File libpod.conf of Package podman

# libpod.conf is the default configuration file for all tools using libpod to
# manage containers

# Default transport method for pulling and pushing for images
image_default_transport = "docker://"

# Paths to look for a valid OCI runtime (runc, runv, etc)
runtime_path = [

# Paths to look for the Conmon container manager binary
conmon_path = [

# Environment variables to pass into conmon
conmon_env_vars = [

# CGroup Manager - valid values are "systemd" and "cgroupfs"
cgroup_manager = "cgroupfs"

# Directory for persistent libpod files (database, etc)
# By default, this will be configured relative to where containers/storage
# stores containers
# Uncomment to change location from this default
#static_dir = "/var/lib/containers/storage/libpod"

# Directory for temporary files. Must be tmpfs (wiped after reboot)
tmp_dir = "/var/run/libpod"

# Maximum size of log files (in bytes)
# -1 is unlimited
max_log_size = -1

# Whether to use chroot instead of pivot_root in the runtime
no_pivot_root = false

# Directory containing CNI plugin configuration files
cni_config_dir = "/etc/cni/net.d/"

# Directories where the CNI plugin binaries may be located
cni_plugin_dir = [

# Default libpod namespace
# If libpod is joined to a namespace, it will see only containers and pods
# that were created in the same namespace, and will create new containers and
# pods in that namespace.
# The default namespace is "", which corresponds to no namespace. When no
# namespace is set, all containers and pods are visible.
#namespace = ""