File podman.changes of Package podman

Fri Dec  7 07:42:47 UTC 2018 - Adrian Schröter <>

- add dependency to iptables, build fails otherwise

Fri Nov 16 08:22:48 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Changelog for v0.11.1.1 (2018-11-15)
  * Increase pidWaitTimeout to 60s
  * rootless: call IsRootless just once
  * Add space between num & unit in images output
  * Better document rootless containers
  * info: add rootless field
  * Do not hide errors when creating container with UserNSRoot
  * correct assignment of networkStatus
  * rootless: default to fuse-overlayfs when available

Tue Nov 13 07:17:16 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Require golang >= 1.10.

Fri Nov  9 07:46:46 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Changelog for v0.11.1 (2018-11-08)
  * update seccomp.json
  * Touch up --log* options and daemons in man pages
  * Don't fail if /etc/passwd or /etc/group does not exists
  * Properly set Running state when starting containers
  * If a container ceases to exist in runc, set exit status
  * rootless: mount /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd from the host
  * rootless: don't bind mount /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd in systemd mode
  * Add hostname to /etc/hosts
  * Remove conmon cgroup before pod cgroup for cgroupfs
  * Make kill, pause, and unpause parallel.
  * Fix long image name handling
  * Make restart parallel and add --all
  * rootless: do not add an additional /run to runroot
  * rootless: avoid hang on failed slirp4netns
  * Fix setting of version information
  * runtime: do not allow runroot longer than 50 characters
  * attach: fix attach when cuid is too long
  * truncate command output in ps by default
  * make various changes to ps output
  * Use two spaces to pad PS fields
  * fix bug in rm -fa parallel deletes
  * Ensure test container in running state
  * Add tests for selinux labels
  * Add --max-workers and heuristics for parallel operations
  * Increase security and performance when looking up groups
  * run prepare in parallel
  * runlabel: run any command
  * Explain the device format in man pages
  * Add --all and --latest to checkpoint/restore
  * Use more reliable check for rootless for firewall init
  * Make podman ps fast
  * Support auth file environment variable in podman build
  * fix environment variable parsing
  * Use the CRIU version check in checkpoint/restore
  * Handle http/https in registry given to login/out
  * correct stats err with non-running containers
  * Make rm faster
  * Fix man page to show info on storage

- Changelog for v0.10.1.3 (2018-10-17)
  * Vendor in new new buildah/ci
  * Fix podman in podman

- Changelog for v0.10.1.2 (2018-10-17)
  * Fix CGroup paths used for systemd CGroup mount

Tue Oct 30 06:57:08 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Require slirp4netns to enable networking for unprivileged network namespaces
  aka networking for rootless podman.

Wed Oct 17 06:07:29 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Changelog for v0.10.1.1 (2018-10-16)
  * Mount proper cgroup for systemd to manage inside of the container.
  * volume: resolve symlinks in paths
  * volume: write the correct ID of the container in error messages
  * Support auth file environment variable & add change to man pages
  * Generate a passwd file for users not in container

Fri Oct 12 06:43:30 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Changelog for v0.10.1 (2018-10-11)
  * Sort all command flags
  * rootless: detect when user namespaces are not enabled
  * Log an otherwise ignored error from joining a net ns
  * Update manpages for --ip flag
  * Add --ip flag and plumbing into libpod
  * Document --net as an alias of --network in podman run & create
  * rootless: report more error messages from the startup phase
  * rootless: fix an hang on older versions of setresuid/setresgid
  * fix runlabel functions based on QA feedback
  * Stop containers in parallel fashion
  * runlabel: execute /proc/self/exe and avoid recursion
  * Ensure resolv.conf has the right label and path
  * completions: add checkpoint/restore completions
  * Add support to checkpoint/restore containers
  * selinux: drop superflous relabel
  * rootless: always set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
  * Address review comments and fix ps output
  * Disable SELinux labeling if --privileged
  * Implement pod varlink bindings
  * Add --all flag to podman kill
  * Add container runlabel command
  * run complex image names with short names

Mon Oct  1 05:51:48 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Update conmon to 4cd5a7c60349be0678d9f1b0657683324c1a2726 and fetch
  it from its new home

- Changelog for v0.9.3.1 (2018-09-25)
  * Disable problematic SELinux code causing runc issues

- Changelog for v0.9.3 (2018-09-21)
  * Add --mount option for `create` & `run` command
  * Don't mount /dev/shm if the user told you --ipc=none
  * rootless: error out if there are not enough UIDs/GIDs available
  * Add new field to libpod to indicate whether or not to use labelling
  * Bind Mounts should be mounted read-only when in read-only mode
  * report when rootless
  * Don't crash if an image has no names

- Changelog for v0.9.2 (2018-09-14)
  * Don't mount /dev/* if user mounted /dev
  * rootless: do not raise an error if the entrypoint is specified
  * Add a way to disable port reservation
  * Do not set rlimits if we are rootless
  * Add --interval flag to podman wait
  * Add `podman rm --volumes` flag
  * Explicitly set default CNI network name in libpod.conf

- Changelog for v0.9.1.1 (2018-09-10)
  * Replace existing iptables handler with firewall code
  * Vendor CNI plugins firewall code
  * Fix displaying size on size calculation error

- Changelog for v0.9.1 (2018-09-07)
  * Fix pod sharing for utsmode
  * Respect user-added mounts over default spec mounts
  * use layer cache when building images
  * Start pod infra container when pod is created
  * Fix up libpod.conf man pages and referencese to it.
  * We should fail Podman with ExitCode 125 by default
  * Add CRI logs parsing to podman logs
  * rmi remove all not error when no images are present
  * rootless, create: support --pod
  * rootless, run: support --pod

Mon Sep  3 06:04:26 UTC 2018 - Valentin Rothberg <>

- Changelog for v0.8.5 (2018-08-31)
  * Add proper support for systemd inside of podman
  * We are mistakenly seeing repos as registries.
  * Up time between checks for podman wait
  * Turn on test debugging
  * Add support for remote commands
  * fixup A few language changes and subuid(5)
  * Make the documentation of user namespace options in podman-run clearer
  * catch command-not-found errors
  * don't print help message for usage errors
  * docs: consistent format for example
  * docs: consistent headings
  * docs: make HISTORY consistent
  * docs: fix headers
  * varlink: fix --timeout usage
  * run/create: reserve `-h` flag for hostname
  * podman,varlink: inform user about --timeout 0
  * rootless: show an error when stats is used
  * rootless: show an error when pause/unpause are used
  * rootless: unexport GetUserNSForPid
  * rootless, exec: use the new function to join the userns
  * rootless: fix top
  * rootless: add new function to join existing namespace
  * Do not set max open files by default if we are rootless
  * Set default max open files in spec
  * Resolve /etc/resolv.conf before reading
  * document `--rm` semantics
  * rootless, search: do not create a new userns
  * rootless, login, logout: do not create a new userns
  * rootless, kill: do not create a new userns
  * rootless, stop: do not create a new userns
  * Fix manpage to note how multiple filters are combined
  * Fix handling of multiple filters in podman ps
  * Fix Mount Propagation
  * docs: add containers-mounts.conf(5)
  * docs: use "containers-" prefix for registries and storage
  * rootless: fix --pid=host
  * rootless: fix --ipc=host
  * spec: bind mount /sys only when userNS are enabled
  * rootless, tests: add test for --uts=host
  * rootless: don't use kill --all
  * rootless: exec handle processes that create an user namespace
  * rootless: fix exec

Mon Aug 27 06:05:18 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.8.4 (2018-08-24)
  * Swap from FFJSON to easyjson
  * rootless: allow to override policy.json by the user
  * add completion for --pod in run and create
  * Fixed formatting and lowered verbosity of pod ps
  * Do not try to enable AppArmor in rootless mode
  * Reveal information about container capabilities
  * Fixing network ns segfault
  * Change pause container to infra container
  * Added option to share kernel namespaces in libpod and podman
  * Add podman pod top
  * Include pod stats and top in commands/completions
  * Fix syntax description of --ulimit command
  * Properly translate users into runc format for exec
  * rootless: fix --net host --privileged
  * Fixed segfault in stats where container had netNS none or from container
  * Enable pod stats with short ID and name
  * Touch up cert-dir in man pages
  * Support Attach subcommand in pypodman

Mon Aug 20 06:40:02 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.8.3 (2018-08-17)
  * Switch from to
  * Mention that systemd is the default cgroup manager
  * Fix handling of socket connection refusal.
  * podman: fix --uts=host
  * podman pod stats
  * Added reason to PodContainerError
  * Add Pod API to varlink.
  * Revert "spec: bind mount /sys only for rootless containers"
  * Document STORAGE_DRIVER and STORAGE_OPTS environment variable
  * Create pod CGroups when using the systemd cgroup driver
  * Switch systemd default CGroup parent to machine.slice
  * spec: bind mount /sys only for rootless containers
  * Add create and pull commands
  * rootless: not require userns for help/version
  * pkg/apparmor: use a pipe instead of a tmp file
  * podman in rootless mode will only work with cgroupfs at this point.
  * when searching, survive errors for multiple registries

Mon Aug 13 06:32:40 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.8.2.1 (2018-08-11)
  * Ensure pod inspect is locked and validity-checked
  * Swap default CGroup manager to systemd

- Changelog for v0.8.2 (2018-08-10)
  * We need to sort mounts so that one mount does not over mount another.
  * search name should include registry
  * removeContainer: fix deadlock
  * Add FFJSON to build container
  * Add FFJSON generation to makefile
  * Fixed a bug setting dependencies on the wrong container
  * Always connect to the stdout and stderr of stream
  * apparmor: respect "unconfined" setting
  * oci.go: syslog: fix debug formatting
  * add podman pod inspect
  * Fix CGroupFS cgroup manager cgroup creation for pods
  * Pass newly-added --log-level flag to Conmon
  * Cleanup man pages
  * Improve ps handling of container start/stop time
  * rootless: fix user lookup if USER= is not set
  * Add dpkg support for returning oci/conmon versions
  * Have info print conmon/oci runtime information
  * Better pull error for fully-qualified images
  * Add Runc and Conmon versions to Podman Version

Thu Aug  9 10:20:19 UTC 2018 -

- Add a dedicated conmon for podman as the requirements on the specific
  version started to differ from the ones of CRI-O.  This change implies
  dropping the requirement on the cri-o package.

- Add libpod.conf as a new source to allow tweaking the search paths
  for openSUSE.  This change makes execution slightly faster.

Mon Aug  6 06:27:09 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.8.1 (2018-08-03)
  * Added ps --pod option
  * clarify pull error message
  * Man page fixes found by
  * rootless: do not segfault if the parent already died
  * Document the properties of DefaultTransport a bit better.
  * Add --force to podman umount to force the unmounting of the rootfs
  * network: add support for rootless network with slirp4netns
  * Add documentations on how to setup /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid
  * podman rmi shouldn't delete named referenced images

Mon Jul 30 05:45:52 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.7.4 (2018-07-27)
  * Add pod pause/unpause
  * Fix up docker compatibility messages
  * Fix handling of Linux network namespaces
  * Cleanup descriptions and help information
  * Add pod kill
  * Added pod restart
  * podman: allow to specify the IPC namespace to join
  * podman: allow to specify the UTS namespace to join
  * podman: allow to specify the PID namespace to join
  * podman: allow to specify the userns to join
  * spec: allow container:NAME network mode
  * Add libpod namespace to config
  * Add missing runtime.go lines to set namespace
  * Set namespace for new pods/containers based on runtime
  * Add --namespace flag to Podman
  * Update documentation for the State interface
  * Ensure pods are part of the set namespace when added
  * Enforce namespace checks on container add
  * Add container and pod namespaces to configs
  * AppArmor: runtime check if it's enabled on the host
  * Add format descriptors infor to podman top
  * docs/podman-top: fix typo and whitespace

Mon Jul 23 06:18:32 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.7.3 (2018-07-20)
  * Podman load/tag/save prepend localhost when no repository is present
  * Pod ps now uses pod.Status()
  * Added pod start and stop
  * rootless: support a per-user mounts.conf
  * secrets: parse only one mounts configuration file
  * rootless: allow a per-user registries.conf file
  * rootless: allow a per-user storage.conf file
  * rootless, docs: document the libpod.conf file used in rootless mode
  * podman-top: use containers/psgo
  * oci: keep exposed ports busy and leak the fd into conmon
  * Fix ps filter with key=value labels
  * rootless: require subids to be present

Mon Jul 16 05:37:36 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.7.2 (2018-07-13)
  * Only print container size JSON if --size was requested
  * Don't print rootfs and rw sizes if they're empty
  * Major fixes to podman ps --format=json output
  * Ignore running containers in ps exit-code filters
  * rootless: correctly propagate the exit status from the container
  * rootless: unshare mount namespace
  * Need to wait for container to exit before completing run/start completes
  * If proxy fails then then signal should be sent to the main process
  * fix pull image that includes a sha
  * Added full podman pod ps, with tests and man page
  * Podman pod create/rm commands with man page and tests.
  * Added created time to pod state
  * Support multiple networks
  * podman rmi should only untag image if parent of another
  * build: enable ostree in containers/storage when available
  * podman/libpod: add default AppArmor profile
  * rootless: propagate errors from GetRootlessRuntimeDir()
  * rootless: resolve the user home directory
  * rootless: fix when argv[0] is not an absolute path
  * urfave/cli: fix regression in short-opts parsing
  * Add --volumes-from flag to podman run and create
  * Mask /proc/keys to protect information leak about keys on host
  * Podman stats with no containers listed is the same as podman stats --all

- install missing podman (1) manpage

- podman-rpmlintrc: ignore missing-call-to-setgroups-before-setuid wari

- install bash completion at /usr/share/bash-completion/completions

- buildmode=pie: build position independent code

Mon Jul  9 05:47:32 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.7.1 (2018-07-06)
  * Block use of /proc/acpi from inside containers
  * Remove per-container CGroup parents
  * rootless: add /run/user/$UID to the lookup paths
  * rootless: add function to retrieve the original UID
  * rootless: always set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
  * rootless: set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR also for state and exec
  * urfave/cli: fix parsing of short opts
  * docs: Follow man-pages(7) suggestions for SYNOPSIS
  * Allow multiple mounts

- re-enable varlink support (build conditional)

Mon Jul  2 05:53:26 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.6.5 (2018-06-29)
  * Fix built-in volume issue with podman run/create
  * Add `podman container cleanup` to CLI
  * Allow multiple containers and all for umount
  * Returning joining namespace error should not be fatal
  * Test to verify overlay quotas work, show container overhead on quota
  * Remove the --registry flag from podman search
  * utils: fix endless write of resize event
  * Start prints UUID or container name that user inputs on success
  * Fix podman hangs when detecting startup error in container attached mode
  * podman-build --help: update description
  * docs: add documentation for rootless containers
  * Add --authfile to podman search
  * Add podman-image and podman-container man page links
  * make varlink optional for podman

Mon Jun 25 05:58:20 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.6.4 (2018-06-22)
  * Point podman-refresh at the right manpage
  * Add bash completions for podman refresh
  * Add manpages for podman refresh
  * Add podman refresh command
  * Add information about the configuration files to the install docs
  * Add unittests and fix bugs
  * Podman history now prints out intermediate image IDs
  * Add cap-add and cap-drop to build man page
  * Fix image volumes access and mount problems on restart
  * Add carriage return to log message when using --tty flag
  * Added --sort to ps
  * Fix podman build -q
  * Add extra debug so we can tell apart postdelete hooks
  * TLS verify is skipped per registry.
  * Add --all,-a flag to podman images
  * top: make output tabular
  * Add more network info ipv4/ipv6 and be more compatible with docker
  * Do not run iptablesDNS workaround on IPv6 addresses
  * Added --tls-verify functionality to podman search, with tests

Mon Jun 18 05:46:23 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.6.3 (2018-06-15)
  * podman: use a different store for the rootless case
  * podman: do not use Chown in rootless mode
  * network: do not attempt to create a network in rootless mode
  * oci: do not set resources in rootless mode
  * oci: do not use hooks in rootless mode
  * oci: do not set the cgroup path in Rootless mode
  * spec: change mount options for /dev/pts in rootless mode
  * container: do not add shm in rootless mode
  * podman: provide a default UID mapping when non root
  * podman: accept option --rootfs to use exploded images
  * When setting a memory limit, also set a swap limit
  * Fix cleaning up network namespaces on detached ctrs
  * Implement --latest for ps
  * Added --sort flag to podman image
  * add podman container and image command
  * rmi: remove image if all tags are specified

Mon Jun 11 06:22:30 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.6.2 (2018-06-08)
  * Vendor in latest buildah code
  * Update epoch to fix validation problems
  * Touch up whitespace issue in build man
  * Add disable-content flag info to man page for build
  * podman-run: clean up some formatting issues
  * Remove SELinux transition rule after conmon is started.
  * Add --all flag even though it is a noop so scripts will work
  * podman-varlink: log timeouts
  * bash completion: remove shebang
  * Vendor in latest containers/storage

Fri Jun  8 14:26:33 UTC 2018 -

- Make use of %license macro

Tue Jun  5 13:36:00 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.6.1 (2018-06-01)
  * Fix lable handling
  * runtime: add /usr/libexec/podman/conmon to the conmon paths
  * varlink build
  * Add OnBuild support for podman build
  * return all inspect info for varlink containerinspect
  * hooks/exec: Allow successful reaps for 0s post-kill timeouts
  * fix panic with podman pull
  * Remove --net flag and make it an alias for --network
  * Clear all caps, except the bounding set, when --user is specified.
    Fix: bsc#1097970 CVE-2018-10856
  * do not allow port related args to be used with --network=container:
  * sort containers and images by create time
  * Cleanup man pages

Tue May 29 12:35:47 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.5.4 (2018-05-25):
  * Make references to the Process part of Spec conditional
  * save and load should support multi-tag for docker-archive
  * Implement python podman create and start
  * Set Entrypoint from image only if not already set
  * Update podman build to match buildah bud functionality
  * Fix handling of command in images
  * Add support for Zulu timestamp parsing
  * Clarify using podman build with a URL, Git repo, or archive.
  * podman create, start, getattachsocket
  * oci-hooks.5: Discuss directory precedence and monitoring
  * Tighten the security on the podman varlink socket

Tue May 22 10:16:03 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.5.3 (2018-05-18):
  * troubleshooting: Add console syntax highlighting
  * Refresh pods when refreshing podman state
  * Add per-pod CGroups
  * Add pod state
  * hooks: Fix monitoring of multiple directories
  * Add Troubleshooting guide
  * Add python3 package to podman
  * libpod: fix panic when using -t and the process fails to start
  * Allow push/save without image reference
  * Fix podman inspect bash completions
  * Support pulling Dockerfile from http
  * add more bash completions
  * implement varlink commit
  * fix segfault for podman push
  * Add the Podman Logo
  * hooks: Add package support for extension stages

Mon May 14 08:33:11 UTC 2018 -

- Changelog for v0.5.2 (2018-05-11):
  * Fix varlink remove image force
  * Do not error trying to remove cgroups that don't exist
  * Remove parent cgroup we create with cgroupfs
  * Place Conmon and Container in separate CGroups
  * Add --cgroup-manager flag to Podman binary
  * Major fixes to systemd cgroup handling
  * Add validation for CGroup parents. Pass CGroups path into runc
  * varlink info
  * Dont eat the pull error message for varlink
  * podman push should honor registries.conf
  * alphabetize the varlink methods, types, and errors in the docs
  * Add missing newline to podman port
  * Fix calculation of RunningFor in ps json output
  * Should not error out if container no longer exists in oci
  * Make invalid state nonfatal when cleaning up in run
  * podman, userNS: configure an intermediate mount namespace
  * networking, userNS: configure the network namespace after create
  * Begin wiring in USERNS Support into podman

Mon May  7 05:42:24 UTC 2018 -

- Remove runtime dependency on buildah, which isn't required anymore as
  libpod vendors in buildah's code directly.

- Changelog for v0.5.1 (2018-05-04):
  * Fix pulling from secure registry
  * Optionally init() during container restart
  * bashcompletion enhancements
  * Add directory for systemd socket and service if not present
  * varlink containers
  * Make podman commit to localhost rather then
  * Do not print unnecessary Buildah details during commit
  * Fix podman logout --all flag
  * podman should assign a host port to -p when omitted
  * libpod.conf: Podman's conmon path on openSUSE
  * correct varlink command in service file
  * Make ':' a restricted character for file names

Mon Apr 30 06:53:09 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.4.4:
  * Use buildah commit and bud in podman
  * Remove systemd-cat support
  * Add --default-mounts-file hidden flag
  * Add isolation note to build man page
  * Strip transport from image name when looking for local image
  * Do not eat error messages from pullImage
  * Modify --user flag for podman create and run
  * add libpod.conf man page

Mon Apr 23 08:37:57 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.4.3:
  * podman push without destination image
  * Add make .git target
  * Fix tests for podman run --attach
  * Vendor in latest containers/image and contaners/storage
  * It is OK to start an already running container (with no attach)
  * Allow podman start to attach to a running container
  * regression: tls verify should be set on registries.conf if insecure
  * ip validation game too strong
  * reverse host field order (ip goes first) - fix host string split to permit IPv6
  * Allow podman to exit exit codes of removed containers
  * validate dns-search values prior to creation
  * Add WaitContainerReady for wait for docker registry ready
  * podman pull should always try to pull
  * Allow the use of -i/-a on any container
  * Fix secrets patch

Tue Apr 17 06:44:19 UTC 2018 -

- Require golang >= 1.9.

Tue Apr 17 06:19:33 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.4.2:
  * Allowing attaching stdin to non-interactive containers
  * Fix terminal attach
  * Fix locking interaction in batched Exec() on container
  * Force host UID/GID mapping when creating containers
  * Do not lock all containers during pod kill
  * Do not lock all containers during pod start
  * Make pod stop lock one container at a time
  * Containers transitioning to stop should not break stats
  * Add -i to exec for compatibility reasons
  * Unescape characters in inspect JSON format output
  * Use buildah commit for podman commit

Mon Apr  9 07:48:52 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.4.1:
  * Remove image via storage if a buildah container is associated
  * Add hooks support to podman
  * Run images with no names
  * Prevent a potential race when stopping containers
  * Only allocate tty when -t
  * Add conmon-pidfile flag to bash completions/manpages
  * --entrypoint= should delete existing entrypoint
  * Do not require Init() before Start()
  * Ensure dependencies are running before initializing containers
  * Add container dependencies to Inspect output
  * Vendor in latest containers/image
  * Change errorf to warnf in warning removing ctr storage

Thu Apr  5 06:40:07 UTC 2018 -

- Split out podman's basic CNI configuration to podman-cni-config, to avoid
  breaking Kubernetes clusters due to misconfigured networking. On openSUSE we
  still install this configuration so things "just work" there.

Tue Apr  3 05:41:54 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.3.5:
  * Allow sha256: prefix for input
  * Add secrets patch to podman
  * Only start containers that are not running in pod start
  * Check for duplicate names when generating new container and pod names.
  * podman: new option --conmon-pidfile=
  * Remove dependency on kubernetes
  * Vendor in lots of kubernetes stuff to shrink image size
  * cmd/podman/run.go: Error nicely when no image found
  * Update containers/storage to pick up overlay driver fix
  * First tag, untag THEN reload the image

Mon Mar 26 05:57:07 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.3.4:
  * Make container env variable conditional
  * Small manpage reword
  * Document .containerenv in manpages. Move it to /run.
  * Add .containerenv file
  * Removing tagged images change in behavior
  * Image library stage 4 - create and commit
  * Add 'podman restart' asciinema

Mon Mar 19 09:47:24 UTC 2018 -

- Remove old (redundant) source archive.

Sat Mar 17 10:36:53 UTC 2018 -

- Do not compile commit hash into binary. `podman version` will not print
  the commit number as we are now following official releases.

- Change tar naming from commit to version to facilitate updates via the
  _service file.

- Update podman to v0.3.3.  This update includes several fixes and a new
  configuration file, libpod.conf.  By default, this config will be
  installed to /usr/share/containers and /etc/containers, whereas podman
  will always use the latter if present.  The config in
  /usr/share/containers can be used to check for new config options and
  will be replaced with each package update.  The libpod.conf config can
  be used to tweak some run-time paths of conmon, runc, etc., which is a
  more flexible approach than hard-coding those paths in podman.

  * Update containers/image
  * Add restart to main podman manpage
  * Add podman restart to podman bash completions and commands
  * Make manpage more clear
  * Add 'podman restart' command
  * Remove ability to specify mount label when mounting
  * Add signal proxying to podman run, start, and attach
  * We should not allow a user to mount a container with a different label
  * We should not have a default workdir
  * Add additional debug logging
  * Implement container restarting
  * sleep does not catch SIGTERM
  * Include tmpfs in inspect
  * Add run and search to commands page
  * Add new default location for conmon
  * podman-images: return correct image list
  * Remove crio.conf references from manpages
  * Fix a potential race around container removal in ps
  * podman ps command string too long
  * Podman load can pull in compressed files
  * Fix Conmon error to display Conmon paths
  * Add support to load runtime configuration from config file
  * Add default libpod config file
  * Change conmon and runtime paths to arrays
  * Update containers/storage to fix locking bug

Thu Mar 15 15:24:23 UTC 2018 -

- Add requirement on cni-plugins to avoid potential issues in the

Tue Mar  6 11:00:09 UTC 2018 -

- Add run-time requirement on buildah to support `podman build`.

Tue Mar  6 08:01:37 UTC 2018 -

- Fix typo when setting the git commit at compile time.

Sat Mar  3 14:20:06 UTC 2018 -

- Update podman to v0.3.1:
  * allow DNS resolution in containers
  * Adjust podman logs error message for clarity
  * Instead of erroring on exit file not being found, warn
  * podman logs -f: does not detect container stop or rm
  * Fix issue with podman logs on fresh containers
  * Replace usage of runc with runtime
  * Handle removing containers with active exec sessions
  * Ensure that Cleanup() will not run on active containers
  * Add tracking for exec session IDs
  * Add tracking for container exec sessions to DB
  * Small fixes to container Exec
  * docs/ update man page
  * Update containers/storage
  * podman info add registries
  * podman stats add networking
  * CNIPluginDir: check "/usr/lib/cni"
  * remove build alias
  * Restrict top output to container's pids only
  * ps displays incorrect exit code
  * podman load dont panic when no repotags
  * Do not override user mounts
  * Tagging an image alias by shortname
  * Add support for --no-new-privs
  * podman ps json output use batched ops
  * CreateContainerStorage by image id
  * Implement --image-volumes for create and run
  * Add ability to start containers in a pod
  * Add kill and stop for pods
  * Add pod status command
  * Add tests and cleanup
  * Implement podman run option --cgroup-parent
  * Inspect output should be in array form
  * Add --time alias to manpages
  * Alias --time to --timeout for 'podman stop'
  * Resolve contention between copr and fedora repos
  * Ensure we don't repeatedly poll disk for exit codes
  * Change uptime format in `podman info` to human-readable

Thu Feb 22 10:25:14 UTC 2018 -

- Replace macro by the entire URL in the spec file.

Tue Feb 20 14:29:54 UTC 2018 -

- Add podman-rpmlintrc to ignore "explicit-lib-dependency" warnings. Those are
  intentional as we must include the libcontainers-* packages.
  + podman-rpmlintrc

- Update to podman v0.2.1 (change to semantic version scheme):
  * Run podman inside a podman container
  * Add FFJSON encoding/decoding for our container structs
  * images --all developer note
  * Add podman version
  * Touch up tutorial location and install reqs
  * No registries warning
  * Return imageid from podman pull
  * Squash logged errors from failed SQL rollbacks
  * Privileged containers should inherit host devices
  * Disable default Seccomp profile with privileged containers
  * Make libpod build on 32-bit systems
  * Add buckets for all containers and all pods
  * Containers in a pod can only join namespaces in that pod
  * Change json to match docker inspect
  * Honor ENTRYPOINT in image
  * Fix libpod to use given CGroup parent instead of a hardcoded one
  * podman logs: fix tailing
  * Allow removing pods with running containers if --force is given
  * Match podman inspect output to docker inspect
  * Touchup podman kill manpage
  * Change stop signal default to SIGTERM
  * Add podman search command
  * sysfs should be mounted rw for privileged
  * Need to add LISTEN_PID environment variable to conmon command
  * Add authfile, cert-dir and creds params to build

Fri Feb  9 15:55:16 UTC 2018 -

- Add requirement on libcontainers-common, which now provides the
  /etc/containers/policy.json config.
- Use golang-packaging macros.
- Set version to +git%{rev_list} scheme as there's no official release yet.
- Spec file cleanups via spec-cleaner.
- Add requirement on libcontainers-{common,image,storage}, which provide
  configuration files, manpages and debugging tools useful and required by

Wed Feb  7 08:51:16 UTC 2018 -

- Fix typo to provide the correct package.
- Replace tabs with spaces.

Mon Feb  5 06:40:05 UTC 2018 -

- Fix libostree-devel %if condition for TW, Leap 15+ and SLES 15+.

Thu Feb  1 12:38:03 UTC 2018 -

- Use `%fdupes %buildroot/%_prefix` since `fdupes %buildroot` is not allowed
  because you cannot make hardlinks between certain partitions.

Tue Jan 30 15:33:21 UTC 2018 -

- Add podman package: podman is a simple client only tool to help with
  debugging issues when daemons such as CRI runtime and the kubelet are not
  responding or failing.