File vibrancy_colors-icon-theme.changes of Package vibrancy_colors-icon-theme

Thu Oct 22 15:47:51 UTC 2015 -

- Initial pacge of version 2.5
  Update 2.4: Adds lots of new app icons users have requested.
  Update 2.3: Fixes for Cinnamon and Gnomeshell battery icons (So they are no longer blury)
  Added a few new app icons (Games etc), Fixed broken spotify icon (Note notification is now colorfull, Had to pick monotone or the other.) More enchanemants. Fixed Context menu XFCE Terminal Icon.
  Update 2.2.1 Removed some backup files that where causieng GTK Icon Cache Gen to fail. So it now works. Thanks to Fillip For the fix. Other Fixes like better res user icon. 
  Update 2.2: New Version April 2015, Despite the small version number bump (2.1 ---> 2.2 ) this release packs alot of enhancments and features and fixes. We have gone through alot of things and made them even better including dozens of little "paper cut" issues reported by users and found by us. Added New GTK3 Monotone Symbolic Icons, Makes GnomeShell , Cinnamon look nicer and Makes the GTK3 browse dialog look slick. Linux Mint and Cinnamon panel icons look better (Network icon and battery.), Replaced Unity Panel Gear With a clean, common and more understandable power button. Fixed small symbolic Hard Drive Icon being non-mono if device mounted (common issue fixed). Added Icons for Web Apps (Mooka), Added Wine Drive C: Custom Folder (Previous was Orange Humanity), Fixes for better looking XFCE menu icons (Zip). Added Icons For mdmflexiserver, Mint Desktop Config to make work better on mint. Enhanched some mimetype icons again. Fixed some action icons being wrong size if smaller variant not avalible (added needed smaller variants). Fixed & Added properly matching suspend and sleep buttons. And alot of other things.      
  Update 2.1: Completely overhauled mimetype system. Based on Numix Mimetype icons, With changes by RAVEfinity. Now all proper size SVGs Scale on gtk 3.14+, Added more emblems and enhanced emblems icon system. Other fixes and enhancemnts. Added Full support for folder color extension. (Nemo, Nautulis, Caja, Files extension) Fixes for New XFCE 4.12 (Reboot Icon Fixed Thanks to John for tip) , Added new folder color Green Viva. A darker green for those who'd prefer a calmer shade.
  Update 2.0: Awesome Update. This release fixes/patches the theme for a bug in Gnome that would cause Gnome Shell 3.14 to crash when opening a file save dialog. It no longer does that! And Gnome 3.14 works awesome now. This Updates brings full compatibility to Gnome 3.14+. Adds and tweaks a few more icons like PhpStorm, Gnome Music (New Icon). LibreOffice Impress Icon looks less neon. A outdated Impress Icon in 16px fixed.  
  Update 1.9: Fixes Symbolic icon sizes in GTK 3.14 and restores better looking symbolic icons in all versions. Among other things.
  Update 1.8.1: A few New fixes.
  Update 1.7: Fixes a few litte quirks and icons and makes things even nicer. 
  Update 1.5: Some New/Restyled Apps Icons (Icons Changed around/recolord), New App Icons for apps not present before, Fixes in Action and status Icon system, No more Blury Icons anywhere, like Sound/Help (Hopefully). Lots of fixes and imporvemnts thanks to user feedback and testing. Enjoy!
  Update 1.1: Fixes DOCX Mimetype Icons, Adds Apple(TM) DMG Disk Image Icon, RedShift Mono Icon for dark theme.