File vim-plugin-perl-support.changes of Package vim-plugin-perl-support

Sat Feb 22 10:41:01 UTC 2014 -

- initial
  * New global variable g:Perl_InsertFileHeader (suppress file description comment for new files).
  * Two new ex commands: PerlScriptArguments, PerlSwitches
  * Specifying command line arguments and Perl command line switches improved.
  * Bugfix: g:Perl_LoadMenus now works.
  * Bugfix: g:Perl_MapLeader now works.
  * Bugfix: syntax check under 64-Bit MS-Windows now works.
  * Some settings moved to the filetype plugin.
  * Removed superfluous settings from the filetype plugin.
  * Integration of Make moved into the toolbox.
  * Minor improvements