File gentlyadjustmacros.diff of Package rpm

commit 46993cd3846a8c8935c980e30bbc3718338e2378
Author: Panu Matilainen <>
Date:   Fri May 9 10:56:46 2014 +0300

    Sometimes a smaller hammer is better (but only sometimes)
    - The sed-munger added in commit ccd6281e699781e0b00edb16b6e9f4dec6878c15
      causes bigger breakage than it fixes, perhaps because the hammer
      applied was disproportionally large. The only thing needing adjustment
      is ${prefix} in case when localstatedir is not explicitly set, so
      we fixup just that instead of "everything".
    - Discovered via RhBug:921973 testing

diff --git a/installplatform b/installplatform
index ffaef48..98b87f3 100755
--- installplatform.orig
+++ installplatform
@@ -154,5 +154,5 @@ for ARCH in noarch `grep ^arch_canon $RPMRC | cut -d: -f2`; do
-# gently adjust autoconf variables to rpm macros...
-cat $MACROS | sed -e '/\${\w*:-/!s,\${,%{_,' > ${DESTDIR}/${pkglibdir}/macros
+# gently adjust undefined autoconf variables to rpm macros...
+cat $MACROS | sed -e 's,${prefix},%{_prefix},g' > ${DESTDIR}/${pkglibdir}/macros