File uucp-texinfo-5.0.patch of Package sendmail

Index: uucp-1.07/uucp.texi
--- uucp-1.07.orig/uucp.texi
+++ uucp-1.07/uucp.texi
@@ -4230,7 +4230,7 @@ may be sent to the remote system upon re
 @table @code
-@itemx speed @var{number}
+@item speed @var{number}
 @findex speed in sys file
 @item baud @var{number}
 @findex baud in sys file
@@ -5119,7 +5119,7 @@ the port name is taken as the device.  D
 dependent.  On Unix, a modem or direct connection might be something
 like @file{/dev/ttyd0}; a TLI port might be @file{/dev/inet/tcp}.
-@itemx speed @var{number} [modem and direct only ]
+@item speed @var{number} [modem and direct only ]
 @findex speed in port file
 @item baud @var{number} [ modem and direct only ]
 @findex baud in port file
@@ -5129,7 +5129,7 @@ name, then all ports which match the spe
 the speed is not specified here and is not specified by the system, the
 natural speed of the port will be used by default.
-@itemx speed-range @var{number} @var{number} [ modem only ]
+@item speed-range @var{number} @var{number} [ modem only ]
 @findex speed-range
 @item baud-range @var{number} @var{number} [ modem only ]
 @findex baud-range
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