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.\" groff -man -Tascii theide.1
theide \(hy A good integrated development environment, 
designed for developing large C++ applications.
.B theide 
.BI "theide " "assembly package" 
.BI "theide " "assembly package build_method" 
.RB "[" \-options "] [" >FLAG [ ,FLAG ]...]
.RI [ out ]
The first method starts TheIDE with a Package selection dialog, 
the second method directly opens 
.IR package " from " assembly 
and third one allows you to build or export specified project according 
to the supplied parameters. The last method does not open TheIde 
but causes it to work in console mode.
is U++ integrated development environment which introduces modular 
concepts to C++ programming. It features 
.I BLITZ-build 
technology to speedup C++ rebuilds up to 4 times, visual designers 
for U++ libraries, 
.I Topic++ 
system for documenting code and creating rich text 
resources for applications (like help and code documentation) 
.I Assist++
\(hy a powerful C++ code analyzer that provides features 
like code completion, navigation and transformation.

TheIDE integrates with compiler and debugger 
.RB "(by default " gcc "(1) and " gdb (1)) 
and can also be used to develop non-U++ applications.


.IP assembly
Selects in which assembly to look for package. It must be configured 
in file 
.I ~/.upp/theide/assembly.var
.IP package
Selects which package to use. The package must exist in selected assembly.
.IP build_method
Selects build method. It must be configured in file 
.I ~/.upp/theide/
Specify witch flags should be set up. This works the same way as inside 
TheIDE. The FLAGs must be separated by commas and first and prepended 
with ">" character. Please note, that ">" has special meaning in most 
shells and therefore you must either escape it or enclose in quotation
.B options
must always form single string, e.g. "\-arvs". 
Please note, that some options are mutually exclusive. Don't use them 
together unless you want to be surprised by the results.
.SS General options:
.IP a
Rebuild all. Cleans caches before doing anything.
.IP b
.IP e
If building fails, stop with message box.
.IP l
Be silent.
.IP v
Be verbose.
.IP m
Create a map file.
.SS Output mode:
.IP r
Release mode.
.IP 1
Release mode \(hy optimize for size.
.IP 2
Release mode \(hy optimize for speed.
These options are mutually exclusive. If more of them is used then last 
one is used. If none is used, Debug mode is assumed.
.SS Linking mode:
.IP s
Use shared libraries.
Use shared libraries and build as shared libraries.
These options are mutually exclusive. If more of them is used then last 
one is used. If none is specified, static linking is used.
.SS Exporting:
.IP x
Export files necessary to build project to the directory 
.I out
Export all files in project to directory 
.I out
Create makefile in file 
.I out
If you mix M with x or X, Makefile is exported to directory 
.I out
Options x and X are mutually exclusive. The last specified is used. 
.I ~/.upp/theide/*.var
The assembly specifications.
.I ~/.upp/theide/*.bm
The build methods configurations.
.I  ~/.upp/theide/theide.cfg
Main configuration file.
.I  ~/.upp/theide/ide.colors
Configuration of colors used in TheIDE.
.I  ~/.upp/theide/ide.key
Configuration of key bindings in TheIDE.
None of these files is meant to be edited by hand. They can be created 
and/or modified from within TheIDE. This is strongly recommended 
since it is easier and safer.
.B "theide examples UWord"
Opens UWord (an example implementation of text proccesor) in TheIDE. 
.B theide examples AddressBook GCC \-vasb ">GUI,MT" /tmp/ab
Builds application AddressBook with verbose output, using 
.BR gcc (1)
in debug mode, with GUI and multithreading support, links it using
shared libraries and places it in /tmp/ab.
.B theide uppsrc ide \-2sx ">GUI,MT" /tmp/ide
Exports Makefile and all the files needed to build TheIDE itself
(with speed optimizations) into the directory /tmp/ide/.

If you find any bugs, please contact the developpers on our forums (
) or file a bug on projects SourceForge page (
Mirek Fidler, Koldo Ramirez, Tomas Rylek, Daniel Kos
Full documentation is accesible from within TheIDE
and also online on 
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