File OpenImageIO.changes of Package OpenImageIO

Sat Feb 28 09:44:44 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.5.12 and prepare for factory to enable blender
  to build with cycles, see bnc#905649
- Many new features - See /usr/src/doc/packages/OpenImageIO/CHANGES

Sun Oct 27 18:00:27 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.2.2:
  * New features:
    + New oiiotool --siappend : append subimages of top two images on stack.
    + Utilities: added Strutil::contains() and icontains().
  * Fixes:
    + Fixes in handling XMP & IPTC metadata.
    + oiiotool --origin and --fullpixels did not correctly propagate their
      changes to the output images.
    + oiiotool --colorconvert (and the underlying ImageBufAlgo::colorconvert)
      could crash if given a color conversion recognized as a no-op.
    + DPX output could crash when writing crop images.
    + DPX input was not recognizing the proper image offset or originalsize.
    + oiiotool --fit wasn't padding correctly or modifying offsets properly.
  * Build fixes:
    + Fix compiler error on MIPS platform.
    + Add FIELD3D_HOME description to 'make help'
    + Always use the HDF5 release libraries (for Field3D), not the debug ones.
  From version 1.2.1:
  * oiiotool: Fix memory leak when processing frame range.
  * Docs improvement: full documentation of ImageBufAlgo.
  * oiiotool --help now returns a success error code, not a failure.
  * oiiotool: fix incorrect help message about --ociolook.
  * oiiotool: Fix typo in "oiio:Colorspace" attribute name that interfered
    with correct color space conversion in --colorconvert.
  * Many fixes for compiler warnings on various platforms: fmath_test.cpp,
    field3dinput.cpp, sysutil.cpp, argparse.cpp, oiiotool.cpp.
  * Fixes problems on little-endian architecture with texture3d.cpp.
  * Fix compilation problems on architectures with gcc, but no 'pause'
  * Fix build search path for correctly finding libopenjpeg 1.5.
  * Work around bug in older MSVC versions wherein Filesystem::open needed
    to explicitly seek to the beginning of a file.
  * Build fixes for FreeBSD.
  * Fix testsuite/oiiotool on Windows -- windows shell doesn't expand
- Removed oiio-typedef.patch (fixed upstream).
- Rebased oiio-ppc.patch and oiio-arm.patch to apply cleanly.
- Added an upstream patch (hdf5_libs.patch) to fix linking with HDF5 libs.

Tue Aug  6 16:43:27 UTC 2013 -

- BuildRequire OpenColorIO-devel only for openSUSE > 12.3.

Tue Aug  6 15:02:04 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.2.0:
  * Major new release.
  * Lots of changes (See CHANGES files).
- Replaced OpenImageIO-ppc.patch with oiio-ppc.patch (taken from Fedora).
- Added a patch (oiio-arm.patch) to fix compilation with arm (taken from
- Added a patch (oiio-typedef.patch) to fix compiler warning about unused local
  typedef (fix for gcc-4.8) (taken from Fedora).
- Added freetype2-devel and libopenssl-devel build requirements.
- Removed tbb-devel build requirement (deprecated).
- Use -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON to fix compilation.

Sun Jun  9 13:44:29 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.1.11:
  * IFF input: bug in endian swap of 16 bit IFF files.
  * oiiotool: fix a minor bug where tiled files were output inappropriately.
    (Had been patched in master some time ago.)
  * fmath.h additions: safe_inversesqrt, safe_log, safe_log2, safe_log10,
    safe_logb.  These are versions that clamp their inputs so that they
    can't throw exceptions or return Inf or NaN.
  * Fix to not incorrectly print ImageCache stats for certain broken files.
  From version 1.1.10:
  * IBA::fillholes() and oiiotool --fillholes can smoothly fill in alpha
    holes with nearby colors. Great for extrapolating the empty areas of
    texture atlas images so that filtered texture lookups pull in a plausible
    color at part edges.
  * IBA::clamp and oiiotool --clamp clamp pixel values to a scalar or
    per-channel min and/or max, or clamp alpha to [0,1].
  * IBA::rangecompress()/rangeexpand(), and oiiotool --rangecompress /
    --rangeexpand compress the excess >1 values of HDR images to a log
    scale (leaving the <= 1 part linear), and re-expand to the usual
    linear scale.  This is very helpful to reduce ringing artifacts that
    can happen when an HDR image is resized with a good filter with negative
    lobes (such as lanczos3), by doing a range compression, then the resize,
    then range expansion. It's not mathematically correct and loses energy,
    but it often makes a much more pleasing result.
  * maketx --hicomp does highlight compression -- automatically doing a
    range compress before each high-quality resize step, and then a
    range expansion and clamp-to-zero (squash negative pixels) after
    each resize.
  * DPX - when writing DPX files, properly set the pixel aspect ratio.
  From version 1.1.9:
  * IBA::resize and oiiotool --resize/--fit: Bug fixes to resize filter
    size selection fix artifacts wherein extreme zooms could end up with
    black stripes in places where the filters fell entirely between samples.
  * oiiotool --fit: fix subtle bugs with aspect ratio preservation for
    images with differing data and display windows; and allow "filter=..."
    to override the default filter used for fit.
  * Resize improvement: fix potential artifacts at the image edges resulting
    from odd clamping behavior.
  * Even more frame range wildcard flexibility with oiiotool --frames and
    --framepadding options.
  * oiiotool --resize and --fit (and the underlying IBA::resize()) have been
    sped up significantly and are now also multithreaded.
  From version 1.1.8:
  * oiiotool --chappend (and ImageBufAlgo::channel_append() underneath) allow
    you to take two files and concatenate their color channels.
  * oiiotool --chnames allows you to rename some or all of a file's color
  * oiiotool can loop over entire frame ranges by specifying wildcard
    filenames such as "foo.#.tif" or "bar.1-10#.exr".
  * Cmake: OVERRIDE_SHARED_LIBRARY_SUFFIX allows the shared library suffix
    to be overridden (e.g., if you need to force .so names on OSX rather
    than the usual default of .dylib).
  From version 1.1.7:
  * Back out dangerous change to thread.h that was in 1.1.6, which could
    cause performance problems.
  * Compile fix for WIN32 in strutil.cpp
  * Compile fix for Windows XP - add implementation of InterlockedExchangeAdd64
- Added txt2man as build requirement.

Thu Feb 21 20:03:58 UTC 2013 -

- Added OpenColorIO-devel as build requirement.

Wed Feb 20 22:12:39 UTC 2013 -

- Initial rpm release (version 1.1.6).
- Added a patch "OpenImageIO-ppc.patch" to fix compilation with ppc (patch
  taken from Fedora).
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