort the gallery before generating the report.
* Copy to Desktop or Clipboard: an edited but unsaved file copies correctly.
* Trim/Rotate: stop sporadic motion of zoomed image when margins are dragged.

Tue Feb 28 16:53:57 UTC 2017 -

- Update tp 17.01.2
- Bug Fixes:
* Read TIFF file with alpha channel: alpha was being ignored.
* Panorama: crash if images have too little overlap.

Sat Jan 14 16:19:01 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.01.1
- Bug Fixes:
* Rare crash at startup after new image files are found and indexed.
  This is self-repairing at the next startup.
* Crash if the de-noise dialog is quit with the measure-noise dialog open.

Sun Jan  1 18:02:12 UTC 2017 -

- Update to 17.01
- New Functionality:
* Show the entire image directory hierarchy with [+] and [-] buttons to expand 
  or contract subdirectories at each level. Click any entry for a gallery view.
* Blend Image: Paint with the mouse to blend pixels within the mouse circle.
* Replace Album File: Make it easier to update albums whenever member images
  are added or updated. Replace a given old image with a given new image, in 
  selected (or all) albums, or add the new image after the old.
* Maps: An option was added to show markers only for images in the current 
  gallery (e.g. search results or album). The default is to show all images.
* Color Mode: A new option was added to "rotate" the colors (RGB -> BRG), and
  each function operates on prior results instead of the original image.
* Three new slide show transitions: turn-cube, windmill, pixelize.
* Adjust HSL: both source and target colors can be selected with mouse clicks.
* Slide Show - button to use current gallery (no album selection).
- Efficiency Improvements:
* Image indexing is 1.9x faster for 5400 rpm disk (slight speedup for SSD).
* Thumbnail caching is more efficient, gallery scrolling a little smoother.
- User Interface Improvements:
* Edit Metadata: added [prev] button to recall previous geotag data.
* Batch Rename Tags: A GUI replaced the text file for old/new tag names.
* Brightness/Color Gradient: Set direction of gradient with a mouse drag.
* Favorites menu: Alignment of icons or text to unseen grid was made easier.
* Bookmarks Edit and GoTo dialogs now scroll to allow larger entry counts.
* Slide Show: transitions dialog is scrollable for use with small monitors.
- Bug Fixes:
* Report by location and date-groups: If only a country is selected, the 
  output gallery did not include all locations within that country.
* Metadata report: Failed if no prior reported items list was found.
* Sort gallery by file or photo date: Avoid sorting subdirectories
  (leave them at the top of the list and in alphabetic order) 

Thu Nov 17 18:33:59 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.11.1
- Bugfix: If no image files have location data (city and country), adding a 
  location for the first time may cause Fotoxx to crash. 

Fri Nov  4 21:19:58 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.11
- New: Upload selected image files to the Flickr photo web service.
- New: Unwarp Close-up: Reverse the distortion of a close-up face photo
  or selfie (balloon face, big nose).
- Location names may now encompass multiple [nearby] geocoordinates.
  When editing a photo geotag, select a map marker or add a new one.
  The image selection range of a map marker scales with the map scale.
- Albums can be auto-updated when image files are edited to new versions.
- Text config files for two Metadata reports were replaced with proper GUIs.
- Add Text and Add Lines/Arrows: style information (font, size, color ...)
  can be saved to a file and re-used, to avoid many inputs. 

Tue Oct 18 12:13:38 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.10.3
- Bugfix: occaisional crash when saving to new file name or new version. 

Thu Oct 13 21:17:59 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.10.2
- Improved traceback dump to help bug hunting.
- Bugfix: memory management bug resulting in possible crash.
- Translation updates: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian.

Mon Oct  3 09:05:19 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.10
- Compensate GTK API changes in Ubuntu 16.10.
- Keys F1 (= help) and Escape (= cancel) were made consistent in all dialogs.
- The Select Hairy function and user interface were improved somewhat. 
- The image search function saves its output to the album "search_results"
  (preserve search results when subsequent actions replace the gallery).
- Batch Add/Remove Tags: the user interface was extended to make it easier 
  to choose from existing tags or create new tags as needed.

Thu Sep 15 08:45:55 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.09 
- Image Index:
* Fotoxx startup is much faster when there are few new image files to index. 
  Huge galleries also show much faster. The image index file is converted to 
  a new format. The old file is kept for safety, and can be deleted later. 
* Indexing can be completely bypassed if Fotoxx is started from a file manager 
  (e.g. Nautilus) to open a selected file, which displays instantly. Image
  edits work normally. Search and map functions are disabled because they 
  require the image index. The index can be updated on demand or the next 
  time Fotoxx starts normally. Set options using Tools > User Options.
- Gallery View:
  Galleries with images from multiple directories (from a search function, 
  recent images query, timeline report, etc.) now include the lowest level
  directory name in addition to the file name, photo date and thumbnail image.
- User Options: view last file version only:
  This option now affect both image file view and gallery view. If set, only
  the latest version of each image file is shown, also in gallery pages.
  Albums and results from search functions are not affected.
- Maps:
  A user can optionally use the Mapbox map source by acquiring an access key.
  These are free for moderate map usage (50,000 tiles per month). See the
  User Guide for a description of the differences and how to obtain a key.
- Batch Convert:
  Inserting plugin text in the output file names was simplified. Photo dates
  (from EXIF metadata) can be inserted into the output file names.
- Main:
  The user data in /home/<user>/.fotoxx can now be located wherever wanted.
  This also enables multiple image collections, managed separately.
- Search:
  The report by location and date-group and the timeline report were made 
  more elegant with non-scrolling table headers. Click on a table position 
  to get a corresponding thumbnail gallery of images.
- Gallery sort by photo date:
  Multiple edit versions of the same photo were unsorted because they all 
  share the same photo date. Resolved by using file mod date as tie breaker.
- Bugfix:
* User Options: If a font was selected that had no monospace implementation, 
  some report formats looked horrible. A generic monospace font is now used.
* Gallery sort by photo date was incorrect after editing photo dates.
  (self-corrected after displaying some other gallery and coming back).
* When saving a modified image as a new file or version, some obscure ITPC 
  metadata was not being copied to the new file.
* Trim/Rotate: the [+90] and [-90] buttons failed when pressed multiple times.

Thu Aug 11 21:20:38 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.08.1
- Translation updates for Portuguese and Italian.
- Bugfix: Crash in Edit Bookmarks if list is empty and blanks are selected.

Mon Aug  8 21:07:48 UTC 2016 -

- Fixed: Fotoxx is not able to find doc files 

Tue Aug  2 21:09:03 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.08
- Albums: 
* Remove multiple images by clicking thumbnails.
* Drag thumbnails from a file manager or gallery to an album and position.
- Slide Show: 
* The last image remains displayed until Escape is pressed.
* Transition preferences: fix large dialog that can overflow a small screen.
- Select Hairy:
* Show the tones currently being selected or deselected.
* Select and deselect thresholds were adjusted for finer selectivity. 
- Select Area: 
* Area edit: edge blending appearance was made smoother. 
* Area copy and paste: smoother edges via variable pixel transparency.
- Gallery:
* Use two parallel sessions to drag and drop thumbnails across galleries.
- Metadata:
* Report by location, new option: sequence by date-group and location.
* Timeline report: create a table of image counts by year and month.
  Click on a year/month to produce the corresponding thumbnail gallery.
- Color Mode:
* Sepia coloring was improved.
* A new slider was added to adjust effect from zero to 100%.
- User Options:
* Add an option to set the gallery background color.
- Main:
* The Favorites popup menu is initialized with defaults, if empty.
* The mouse selection circle remains visible over transparent image areas.
- Bugfix:
* Images by date-range and location: too many images were being selected.
* Paste Area: brightness and edge blend adjustments reset each-other.
- Open Street Map is no longer available as a map source. The source was 
  changed to OSM Mapnik, which is working OK as of this date.

Sun Jul  3 15:12:24 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.07
- Libraw is used in place of Dcraw. Dcraw is no longer required for Fotoxx.
-  Search Images: there is more flexibility to search for metadata matching 
  one or more values, one or more substrings, or a range of numeric values.
-  The denoise method "flatten" was made faster and more effective.
- New: Select Area Copy: select a hairy or ragged edge with fine control.
- New: Select Area Find Gap: find the gap in a hand-drawn area outline.
- Manage Albums: copy and paste from any gallery into an Album gallery using 
  parallel Fotoxx sessions (makes album construction and editing easier). 
- New user option: set the main window background color.
- Bugfix: crash when saving a select area at image bottom edge to a file. 

Fri Jun 10 07:58:31 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.06.1
- Translation updates for Spanish and Catalan. 

Thu Jun  2 12:25:55 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.06
- Many popup tips were added to dialogs to improve ease of use. 
- Edit Metadata and Edit Geotags were integrated for better ease of use.
- Edit Any Metadata: easier to edit items not included in the pick-list.
- Adjust HSL: improved output quality, more precise user control of output.
- Image Search: finding images with no data (e.g. no tags) was simplified.
- Image Search: search for images from specific locations was simplified.
- Several functions were made easier to process multiple image files in gallery 
  view mode: View and Edit Metadata, Rename, Copy/Move, Delete/Trash, Upright.
- New in image and thumbnail popup menus: jump to image map location.
- Paint/Clone: undo memory for oldest edits is recovered as needed for new edits.
- Unbend: made easier to use by including icons in the dialog box.
- Cartoon: small improvement in algorithm, small speedup. 
- Bugfix: Favorites > Previous Image: crash if initiated from Gallery View.
- Bugfix: Map search range was increasingly inaccurate for higher latitudes.
- Bugfix: Custom favorites menu can lose icons if an entry is deleted.
- Bugfix: Slide Show: custom image settings (zoom target, transition type)
  were sometimes lost if underlying album was edited or rearranged. 

Thu Apr 21 19:15:57 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.05.1
- Portuguese language updated.
- Bugfix: crash if Trim/Rotate initiated from the image popup menu.
- A new image location map was implemented using OpenStreetMap. This has 
  superior functionality, but depends on having a fast and reliable internet 
  connection. The old method (using large local map files) can still be used 
  and may be preferable for custom maps.
- New: Selective Rescale: scale image down, leaving selected areas unchanged.
  This can be used to increase the relative size of the area of interest.
- Gallery top panel has more information about current album or search view.
- Font and map marker sizes are adjustable for monitor size and DPI.
- Bugfix: no warning was given when a gallery thumbnail was opened and the
  previous file had unsaved modifications which 

Fri Apr 15 09:21:10 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.04.1
- Bugfix: saving an unmodified file with a new file type (e.g. tif to jpg)
  could produce a duplicate of the input file with the wrong file type
  (e.g. a tif file with a .jpg extension). 

Sun Apr  3 13:05:19 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.04
- Initial file indexing was made faster by running metadata extraction and 
  thumbnail creation in parallel. Speedup: 11% for 7200 rpm disk, 60% for SSD.
- New image sharpen method: median difference: like unsharp mask, less halos.
- New slide show transitions: spiral, french door.
- Bugfix: crash in panorama "flatten" function if image is too large.
- Bugfix: failure of Add Lines function in rare cases (arcsin(1.000000x)). 
- Workaround: If an image file that is used in albums is renamed or moved, the 
  album image goes missing. There is no way to fix this, but now a report of 
  the missing files is shown before they are purged from the album. If files 
  are renamed or moved using Batch Convert, then albums are correctly updated. 

Wed Mar  2 22:39:47 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.03
- New: Blur Background: select one or more areas (foreground) that remain sharp 
  while the remaining areas (background) are blurred, optionally in proportion 
  to distance from foreground. Also useful for the classic Tilt-Shift effect.
- New: Add Transparency: based on brightness, a chosen color, or the inverse.
- Edit Metadata: Editing a series of images that need some of the same metadata
  was made faster and easier with a button to recall previous data.
- The image size limit for most edit functions was doubled to 250 megapixels
  (not realistic for computers having less than 16 GB main memory). 
- Select Area: area edge distance calculation was made 2-3x faster.
- Select Area: copy/paste retains both transparency and edge distance data.
- Calibrate Printer Colors: the chart and the procedure were revised, and this
  means you have to perform the calibration again (my apologies for this). 
- Bugfix: Mashup: warping overlay images no longer leaves black margins where
  an image was pulled inward from the edge.  

Sat Feb  6 12:23:18 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.02.1
- Translation updates for Portuguese.
- Bugfix: Resize: locking width/height ratio did not always work.
- Bugfix: Slide Show startup sometimes failed. 
- Bugfix: If an album contains the same image file two or more times, stepping 
  sequentially through the images loops from the Nth instance back to the first. 

Mon Feb  1 21:12:28 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.02
- New Effects > Cartoon: convert a photo into a cartoon-like drawing. 
- Add Text and Add Lines now work better with images having transparent areas.
- Paint/Clone: optionally paint over transparent areas, instantly or gradually.
- Brasero was replaced by growisofs for writing image files to DVD/BlueRay disc.
  (growisofs underlies Brasero, K3b, and most other disc burning utilities).
- Edit Any Metadata: UI improvement to better handle long text strings.
- Batch Change Metadata: UI improvement to better handle long text strings.
- New batch function: select image files by clicking thumbnails, output a file 
  with a list of the selected files. Useful to feed shell scripts or other apps.
- Function key changes: F10 for full screen with menu and panel, F11 without.
- Batch Convert: overlay images (e.g. credit lines) can be sized for a constant
  screen display size, regardless of image size or aspect ratio.
- When viewing images sequentially using the [prev/next] button or keyboard
  arrow keys, adjacent directories can be spanned without user navigation.
- An album can be opened from the command line: $ fotoxx -album <album-name>
- Bugfix: Retouch Combo: reset button did not reset everything. 
- Bugfix: Panorama: "file color" button caused image misalignment or crash. 

Sun Jan 10 20:11:03 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.01.1
- Bugfix: Search Image by tags: uppercase/lowercase failure.
- Translation updates for Spanish, Catalan, Italian. 

Sat Jan  2 09:35:20 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 16.01
- Edit Any Metadata and Batch Add/Change Metadata: faster/easier UI: mouse 
  point and click to select metadata items from a list of most likely items.
- Panorama: a manual alignment option was added for images with no clear 
  features in the overlap area that can be used for auto-alignment.
- Batch Convert: add an overlay image to output images (e.g. a credit line).
- Slide Show: minor changes to improve user interface (see User Guide).
- Image right-shift is now a user option with no more back-and-forth motion.
- Search Images: new option for text data matching: case-sensitive or not.
- New user option: default gallery sort: file name, file mod date, photo date.
- A new function for color saturation was added (separate from Retouch Combo).
- Bugfix: Search Images for metadata was including some non-matching images.
- Bugifx: possible crash in Select Area if 'extend to corner' is active.  

Mon Dec 28 21:38:20 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.12.1
- Bugfix: Retouch Combo: GUI lockup in Linux Mint 17.3.

Wed Dec  2 09:58:22 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.12
- Adjust HSL: improved control of the color range to select and adjust.
- Fix Perspective: new option to automatically trim using the corner markers.
- Trim/Rotate: level a slanted image using EXIF RollAngle (if present).
- Keyboard Shortcuts: initially lists all existing shortcuts in a popup window.
A button is available to start the dialog to add or revise shortcuts.
- Metadata short report: you can specify extra items to include in the report.
- New: Metadata batch report - list selected metadata for selected image files.
- File Save (New Version): this function can now have a keyboard shortcut.
- Maps: red-dot locations are consolidated for separations < 100 meters.
Previously location names were used, but this was often too broad.
- Maps: custom user maps are now separated from standard maps.
This prevents losing them if the fotoxx-maps package is re-installed.
- TIFF files are now saved without compression. The resulting file size may
be slightly greater or less, but the processing time is reduced by 90%.
- Slide Show new transition: image turns like a book page to reveal the next image.
- Bugfix: the Upright function could not step to the next image.
- Bugfix: PT Panorama was broken due to an interface change in Panorama Tools.
- Bugfix: possible crash when levelling an image by dragging the edge.
- Bugfix: possible crash if a select area is abandoned with nothing selected. 

Tue Nov  3 09:30:02 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.11.1
- Bugfix: Rename function did not automatically open the next following file.
- Translation updates: Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese.

Sun Nov  1 21:44:32 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.11
- Folders in gallery pages show counts for both contained sub-folder and images.
- Pattern: pattern can imprint target image without changing image colors.
- Adjust HSL: the amount of color change is proportional to the match with a selected target color, and this match range is adjustable.
- Batch Convert: more flexibility in the formatting of output file names.
- New: make a spherical image projection with variable radius of curvature.
- Trim/Rotate: if an image is levelled using mouse drag, the trim rectangle is automatically maximized, removing the need to do this manually.
- If an edit dialog is started and left/right image margins are present, the image is pushed to the right side so the dialog can be positioned over the expanded left margin and menu panel, minimizing the image area covered. This position is saved and restored the next time the dialog is used.
- Saving to file type .bmp was removed, since all metadata is lost. 
- A new transition type was added to Slide Show: collapsing sphere.
- Six other minor improvements and minor bug fixes were made.

Thu Oct  8 08:46:50 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.10
- New: Batch Scripts: Perform a series of image edits while recording all menu and dialog inputs into a script file. Execute the script file to apply the same edits to multiple images selected from gallery pages.
- Calibrate Printer: algorithm was improved for slightly more accurate colors.
- Edit curves: The capture distance for mouse selection of nodes to drag is now adjustable (increase the default value to make touchpads easier to use).
- Batch Add/Change Metadata: added a pick-list for commonly used keywords.
- Geographic maps: mouse distance to trigger a popup location name was made independent of map scale (10 pixels instead of 10 km).
- Bugfix: gallery file selection: clicking on a file name in the list of selected files was sometimes inaccurate and selected the wrong file.
- Bugfix: setting a geotag by clicking a map location did not allow an initial location to be revised by clicking somewhere else.

Wed Sep  9 19:44:32 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.09.2
- Bugfix: Infinite loop when saving RAW file to JPG/TIF/PNG
- Bugfix: TIF file with 8 bits/color shows 0 or 16 bits in top panel file info

Mon Aug 31 19:04:59 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.09
- Program code was revised for latest GTK API breakage (in Ubuntu 15.10).
- The font size used in menus and dialogs can now be set by the user.
- Panorama: about 20% faster (3 images x 7 megapixels, 2 GHz CPU, 18 secs).
- Paint Transparency: response lag with large images was eliminated.
- Area Copy and Paste was reinstated (faster and easier than file save and open).
- Use of alpha channel for vacated margins was extended to all bend functions.
- New: Calibrate Printer: tool to improve image print color accuracy.
- Bugfix: crash in Flatten Book Page while marking page edges.
- Bugfix: Slide Show failure if translated transition names contain blanks.
- Bugfix: Leverage Edit: use of contrast as edit lever was broken.
- Seven other minor improvements and fixes.

Sat Aug  1 09:00:01 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.08
- The brightness distribution for an image can be reshaped by using slider controls and watching the image or graph. The distribution can be clipped at either end, or stretched or flattened in different zones.
- Editing and searching image tags: there is an optional method to better deal with a huge list of defined tags. The tag pick-list can contain all tags, or only those for a tag category chosen from a category pick-list.
- Select Area: an area cutout can be saved as a PNG or TIF file with a transparency map (alpha channel). Any image file can be read and pasted in another image, and transparent areas work as they should. 
- Image edits: transparency data is retained and can be edited. Adjustable transparency can be painted and unpainted using the mouse. 
- Mashup: transparency data in overlay images is utilized and can be edited. 
- New batch tool: add/change/delete any metadata for selected image files.
- Add Text: quickly add the same text at same position to multiple image files.
- Gallery thumbnail memory cache is self-limiting to 1 GB main memory.
- Several small improvements in the user interface and error messages.
- Bugfix: gallery sort by file modification date used an incorrect date/time.
- Bugfix: possible crash in leverage edits if the edit function is canceled.
- Bugfix: Select Area: draw/replace area edge did not work properly for areas selected by mouse painting or areas previously finished. 

Sat Jul  4 17:39:24 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.07
- Menus were reorganized and the user guide was revised to match.
- Many minor errors were corrected in the user guide.
- Index Image Files: the user interface and messages were rationalized.
- Undo/Redo button: the middle mouse button produces a popup list of edits done to the current image. Go back to any done or undone edit step.
- Edit Metadata and Search Images: working with thousands of unorganized image tags was made more practical: you can type-in tags or use the pick-list.
- New batch tool: convert tags for all image files using a from-to list.
- New batch tool: select images (click thumbnails) to trash or delete.
- New batch tool: find and upright all image files rotated 90 degrees.
- Gallery navigation panel: parent directories are buttons instead of text.
- Effects > Pencil Sketch: set any desired foreground or background color.
- RAW image noise measure was improved (gives slightly lower values).
- Select Area: new buttons to quickly change line color while drawing.
- Slide Show: zoom-out from a chosen image spot (compliment of zoom-in).
- User Options: initial view = last gallery now works for albums.
- 4 minor bug fixes and 10 user interface improvements. 

Mon Jun  1 16:07:39 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.06
- New: HSL Color: change the color of selected image areas using an HSL color chooser. Blend with original image to preserve existing variation.
- Threshold Denoise algorithm was improved.
- The Noise measurement tool was made less sensitive to RGB levels having a small gradient over the measured spot.
- Cycle Desktop (background image): Runs in the background. Add to the startup list to get a new desktop image each logon or time period.
- New: Set Desktop Image: Set the desktop background image from Fotoxx.
- New slide show transition: Image falls over to reveal the next image.
- Mashup: UI improved for adding text and lines/arrows to a layout.
- Trim/Rotate now includes an [auto] button to remove the black image margins left by composite or warp functions. The Auto-Trim menu was removed.
- KB shortcuts includes a button to report all the standard shortcuts.
- Multiple UI and help text improvements.
- Three minor bug fixes. 

Tue May  5 22:32:52 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.05
- New: Smart Denoise: measure and reduce noise with minimal loss of detail. Also measure camera sensor noise using a RAW image.
- The function Newest Images was revised to show a gallery of the newest 1000 image files, based on either EXIF photo date or file modification date.
- Zonal Flatten: algorithm improvement and stronger deband controls.
- New: Cycle Background: cycle Desktop background image via Fotoxx album.
- Bugfix: Possible crash in some edit functions if the [done] button or Return key is pressed very quickly after adjusting a dialog control or edit curve.
- Bugfix: Edit Metadata: tags with special characters were sometimes getting split into two tags.
- Bugfix: Color Mode: color negative: it was sometimes possible to create invalid RGB colors which affected later color functions.  

Sun Apr 12 21:59:58 UTC 2015 -

- Plugin interface was broken. If a plugin function was used for the initial edit of an image file, a crash resulted. 

Thu Apr  2 20:07:48 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.04
- New: Zonal Flatten: enhance contrast in dull areas, even if overall brightness and contrast is already well optimized (powerful, try it).
- New: Directed Blur: 1-dimensional image blur in direction of mouse drag.
- Properly extract thumbnails from RAW files enclosing .ppm thumbnails.
- Album edit: View any image full size while adding and arranging images.
- Slide Show: Support for stop show, jump to a new position, resume show.
- Slide Show: New image transitions: implode, explode, Japanese fan.
- Print dialog accepts margin inputs in either inches or centimeters.
- New user setting: show or hide hidden directories in gallery view.
- Bugfix: print dialog: displayed print size was not always correct. 

Wed Mar  4 09:35:34 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.03.1
- Portuguese translation updated.
- Bugfix: Mashup: recover lost fine-positioning via keyboard arrow keys.
- Bugfix: Mashup: lock menus to avoid crash from unconventional user action.
- Bugfix: Upright: properly upright image in window and keep dialog active.  

Mon Mar  2 11:42:49 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.03
- "Rotate 90" was renamed "Upright". A button was added that detects and correct 90/180° rotations without guidance (based on EXIF data).
- Batch Convert and Batch Upright detect and correct 90/180° rotations.
- The term "Named Collection" was replaced with "Album", which is the term most commonly used for this type of functionality.
- Smart Erase got an IQ upgrade to better deal with curvy objects.
- Mashup: Black margins in overlay images (from prior warping edits or panorama composite) can be automatically removed (made transparent).
- Mashup: Editing very large layouts was made more responsive.
- Mashup: Overlay images can be warped by dragging the mouse. This can also be used to fix minor alignment offsets from Panorama Tools.
- Mashup: Overlay image margins can be trimed back leaving a hard edge, or gradually blended with the background or other overlapped images.
- The window title bar and gallery pages show photo time as well as date.
- New slide show transition: image shrinks away to expose the next image.
- Two other minor usability improvements and three minor bug fixes.   

Fri Feb 27 12:15:04 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.02.1
- Bugfix: Fotoxx may fail to start after a new install if there are less than 200 image files found, or if Fotoxx is re-installed and less than 200 new image files are found.  

Sat Jan 31 21:17:49 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.02
- The indexing process for newly added image files was made faster: speedup is about 1.2x for a 7200 rpm disk and 1.9x for an SSD.
- A multi-row panorama capability was added by integrating the 
- Panorama Tools utilities into the Fotoxx menus. Very easy to use.
- Slide Show: the maximum zoom-in speed was increased by 2x.(significant for a large or high DPI monitor or a slow computer).
- Slide Show: the option to show captions/comments can be configured per image, and these can be made to vanish after a specified interval.
- User Settings: Thumbnail file size can be set to 128/256/512 pixels (default 256). 512 is a bit slower but better for a large or high DPI monitor, or when viewing gallery pages with the thumbnail size set to maximum.
- Mashup: mouse-painted image transparencies are easier to control.
- Mashup: transparency blends can be set separately for all 4 image edges.
- Cosmetic improvements for gallery view and metadata short report.
- Startup parameter -nosync was replaced with the more correct -noindex.
- Bugfix: quick rotate 90 degrees: metadata was not being copied.
-  Bugfix: crash if switch to gallery view during a slide show transition.
- Bugfix: HDR/HDF/Stack: crash if [cancel] pressed twice rapidly.
- The French translation was updated and two minor bugs were fixed.

Sat Jan  3 23:10:55 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 15.01
- Panorama: better image projection math for more precise stitching.
- Several slider controls were given a log scale for easier and more precise control of small changes near the neutral value.
- Reduce Noise: new option: selectively apply to darker image areas.
- Adding and editing plugins was made easier. 
- The Plugins menu was moved into the Edit menu.
- Gallery view has a small layout change for improved appearance.
- Gallery popup windows: F11 toggles full screen view, Escape terminates.
- Magnify function: user interface was made more flexible.
- Slide Show: zoom-in limit raised to 3x. Image retains native sharpness.
- Map View: red dots are sized for good visibility at any map scale.
- Bugfix: Printing an edited but unsaved image file printed the original file.

Sun Nov 30 20:52:41 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.12
- Tools > Magnify Image: New function - analogous to inspecting a printed image with a magnifying glass that can be moved freely over the image.
- Tools > User Settings: When stepping through image files with the prev/next button or arrow keys, there is a new option to show only the final edited version (or the original file if never edited).
- Retouch Combo: The slider to emphasize darker...brighter pixels for color adjustments was made more effective.
- New command parameter -nosync: Allows a faster startup, but search and map functions are disabled because of the risk of incorrect results. More information is in the Technical Notes section of the User Guide.
- Select Area: The Finish dialog has a new option to extend the selection automatically to designated image corners - a time saver.
- Slide Show: When paused, the Keyboard M-key starts the magnify function.
- Bugfix: Edit Metadata was not being cancelled when a conflicting function was started.
- Bugfix: Adding geotags by clicking on a map sometimes failed.
- Bugfix: Copy text from a dialog widget with Ctrl+C was not working. 

Mon Nov  3 21:03:22 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.11
- A world map and several larger-scale continental maps are provided in  a separate package: fotoxx-maps. These maps show locations of photos having geotags. Clicking a map location shows a gallery of thumbnail images that can be selected in turn for viewing full size or editing. A user may add more maps, and these will work the same way.
- Gallery thumbnail popup: expanded speed and functionality for zooming thumbnails and comparing images side by side.
- Gallery scrolling is smoother and easier to control with the mouse: scrolls faster as mouse is dragged closer to top or bottom of window.
- Sync Gallery can now have a KB shortcut (default 'S' for new installs).
- Bugfix: Edit Geotags: If the dialog inputs were cleared to blanks, the image geotag data was not being erased.  

Thu Oct  9 11:22:09 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.10.2
- Bugfix: If an unmodified image was saved with a different file type, the wrong extension was used, e.g. a jpeg file could be saved as filename.png

Thu Oct  2 15:57:20 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.10.1
- Bugfix: Upgrade from an older version of Fotoxx may make the window menus invisible. Workaround: delete the line "menu style" in the file  /home/<user>/.fotoxx/parameters.
- Translation updates for Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese. 

Wed Oct  1 23:20:25 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.10
- Make Waves effect: Horizontal and vertical wavelength, magnitude and variance can be set independently. More realistic appearance.
- Drawing lines and arrows on an image or mashup montage was made easier: create a line or arrow and then drag the end-points into final position.
- Gallery popup image improvements: window fits image without margins, window and image can be scaled up or down with the mouse wheel.
- New setting: Monitor scale: adjust panel scale for high DPI monitor.
- Bugfix: Image date and size in the search index were not always updated when changed (this error fixed itself at the next Fotoxx startup).
- Bugfix: The Print Image function with grid lines enabled did not print the horizontal grid lines clearly (adjacent black and white lines).
- Bugfix: The Shift Colors function [reset] button reset the dialog controls but failed to reset the image edits.
- Bugfix: Mashup crash when deleting and adding text in a mixed sequence. 

Mon Sep  1 21:33:30 UTC 2014 -

- Updated makefile patch 

Mon Sep  1 21:26:23 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.09
- Dialogs set focus back to the main window after use of the [apply] or [next] button, so subsequent KB shortcuts will work without extra mouse action.
- File Save: both unsaved metadata edits and image edits are now saved. 
(Using [apply] in a metadata dialog saves only the metadata changes.)
- Display "no more images" after deleting the last image in the current gallery (otherwise the window goes inexplicably blank).
- Additional dialogs now restore previous inputs, also across sessions.
- Search Images: if time is omitted in a date/time search range, then 00:00 or 23:59 is defaulted for the start or end time respectively.
- Search Images: new option: include only the latest version of each image.
- Batch Convert: If image files are renamed or moved and the originals are deleted, collections containing the images are updated automatically. The problematic Move Collections function was removed.
- Gallery popup images: new option: use the same window or open another window when a thumbnail is clicked. The one window option is effectively a combined image and gallery view, with adjustable allocation of screen space between the two views, and two-click selection of each image to view.
- Area Select: select by matching colors was made a little smarter.
- Gallery Selection: the selection list is scrolled to keep new insertions in view.
- There is a new utility function to find and display all duplicate images.
- Slide Show: new option to auto-replay after reaching the end.
- Bugfix: Manage Collections: dragging a thumbnail to the bottom of the gallery window would not scroll up if the window was maximized. 

Mon Aug  4 11:21:07 UTC 2014 -
- Update to 14.08
- The user interface for creating or replacing a collection was improved.
- Images within a collection can now be rearranged by dragging thumbnails. 
- New effect: Make Waves: add random waviness to an image or selected areas.
- The Undo/Redo button combined with the 'A' key becomes Undo/Redo all edits.
- Editing metadata in RAW images is now allowed (restriction removed).
- A few non-obvious dialog controls now have popup tips when moused-over.
- Open Previous File retains zoom size and position to facilitate fast comparison of two zoomed image versions.
- The menu icon size is now adjustable in Tools > User Settings.  

Wed Jul  2 22:13:45 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.07.1
- An image with selected areas can be saved to a PNG file with unselected parts transparent. This can be useful in other image editors, e.g. Gimp.
- The main menu was made smaller to save space. Some menu-icons now use left/right mouse clicks for two functions, e.g. edit undo/redo.
- Mashup: draw lines and arrows on an image, similarly to writing text.
- Mashup: control of overlapping and transparent images was made easier.
- A batch upright tool was added - find and upright images turned 90°.
- Panorama: image matching for exposure/color differences was improved.
- The current image on the gallery page is more strongly highlighted.
- Raw Therapee was added as a RAW image file processing option.
- Metadata and geotag edits were added to the right-click popup menus.
- The world map was made 2x larger in area (a new download is required).
- Bugfix: file rename could sometimes leave an incorrect thumbnail.
- Bugfix: Batch RAW did not set the sRGB color space as default.
- Bugfix: memory leak in Mashup function. 
- Translations were updated for Spanish and Catalan.
- Bugfix: eliminate redundant menu entry for non-English locales.

Fri Jun 27 20:33:10 UTC 2014 -

- Makefile patch update 

Tue Jun 17 21:27:57 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.06.1
- Bugfix: The gallery page could crash if the thumbnail size was minimized to zero.

Sat May 31 17:55:58 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.06
- The Window "tabs" paradigm was revised to improve space utilization.
The user guide has many minor revisions to reflect this change. 
- A custom convolution kernel can be edited and applied to an image. 
These can also be saved to a file for later re-use. 
- Make thumbnails automatically for RAW files lacking embedded thumbnails.
- Panorama: images can be moved and warped with the mouse to fix residual  alignment offsets (parallax, horizon shift, others).
- Fix Perspective: move corner markers in 1-pixel steps with the KB arrow keys.
- Trim/Rotate: move trim rectangle in 1-pixel steps with the KB arrow keys.
- Batch Convert has new controls to sharpen output images.
- Batch Convert RAW has new controls to resize and sharpen output images.
- Mashup can more easily adjust image overlaps and transparencies.
- Behave more nicely when running out of disk space.
- 3 minor bug fixes and a few other minor improvements. 

Fri May  9 12:57:10 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.05.1
- Bugfix: plugin commands were not working.

Sun May  4 15:12:28 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.05
- Deprecated GTK functions were updated (Ubuntu >=13.10 is now required).
- The Blur function for a large radius (>20) was made 10x faster.
- A new function Color Drawing converts a photo into a color drawing.
- The flakey plugins editor was improved and the functionality revised.
- A plugin was added to clean-up a smudgy white board photo using ImageMagick.
- Retouch Combo was revised for better control of color changes.
- Retouch Combo can now load and save its settings from/to a file.
- Bugfix: a memory leak in Dark/Bright Pixels was plugged.
- Bugfix: fix desktop file (launcher) for non-English locales.
- The Spanish and Catalan translations were updated.

Tue Apr 22 12:48:53 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.04.2
- Window background changed from black to dark gray.
- Translation updates for Spanish, Catalan, Italian.
- Fix duplicate use of the menu name "Brightness Distribution" which made it impossible to assign shortcuts or include the functions in the Favorites popup.
- Fix the desktop file to enable Fotoxx for "Open With / Other Application".
- Bugfix: after [Save] to new version, the [Prev] button did not open the correct previous file (usually off by one).
- Provide a package using libtiff5 for Ubuntu 14.04 (libtiff4 no longer available). 

Sun Apr  6 19:21:40 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.04.1
- Compensation for GTK 3.10 bug was added (in Ubuntu 14.04 beta)
(thumbnail gallery page fails to update or update is incomplete).
- Translations for Spanish and Catalan were updated.
- Mashup: rotation of an overlay image using the mouse was removed (too easy to rotate by accident when moving or resizing - use the dialog rotate control instead).

Tue Apr  1 14:09:24 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.04
- The classic top menu was replaced with a vertical menu on the left side.
- Retouch Combo: improved capability to adjust individual colors.
- Retouch Combo: brightness distribution graph cohabits the curve edit window.
- Retouch Combo: new control to adjust the sensitivity of the edit curves.
- Gallery: additional slow scroll mode for scanning images visually.
- Slide Show: specify transitions and dwell times per image where wanted.
- Slide Show: specify zoom-in per image (speed, target center, magnification).
- Leverage Edits is back (for some cases it is better than Paint Edits).
- All curve edits: sharper bends can be made (closer anchor points are allowed).
- Background Pattern: GUI is easier to use and the pattern is now resizable.
- Bugfix: memory leak in Retouch > Brightness Distribution. 

Tue Mar  4 21:34:07 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.03.1
- Tarball Bugfix: Makefile references a file not present in the tarball.
- The French translation was updated.
- Improve positioning of "no more images" notification. 

Tue Mar  4 08:52:48 UTC 2014 -

- Update patch file (

Tue Mar  4 08:32:49 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.03
- Gallery view: highlight the current image with a red frame.
- Gallery thumbnail right-click menu: new entry to pop-up a large resizable movable image. View multiple images within the gallery.
- Mosaic: new function to convert an image into a mosaic with tiles made from all available images. Click a tile to pop-up the underlying image.
- Pattern: new function to add a semi-transparent pattern to an image background
(e.g. make an image seem painted on canvas or a brick wall).
- New slide show transition: Ken Burns effect (slow zoom-in).
- Mashup transparencies can be adjusted instantly as well as gradually.
- Several small user interface changes were made for convenience and consistency with common practices. Speed was also improved.
- Keyboard shortcuts editing was simplified.
- Leverage Edits was removed (this is more easily done with Paint Edits).
- Edit Translations was removed (unused AFAIK, and slightly buggy).
- Bugfix: Paint/Clone: ignore source pixels beyond image edge [crash risk].
- Bugfix: Fix memory allocation thread contention [crash risk].
- Bugfix: If a collection once contained images that are now deleted, copy/cut/paste operations could move the wrong images. 

Thu Feb  6 15:44:03 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.02.2
- Bugfix: stop spurious "low memory" warning.
- Bugfix: a memory corruption problem was fixed that can cause a crash.
- The Spanish translation was updated.

Sat Feb  1 22:28:46 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.02
- Index Image Files (aka Synchronize) runs faster. Intermixing image files with 100K other files under /home/user/... has little effect on speed. Startup time is also faster for the normal case of few new image files.
- Retouch Combo: sliders were added for fast adjustment of overall brightness, contrast and color. The curves can then be hand-tuned if needed.
- Slide Show: a new transition type simulates turning a book page.
- Slide Show: images are clipped to exactly fit the monitor if the difference in aspect ratio is less than a predefined limit.
- Slide Show: optionally show captions/comments above each image.
- The batch Rename and Convert functions were combined for convenience.
- Batch Convert has a new option to automatically sharpen images.
- Paint/Clone: a "shadow" paintbrush tracks the source of copied pixels.
- Retouch Combo, Trim/Rotate and Resize can recall prior settings for easier application to multiple images needing similar treatments.
- Mashup: resizing/rotating an overlay image with the mouse is smoother.
- Editing in a selected area: edge blending was made a bit smoother.
- Search Images: select a gallery (thumbnails) report or a tabular report for listing desired metadata along with a thumbnail image.
- Block metadata edits for image types not supporting this (e.g. bmp, gif).
- Bugfix: Texture function converted RGB 0/0/0 pixels into illegal values.
- Bugfix: Bogus error message about exceeding geotag limits.
- Bugfix: Trim function left temporary image remnants on the window. 

Wed Jan  8 12:55:00 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.01.1
- The Russian translation was updated.
- The Spanish and Catalan Quick Start guides were updated. 

Wed Jan  1 21:15:36 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 14.01
- The main retouch functions were combined for faster workflow.
- Select area: automatically finish areas selected by mouse painting and color matching (handle "swiss cheese" selections faster and easier).
- Select Area: the follow-edge method can better follow edges when the mouse edge-tracking is quite imprecise. 
- New special effect: add textured surface to an image or selected area.
- Kuwahara sharpen method added: produces very sharp edges with loss of the smallest details.
- All sharpen methods were made multithreaded (typical 2x speedup).
- Slide Show transitions can optionally be used in random sequence.
- Slide Show transition speeds can be adjusted for CPU/GPU performance.
- Show RGB: pixel values are shown live as the mouse is moved over the image.
- The user guide was audited and many minor corrections were made.
- Bugfix: Mashup: preserve transparency when using saved cutout images.
- Bugfix: Image edits were losing some special-application XMP metadata.
- Bugfix: HDR crash if input images are not exactly the same size.- 

Fri Dec  6 09:34:34 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.12
- The user interface was revised for faster workflow when processing multiple photos:
* An edit function can be started without closing a prior active edit function. The prior edit becomes the new base and an undo/redo position is added automatically.
* You can step through a series of images with an open edit function. Apply the function to an image or pass over by pressing the [next] button.
* Brightness and color functions can recall prior settings for faster application to other photos made under the same lighting conditions.
- Other changes:
*RAW files are now edited like other image files. Auto-copy to TIFF-16 is no longer done. Edit as usual and save in the desired format (TIFF/PNG/JPEG, 8/16 bit color).
* Add Text: new option: retrieve and edit metadata caption/comments.
* Captions: new option: show metadata caption/comments above each image.
* Move Collections is more flexible: any pathname segment can be replaced.
* Some intermediate files now use ramdisk for a small performance gain.
* Mashup: move layout images in 1-pixel steps with the keyboard arrow keys.
* Mashup: internal speedups, especially when painting transparency.
* New Slide Show transition type: double doors open from the middle.
* Log file output was made always current, like a terminal session.
- Bug Fixes:
* Unsaved edits were lost if the [next] button was used beyond the last image file.
* Curve nodes were lost when reloading saved complex edit curves.
* Mashup: fix erratic overlay image corner drag behavior

Fri Nov 29 09:51:51 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.11.1
- Bugfix: flatten brightness distribution was not working for large images. 

Mon Nov  4 14:30:01 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.11
* File Sync: image navigation and viewing is now allowed (but not editing).
* Batch Convert can upright photos made with camera turned 90 degrees.
* Slide Show: improved capability for automatic pause at designated images.
* Warp Linear: algorithm was revised to better approximate linearity.
* New: Highlight darkest/brightest image areas with adjustable thresholds.
* Select Area: expand or contract a finished area in 1-pixel steps (can reduce edge effects when editing areas selected by color matching).
* Mashup: interface was improved to simplify and speed-up image positioning.
* Mashup: mouse can "paint" variable transparency on images in the layout.
* User Settings: new option to include hidden files in the gallery pages.
* Trim/Rotate: grid lines match the trim rectangle (rule of thirds always works).
* Zoom state is retained for Open Previous File, but reset otherwise.
(use this function for image A:B comparison, retaining zoom% and position)
* Bugfix: Trim/Rotate removed vacated margins that were left intentionally.
* Bugfix: Trim/Rotate failed to reinstate its prior grid settings.
* Bugfix: Auto-Trim caused an endless loop under certain circumstances. 

Sun Oct 27 21:36:55 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.10.1
* A workaround was implemented for compatibility with GDK changes (Ubuntu 13.10). 
A right-click popup menu can too easily execute the first entry by accident, because the user does not move the mouse off the menu before releasing the mouse button.
- Update 13.10
* Mashup images and text can be moved, resized and rotated using the mouse.
* Trim/Crop and Rotate were combined as one function to improve workflow.
* Rotate: click image position to add vertical and horizontal guidelines.
* Rotate: the automatic trim option was reinstated.
* Flatten and Expand brightness distribution were combined as one function.
* Paint/Clone: new option to paint/erase gradually or fully in one stroke.
* Gallery thumbnail popup menu: rotate +/-90 degrees was added.
* Gallery [Top] button: new option to choose from named collections.
* World map zoom: toggle full-size/fit-window without intermediate steps.
* Slide Show: allow pause and resume at a selected image position.
* Slide Show: an image with the tag 'pause' will beep and pause until resumed.
* View Metadata: option to show only captions and comments (e.g. for slide show).
* Making a named collection from search results (or any gallery) was simplified.
* CMYK function: the user interface was simplified.
* Warp Linear/Curved/Affine are using multiple threads for faster response.
* Bugfix: clickable tabular reports would not scroll with the mouse wheel.
* Bugfix: the interactive translation update function was broken. 

Sun Sep 22 16:04:55 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.09.4
* Spanish and Catalan translations updated.
* Bugfix: For some locales the gallery Zoom buttons did not work.
* Bugfix: HDR and other composite functions were not displaying progress and appeared to be "stuck" until they completed normally.

Fri Sep 13 09:12:36 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.09.2
* Russian translation updated.
* Crash in Edit Metadata - this error could not be reproduced, but a potential cause was found and fixed.  

Mon Sep 02 06:05:02 UTC 2013 -

- update to 13.09.1:
+ New function Mashup: arrange multiple images and text in a layout
  (move around via mouse, resize, rotate, transparency, font effects). 
+ Metadata edit functions were combined: tags/ratings/captions/comments.
+ File save options: interface revised for clarity and error avoidance.
+ Window tabs have icons instead of "F/G/W" letters.
+ Menus and toolbars have visual feedback and popup descriptions.
+ Paste a selected area: adjust brightness to better match background.
+ Fix Stuck Pixels: user feedback and responsiveness was improved.
+ File Synch: output image file counts for each subdirectory processed.
+ Bugfix: crash if menus clicked during generation of a large gallery.
+ Bugfix: Gallery file selection: select low-high range was broken.
+ Bugfix: Deleted images were not being removed from collection lists.

Sun Aug 11 20:23:16 UTC 2013 -

- The Italian and Portuguese translations were updated.
- Bugfix: crash in Fix Stuck Pixels function.

Sun Aug  4 08:53:12 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.08
- White Balance: a direct adjustment for color temperature was added.
- Search Images: apply criteria iteratively to expand/reduce search results.
- Date format (gallery, reports) changed to world standard YYYY-MM-DD.
- Default jpeg save quality was added to the user settings.
- New function: Graduated Blur: blur radius inversely proportional to contrast (can make faces look younger, cartoon effect when taken to extremes).
- Sketch: a 2nd algorithm is provided which works better for some images.
- Sketch: responds much faster to changes in dialog controls.
- Tools > Missing Translations: omit text deliberately left as English.
- Manage Tags: new popup report of unused tags (can be deleted).
- Auto Trim was made much faster.
- Trim/Crop and Rotate dialogs have minor user interface improvements. 
- New demo videos are available on YouTube and the Fotoxx web site.
- Bugfix: loss of correct KB Ctrl/Alt state when changed outside app focus.
- Bugfix: right-click popup menu for main window could name a wrong file.
- Bugfix: image rename function was not updating the gallery page.
- Minor bugfixes: area finish, dots transform, prev/next navigation, KB shortcuts. 

Fri Jul 19 11:56:38 UTC 2013 -

- Bugfix: Crash in Batch Convert RAW if default "JPEG" is never changed.
- Bugfix: Crash in Manage Tags if used incorrectly.  

Wed Jul  3 19:15:21 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.07
- Gallery navigation was extended with new options under the [top] button.
- Effects > Drawing and Effects > Outline functions were combined.
- New: Effects > Sketch: Transform a photo into a simulated sketch.
- New: Tools > Missing Translations: list missing translations for the current language.
- Batch Add Tags and Delete Tags were combined into a more flexible tool.
- Edit Collections was made easier (add/delete/cut/copy/paste images).
- New startup option: gallery of the newest images added to the database.
- Ascending/descending option was added to the gallery sort function.
- Gallery File Selection: a [clear] button was added.
- Flatten and Expand Brightness Range: buttons added for popup histogram.
- Write Text: the [apply] button updates the file as well as the memory image. 

Wed Jun 12 08:10:07 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.06.2
- Two bugs were fixed:
* Expand Brightness: If brightness retention range is zero and the brightness distribution graph is activated, a crash resulted.
* Edit Metadata + Cancel + Open a new image:  this caused a crash.  

Wed Jun  5 09:29:34 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.06.1
- Pano, HDR, etc. have greater latitude to warp images for better fit.
- Warp Area: area can be pulled outside its initial boundary.
- Area Finish was made much faster.
- Add Text: (write text on image) optional drop shadows were added.
- Slide Show pause/resume: resume is immediate (no wait for timer), and the B key can be used to toggle between image and blank screen (for talk time).
- Bugfix: fix pan/scroll jerkiness with large image (bug from v.13.03).
- Bugfix: Trim/Crop: do not limit width/height to prior width/height -1.
- Bugfix: thumbnail generation: stop non-RAW files being passed to dcraw (causing useless error messages).
- Bugfix: gallery display was ignoring symlinks to other directories.
- Bugfix: (Fedora) some popup tips were white text on white background.
- Bugfix: Select Area Finish during an active edit would cause a crash.
- The Spanish and Catalan translations were updated.

Tue May  7 18:42:23 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.05.2
- The Spanish and Portuguese translations were updated.
- The geocoding web service was changed to  MapQuest Open.

Thu May  2 12:39:49 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.05
- The Fotoxx user guide is now available in Spanish.
- Directory navigation was simplified for multiple top image directories.
- A Quick Start guide is shown at first Fotoxx startup (also Help > Quick Start).
- The menu names and groupings for edit functions are more conventional.
- User Guide addition: use an ImageMagick function as a Fotoxx edit function.
- New user setting: pan/scroll method: with or against mouse, 1x or magnified.
- New user setting: interpolation method used for zoomed image display.
- An anti-alias function was added (suppress pixelation or "jaggies").
- The Leverage Edits function was extended to include contrast as a lever.
- The popup window for auto file sync goes away by itself (stop an irritant).
- Workaround: ignore Unity KB shortcuts being sent to the active window.
- New releases are now automatically notified at the next Fotoxx startup.
- Slide Show: compensate jerky transitions introduced with Ubuntu 13.04.
- Edit Geotags: Yahoo API died. Changed over to MapQuest. 
- Translations were updated for Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Mon Apr  1 11:15:22 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.04
- Most image edit functions can be more rapidly applied to a bunch of images
(e.g. for the initial processing of fresh images from a camera).
- Ubuntu launcher has 3 options: blank, last image, gallery of recent images.
- Rotate +90 and -90 can have user-defined keyboard shortcuts.
- The escape key can be used to cancel dialogs.
- The parameter "jpeq quality" is adjustable and saved across sessions.
- "installed size" in the Debian control file was made more accurate.
- Bugfix: crash if [Next] button is clicked rapidly with View Metadata active. 
- Bugfix: image search index was not always updated when an edited image file was saved back to itself. 

Sat Mar  9 14:56:21 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.03.1
- Translations for Spanish and Catalan were updated.
- Bugfix: add automatic change to tab F when the favorites menu is used.
- Bugfix: arrow keys for previous/next image work more consistently.

Sat Mar  2 14:37:10 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 13.03
- Reduce Noise: improved user interface, easier to combine methods.
- Warp Area: improved warp algorithm, easier to get desired results.
- Warp Curved: radius of mouse/warp influence was made adjustable.
- Custom keyboard shortcuts: replace text file with a GUI dialog.
- Bookmarks: save gallery positions in a popup list, go to chosen position.
- Write Text: rendering was improved, huge font sizes can be used.
- Edit Translation: ease of use: keep dialog open after each update.
- Better detection and notification of slowdown from memory shortage.
- Menu rationalization: naming and grouping of edit functions.
- Synchronize Files: progress monitor added, 50 files per dot.
- Bugfix: Rotate and Warp functions: stop loss of custom grid settings.
- Bugfix: Geotags: detect outdated geolocations file, request download.
- Bugfix: Fix small flaws in cutouts saved to a file and later pasted.
- Bugfix: Write Text: stop transparency change when [apply] is clicked.
- Bugfix: Directory names containing quotes could not be opened.

Mon Feb 11 14:04:26 UTC 2013 -

- update to 13.02.1
* The Italian translation was updated.
* Bugfix: crash when switching tabs G to F (hopefully rare).

Fri Feb  1 13:52:30 UTC 2013 -

- update to 13.02
- New features include the following:
* Color space conversion via LCMS was added (e.g. Adobe RGB <--> sRGB).
* Square and flatten a photo of a book page. The print is stretched where the page curves down at the binding, making it easier to read.
* Transform a photo into a cartoon-like drawing.
* Image date/time in the search index has 1 second resolution instead of 1 day (an index re-synch is required, which may need some time).
* The thumbnail gallery view can be sorted by file name, file mod date, or photo date (from EXIF). The date displayed is determined by the sort.
* RAW files converted to tiff/png/jpeg now retain all available metadata.
* The brightness distribution graph allows selection of the colors to show, and reflects only the visible area if an image is zoomed bigger than the window.
* The first startup after installing a new release shows the release notes in a popup window.
* The edit function summary table and other small help files can be viewed in the locale language if translations are available.
* The GUI translation method was slightly simplified, and the guide document "translations" was revised accordingly.
* Small popup texts (tooltips) go away by themselves after a few seconds.
- The following bugs were corrected:
* PNG images with 16-bit color were being written with the bytes swapped, making them incompatible with Gimp and other editors.
* Geotag search for city/country was not working if latitude and longitude were left at "null" (i.e. values never input).
* Open RAW from a gallery thumbnail left a popup text permanently open.
* Window width was sometimes impossible to reduce without restarting the app.- 

Sat Jan 12 08:28:56 UTC 2013 -

- update to 13.01.2
* The Dutch translation was updated.
* Bugfix: If file sync is cancelled it may become impossible to continue or quit 

Thu Jan  3 19:38:03 UTC 2013 -

- update to 13.01.1
* The French, Catalan and Netherlands translations were updated.
* A vertical menu/toolbar option was added for better utilization of modern wide-screen monitors.
* Gallery view: image size and date were added to the view.
* Gallery view: mouse hover on a thumbnail shows a popup metadata report.
* Manage Collections: the user interface was reworked to make it easier to use.
* Icons for all edit functions were added for use in the Favorites menu.
* Gallery file selection: multiple images can be selected for insertion or deletion, making re-arrangement of the sequence faster and easier.
* Favorites menu: ignore small inadvertent drags from flying mouse clicks which can cause accidental displacement of the menu entries.
* Brightness histogram: added "overall" graph to existing R/G/B graphs.
* Missing popup mini-explanations (tips) for some menus were added. 
* Bugfix: some metadata functions crashed if index file sync was disabled. 
* Bugfix: the Grid Lines menu and keyboard on/off toggle were not working.

Fri Dec 28 21:58:26 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 12.12.2:
* The Spanish and Russian translations were updated.
* Bugfix: Geotag latitude/longitude fractions were being truncated for locales using a comma decimal point.

Sun Dec 02 09:48:15 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.12:
  + New false color tool: gradually shift selected colors to other colors.
  + Slide Show: save selected images as a collection. Modify and re-use.
  + Thumbnail gallery window now suppresses hidden subdirectories.
  + Minor UI improvements for geotag dialogs using the world map.
  + Select Area: additional selection method can speed-up some tasks.
  + Paint Pixels: minor UI change to better conform with common practice.
  + Batch convert/resize/move: optional resize, optional delete originals.
  + Batch Rename: sequence number can be embedded anywhere in the base name.
  + New right-click menu convenience tools: rename, copy, move, trash ...
  + Translation (.po) files are compressed, reducing package size 0.7 MB.
  + Bugfix: Slide Show omitted file versions selected out of sequence.
  + Bugfix: gallery file chooser: shift+click was sometimes ignored.
  + Bugfix: Sync Files memory leak (significant for huge image library).
  + Bugfix: EXIF edit history was not complete for re-edited images.
  + Bugfix: Select Area finish failed if window auto focus from mouse.
  + Bugfix: incorrect scaling of 16-bit PNG files.

Sat Nov  3 09:08:03 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.11:
  * user interface improvements and bugfixes
  * world map pan/scroll was made to work like image pan/scroll
  * using the world map to find images by location was simplified
  * icons in the favorites menu can be individually sized
  * batch functions and slide show can select multiple images and image ranges
  * from the gallery-navigator
  * the image brightness histogram has separate RGB colors
  * a new right-click popup menu offers fast access to many functions
  * user-defined keyboard shortcuts are another way
  * five minor bugs and irritants were fixed

Sat Oct  6 14:18:34 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.10.1:
* The user manual and F1 help are now available in Castilian Spanish.
* The search index was revised for greater scalability. Metadata edits and related image searching should remain fast beyond 500K images. A fresh resync of the search index will be done at first startup.
* A custom graphic menu in a popup window was implemented. Frequently used functions can be added and the layout arranged to taste.
* RAW files can be opened in Ufraw (via menu or gallery thumbnail click).
* A more precise world map was implemented (a new download will be required when a geotag function is used).
* Large image files open 30% faster and memory consumption is reduced.
* The batch RAW file converter now has a dialog to configure the parameters.
* Alternative pan/scroll mode: image sticks to mouse and moves with mouse.
* Stop unnecessary refreshes of the image gallery for metadata edits.
* Added support for exotic PNG formats (e.g. palletized) via the GTK library.
* Vignette bugfix: stop radius increase if vignette is moved off-center.
- Prevoius updates:
- update 12.09.1:
* RAW files are now visible in the galleries and can be opened and edited with Fotoxx or Ufraw.
* Batch RAW conversion parameters are user configurable and the process runs faster.
* A wavelet noise reduction method was adapted from dcraw.
* A tool to fix chromatic aberration (color fringes) was added.
* Support for PNG files with 16-bit color was added.
* A world map shows the locations of geotagged images * click a location to see a corresponding image gallery, view, or edit from there.
* The vignette function was extended to brighten, darken, or colorize from any image center using a flexible response curve.
- update 12.08:
* Menus now show a popup description if the mouse dwells on the menu.
* Auto-synchronization (indexing of new image files) has been made optional.
* If disabled, metadata edit and search functions are also disabled.
* These can be restored at any time by synchronizing the image files.
* The size of a printed image (centimeters) can be set in advance.
* A sepia coloring function has been added (aged photo effect).
* Painting and scrolling the gallery window has been made faster.
* Navigating the gallery window to other directories has been simplified.
* The Fotoxx website has been changed to
- update 12.07.1:
* Bugfix: World map loses mouse connection and becomes unresponsive after a left mouse click/drag is used to zoom/pan the map image.
- update 12.07:
* Tabs are now used to switch between the image and gallery windows.
* List Geotag Groups by country, country/city, or country/city/date. 
* Nearby dates can be grouped together. Click a listed group to get a 
* corresponding thumbnail gallery, view or edit images from there.
* Click a location on a world map, get a corresponding gallery of images.
* Several small UI improvements in geotag edit and report functions.
* Bugfix: Edit Collection: removing images was sometimes not possible
* if some other images in the collection had been deleted from disk.
* Bugfix: memory leak if successive images were viewed in rapid sequence.
* Bugfix: Art > Dots treatment was destroyed when the image was saved.
* Bugfix: crash in Open Recent File if the first file had been deleted.

Sun Apr 22 21:16:17 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.05:
  * Geotagging and reporting was added. Geotags may be entered using city
    names, with substring matching. Click the wanted city from multiple
    candidates. Multiple images can be processed rapidly. Batch processing is
    also available. Search images by city [country] or within radius of a given
    location. Output is a gallery of clickable thumbnails. Select locations to
    assign or search from a world map. Database has 3000+ cities and others can
    be added as needed from a web geocoding service.
  * Search Images function was simplified. Searching by date, rating, tags,
    comments, caption, filename, geotags, and any other metadata is in one GUI
    with buttons to select the unusual options.
  * Bugfix: captions and comments with imbedded quotes were causing some
    metadata edits to fail (do nothing).
  * Bugfix: stop GUI lockup if window is resized by user while panorama or
    other composite function is still computing.
  * Bugfix: stop paranoia if an image directory is read-only and thumbnail
    subdirectory cannot be created - just leave out the thumbnails.
  * Bugfix: GUI was too difficult to view and edit the same collection.

Sun Apr 01 14:08:42 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.04:
  + Select Area by color tones is almost 2x faster with less flicker.
  + New: Erase an object by overpainting with selected background.
  + New: Vignette Tool: change brightness or color in a radial pattern.
  + Art > Tiles: an optional 3D depth effect was added.
  + Edit Pixels: do area edge blending same as other edit functions.
  + Gamma Curve: buttons [++] etc. added as in brightness/color curves.
  + Select Area: "tweak" mode added: nudge an edge line using the mouse.
  + White Balance: slider added to adjust the impact from 0 to 100%.
  + Gallery window navigation was made a little more flexible.
  + First time startup: initial thumbnail creation and image file indexing
    is 2x faster (2000+ images/min. on a strong PC with 4 cpu cores).
  + New: Help > Log File: view the current (live) log file.
  + Memory allocation failure: no crash, exit with a reasonable message.
  + Bugfix: rare crash when a concurrent edit function completes.

Fri Mar 30 19:59:13 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.03.2:
  * Bugfix: select Area / Finish: crash in cairo. This is apparently a new bug
    in gtk3/cairo which affects some distros. Fotoxx was changed to avoid the
    problem (remove calls to gdk_flush()). This can make Fotoxx appear to
    "freeze" during Select Area / Finish.
- changes from 12.03.1:
  * Bugfix: Select Area: cancel button did not kill the Finish process
  * Bugfix: Retouching a zoomed image caused temp. change in aspect ratio
- changes from 12.03:
  * Mouse-driven area select and edit functions respond much faster.
  * The internal image format was changed from int-16 to float-32 per RGB
    color. This simplified the code and made some edit functions slightly
    faster. There is no visual image impact. The main memory needed to edit a
    20 megapixel image has grown to about 800 MB.
  * The exiftool program is started as a server process and left running. This
    eliminates a significant startup delay for every image opened.
  * Indexing of new files at startup was made much faster: typically 1-2
    seconds on a strong PC if only a few new images are found.
  * A toolbar button is used to change the mouse-drawing color for select and
    edit functions. Similar buttons on many dialogs were removed.
  * The pixel edit function was made easier and faster to use.
  * An edited file can be saved in the additional formats .bmp and .ico.
  * Setting the zoom ratio was simplified: each 2x zoom is 1-3 clicks.
  * Create Blank Image: the file type can be .jpg, .tif, .png, or .bmp.
  * The E-mail function was removed because Thunderbird and Evolution do not
    work (or no longer work) with the "standard" xdg-email protocol for
    attachments. Use Tools > Batch Convert to select images, export, and reduce
    size (if wanted) for attaching to e-mail or uploading.
  * Bugfix: If the top image directory was set to /home/<user>, thousands of
    unwanted files in /home/<user>/.thumbnails/* were being indexed.
  * Bugfix: Stack/Noise image alignment was poor if there was significant
    camera movement between photos.
  * Bugfix: Progress monitoring for some functions was very inaccurate.
  * Bugfix: some .gif files produced empty thumbnail images.
  * Bugfix: file synchronization at startup was sometimes wasting time with
    unnecessary updates. 

Sun Feb 12 14:23:54 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.02
- now requires GTK 3.x

Sun Jan 01 23:27:08 UTC 2012 -

- update to 12.01:
  * new function Search Metadata: search and report image metadata
    (EXIF/IPTC/etc.), using a combined image and text display format
  * synchronize Files is 2x faster for an initial installation or after
    importing a large number of new photos (>1000/min. on a fast PC)
  * "my mouse" was removed from all edit and selection dialogs. The mouse
    belongs to the last widget clicked. The main window can be zoomed and
    scrolled during such dialogs by using CTRL + mouse click or drag
  * mouse wheel can do zoom-in and zoom-out
  * zooming an image re-centers it on the mouse position, and the mouse
    position follows the zoom center to the middle of the window
  * zoom ratio configurable: choose 1-4 zooms for each 2x increase in size
  * DRGB (print color adjust) can save corrections to a file for re-use
  * some user settings in various menus were collected together in the new menu
    function Tools > User Settings
  * bugfix: Search Image was finding false matches for images with very large
    caption or comments
  * bugfix: cannot escape file open dialog if open previous or open recent is
    attempted when there are no previous files (initial installation)
  * bugfix: interactive GUI translation function failed to initialize

- changes from 11.12.2:
  * Italian translation was updated
  * locale of lc_RC will prefer a .po file named "lc_RC", fallback to "lc"

Sat Dec 03 00:54:07 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.12.1:
  * new function Auto-Trim: automatically trim unused edge areas left over from
    panorama, HDR, HDF, stack, warp and unbend functions
  * new function: Find bright or dark "stuck" pixels (camera sensor defect)
    (1x1/2x2/3x3 blocks) and fix them by interpolating neighboring pixels;
    pixel locations can be saved and applied later to other images
  * select Area was extended to both select and unselect by matching colors,
    and the pixel search range was made adjustable 1-20x mouse radius
  * Batch Resize/Export function now supports output of JPEG, PNG, TIFF; this
    can be used to select and convert files to a different format
  * convert RAW Files now supports output of JPEG, PNG, TIFF-8, TIFF-16
  * Warp Area algorithm was made a bit more intuitive and controllable
  * GUI language translation procedure was simplified
  * bugfix: restored some lost translations of dialog buttons
  * bugfix: Trim dialog mouse ownership was sometimes misleading.
  * bugfix: WarpArea did not reset itself if selected area was changed
  * bugfix: crash if parallel instances of fotoxx are simultaneously editing
    images and using undo/redo

Sun Nov 06 21:25:08 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.11.1 (cumulated+fixed from 11.11):
  * creating and editing collections was made easier and more intuitive
  * synchronize Files always works incrementally and runs automatically at
    startup; image navigation/viewing is immediately possible but editing is
    blocked until the synchronize is finished (normally a few seconds)
  * straighten Image: fix less than optimal results for images needing a large
    correction; menu was renamed to Keystone Correction
  * new menu: Help > User Guide Changes: summary of changes in the user guide
    for recent releases (minimize effort to keep up with changes)
  * new menu: Help > Edit Functions Summary: a one-page "quick reference"
    summary of all the image editing functions
  * new topic added to the user guide: How to organize a large image collection
    to minimize effort and to optimize image searching
  * the status bar now shows if a dialog is waiting for input (and possibly
    hidden under another window)
  * new keyboard shortcut: N = Rename Image File
  * transform and Retouch menus were rearranged to follow typical workflow
  * rotate and warp dialogs have convenience buttons to grid line setup
  * grid setup: the x and y grids can be moved around over the image
  * new utility: update collections if the top image directory is moved

Sun Oct  2 19:26:22 UTC 2011 -

- add Requires: perl(Image::ExifTool)

Sun Oct 02 19:18:34 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.10:
  * new function: classic gamma curve edit for brightness and individual RGB
    colors; applicable to the whole image or a selected object/area
  * printing was revised to work better with recent changes in HPLIP that made
    printing on small paper sizes more difficult; the paper size must be
    specified in the Printer Properties dialog (printer admin function) and not
    in the application program - otherwise the print fails with a "paper
    mismatch" error
  * new function: convert "tetragon" image into a rectangle; useful for gallery
    paintings photographed from the side to avoid reflections, buildings
    photographed at an angle, etc
  * at startup, check for new files, advise if synchronization is needed
  * new option: warn if overwriting original (non-versioned) image file
  * Slide Show: stop strange behavior when multiple monitors are used
  * Slide Show: option to show only the most recent version of each image
  * Slide Show: use spacebar to pause and resume slide show
  * Pixel Edit: transparency adjustment steps were made finer

- changes from 11.09.1:
  * Bugfix: crash in Slide Show if the last transition type (jaws) is not
    included in the user preferences

Thu Sep 01 22:11:50 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.09:
  * Print Image File now has margin inputs and tiny margins also work
  * the Portuguese translation was brought up to date
  * Show RGB: labels on monitored image points were made optional
  * Gallery: larger font for file names is used when thumbnails are large
  * Edit Captions and Edit User Comments were combined into one function
  * File Open will discard a preceding search result or named collection, and
    the user is notified and may proceed or cancel
  * File > Open (menu and toolbar) can now be used to open a single RAW file
    (as tiff-16); a batch conversion function is also available
  * CPU load monitor on status bar now includes spawned subprocesses
  * Smart Erase: improved algorithm gives better results in some cases
  * Panorama: image overlap requirement was relaxed
  * bugfix: Flatten: fix uneven conversion of pixels with max. brightness
  * bugfix: crash if Tools > Add Menu is started and then canceled
  * bugfix: minor memory leak

Wed Aug 03 23:15:31 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.08.1:
  * an Italian user guide has been added
  * new function DRGB: change brightness and color balance using OD units
  * Revise_RGB: added delta mode (show +/- changes from original image)
  * Show RGB: added EV and OD units, delta mode, and pixel labels on image
  * Slide Show: two image transitions were added, "radar" and "jaws"
  * Slide Show: preferred transitions can be selected and remembered
  * a single RAW file can now be opened like any other image file (only needs
    more time); batch conversion is also available
  * Delete Area was renamed to Unselect Area (reduce ambiguity)
  * F1 help topic is now determined by the last dialog opened OR USED
  * Bugfix: disable a select-area if Undo/Redo changes the image size
  * Bugfix: Create Blank Image got leftover EXIF data from a prior image
  * Bugfix: buffer overflow crash in Russian locale; several other risky places
    from long translation strings were indentified and fixed
  * Bug workaround: crash from GCC 4.5 optimization removing necessary code;
    do-nothing variable references were added to prevent this
  * Annoyance fix: rapid repetition of prev/next buttons or arrow keys was
    sometimes causing a "function still active" popup message

Sat Jul 02 12:02:39 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.07:
  * the main retouch functions can now be used in parallel (i.e. multiple edit
    dialogs can be active at the same time)
  * the last position of the main window and most dialog windows is saved and
    restored within a session and across sessions
  * new function Match Colors: take a spot color sample from two images; the
    colors of the 2nd image are changed to match the first
  * new function Revise RGB: select up to 9 control pixels on an image and
    adjust their RGB values; all image pixels are adjusted to match, using
    weights based on distances from the control pixels -- use this function to
    make complex color adjustments that vary across the image.
  * Brightness Ramp was revised to handle RGB colors; this is an alternative
    method to remove a color caste that varies across an image or image area
  * Tools > Show RGB: EV and OD units are output in addition to RGB values; up
    to five points are shown, updated live as the image is edited
  * the Brightness/Color curves now have a range of +/-2 EV (F-stops) and the
    step-adjust buttons ([+++] etc.) are calibrated in 0.1 EV steps; steps 1/3
    this size can also be used -- use this function in conjunction with Show
    RGB to make calibrated color adjustments
  * numeric feedback was added to the sliders in retouch edit functions
  * missing gallery thumbnails are generated 2-3x faster (on multi-core
    processors) using multiple threads working ahead of need (usually)
  * clone (new window) now has two variants: share desktop 50/50 or open a new
    window of the same size, slightly offset for visibility.
  * Open File now has two variants: use the same window or open a new window in
    a parallel instance of Fotoxx
  * new toolbar button: save file as a new version (immediate, no dialog); tThe
    current image and its edit history remain unchanged
  * Save-As menu and toolbar: new checkbox option to switch the current file to
    the saved file; the edit trail (undo/redo) is also retained
  * new command line parameters: 
    + -prev: open the last file viewed in the previous session
    + -recent: start with a gallery of recent files (most recent at top)
    (-prev used to be default but this is no longer the case)
  * if the [undo] or [redo] button is pressed with the shift-key, they become
    "undo all" and "redo all"; this makes it easier to compare an image having
    multiple edits with the original image
  * select Area [Unfinish] button: put a finished area back in edit mode
  * Pixel Edit was moved from the Art menu to the Retouch menu
  * Hourglass cursor was replaced with a BUSY sign at bottom of the window
  * Toolbar help is a topic help like F1; menu help opens the user guide
  * Bugfix: warp functions were infrequently putting artifacts in the image
  * Bugfix: Edit Collections could crash if adds and deletes were mixed
  * Bugfix: Select Area Edge Calculation: if killed by user, the area was left
    in a half finished condition

Sat Jun 11 00:11:59 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.06.1:
  * Bugfix: A hole was closed that could cause a crash if an area is deleted
    while an edit function is open and active

Fri Jun 03 06:24:57 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.06:
  * Smart Erase and Remove Dust were made slightly more effective
  * Brightness/Color retouching and Tone Mapping were made 25-40% faster
  * Retouching brightness/color by "painting" with the mouse (dodge and burn)
    was made much faster (instant response on a fast computer)
  * if at startup the previous image file is no longer present then a gallery
    of the 100 most recent files viewed is shown
  * new function: Tools > Toolbar Style: set to text, icons, or both
  * new function: Tools > Edit Translation: edit translations interactively as
    Fotoxx is being used, and the changes are immediately effective
  * several other small usability improvements were made
  * minor bugfix: paste area edge blending lost 1 pixel around the edge

Mon May  2 21:33:08 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.05.1:
  * a new function was added to remove the dark spots on images made from dusty
  * named image collections are easier to manage: images can be added, removed,
    and rearranged by clicking images on a thumbnail gallery
  * the trim (crop) function better handles zoom and scroll
  * a desired image size can be input directly in addition to the mouse drag
  * smart Erase was made faster (significant for slow computers)
  * Select Area edge distance calculations for hairy edges was made over 2x
  * two minor bugs were fixed

Fri Apr  1 15:38:55 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.04:
  * Vertical Panorama was added: previously, this was possible but clumsy
  * Slide Show can play a music file or playlist, and can be launched from the
    command line
  * initialization for first-time installs was simplified
  * Smart Erase was made easier and faster by combining the select and erase
    functions in one dialog
  * the 100K limit on the number of image files was remove
  * Select by Color can more easily select an object with varying edge tones
    and contrasts

Tue Mar 15 10:31:23 UTC 2011 -

- Fix desktop file Exec and Icon lines 

Sun Mar 13 15:05:42 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.03.1:
  * three bugs were fixed, two of which can cause Fotoxx to crash

Tue Mar 01 06:11:51 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.03:
  * the composite functions Pano, HDR, HDF, and Stack now run 2-3 times faster
  * monitor gamma can be adjusted with a feedback graphic for guidance
  * external image editors (e.g. Gimp) can be added to the Fotoxx menu and used
    like an internal edit function
  * a new art function was added to create color outline drawings
  * select Area now includes rectangular and elliptical selections
  * seven other minor improvements and four bugfixes are included

Tue Feb  1 23:47:50 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.02:
  * apply retouch functions to any area of the image using the mouse, vary
    radius and strength, and apply incrementally
  * remove power lines and other small defects by substituting surrounding
  * remove tourists from a photo by merging multiple shots from different times
  * edited curves (retouch functions) can be saved and re-used
  * assign images to named groups. Pasted objects have better edge blending and
    can be rotated
  * panorama pre-align is simpler (check the user guide)
  * tags (keywords) have been fixed to be compatible with Photoshop
  * there are a few more minor improvements and bugfixes

Sat Jan  8 23:17:39 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.01.2:
  * startup warnings about thumbnails and tag index file were revised to make
    them less intrusive and perhaps easier to understand
  * the French translation was updated
  * the Select Whole Image function was broken in the previous release and has
    been fixed

Mon Jan  3 21:24:19 UTC 2011 -

- update to 11.01:
  * brightness or color can be used to regulate retouch functions: for example,
    you can apply noise reduction to darker image areas (or the inverse)
  * an image can be converted into a dot array à la Roy Lichtenstein
  * Slide Show now has some cute transitions: fade-out/fade-in and various
    kinetic replacements
  * the 100 most recent images can be displayed in a gallery window, making it
    easier to return to a desired image
  * batch tag functions have popup windows to monitor progress
  * a mashup can be made using cutouts from other images and text annotations
  * a few more user interface improvements and minor bug fixes are included

Thu Dec  2 17:00:45 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.12:
  * several user interface improvements and speedups
  * easier to pan and zoom when an edit function is using the mouse
  * select Area works better and left drag can be used for "unselect"
  * image captions and comments have an editor interface
  * search can find all images with given words in captions or comments
  * "match any" or "all" can be specified separately for all search criteria
  * dialogs needing more time show an hourglass
  * the Clone function splits the screen 50/50 between two images
  * two minor bugs were fixed
  * responsiveness for slow CPUs was improved

Wed Nov  3 10:22:39 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.11.1:
  * a simple alternative for searching images was added for those not wanting
    an elaborate tag system: search based on comments saved in the image file
    (EXIF); entered search words are matched against image comments and
    optionally file and folder names; image comments are free-form text entered
    or revised at will
  * annotate Image color and transparency can be specified for text and
    background, and watermarks can be made
  * annotations can be saved and re-used
  * edit functions operating in a small area are more responsive for slow
  * several more minor improvements and bug fixes were made

Fri Oct 15 11:40:37 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.10.2:
  * "Edit EXIF User Comments" and "Annotate Image" (write text directly on
    image) were split into separate functions to simplify a confusing interface
  * the EXIF descriptive text can also be displayed in a small live window as
    images are viewed (also in Slide Show mode)
  * annotate Image works faster, especially for netbooks
  * the Trim (crop) aspect ratio buttons can be customized
  * the Italian and Dutch translations were updated

- changes from 10.10.1:
  * bugfix: annotate function was missing the translation capability
  * annotate on slow (Atom) processors was made faster, but still slow

Sat Oct  2 10:12:39 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.10:
  * an image annotation function was added: descriptive text can be edited or
    viewed in a live window updated with each new image opened, or written
    directly on the image using any font, size, and rotation
  * an e-mail function was added: select multiple images, downsize within
    specified limits, and e-mail using the preferred e-mail program
  * a small improvement was made in the visibility of grid lines
  * max. working threads was raised to 6 (newest CPUs have up to 6 cores)
  * image trim (crop): the preset aspect ratio buttons can be customized by
    editing a parameters file
  * more parameters are saved and restored across sessions: trim size, grid
    lines, e-mail size, edit resize, batch resize
  * the word "mass" in menus and help text was replaced with "batch"

Sun Sep 12 23:55:09 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.9.1:
  * when using "save as", filenames like xxx.yyy.jpg are no longer truncated to
  * a set of files generated by searching tags is no longer discarded if a
    member file is opened, saved, renamed, or trashed

Thu Sep  2 12:26:01 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.9:
  * adds functions for
    + combining multiple noisy photos to make a low-noise image
    + making a B/W or color negative
    + or a positive from a negative
    + batch deleting or replacing user tags
  * the Brightness/Contrast curve edit can better preserve detail in areas
    brightened to saturation
  * the other Retouch curve edits are generally 30% faster
  * Search Tags can now be used to create a set of images to choose from for a
    following batch operation
  * HDR and HDF automatically trim edges where all input images do not overlap
  * six other small improvements and four bugfixes were made

Thu Aug 19 14:03:16 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.8.4:
  * the German and Italian translations were updated
  * a greater variety of TIFF formats are supported
  * ICC Profile data is included in the metadata (such as EXIF) that is
    retained across an image edit
  * bugfix: some metadata was being lost across an image edit
  * bugfix: rapid pressing of the toolbar [next] button could lead to
    application lockup

Thu Aug 12 10:37:51 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.8.3:
  * Italian translation update

- changes from 10.8.2:
  * bugfix: don't lose ICC Profile data

- changes from 10.8.1:
  * German translation update
  * more TIFF formats are supported

Sun Aug  1 19:41:47 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.8:
  * a Portuguese translation was added
  * a Mass Resize function was added
  * Linux standard trash is now used
  * for area selection, the follow-edge method works better for jagged edges
    and the select-by-color method is faster and easier to control
  * a "list view" option was added to the image gallery display
  * live help (F1 key) is now available for all functions
  * HDF, HDR, and Panorama can handle greater image misalignments more accurately
  * view/edit EXIF data was made easier to process a series of images, e.g. to
    add text comments
  * several other interface improvements and bugfixes were made

Fri Jul  9 08:53:30 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.7:
  * the composite image functions were reworked to extend functionality and
    improve the user interface
  * there is more use of multiple threads
  * panorama can join up to four images instead of only two
  * rearranging can be done using the mouse
  * brightness and color balance are automatically matched to a chosen image
  * HDF (high depth of field) can join up to nine images instead of only two
  * HDF and HDR (high dynamic range) warp the images if needed for more precise
  * a greater amount of shift or rotation between images can be compensated
    more accurately
  * other minor improvements and bug fixes were made

Tue Jun  8 15:28:57 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.6.1:
  * a subtle bug in panorama image alignment was fixed: this caused a small
    shift at the joint near the center of the image, especially if there was a
    significant rotation, horizon shift, or lens distortion

Tue Jun  8 06:42:33 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.6:
  * search Tags was made more consistent: tags are added or removed from the
    search list with mouse clicks, and the [clear] button was removed
  * for HDR, the selected images no longer need to include the current image
  * a "make new version" checkbox was added to File Save-As: the image is saved
    with a new version number, making it easier to save an edited image and
    keep the original; subsequent saves create increasing version numbers
  * fix: Edit Tags "admin mode" could be quietly ON even though the check-box
    was OFF
  * fix: the image gallery window was sometimes not fully rendered

- mark translation files with lang

Wed Jun  2 21:15:03 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.5:
  * a Dutch translation has been added to the GUI
  * the thumbnail browser is faster and smoother (CPU load has been reduced by
  * tags now have categories (people, places, events, etc.) to help organize
    them and to find and select tags more quickly during image editing
  * this improves the practicality of having hundreds of tags
  * the user interface was revised - use F1 to view the user guide
  * rotated images are automatically set upright when an edit is started or an
    image is added to an HDR/HDF/panorama --  formerly this was done only with
    image viewing

Tue May 25 23:13:23 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.4:
  * the panorama function obtains lens focal length from the EXIF data if
    available (lens distortion, if significant, is still a manual adjustment)
  * the thumbnail image browser is faster, and a scroll bar was added as an
    alternative to paging
  * the maximum thumbnail size was doubled to 512x512
  * an "essentials" section was added to the user guide, a very short
    explanation of non-intuitive features, accessed from a toolbar button (for
    those who hate large user guides)

Mon May 17 22:01:20 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.3.1:
  * a Russian translation was added
  * the Chinese translation was updated
  * two shortcut keys were added:
    + T = Trim (Crop)
    + B = Brightness/Color tune
  * the Grid Lines function was extended: separate x and y line counts,
    independent of image size, held constant during interactive trim (crop)
  * trim: width/height ratio can be inverted with a button
  * minor bugfix: trim was not always holding the set width/height ratio
  * minor bugfix: if panorama was started with a zoomed image, the image
    displayed too small during the initial alignment stages
  * bugfix: zoom + some edit functions caused a width/height distortion
  * bugfix: print function: print resolution was increased from 72 to 300 dpi

- changes from 10.3:
  * a German user guide was added (not yet complete)
  * the fat GTK dialog completion buttons were replaced with thin ones to save
  * Undo/Redo was made faster by using a saved image state instead of
    re-executing the edit function
  * Mass rename now has a status/progress window
  * Focal length (35mm equivalent) was added to View EXIF Basic Data
  * missing F1 context help was added to the White Balance function
  * bugfix: Rename function was not keeping the original file date
  * bugfix: two minor memory leaks were plugged
  * bugfix: Delete EXIF Tag failed for filenames containing blanks

Mon May  3 21:58:38 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.2.1:
  * a new GUI translation was added: Swedish/Svenska

Sat Apr 24 09:27:50 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.2:
  * adds a few minor features and user interface improvements
  * a history of edits made on an image is recorded under the EXIF key, Edit
  * the View EXIF function updates itself when a new file is opened in the
  * two new functions were added:
    + add or modify an EXIF key
    + delete a specific key or all EXIF data
  * undo/redo was added to White Balance
  * blend-width was added to the Tile function
  * Tone Mapping was made about 30% faster for multi-core processors
  * progress tracking was added to improve feedback for slow processors
  * two minor bugs were fixed

Wed Apr 14 18:24:43 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.1.1:
  * bugfix: crash on launch if saved state file was from a v.9 release
  * bugfix: pano align image too small if starting from a zoomed image
  * convert RAW files made 30% faster on multi-core processors; the gain is
    limited because the ufraw program already uses multiple threads

Tue Apr 13 14:11:43 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.1:
  * tone-mapping reacts live to the blend-width slider, the edit scale is
    matched to the contrast range of the image and it is up to 50% faster
  * the Brightness Ramp function now works within a select area
  * buttons for setting popular aspect ratios were added to the Trim function
  * the function busy indicator (clock cursor) was made more obvious
  * changing the GUI language from within the GUI was simplified

Tue Apr  6 22:50:03 UTC 2010 -

- update to 10.0:
  * the EXIF key for user-defined tags was changed to be compatible with most
    other (Windows) programs that also use tags; a conversion function is
    provided that should be run before any new image editing is done; a warning
    at startup is given; see menu: Help > README for details
  * editing of thumbnails is now blocked to prevent thumbnails of thumbnails
    from being created
  * a small memory leak was fixed

Sat Mar 27 02:01:35 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.9:
  * tone mapping gradient method was made easier to use and a little faster
  * other tonemap functions were removed because the gradient method is
    stronger and more flexible
  * select area copy and paste was extended to allow areas to be saved as files
    and opened later to paste into other images
  * other minor fixes and interface improvements

Sun Mar 21 16:41:52 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.8:
  * a gradient-based method of tone mapping was added, replacing a weaker
  * the dependency on FreeImage was removed, which reduces the supported file
    types to TIFF (1/8/16 bits), JPEG, and PNG
  * a third sharpen method was added to amplify brightness gradients
  * a minor bug was fixed: the F1 context help was not working for the select
    area dialog
  * the feature to select area outline color can now be toggled among red,
    green, and black, whichever gives the best visibility

Sun Mar  7 15:30:45 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.7:
  * new function to assign tags to many images at once
  * new function to to rename many files at once
  * selecting areas to edit was extended and simplified: multiple
    areas can be selected with line drawing or object/color
    clicking, and unselecting is also easier
  * the paste area was made easier and faster
  * curve editing no longer loses the cursor connection when nodes
    are dragged at high speed
  * two minor bugs were fixed

Mon Feb 22 23:14:44 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.6:
  * tone mapping calculations are over ten times faster
  * sharpen (unsharp mask) is over two times faster
  * another tone mapping method was added
  * in the gallery window, navigation to another folder was simplified
  * two minor bugs were corrected

Tue Feb  2 14:08:36 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.5:
  * unintended node creation from rapid mouse drags in curve edit
    was stopped
  * tonemap 2 was changed to use the full size image  for
    calculations, which is slower but better
  * a new function, Tonemap 3, can enhance local contrast while
    suppressing halo effects
  * grid lines can be added to assist image alignment in unbend,
    rotate, and warp
  * HDR (2 images) was removed, since the new HDR (2-10 images)
    made it redundant
  * a bug in file save-as was fixed: a revised file type selection
    was not always reflected in the dialog (but it functioned

Tue Jan 19 15:33:58 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.4:
  * images can now be printed using a conventional GTK dialog for
    print setup and printing
  * a bug in which killing a running function could cause later
    malfunctions was fixed

Wed Jan 13 19:34:28 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.3:
  * two new functions were added:
    + an image can be warped using affine transforms
    + brightness can be varied across the image to fix vignetting
      and other problems with brightness uniformity
    + both functions are interactive with live feedback
  * the initial blending of HDR images was improved
  * rotate was made three times faster by using an affine transform
    instead of trig functions
  * the brightness histogram was given greater resolution and a new
    x-axis scale

Fri Jan  1 19:49:40 UTC 2010 -

- update to 9.2:
  * select area by color was made easier: an optional radius of
    action was added to quickly incorporate excluded "islands" or
    push-out area edges
  * area edge calculation and blending was made into a separate
  * the defog function was removed - it duplicated the functions of
    the brightness and color saturation curves, and also the new
    tone mapping functions produce better results
  * for the Blur function, the minimum blur radius was reduced to
    0.5 pixels, which is barely perceptible
  * two bugs were fixed:
    + tone mapping with edge blending was causing some pure black
      pixels to turn white
    + the edge of a mouse-selected area which also hugs an image
      edge was not being omitted for the purporse of edge blending

Thu Dec 24 22:53:36 UTC 2009 -

- update to 9.1:
  * two varieties of tone mapping functions were added; these can
    be used to enhance detail at all brightness levels and are
    especially useful for retouching HDR composite images
  * a bug was fixed in which sharpen via unsharp mask was ignoring
    the threshold input

Sun Dec 13 22:27:02 UTC 2009 -

- update to 9.0:
  * the HDR function can now merge up to 10 images - the user can
    manipulate the input image contributions to the composite
    output image while viewing the live output image
  * convert RAW Files - revised to allow selection of one or many
    files using a standard file chooser dialog
  * the Open RAW function was removed: use Convert RAW Files
    instead and select a single file, which is then converted and
  * context help via F1 key was added to most dialogs - shows the
    relevant section of the user guide in a popup window which runs

Sat Dec  5 23:44:33 UTC 2009 -

- updated translations for it, de, fr

Sun Nov 29 21:56:45 UTC 2009 -

- update to 8.8:
  * bug fix: tag search by date could omit the first date in a
  * new edit function added: flip image vertically or horizontally
  * edited files can now be saved as PNG in addition to JPEG and
  * select area by mouse: algorithm changed to improve visibility
    of gaps
  * select area edge calculation has been made over 10x faster for
    large areas
  * copy and paste area: a copied area can be resized and edge-
    blended with the background image at the time it is pasted

Sat Nov 28 22:15:33 UTC 2009 -

- update to 8.7:
  * area selection using the mouse was extended:
    user can switch back and forth among three methods:
    + connect lines from point to point using mouse clicks (as
    + drag the mouse for freehand line drawing,
    + click/drag near an edge to follow the edge
  * use right click to undo mistakes or right drag to erase lines
    before re-drawing them
  * color select: calculation of distances for edge blending is
    faster (still too slow for large areas)
  * new: copy a selected area from one image and paste anywhere in

Sat Nov  7 00:00:00 CET 2009 -

- update to 8.6.2:
  * translations updates for Spanish and Galician

Sun Oct 25 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.6.1:
  * area edit, blend width: notify user if edge calculation is missing
  * ignore mouse click if mouse was moved between button down and button up
  * bugfix: pano align, fix small image shift on the right side of the joint (v.8.6)

Tue Oct 13 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.6:
  * add an automatic white balance function
  * success rate for 1-click red-eye removal was raised from 47/54 test cases
    to 52/54 (drag method is 100%% successful but needs more time and care)
  * convience buttons were added to the HDR final adjustment dialog
  * a Spanish translation was added for the User Guide "quick guide" section
  * bugfix: image navigation could crash if presented with an empty folder
  * bugfix: zoom-in followed by some edit functions caused the image to be
    displayed with a false width/height ratio (cosmetic only - edit still
    worked normally)

Thu Oct  8 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.5.2:
  * bugfix: looping can occur in retouch function if colors are oversaturated

Thu Oct  1 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.5:
  * new: select area by color
  * new: disable selected area, leaving it available for re-use or re-edit
  * panorama: better compensation for local scaling differences caused by a
    horizon or rotation difference in the images being combined
  * panorama: auto search for camera parameters made more robust
  * reduce noise, new method added: flatten outliers based on ratio of mean
    deviation to the standard deviation of neighboring pixels
  * blend-width scale made non-linear for finer control of small values
  * image gallery: open folder starts with parent of current directory
  * bugfix: clone instance has English GUI instead of original language

Thu Sep 24 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.4.3:
  * fix crash in unbend function

Tue Sep 15 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.4.1:
  * GUI: an Italian translation was added
  * four missing translation calls were fixed
  * trim: faster and better user interface

Mon Sep 14 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.4:
  * slide Show: add auto interval in addition to KB control
  * change cursor to clock icon during long computations (improve user
    feedback, especially for slow notebooks)
  * trim: darken margins to remove for better visibility
  * trim: allow fixed aspect ratio and change margins accordingly
  * index tags and thumbnails: now works incrementally (much faster)
  * bugfix: axis-lines were not erased after unbend function
  * bugfix: Save-as file was not added to recent files list

Wed Sep  2 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.3:
  * the Select Area function allows nodes to be inserted or moved anywhere
    around the polygon
  * the list of recent files is retained across sessions
  * a new function to assist photo de-fogging was added
  * detection of unsaved changes has been improved to reduce user nagging
  * one significant bug and four minor bugs were fixed

Mon Aug 31 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.2.2:
  * fix rotate +90 and +1
  * fix trim crash (worked OK if done separately)

- changes from 8.2.1:
  * bugfix: temp file left in /home/user/.fotoxx/

- changes from 8.2:
  * save recent files list across sessions and improve user interface
  * defog function added - reduce fog/haze in target image areas

- changes from 8.1:
  * bugfix: saving a file to itself (same file) caused loss of EXIF data
  + bugfix: use of zoom+ would sometimes display a smaller image
  + corrected location of man page for install in user-owned directory
  * improved pano auto-search for lens parameters
  * tag edit: dating a series of images was made easier: [use last] button
  * tag edit: allow date approximations, e.g. 2009 or 2009.08
  * new convenience function: open file from list of 40 recent files
  * the Chinese and French translations were updated

Tue Aug  4 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 8.0:
  * standard man page added (thin, with reference to user guide)
  * licence changed from GPL v2 to GPL v3
  * warp Image algorithm improved - should be easier to get desired shapes
  * new function: High Depth of Field (HDF): combine photos with near and far
    focus into a composite image with both near and far objects in focus
    (experimantal: basically works but needs improvement)

Mon Jul 27 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.8:
  * pixel edit function was upgraded:
    + suspend/resume to free mouse for zoom or scroll
    + [undo last] button - remove error and continue editing
    + more flexible brush transparency controls for paint and erase
  * catch segment fault, do traceback in popup window (even if GTK hosed)
  * change math to avoid overflow and segfault for images >40 megapixels

- changes from 7.7.1:
  * bug fix in panorama and HDR (can cause looping)

Thu Jul 23 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.7:
  * trim function: slow dotted line drag was fixed
  * following functions now use parallel threads for multi-core CPUs: sharpen
    (unsharp mask, laplacian), denoise (all 3 methods), unbend
  * pano and HDR have small speed improvements (28 and 14 percent)
  * bugfix: view EXIF was broken for non-English locale
  * Updated French translation

Mon Jul 20 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.6:
  * updated Chinese translation
  * added initial Czech translation
  * the select area function was made easier to use. This function can now be
    suspended and resumed using a button. This frees the mouse for zooming or
    scrolling the image during the area selection process. Another button was
    added to show or hide the area outline while image edit functions are being
    applied to the area

Tue Jul 14 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.5:
  * simulate painting now works within an outlined area
  * the user may specify the minimum color match required to consolidate
    smaller patches of color into larger ones
  * drag a file (e.g. from Nautilus) onto a fotoxx window or desktop launcher
    and the file will open in fotoxx
  * dragging a text filespec also works
  * scrolling around in an image that is zoomed to a huge size is much faster
    (scroll bars are "virtual": drag the mouse across the window)
  * view basic EXIF data (short output) or all data (long output)
  * several other UI improvements and bugfixes were implemented

Wed Jul  8 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.4.2

Wed Jul  1 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.4.1

Sun Jun 28 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 7.3

Fri May 15 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 6.8:
  * the Image Tune function has been extended, and color
    intensity/saturation/balance may optionally depend on pixel brightness
    (e.g., increased color for darker image areas only)
  * a new function is available to pixelate an image or image area
  * pixel editing functionality and the user interface have been improved
  * an image can now be saved as a JPEG file with any quality/compression level
  * the Spanish and Galician translations have been updated
  * a significant bug and two minor bugs have been corrected

Tue May 12 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 6.7.3

Mon May  4 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 6.7

Wed Apr  8 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 6.4.2

Tue Mar  3 00:00:00 CET 2009 -

- update to 6.1

Wed Jan  7 00:00:00 CET 2009 -

- scrapped old %%changelog entries
- update to 5.8:
  * visual feedback for brightness/contrast/color edits was made faster
  * erratic mouse drag in the warp function was fixed
  * color balance was separated from brightness/whiteness adjustments
  * a problem where the last translation in a .po file sometimes had a comment
    appended was fixed
  * sharpen, blur, and noise reduction, when applied within an image area, can
    now blend the boundaries
  * a modified "top hat" noise reduction method was added, which is more
    effective for some types of noise

Wed Dec  3 00:00:00 CET 2008 -

- update to 5.7:
  * the selected area can be inverted so that subsequent edits modify all but
    the selected area
  * "star" ratings can be assigned to images and you can search for images by
    star rating
  * the translation system was converted to use GNU gettext
  * the user guide was reorganized into a quick guide followed by the large
  * a bug in the color-intensity function was corrected
  * a problem with slow mouse tracking (low graphics performance) was fixed

Mon Nov 17 00:00:00 CET 2008 -

- update to 5.6:
  * Greek language GUI
  * new color intensify tool
  * searching for images by date (in addition to tags)
  * save and restore window and thumbnail size across sessions
  * color edit functions are usable with select area and blend
  * fixed tag edit bug when using old versions of exiv2
  * other minor bugfixes and interface improvements

Sun Nov  2 00:00:00 CET 2008 -

- update to 5.5:
  * red-eye methods were consolidated and improved (not perfect, to be
  * now remembers the last image opened in a prior session and return there
  * internal improvements for robustness and maintainability
  * mouse functions were made more responsive for slower CPUs
  * minor improvements have been made in user messages

Thu Oct  2 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 5.3.1

Thu Sep 18 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 5.3:
  * minor improvements were made in the user interface for panoramas, pan, and

Sun Aug 31 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- added Requires for printoxx
- update to 5.2:
  * printing capability has been added: print one or more images on a page
    with flexible layout and text annotations, using sister application