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File gen_leader.spec of Package gen_leader

%define bname gen_leader
Name: %bname
Version: 1.0
Release: 5
Summary: gen_leader Erlang/OTP library
License: ErlPL-1.1
Group: Development/Tools/Other
URL: https://github.com/garret-smith/gen_leader_revival
Source: %bname.tar.xz
BuildArch: noarch
Provides: erlang-%bname = %version-%release

BuildRequires: rpm-macros-erlang rpm-build-erlang
BuildRequires: rebar >= 2.6.1-7

This is a project to revive and modernize the gen_leader library
Numerous versions of this project exist, developed by disparate groups with
different aims. It provide a new standard-library-quality module for the Erlang
runtime that provides leader-election functionality without many of the
difficulties traditionally associated with such.

%setup -q -n %bname

erl -noshell -eval '
{ok, L} = file:consult("rebar.config"),
                lists:map(fun(E) -> [io_lib:print(E), ".\n"] end, proplists:delete(deps, L)),
ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS="[inline,verbose]" rebar %{?_smp_mflags} -C %bname.rebar.config compile -v
rebar %{?_smp_mflags} -C %bname.rebar.config doc -v

for i in ebin include examples; do
	install -d -m 0755 %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/$i
	install -p -m 0644 $i/* %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/$i/
install -d -m 0755 %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/doc
install -p -m 0644 doc/*.{css,html,png} %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/doc/
install -d -m 0755 %buildroot%_docdir/%name
install -m 0644 README* %buildroot%_docdir/%name/
ln -sf %_otplibdir/%bname-%version/doc %buildroot%_docdir/%name/html

%doc %_docdir/%name

* Sat Aug 26 2017 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 1.0-5
- remove slim opt

* Sat Jul 04 2015 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 1.0-4
- git d9689e6

* Sun Apr 12 2015 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 1.0-3
- clean ups

* Mon Mar 02 2015 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 1.0-2
- update erl_opts
- clean up docs

* Mon Mar 02 2015 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 1.0-1
- initial build