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View File mycroft-core.changes of Package mycroft-core (Project home:alarrosa:packages)

Tue Mar  6 12:57:40 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Added python-num2words to requirements 

Mon Mar  5 22:49:58 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Added a python3 fix for mycroft.skills.audioservice
  * fix-installation-paths.patch

- Set the default enclosure to "kde" in the user configuration template
  file and add some more data, so users can just modify the file easily
  for their systems.

- Added patches for more skills:
  * skills-skill-desktop-launcher.patch
  * skills-fallback-duckduckgo.patch
  * skills-skill-autogui.patch

- Added more dependencies for the default skills, since changing the
  enclosure to kde added a few more default skills.

- Moved vlc to Recommended instead of Required, since it's only used
  by some skills

Sun Mar  4 12:33:34 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Add msm-add-local-patch-support.patch to be able to add patches to
  skills from within msm, just after installing them. The applied patches
  are then stored in ~/.mycroft/applied-skill-patches, so when msm
  is used to update a skill, the patch is removed, the skill is updated
  and then it's applied (if necessary).

- Added skill patches for 4 skills. Note that these patches are not applied
  when packaging, but are distributed in the package as patches to be applied
  at runtime:
  * skills-fallback-wolfram-alpha.patch
  * skills-skill-reminder.patch
  * skills-mycroft-music-skill.patch
  * skills-mycroft-youtube.patch

Sat Mar  3 10:32:15 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Update to 18.2.0beta

- Update to 18.02 RC2
  * Audio services startup . An error when loading the chromecast backend
    prevented all backends from loading. The backend loading code has been
    updated to be more tolerant against this kind of errors.
  * Do not sync NTP on desktop. Remove NTP sync on desktop installations
    where this is not needed, This increases boot speed with 15 seconds.
  * Handle repeating events better after hibernate. The repeating event would
    start triggering at 2 times per second if it falls behind the current
    time until it catches up. This occurs for example after hibernation.
    This is resolved by never allowing the next sceduled time to be in the
  * Simplify version checking
  * Remove redundant except (SystemExit, KeyboardInterrupt) clauses
  * Fix platform comment in config

- Update to 18.02 RC1
  * Adapt intent Bugfixes
    * Fix Enable/Disable intents
    * Fix Dynamic registration of vocabulary
  * Precise update. The precise package that's downloaded has changed slightly,
    to accommodate these changes some mycroft-core code needed to be updated.
  * Misc
    * Documentation improvement in the default mycroft.conf

- Rebase patches to apply correctly:
  * 0003-Make-text-client-python2-3-compatible.patch
  * 0006-Remove-backwards-compatibility-with-python-2.7.patch
  * fix-installation-paths.patch

- Fixed log filename for ~/.mycroft/mycroft-python-modules.log

Tue Feb 27 10:53:31 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Add patches from the upstream's 18.02 branch which add support for python3
  * 0002-Make-speech-client-python3-compatible.patch
  * 0003-Make-text-client-python2-3-compatible.patch
  * 0004-Fix-hashes-in-settings-for-python3.patch
  * 0005-Fix-test-cases-under-python-3.patch
  * 0006-Remove-backwards-compatibility-with-python-2.7.patch
  * 0008-Fix-cli-crash-with-Python-3.patch
  * 0010-Use-sorted-json-to-perform-hash-of-settings.patch
  * 0013-Remove-backwards-compatibility-from-tests.patch

- Rebase previous patches and move them over Patch1000 so they're applied
  after the upstream patches:
  * fix-installation-paths.patch
  * msm-use-python3.patch
  * use-pycodestyle-instead-of-pep8.patch

Thu Feb 22 19:48:21 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Fix create-initial-user-configuration.sh. Now it should create the
  ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf file correctly.

Thu Feb 22 18:40:13 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Add python3-tornado and python3-PyYAML dependencies 

- Added recommended packages for skills that are not installed by default
  but are interesting to have: python3-wolframalpha, python3-dbus-python,
  python3-aiml and python3-arrow.

Thu Feb 21 22:26:24 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Add TimeoutStopSec parameters to all services so they stop faster

- More information written to the log file when installing a skill. Update 
  patches and rename fix-installation-paths.diff to .patch:
  * fix-installation-paths.patch
  * msm-use-python3.patch
  * use-pycodestyle-instead-of-pep8.patch

Wed Feb 21 20:02:51 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Update to mycroft-core 0.9.17:
  * Language support
    - Improve the Italian formating functions (Added nice_time
      and pronounce_number)
    - Update French dialogues and add French formatting and parsing functions
    - Add format and parsing methods for Swedish
  * Reduce CLI log clutter
    - Most of the info messages from the skill settings were demoted to debug
      and the debug messages are filtered by default making it easier to check
      for errors and info logs from skills in development.
  * Make keywords per skill to fix overlapping keyword names
    - To hinder skills from forcing new vocabulary on other skills when
      naming collisions occur the names are now mangled somewhat before
      sent to the intent service.
  * Event scheduler improvements
    - schedule_repeating_event() start time defaults to current time + period
    - Non repeating events are automatically cancelled and event handlers are
      teared down 
  * Miscellaneous
    - Upgrade pip version to 9.0.1
    - Fix bug in nice_time() for times before noon
    - Audio service: Add message on track start

Thu Feb 15 18:32:45 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Update to mycroft-core 0.9.16:
  * Update to fix issues du to changes in the backend.
  * Adds sanity checks that both name and value are available before
    accessing them. This is now done when checking for update of
    settingsmeta and when attempting to save settings to disk.

- Update to mycroft-core 0.9.15:
  * Language support. Swedish (sv-fi and sv-se) dialogs were added
    and Italian parsing and formating functions were updated.
  * Functions for displaying and speaking time and numbers added.
  * Support for Deepspeech server. Deepspeech released a new model before
    Christmas and is getting pretty good. Mycroft now has an STT interface
    connecting to the deepspeech_server, a simple server hosting deep speech.
    The server can easily be setup locally for a user with decent hardware.
  * List skills in CLI. The currently loaded skills can now be listed using
    the new command :skills.
  * Messages at skill shutdown and load failed messages.
  * Other misc changes.

- Add patch so the python3-pep8 package is not required anymore, now
  that it's been renamed to pycodestyle.
  * use-pycodestyle-instead-of-pep8.patch

- When installing a skill, write to ~/.mycroft/mycroft-python-modules.log
  the required python modules since pip is not run

Tue Jan 23 17:24:54 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Update to mycroft-core 0.9.14
  * More TTS and STT modules 
  * Fix sphinx documentation
  * Better handling of lists when reading from backend
  * Limit CLI memory usage

Wed Jan 10 12:29:21 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Update to mycroft-core 0.9.13 
- Drop fix-version-0.9.11.diff which is not needed anymore

Thu Jan  4 11:57:44 UTC 2018 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Update to mycroft-core 0.9.11
- Add fix-version-0.9.11.diff 
- Rebase fix-installation-paths.diff

Tue Nov 14 10:01:53 UTC 2017 - alarrosa@suse.com

- Initial release of mycroft-core 0.9.6
- Add fix-installation-paths.diff