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File rabbitmq-top.spec of Package rabbitmq-top

%define bname rabbitmq_top
Name: rabbitmq-top
Summary: RabbitMQ Top Plugin
Version: 3.6.11
Release: 1
License: MPL-1.1
Group: Development/Tools/Other
URL: https://github.com/rabbitmq/%name
Source: %name-%version.tar.xz
#Patch: %name-%version-git.patch
Provides: %bname = %version-%release
Provides: erlang-%bname = %version-%release
BuildArch: noarch

BuildRequires: rpm-macros-erlang rpm-build-erlang
BuildRequires: erlang erlang-otp-base
BuildRequires: rabbitmq-management >= 3.6.11
BuildRequires: erlang-rabbitmq_management_agent-devel >= 3.6.11

RabbitMQ Top plugin adds UNIX top-like information on the Erlang VM to the

%setup -q -n %name-%version
#patch -p1
sed -i '/^DEPS/s/^/LOCAL_/' Makefile
sed -i '/ERLC_OPTS/s/+debug_info/+slim +inline/' erlang.mk

make %{?_smp_mflags} V=1 RABBITMQ_VERSION="%version"

install -d -m 0755 %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/ebin
install -p -m 0644 ebin/* %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/ebin/
cp -r priv %buildroot%_otplibdir/%bname-%version/

%doc *.md

* Fri Aug 18 2017 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 3.6.11-1
- 3.6.11

* Thu May 25 2017 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 3.6.10-1
- 3.6.10

* Sun Apr 30 2017 Led <ledest@gmail.com> 3.6.9-1
- initial build